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Discuss these things here.

>what album have you been liking a lot lately?
>what is one of your favorite albums?
>aoty so far for you?

Recommend albums, share albums, and discuss some of your favorite musicians that fit in these genres and subgenres.

Don't be afraid to post if you're worried about it not fitting the genre. Music genre is a huge spectrum, and some people may enjoy your recommendations.

I'll start with one i liked from the thread yesterday that people might have missed.

2814 - 新しい日の誕生
>ambient, cyberpunkish vaporwaveish (i'm not really sure)
Here is another

Aeoga - Temple Treye [2014]
>Dark Ambient
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Been listening to a lot of FAX stuff lately
Just finished this one, again
I love it, first track may sound cheesy to many but I think that if it's a perfect combination of jazz and techno ambient that it is
It's cheerful, spacey and in my opinion the repetitions never get boring
I gave it 4.5 stars because one or two weak moments, and the third track being a bit... uneventful
It's on soulseek but if you want a link I can try to upload
need stuff that sounds like your pic or must more dark ambient in general
Not actually ambient but
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Actually, I've been finding some really cool stuff in the Bandcamp threads as of late.


One of my favorite albums is Black Swan - In 8 Movements. There's a mega link somewhere, I don't have it. I'm a sucker for the cassette sound, I guess. The tracks are separate entities but transition so well, it's just pretty sweet.

I've taken long car rides to Sabled Sun's I, II, III, and IV, but I've tried to get into the 214X albums and they don't seem to strike as much of a chord with me.

I kinda wanna get a tape recorder so I can run my tracks through it, but I'm broke and I haven't spent a penny on production (outside of a pair of headphones).
I've also thought about trying out the approach of having multiple stages of a song through self-sampling, in the sense that I'll make one track, import it, chop it up, and use that and other things to make a new track. It just seems like a lot of effort, though.

As an artist and a will-be-label-founder, I'm so thankful for all of the recent opportunities I've received (but I'm not supposed to talk about details), so although other parts of my life have gone down the shitter the past few months, ambient music is something I continue to enjoy and look forward to. I've also recently joined ambientonline and it's super-friendly and it seems like a very well-knit community, which I wasn't sure if I was going to see or not.
Literally no idea what genre Jahiliyya Fields falls into. I like it a lot, it's got a bit of a Oneohtrix vibe.

You like Bandcamp ambient? Weird, usually everything form Bandcamp sounds so lazy for me
And ambient especially, I think people are too attracted to the idea of being minimal that they forget to put consistence, you know what I mean?
In fact I don't like anything minimal after 2000
I think we already know how minimal music can be, there are other corners of music to explore
Sorry if I'm rambling too much here, I think my medicine is kicking in
get some rest
>That uneven zen garden

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Nah I just put this on
I like it, there's something about Namlook
It's like he menages to make music sound spacey, with space themes and not sound lazy or cheesy or confusing
But listening again, on the first track now, I think I can see what can be disliked
Uhh how can I say it
It relies too much on the space sounds... you know those like "bwoooon beeeew" and the samples don't seem to have symmetry... you know, when you hear something you expect some other sound to connect with it
And some don't have it counterpart

Captcha: Bable
nah you're right
Ambient can be absolutely brilliant but i can't enjoy it with nothing going on. Most of the things i've genuinely enjoyed in album formats move on to noise & glitch territory. I seem to need a break of long meandering bits or some rhytmic elements to really immerse me to the music. Or maybe i just ask for more than background music idk. And it's only logical that minimal things need more identity & structure to work well, that's why dragging myself through ambient releases is the worst.
I constantly resample myself, it's actually one of the easiest ways to layer stuff without having dozens of plugins & shit running at the same time.

Good luck btw. Where do you start with opening up your own label?
The 9th track on this >>54901568
It uses a rainstick
I knew someone would use a rainstick on ambient music
Shit sounds so cool
Also whole track is really well done
I want to listen to more ambient and I think it helps me focus better while reading. I really like Fenessz Endless Summer Tim Hecker Haxan Cloak and Brian eno. Thanks guys
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