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Vapor Wave
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hey /mu/ do you like "vapor wave"

I recently discovered this youtube channel:

I'm absolutely digging this stuff (the music, the aesthetic, the 80s&90s anime stuff, all of it).

Can you give me some recommends? I like this stuff alot....is it ever going to become mainstream? is it possible to produce music in this style without using samples?
Quite honestly, I'm an artist myself, and I don't make music much like this, but I really want to steal alot from this style.
If you're new to vaporwave, I suggest you check out the following:

1) Saint Pepsi/Skylar Spence (name change but same artist)
2) Eccojams
3) b o d y l i n e
4) waterfront dining
5) 骨架的
6) architecture in tokyo
7) macross
9) luxury elite
10) Lindsheaven Virtual Plaza

All above should be easy to find on bandcamp. Pretty good starting point. I would recommend you check out r/vaporwave as well. Good stuff on there consistently.
hate it

thanks for asking
okay, thanks alot anon!!

I've heard os Saint Pepsi, and I've peeped some of his stuff on bandcamp, it was really cool.
I've heard a few of those other acts, but I'll check them all out.
I hate rebbit, but I'll make the trek for new music.
is this song vapor wave or no?
because I REALLY like this, even though it's basically just a remix of a j-pop song
Personally I think the whole vaporwave/synthwave/neo-80s thing to be some of the most creatively bankrupt genres today.

Since their inception in the late 2000s and early 2010s, they've been played out so much that everything is starting to sound the same.
And also you're starting to get the really low effort future punk stuff where all they do is add some voice modulation to a 80s j-pop song and calling it a day

And yes, these genres are actually more "mainstream" than you'd imagine. Artists like Saint Pepsi, Kavinsky, and perturbator are quite well known

However, not all vaporwave is bad, some artists I personally enjoy are:

Infinity Frequencies: https://computer-gaze.bandcamp.com/album/computer-death
Oneohtrix Point Never: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-WejD5fPTBE
Palm Haze by Miami Vice: https://miamivice.bandcamp.com/album/palm-haze
t e l e p a t h テレパシー能力者: https://dreamcatalogue.bandcamp.com/album/--3

and I'll even listen to some Macross 82-99 once in a while
That song is definitely "future funk," which I am not even sure if it's TECHNICALLY vaporwave, but for all intents and purposes I consider it a subgenre. Saint Pepsi, macross, flamingosis, anyone off KEATS COLLECTIVE, etc. are all future funk. If you want that kind of style write those names above done and get downloading. the one in my first reply are mostly by the books vaporwave artists.

Tough to explain what vaporwave even is, it's a pretty fluid genre. I would say stuff like 骨架的 and luxury elite are "pure vaporwave." It's all technicality and shit.

Just check out the subreddit once a week and sort through from top rated to bottom rated and listen through the best of the week.

I guess you've been keen on the scene longer than I have (first replier), and I am inclined to agree with your first statement. It's kinda lame that once in a while I'll listen to some release and hear some sample I've heard previously used similarly. I think some new stuff is picking up and why I will ultimately disagree with you about it being creatively bankrupt. A lot of the "post-vaporwave" stuff is beginning to find its groove and voice. There's a lot of stuff out there, you just need to sift through the garbage (read: anything unironically using marble busts post-2014). Speaking of which, listen to Floral Shoppe by Macintosh Plus.

Also, I would not consider Replica vaporwave, but that album sure as shit rules.

BTW where to obtain that miami vice album?
one my of my friends runs artzie music.
Yea I guess I shouldn't be throwing the entire genre under the bus, really it's just the future funk (hilariously enough that's what the OP is looking for) and horror synth stuff I find to be creatively bankrupt. I'll check Dream Catalogue once in a while because I still do enjoy the more hypnagogic albums.

