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>BC thread
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>BC thread
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>dreampop, shoegaze, sampling
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Curacy EP 5.jpg
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>sample-based electronic ambient

My self-titled EP which I released on Monday.
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OP here, just put out my second album

Monotony - Mohn
>Lofi beats with elements of jazz
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All tracks are free, will return any feedback. Check it out peeps.
this is lovely. your concept feels very original, I haven't heard anything like this before. love the punchy yet minimalistic percussion. the production maybe needs some work in your future releases, at least on I Know You're There the bass absolutely crushes the other sounds once you introduce new elements on top of it. especially after the 1:13 mark. luckily the problem isn't nearly as bad on the other tracks.

but great stuff nevertheless. listening the Just Before You Left atm and goddamnit it's so beautiful.

this is .. interesting. tbh these songs are not really "my thing" with all the business and harshness. the contrasting, gentle songs are pretty nice. I like the vocals on If I Had Someone. the drums on Peace and Harmony are just silly. DAW preset stuff.
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>horror pop
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>dreamy ethereal plunderphonic drone, inspired by both field recordings and nighttime acousmatic sounds. I've heard it described as sounding like a sci-fi soundtrack played in a cave or mineshaft.

I've released a lot of stuff on SC before, but this is my first album proper. Hope you guys enjoy it.
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>very pretty
>massive build ups
>lots of layers
>somewhat modern classical inspired
>electronic post rock
Thank you for listening
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>garage pop, dreampunk

>dream pop, jangle pop,instrumental

released yesterday

>post-rock/math rock
>jazz fusion

let me know if you downloaded
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relaxation tapes.jpg
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>Pure Relaxation, Very Beautiful Special "Sounds That Feel Good" for Special people
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Be Well.jpg
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Returning all feedback

> lofi, shoegaze, dream pop, weird
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>shoegaze, dream pop

just dropped my first shit with vocals

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>noise, ambient, concept album about sleep

>ambient, drone, glitch

Like me on Facebook here: /cashewmusic
>acoustic, chill
0.4 worst new trip
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demo 2015 cover.jpg
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Any feedback would be greatly appreciated
are you that banished souls of meme artist? did the drums really upset you that bad?
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>Synth, pop, percussion
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rain delay.jpg
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>dark ambient, drone, noise, krautrock, black metal, weird pop
check it out, its free
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>electronic rock, noisy neo-psychedelia, experimental pop

definitely some really good sampling techniques are applied here. it's really not my thing though.

very fun! it's upbeat, minimal, and laid back. the production is exquisite, and the concept is very original. kudos!

so. muCH. BLUE!!! not really my thing, but the production is pretty great.

wow, not at all what i expected. this is great, but i really wish you'd go bigger. right now you're using awesome sounds, but they're kinda tiresome and chill. considering how short your songs are, don't be afraid of experimenting, or going a bit over the top. i mean, your name is super cat girl apocalypse. i expect your stuff to make me throw up a rainbow.

a lot more lo fi than i expected. it has a very beachy vibe, which i love. maybe try and diversifying the tracks a little next time. they all seem to blend together a little too much.\

your voice is lovely. the acoustic guitar is nice and clear, and that electric guitar coming in in the first track was a nice surprise. if i have to give any sort of criticism it would be to try to take some chances. your melodies and chords are great, but try to be a bit more unpredictable. it'll pay off!

holy shit. i can't wait for the rest of the album to come out. the klingon race is everything the dream pop/shoegaze needs right now: a spine. this is twisted and sickening, while still retaining a pop sensibility. awesome job!

those covers are sweet, man. ode to viceroy is waaay to similar to original, though. it just sounds like a mac demo. derek is rad as fuck though.

oh, and check out this demo i put out for my upcoming album: https://soundcloud.com/maantis/mi-casa-demo
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>art-rock, post-rock, instrumental, minimalist
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>post-rock, atmospheric
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good shit.
kind of like a combo of alvvays and beat happening. i like it.

>ambient, plunderphonics, ethi-pop, for fans of BoC, Foxes in Fiction, and doing meth in a toys-r-us
cassettes available @cellardoortapes.bandcamp.com. run of 30 that come with exxxclusive b-sides.
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>ambient, tape loops, warm drone

Posting from work cause nothing to do.
love this shit, right here. eternal rec
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>Psych pop/rock
No.54811803 - love the shoegazy stuff man keep it up
I posted a friends bandcamp here once and got banned so im staying away now.
another really good release. very large in scale and tense. i dig
why the hell would you get banned for that?
Thanks a lot!

Do you have a page on here or just a friendly listener?
yea, i'm >>54814193, but i do consider myself a friendly listener :)
No one can curate an anonymous message board. Go. Away.
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New Release
>Ambient, Chill
>Zen, Meditation, Nature
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the ambient in BC threads is on point
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the c in BC stands for comfy
Your sound is so BIG, my man. I could never guess what it was going to transition into. Good stuff. Electronic isn't usually my thing, but this is my favorite in the thread just cause so many moods.


>Stoner Metal
be comfy

it all makes sense now
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compilation on recycled cassettes
> lofi, dream pop, shoegaze, garage punk, alt hiphop, experimental
> Harsh noise
> Power electronics
> Sampling
> Ambient
> Techno

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>electronic drone
>every song is in the key of the first letter of the title, if it's plural it's sharp

the goal was to help me familiarize myself with each key. so every song is extremely simple. if enough people are interested I'll release stems for a remix album.

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> First Wave post-rock, Instrumental, Psychedelic, hints of western

Good. But should be free

Love the first track. Saludos desde Argentina, Santa Fe)

Liked it. Pleb comment: Reverb is overused. Feels like the whole album is played throught a hospital corridor. If that's your intention then it's cool. Write some stuff!

It's clear that you're on a quest to find your sound and make something bigger. There's a hint of that here.

more reccs:
>Good. But should be free
Thanks, man! I really need to work on my hooks, I know. Over the top music is exactly what I wanna achieve. I like the juxtaposition of loud noise and sweet melody you have going. Panning the drums to the left really works for you on "waking up is harder without you". It does wear after a while, but the breakdowns are timed pretty well. I like the stacatto- ish melody on "creating conclusions' as well, and when the guitar riff comes in, oh god was that rad.
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>lo-fi, cold, gloomy, slow.
File: potion grunge lp.jpg (2 MB, 1458x1458) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
potion grunge lp.jpg
2 MB, 1458x1458
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>dream pop, The Cure, The Drums
is cellar door your label?

>post-punk, noise rock, kinda industrial.

Loved your art dude.
Diggin the funky basslines and percussions, well done.

This is cute. It makes me feel like spring, and riding a bike to meet a qt so we can dance to your songs.

Downloading for later listen. Diggin your stuff m8, nice textures overall and pretty good dynamics (which is what i'm kind of looking for to listen in a noise album)

I feel like floating. Reccing this.

La Martin best song to dance to
no, it's my friend Logan's new label. I told him i was trying to do a cassette release and he later approached me about it. I wouldn't have been able to do it without him. you can find Logan's phenomenal music @loganarcher.bandcamp.com

Guitar-based, various genres. Some folk things, some rock things, plenty of major thirds. I'll be releasing a new EP within a week.
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happy setubal.jpg
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Oh, to the person who gave me money for my album, I was having a really bad day and it made me so happy :D thank you!
Thanks dude your shits really interesting I just wish it was mastered a bit louder. Creating Conclusions is fucking crazy.
>electronic, ambient
loved this sooo much if i had a paypal i would pay
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