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Party music stories
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Party music stories

>at party
>blonde slut starts yelling "oh my god have you guys heard kendrick lamar's new album?"
>say yes
>"oh my god I'm gonna play the best song of it"
>plays king kunta
>[patricians internally]
>she starts dancing and singing to it
>kinda hot but pleb/10 would not fuck

ok your turn
>typical college party
>nothing but plebs
>Blank Space comes on
>”hipster” slut freaks out
>”Oh my gawd, this is like my jam”
>starts singing along and “dancing"
>I’m looking in alone from outside
>”Listen to that pleb shit” I mumble to myself
>”No way would I want to be in there. Even if I was invited.”
>keep staring through the window
>forget myself for a moment
>hum along in falsetto
>voice cracks
>I come back to reality
>no one sees me
>I walk away slowly, looking back every four steps
>it’s cold
>and I have no coat.
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>at party
>do coke
>crashing at home talking to some idiot
>take an oxy 80
>sun rises as the pill kicks in
>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_cR4gHhbJOc plays in the background

>at party
>some Swift song comes on
>enjoy it
>have a good time with friends
Is this from somewhere or did you really have that ethereal experience
I just made it up.
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>in my room
>boris playing
>i shitpost in shitposting thread
>le :^)
Copy that
>blonde slut
>would not fuck

the most pleb move is not fucking someone based on their personality

you aren't fucking their soul you are fucking their body

fuck all the vagina you can, or you will be pissed at yourself when your dick doesn't work anymore
> blonde
> would fuck
>Be at this shitty work function
>Law student shit essentially
>Try and talk about music to other guy my age, keep it "pleb"
>Bring up Nirvana, Pavement, Dinosaur Jr etc.
>"Nah, I'm not into that stuff, it's too weird ya' know?
>End up at my friend's party in his shithole apartment listening to shitty garage rock chugging beers until 4am
i only party with people i also enjoy being around while sober, and therefore don't have these problems
>at party
>get too high
>have djed before so friends trust me with music
>play the first track on gov plates
>laugh and watch as the normies freak out

true story
>at party
>inevitably talk to people who inevitably want to jam sometime bro
>got a bunch of dudes phone numbers who i dont remember
>at party with a bunch of college normies
>my turn to DJ
>Decide to play stuff i think is more accessible
>play calcium by bones
>the audience looks at me like i just murdered someone
>a guy throws his pleb bud light beer cup at me
>some normie in the crowd yells "WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT"
>get kicked out the party

bitches cant deadboy i guess
jesus christ. "it's too weird" is the worst kind of pleb
>calcium by bones
>more accessible
u taking the piss m8?
I've always wanted to do this
>>at party with a bunch of college normies
>>my turn to DJ
>>Decide to play stuff i think is more accessible
>>play calcium by bones

I love Calcium but holy shit why would you play that when you could play any mellow Drake song ?
like i said, i was too high, i wouldn't have done it otherwise
I was talking to a girl before I did that and afterward she didn't seem to be interested in talking anymore lmao
i know man, i fucked up. I should of played some merzbow or grouper
plebs are so boring, like holy moly
>at party
>people dancing
>feet hurt
>wish I was at home listening to Swans
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>he doesn't fuck grills' souls
>invited to party
>don't want to go
>stay home
>listen to young thug and chief keef

sh-shit was so cash
>at party
>DJ takes a piss break or something
>sneak up to his laptop
>plays im shitting in my mouth by merzbow
>whole party starts to take their clothes off
>they start fucking each other
>then i relapse into a real boy

true story !!
>at a party
>put on Flying Lotus
>girl comes up and says "I'm changing this, sorry"
>puts on Thrift Shop
>a bunch of drunk girls start singing along really badly
>go outside for a smoke

The party was shit and it got shut down soon after, not a big deal.
what the fuck is the deal with normie plebs. Why are they so terrible?
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>mfw this dude brought his tranny girlfriend to a party and just let six dudes run a train on her.
>Turn Down For What is playing as this was going on.
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>king cunta
>best sing

>tfw I wasn't one of those dudes running train ;_;

captcha: tsfew
this thread is kinda pathetic of course at a party it's going to be pop music because that's what a majority of people like. Man up and listen to it for a few hours instead of scaring girls away but saying how it's not "real music"
>at a party
>dudes mom asks if I know "Beirut"
>I thought she meant the city, so I say "yes"
>She starts describing their 'world music' live sound
>I realize its a band and say I havent listened to them
>She then says she's been listening to lots of Alt-J
>I say "oh cool"
but its funny tho :^)
hey man, being honest may not get you alot of friends but it will get you the right ones. or was it no friends?
I actually was talking to some girl at a party and somehow mention death grips and she was like "hey! I know them! they have that album with the license plate and the one with the hobo guy and the penis one!"