Also I'm not sure what you mean by obtaining the miami vice album? like a download link? I think you can get it here if that's what you mean

Wow look at all this self promotion!
thats cool man
does he make the videos?
or do the artists do that?

does he have a submission page or something, or he just finds stuff on his own?
nah, the future funk stuff is nothing more than looping samples as far as I can tell, but I like that stuff because I can go find the ORIGINAL song, and then jam out to that, hahaha
I'm american, so I don't have the easiest time finding japanese 80s music.
there's no self promo here /v/
fuck off
>I really want to steal alot from this style.
fuck off. vaporfags already steal obscure 80s pop music to slow it down. there's nothing to steal. do something original.
I bet you like to give rimjobs

captcha: onexy
well, I want to see elements of vaporwave and apply it to entirely new music, (ie, there's no samples in my work) so thats why I'm trying to listen to lots of vapor wave and really nail down the specifics of what makes this genre tick.

i can't emulate the "vibe" unless I understand the vibe
pretend you are stuck in an elevator headed to the methadone clinic on the second floor, in 1989

How about people that like niche music wanting to talk about it with other people that may know it on a niche on the internet?

OP, as a fan of the genre, I have a list of a few albums that I feel are essential for showing what I like about vaporwave.

>'Floral Shoppe' - Macintosh Plus

>'New Dreams LTD.' - Laserdisc Visions

>'Blank Banshee 1' (and the accompanying music >videos; these are essentially trap-like beats with >a heavy vaporwave aesthetic/vibes - the videos >make that even more evident) - Blank Banshee

And my new addition to the list is 'Socotra Island' by Amun Dragoon.
Eccojams is the only good vaporwave album.

i appreciate it
okay, okay.
I actually have a whole bunch of 80s musak and jazz music 2mixes, from a mastering job i did some time back, I'm wondering if I should sample any of that stuff, or if I CAN sample it without resorting to using noticeable elements of the original song.

No problem! Love sharing what I love. I think the last 3 are especially easy to get into, because they're mostly made of 1 or 2 minute songs, ya know?
++ Jealous of that muzak collection. Wish I could find some!
I like short songs alot actually, and they're easier to listen to over and over again

>musak collection
eh, it's allright, nothing special
it's stuff like this
Agreed! Definitely recommend the New Dreams LTD. tape and BB1, in that case. Those two I have listened to so many times, damn...

But this is actually groovy! I really earnestly like it.
I definitely wouldn't think twice - this is absolutely usable for some sampling. I love how a little altering can take a smooth, bright thing like this and (as one possibility) distort it and make it dark, with a creepy groove instead
duly noted!

yeah man, it's cool stuff, I ended up remastering all the records he owns the rights to, it was a fun gig.
the name of his band is "George Shaw and Jetstream" or just "Jetstream" for some albums, most of the stuff is on youtube, knock yourself out, haha

Oh wow, will do!
That sounds like an awesome job - can I ask how you went about getting involved in stuff like that?

My goal after getting out of college is to begin trying to make a path towards eventually becoming a producer, engineer, master-er, or something else akin to these. Can you offer any info/advice to me on how to actually break into this?
Well, I want to be an artist, but I do more engineering stuff at the moment.

How? well, the guy I worked for was actually one of my professors at college, I went to an Audio Engineering program in southern california
I happen to be very friendly and talkative, so in the past, I've had an easy time making connections with people more or less, so original, he had hit me up to do some stuff for his facebook page, and then it turned into remastering those albums.

TBPH, I'm not even that successful really, in my experience, it's very "who you know" so having friends and making connections is probably your best bet.
where do you live? if there's a music scene or something, I'd get involved and go to shows, and just befriend people, and tell them who you are and what you do

I see. {Secret: My first goal was to be an artist too, but I have yet to really unleash whatever potential I really have to create the music. That's why I thought I might make a better hand at production.)
My main misstep at the moment is likely being here at school for Neuroscience...luckily I'll get to take the only non-classical-music-focused music class here for my senior (next) year, "Electronic Music". Very much looking forward to that.
I'm hoping he'll be a good person to consult with about this.

I go to school in mid-NY state (Vassar), and I'm from south Jersey (absolutely no scene, just suburbs, farms, or Hispanic ghost towns). Will likely end up in the north Jersey/NYC metropolitan area after school's done.

