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Listen and enjoy
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>Jizz Jazz

I'm pretty bored so i'll be listening and giving feedback
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New EP with the theme of drowning.

>ambient, dark ambient, spacey, isolationism
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>experimental, noise, electronic, ambient

New album is out
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Hope In Hand.jpg
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>Experimental, Various Genres

>New Release
>Hope In Hand
>Folk, Folk Pop, Lo-fi, Singer-Songwriter.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank You. :)
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>Little bit of Shoegaze/Dream Pop

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ebp - laffy demos.jpg
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>free folk with sampling and sound collage, lofi

>indie, alternative, sometimes math-y or noise-y

a collection of my band's recordings from 2014. we pressed it on vinyl.
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forgot the image ha ha

love how the drum comes in in the first song, great sounding song. sun kil moon fan? ps do you record drums first or acoustic and vocals then overdub drums?

>lofi folk guitar-rock 2 songwriters Vs eachother
>gbv, neil young, beefheart

>early beatles type stuff
PPs, wow at 3:00 in ann coats. well done
Beefalo here:

This is really well done for a one man project. Everything blends really well. I really like Con Amor.

Holy shit this is crazy. Fascination is really good. Reminds me kind of early Beck. Have you recorded any music recently?

Great guitar and drum work on this. The whole album is a jam in a good way.
Hey dude, I don't know if you saw my replys in the other threads but I really liked your album.

>alternative rock, lo-fi, dream pop, experimental, freak folk, noise rock
>Great guitar and drum work on this. The whole album is a jam in a good way.
This was ment for >>55268556
but I have good things to say about >>55268857 just give me a minute to relisten
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>fun feels-y power pop, indie rock, three (and some four!) part harmonies
>influenced by 60s pop and 90s emo

New release, I hope you enjoy it.

wow 30 seconds in and this fucking sucks

worst thing posted in one of these threads in a long time
What I wanted to say about you is that I remember listening to your stuff on soundcloud and I was a fan of your solo stuff, I just checked out your new stuff and wasnt disappointed . You voice reminds me of Neil Young and the dude from R.E.M.
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>compilation of songs from the first three months of singles from a year-long project called PUNCTUATION
>breakbeat, house, jersey club, ambient, juke, jungle
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Be Well.jpg
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Also check out a song from my band's upcoming EP


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>Black Metal/Experimental/Post Rock
>Drone Metal/ Noise Rock
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>lo-fi, bedroom pop
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bloom .png
1 MB, 798x798

>bummer pop, experimental pop

new song up (bloom), cassettes of my album "friend" coming out soon on cellar door tapes:


>>55268546 < this one is great especially love this bump it all the time

Recorded a few years ago for "necro" shits and giggles.
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>lo-fi indie rock, folk
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>Beta Rap
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>electronic rock, noisy neo-psychedelia, experimental pop

new song i've been working on for an upcoming album:
>dream pop, noise pop, shoegaze

good stuff
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>lofi rock

Very Mac Demarco-esque, which I came to expect after the genre placement of Jizz Jazz. I just so happen to thoroughly enjoy Mac Demarco, so that worked out for the both us. The name Beefalo is really silly and I like the cover art too. You don't take yourself too seriously and that's cool.

Somewhat unrelated to bandcamp, but I picked up a noise tape by someone called The Teratologist yesterday, and it's pretty fucking sick. You guys might be into it if you make this type of music. I literally have no idea if The Teratologist has any notoriety whatsoever, but the tape is pretty sick.

Always like seeing you my friend. Is there any new music coming out in the near future?

Pretty interesting mix of genres that you have going on. There's something slightly weak about the percussion track to me, but at the same time it makes sense for the drums to sound like this for the genre, so I don't know. Vocals could be a little louder too. The harmonies sound especially good because the vocals actually reach a solid volume during those parts.

The production is really interesting. It definitely shows skill. Pretty good stuff.

Not bad, not bad. This seems like a fully actualized legitimate project, which is really impressive, given the length. I'm not super blown away by the songs or anything, but you guys seem like a solid band who knows how to play your hearts out, and I respect that.

Prince of Toronto reminds me of a friend of mine's project, and he's crazy. So.
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> punk rock, drone metal
> ambient, noise, tiki hardcore

New EP out a few months ago + 10 song demo of rlly fast shit

I'm not a robot
i really love this. that first track is wonderful. i'll download this.
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>ambient, warm drone, tape loops
Sick, thanks.
does your friend live in Toronto?
Haha nope. Boston area, United States.
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>Dark Ambient, Plunderphonics, Concept Album
i will return all feedback

also this man is cool and you should give him your money.
We just put this out to day
>Cool stuff
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Reccing these fine people because I like their stuff

>cloud rap, shoegaze, spoken word, first single to my upcoming hip-hop album. B. Side's new. Also new music video for this next month or so.
> norwegian d-beat hardcore punk
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>diy psych rock/pop
I make Jazz Fusion in the form of Progressive Electronic
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Just released our third EP this wkd
Water Spaniel
>heavy psych/gazey
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>electronic music for freaks
>Hip hop influences
>change in sound
>some odd choices of samples

>moody, isolated R&B
>music for when life isn't worth living anymore
>I did vaporwave ironically, then I remembered that's still technically doing vaporwave

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How you cats doin tonight?
We're about to drop our first album on May 1st.