to her credit, she actually knew the songs somewhat as I played them when pretty much everyone had left. I was also pretty fucked so I think that's a common occurrence.
underrated post-rock
>At a girls 18th birthday
>She has some black sabbath and Nirvana playing
>Bunch of girls start showing up
>Nirvana's "Rape Me" then starts blasting
>I feel so awkward
do u realize that you're the pleb in this scenario >>55441123
there are such a thing as good pop songs
>Be me at a party
>Everybody is dancing and drinking shitty Pabst Blue ribbon
>Girls wearing raybans glasses, all that shit
>Radiohead song starts playing over the speakers
>Cute girl yells out "I love this song!"
>I feel vomit hurtling up my throat
>I try my best to keep it down and say to myself "I'm doing it."
>I walk up to the girl and try to dance with her
>She keeps yelling shit like "This song is my life" and "this is so perfect"
>I ask her "Radiohead?"
>Her face lights up and she excitedly responds "YES! How did you know?!"
>"They're pretty epic aren't they" I smoothly reply
>She later gets bored with dancing and takes me back to her place
>I fuck her aggressively and make her my bitch
>Afterwards she goes to the bathroom
>I'm in her room by myself
>I look over at her CD rack
>Radiohead, My Bloody Valentine, Death fucking Grips
>I feel that vomit heading up my throat again
>I pull my pants town and take a leak all over her CD rack
>I leave before she comes out of the bathroom
>I scrub myself down 3 times in the shower when I get home

Might be a regional thing because over here, people are bumping a lot of house, r&b shit.
my issue isn't pop music but shit dubstep and deep house that is played at nearly every party I go to unless that's considered pop
>talking to qt hipster gril
>she asks what kinda music i like
>"uhh i don't know i like a whole lot of music"
>she asks me to name an artist i like
>say Crystal Castles because its well known enough to be socially acceptable/cool
>"i don't really like them"
>"what is wrong with you they're cool"
>we end up fucking at the end of the night anyway
>got Invited to a work function
>coworkers are a bunch of plebs but know I know I have good taste
>asks me to take care of tunage for the turn up
>I says no problem boss, you know im your guy and heads to my desk to whip up a fire playlist

>at party
>first song comes on its fuck up some commas by future. I got the Atlanta trap bangers on lock.
>coworker comes up to me says wtf is this shit this is violent and aggressive and terrible music
>I try to reason with this pleb ass bitch of a women and get her to realize that future is an incredibly introspective and talented artist.
>tells me to fuck off
> boss calls me aside
> asks me wtf was I thinking
> I said I thought we were having a turn up?
> gets fired.

Fuck a pleb

If a party sucks, then it fucking sucks. I usually make note to fuck up the bathroom before departing.
>go to an empty karaoke bar with friends
>select rape me
>feel like the best singer in the world
>Radiohead, My Bloody Valentine, Death fucking Grips
i would've spent the night
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>getting to know super qt girl
>she makes me playlist
>run of the mill high school girl music but not bad or obnoxious either
>tells me to make her one
>she had all mellow songs on hers
>try to follow up with safe songs
>in order
>Sufjan Stevens - Casimir Pulaski Day
>Phosphorescent - Song for Zula
>Animal Collective - Bluish
>Beach House - Walk in the Park
>Bon Iver - Lump Sum
>Autre Ne Veut - Counting
>Mercury Rev - Holes (gotta hit em with that incognito patrician)
>Elvis Presley - Can't Help Falling In Love (risky move but I gotta take it)
>she loves them
>especially the Elvis one
>posts some of the songs to her facebook saying how much she loves them
>i'm in
what FlyLo song was playing?
this is semi-related but I was at a rave a few weeks ago with some of those popular "shit" DJs Steve Aoki, I've never been into that music and always thought it was really bad but once you get a few drinks in you and find some girls the music starts sounding pretty good
you've completed step 1 dude
don't fuck up and you can close within the week
you made future proud anon. that track is a heater
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Is that really so bad? King Kunta is a pretty good song. Its not patrish but its better than 99.99% of music i hear at parties
>>it’s cold
>>and I have no coat.
Car's on fire, there's no driver at the wheel
fucking Walk in the Park and Lump Sum, both GOAT fo sho
Do the Astral Plane, probably the most accessible song he has.
Dream scenario
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>its too weird

every experience i've ever had trying to show a band to my friends.
>At friends house-show
>Bunch of harmless pop/math rock bands
>Friend and I decide to play as improv noise band days before.
> We are Last band
>Let's clear the party
>Friend is playing circuit board that generates harsh triangle waves and Nanoloop for iphone
>Plays friends Jazzmaster through an Orange with delays and heavy fuzz
>mfw I realize what key he is in
>Turn around from the wall and see the room filled up
>everyone zoned in high and bobbling
>most memorable party ever
then go out and do it. take action you pleb.
>>at party
>>asked this guy "oh my god have you heard kendrick lamar's new album?"
>>he said "yes, it fucking sucked ass"
>I agreed
this is a really cool story anon
I did something similar where I started playing Is This It on drums and singing it, then a bassist came up then a guitarist and soon enough we were just covering strokes songs and everyone was singing along
>at a party
>playing guitar and singing in the living room with a couple of other dudes
>play safe folk shit like ITAOTS and Bright Eyes
>start playing Paranoid Android
>everyone in the room sings along
>more and more people come inside to join in
>a couple who just got done fucking in the room next door burst out the door and join in screaming during the bridge wearing nothing but towels
>king kunta
>not best song
>muh buu buu
Are you me?

>too weird
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>He only has sex on the physical level
top kek
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