Hearing the "make connections" tip is essential, hearing it come from yet another source just solidifies it further.

Thank you very much though, man! I really appreciate it.
Wish you great luck with your artist path as well as engineering work - if that's your remaster on the George Shaw track, then you're sounding good already!
well, doing STEM is more of a forsure thing, and I wish I had something better to "fall back on" but being an artist has always been my goal, so it is what it is.
NYC is close, so you have that in your favor I guess.

if anything, you can always continue to work your craft, and make e-connections here on /mu/. I'm sure there are plenty of people in the soundcloud or production threads who could use a hand, and thats something you can add to your resume!

reading up on techniques is also a good thing to do, I like Sound-on Sound, but there are plenty of production focused sites/magazines.
I don't know if that track is my remaster or not, I just called him to find out, hahaha YT auto-generates those # pages, so we gotta find out what the money trail with that is.
I'm masturbating to OP pic.

What is wrong with me?
Good point there. Probably better to fall back on, but can't help but feel like I've been wasting some valuable years I could have been more intensely learning what I want to do. I feel like it'd be optimal for me to work under some kind of mentor...I'll have to look around!

++ Didn't really ever even consider mining through the soundcloud threads and the like here, that would be a good thing to add. Thanks!

Will definitely check S-o-S out to begin with. Thanks again on that!
Haha yes, it's necessary to at least try and follow that rabbit hole!
Hi, I'm trying vaporwave, maybe you like it ñ_ñ

memecore trash
here you go OP, I found a lot of stuff through this page: http://vaporwave.me/discover/

also have one of my favorites: https://bbrainz.bandcamp.com/album/crystal

back to your containment thread, memegribs drone
I've always digged that song, anyone know how to get that pumping bass sound production wise?
Bo en or bust
File: 1411549541255.jpg (3 MB, 3500x5000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 3500x5000
I enjoyed the mostpart of this.
that was cool man!
i liked it alot
>I feel like it'd be optimal for me to work under some kind of mentor...I'll have to look around!
yeah, I've heard that having a mentor helps alot, I've never had one, but I don't think it'd hurt you.
just gotta make those connects anon!!

thank you sir!!!
let me listen with an objective hear and I'll tell you.
off he top of my head, it's just some really hard core compression, and probably some parallel compression as well
Sure thing. I read once that something like that had "hard knees", but I'm not sure what that means nor if it's relevant, but whatever.
anyone else feel like vaporwave is graduating from obscure internet meme to irl pleb genre?
The only thing vapor wave is missing is a fashion trend to associate with it.

May i suggest gordon gecko 80's business man
yeah, let me see if i can explain that; the "knee" is not quite how quickly the compressor begins to work, but more like how noticable it is.
see pic related.
thats a hard knee; the basis for the compressor to work is very sharp, and it's not gradual at all.
make sense at all?

as for the rest of the tune, it sounds like he may have added some kick or snare samples to get it quite so hard hitting, but it's mainly just very hard compression, +parallel compression on the kick and snare.

it's easier to tell if you listen to it in comparison to the original, which is actually linked in the comments section for that video.

if I were him, i probably would have sidechained that low end to a sub kick and had the low end really pumping, like on some club shit
vaporwave=normcore, fashion wise

Vaporwave is already a thing because the whole visual aspect of it was a thing before the music came along. If you lived in a big city with a hipster sector you'd see college students walking around in 80s sweaters and anime-pattern leggings.

So just lots of compression that looks like that.
What is parallel compression?
it's all in how the look is applied
ask /fa/
norm core can look cool

parallel compression....I don't have a screen shot I can show you, but basically uhh

okay, so you have the drum overheads, right?
so you eq those and compress them a little bit.
but then you duplicate that track, and compress them HARD
so now you have two (in parallel) one with a tiny bit of compression and one with ALOT OF IT
then you add a little bit of the harshly compressed track, to taste. mix it in and out.

or, you could eq the second track, and only compress certain frequencies, although, that's more like faux-multi band compression.

make sense?
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