>"sounds like the 60's"
>krautrock inspired
>lo-fi experimental rock
fuck me i just realized one of us already threw it on here lmao

Conceptual split album between my best friend (Reign Of Apollo) and I concerning a series of life-changing circumstances we endured together told through the metaphor of a voyage for glory, a witch of the sea, and a battle between brothers as they fight for what's right. It's an epic journey across the water and into our ongoing saga, the Wheel Of Sun And Time.

Mixed bag of genres, hopefully something for everyone:

>acoustic rock
>atmospheric rock
>heavy metal
>doom metal
>symphonic rock

It's a massively long album, and is intended for listening in full context rather than track by track so if you can take the time and sit through it, I promise you will be swept away in the tale the album tells. Thank you in advance for listening, it's a very personal story between my best friend and I and is our greatest work together to date. You are all much appreciated.

Throwing out some very well-deserved recommendations:

>>55269631 (Check out all of his releases, seriously touching work)
>>55269446 (Incredibly intense, prepare yourselves for this listen)
>>55268366 (Delicious grooves and funky bass)

Will be listening to others here within the moment, and I will return with more feedback.
good digging pixel gut a lot
thumbs up downloadinn now
Tears Of Chronus here.

I love the strong usage of dynamics in SPider, the clutch-and-release method works very well here. The transitions between parts in Habitua are quite gripping, same with the transitions in Pit Blessing; the way you move from the massive walls of sound to relaxing ambiance is heavy on the heart. The whole album is very compelling and emotionally evocative, if I weren't a broke fucker I'd buy this, haha. Downloading for sure. When you said "weird feels" I wasn't sure what I was getting myself into but I see what you mean now, this hits home. Ghoula II kicks my ass, and then Away Team wraps it all up in a very warm and psychedelic way.

"Sounds like the 60's" is very apt, I love the poignancy and intricacy of this a lot. Will there be more material coming soon for this album or do I have to wait until May to hear more of this?
Fuck my hands, I can see a bunch of typos I made in this. Oh well, it's fucking late, don't judge me.
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>Ambient, Electronic album with some synthesized orchestra

Would love to hear your opinion about this one!

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>dean blunt, new order
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Thanks bros

>acoustic punk
>rough vocals
>raw/dirty guitar
>one person
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>Alternative R&B

This my Alternative R&B EP that I released about a month ago. I tried to create atmospheric and moody songs, with a dark vibe to them. People have seemed to enjoy them, tell me what you think!

If you want to hear my new single that I just released, it's on my Soundcloud page:


I will return all feedback as always!


stoners / comedy / noise rock / aleatoric

New album out" "Chunky Electrosonics"
File: 1429492168534.jpg (50 KB, 599x384) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Im busy working on some new music. But this is my first ever project. Produced most of the beats.

Rap and stuff
from >>55269386

I didn't know what to expect from the term 'jizz jazz' but I'm into what I'm hearing. The sound has this very nostalgic grunge feel to it, the kind of sound you would here coming from the quad of any West Coast campus in 93. The computerized drums give off this weird vibe that I'm not really into, but I looked past it.

This is something I would probably appreciate much more if I were to give my undivided attention to it. However, from what I've heard, I am in love with the 60s sci-fi aesthetic of part 1 most of all. The artwork is neat but unfitting to the pieces, is probably my biggest criticism.

I'm sorry, but this is bad. I'm usually a fan of noise, but this was just... I don't know. Which is a shame, because I loved Lebenskrankheit by you. I don't know.

I'll be honest, I almost wrote this off as some "college guy with guitar" project. Then I heard Heavenly, and I was captivated. You've got stupendous stylistic range, and can do most all them with such skill, and for a one-man project, this is all just too great.
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*first album release

FFO: Anything on Run For Cover/Broken World/Triple Crown Records
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>industrial Rock, Progressive Rock, Noise
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>alternative, lo-fi, psychedelic

>field recordings from my underground mordum

Check out these guys as well:

Main Attrakionz


>cloud rap, dark, ambient

This tape is actually pretty old but it's aged rather well to me. Think its worth a look since I don't see it to often.




>political, lo-fi, ambient, dark

Awesome album man I don't know how this guy is not more popular. Especially considering the subject matter and state of the country with police and all. Awesome tape.



>ummmmmm yea...

I'll let u decide on this one....lol
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Looking for feedback on these demos and covers I did. I would appreciate any feedback that I can put towards my next real EP. All these are really rough but I hope thats ok.

would love some tips on making vocals sound, uh, good? I dunno.

Thanks guys!
>lofi, ambient, covers

Listening to this right now, really dig Sun Shine On.

whoa, this is a cool sound. I love the cover art too. I'll listen to this after >>55273915
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>art-punk, post-hardcore, prog-punk
>like the blood brothers/mewithoutYou/refused
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>darude - sandstorm
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