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No sharethread? Come on /mu/ thats your only good quality.
I'm uploading something right now but heres this


Yukari - Echo
>korean, dreampop, chillwave, qt singing over dreamy music
Sample: http://yukari.bandcamp.com/
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DJ Technorch - 全部僕が悪い A Friend


>breakcore, Gabber, Noise, really weird and japanese, if you like weird harsh stuff check this out

i'm just dumping some stuff i have in my mega account while i wait. my internet is shitty
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>starts sharethread
>two shitty albums and stops

>complains about shares
>doesn't share anything

you're almost as bad as request fags
Conduct - Fear and Desire
>Post-Hardcore, Post-Punk Noise Rock

this was popular last thread so im reposting it but its the last time i swear
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Keiji Haino, Jim O'Rourke & Oren Ambarchi -ここに 与えられた この身体、全部 使い切ってやる という者の、お茶の 時間 (Tea Time for Those Determined to Completely Exhaust Every Bit of This Body They've Been Given)
>Psychedelic Rock, Noise Rock, Free Improvisation


Oren Ambarchi, Jim O'Rourke, Keiji Haino - Who Would Have Thought This Callous History Would... [Embed]
sample for an older album that some of you might remember
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Pepe de Almeria - Guitara Flamenca
>Real-deal flamenco dynamite from heroic Spanish Gitan, Sr. Pepe de Almeria. Blazing hot, folks.

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Masabumi Kikuchi - East wind

spiritual jazz from 1974. the two side-long tracks on this record are heavily inspired by Coltrane mid-60s work, and feature some top players of the time in the quartet backing up Masabumi Kikuchi on piano, like Terumasa Hino on trumpet and Julius Booth (who worked a lot with the Sun Ra arkestra) on bass
anyone have the new speedy ortiz????
This is great, thank you anon
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Zópilot! - ZO [2010]
>Costa Rican band, experimental rock, surprise rock, prog rock, no vocals, psychedelic, im bad with genres, first part of a 3 part album

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Ted Curson - In Paris

post bop, vocal jazz, scat, recording of two evenings in 2006 at the great Sunset / Sunside club in Paris (if you happen to hang out nearby, give it a shot). this record presents the indefatigable Ted Curson in good company with Alain Jean-Marie on piano, Gilles Naturel on bass and Philippe Soirat on drums, the three of them being a solid regular trio. to this quartet is brightened up on some tracks with the red hot Pierrick Pédron on sax, Guillaume Naturel on flute and Julie Saury on percussions. and, finally, you got four female vocalists I'm not familiar with added to the mix, when it's not Curson himself scatting like crazy (check out their rendition of Cherokee)
the tunes themselves are mostly well known standards, or emblematic Curson compositions like the gorgeous Tears for Dolphy
I'm sad that nobody uploads FLAC these days.
I really like it but I have to buy it due to audiophile setup.

This is a great find and thank you though.
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>tfw downloaded over 20 albums today
>tfw my backlog just keeps growing
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Zópilot! - PI [2012]
>Costa Rican band, experimental rock, surprise rock, prog rock, no vocals, psychedelic, im bad with genres, second part of a 3 part album

I have almost 150gb of backlog m8. I think I'm just a collector rather than enthusiast at this point.
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Zópilot! - LOT [2013]
>Costa Rican band, experimental rock, surprise rock, prog rock, no vocals, psychedelic, im bad with genres, third part of a 3 part album

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Kim Doo Soo - Evening River
>Korean Folk


glad you enjoyed it

c'mon bros, get motivated and crush those backlogs
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Roland Kirk - I Talk with the Spirits
>Post-Bop, essential for all flute enthusiast


correct cover edition
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Dexter Gordon - One flight up

hard bop, 1964. Dexter Gordon was during the 60s part of the several jazzmen that went in Europe to play and live without the segregation. in Paris he met three of his countrymen, and with Danish bassist NHOP went in the studio to record three lenghty tracks (one original composition by Byrd, one other by Drew, and the other being the standard Darn that dream) with this hell of a lineup
Instead if gitan wouldn't it be gypsy?
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Javād Ma'roufi - Golden Dreams & Other Romantic Melodies
>Persian, solo piano


still incorrect spelling well i cant win em all anons
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Lyu:Lyu - 君と僕と世界の心的ジスキネジア

>altrock, that weird kinda shoegazey japanese altrock though, whiny vocals that kinda remind me of ling tosite sigure, energetic, Vocaloid covered a few of their songs
Sample: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RuOHC2NeDsw

The Romani people in Spain are generally known as gitanos. gypsy works as well i supose.
i didnt even know that i just shameless stole the description from the download site.
It's cool, I am from Spain and I know that it just picked my curiosity
the site has some pretty obscure stuff if you or anyone in this thread want to check it out
stumbled across it in a sharethread from about a year ago i belive
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Bill Lewis & Khan Jamal - The river

from 1978, pretty ethereal and rather free duo improvisations on vibraphone and marimba, on the same label that issued Lanquidity
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Khan Jamal - Give the vibes some

Khan Jamal is an american vibraphonist an marimba player, who recorded this post bop album during a european tour in 1974. he's accompanied on one of the four tracks by trumpet player Clint Jackson III and on two others by drummer Hassan Rashid, who happens to be none other than Christian Vander from Magma under a pseudonym
Greg Stuart & Ryoko Akama – Kotoba Koukan
>Free Improvisation,Drone, Noise

Yukari is love
I hate requesting but do you have Parazoan Mapping or Matterings by any chance ?
I can find them on soulseek but it doesnt start downloading
dont normally take requests but i can hook you up anon
Remember when sharethreads used to actually be good...
God I miss the days of medaifre & pre-/mu/ before DG & Kanye.
Yeah Wings - Allen
>slowcore revival
obligatory response to obvious bait
theres plenty of good music in this thread

you might just be jaded
>ctrl+f Kanye
>ctrl+f DG

You're the only one in this thread to talk about these guys
I love jazz I haven't heard before. This is god-tier too. Thanks anon.
Thank you very much
Thansk man, I love this shit!
Prolly will buy a FLAC if I can find it

Have you checked out the machine yet? They are kinda like this but sweatier stoner rock
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Zbigniew Namysłowski - Lola

hard bop, published in 1964, this is probably the first jazz LP recorded in the west by musicians from the east, made after they impressed a Decca impresario during a show. it features the then 24yo Zbigniew Namysłowski on sax with three of his countrymen, for an impressive set influenced by Brubeck and Coltrane yet pretty personal since most of the tunes are based on polish folkloric themes
bump disguised as an update, one album is almost done uping
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Jeph Jerman & Tim Barnes – Matterings (2015)
>Field Recordings, Electroacoustic
Mohammad - Zo Rèl Do (2014)
>Electroacoustic, Drone, Experimental, Classical, Rel

the term is bumpdate
Mohammad - Lamnè Gastama (2014)
>Electroacoustic, Drone, Experimental, Classical, Lamne

Mohammad - Roto Vildblomma (2010)
>Electroacoustic, Drone, Experimental, Classical

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