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Concert general

What are you anticipating?
Any plans?

I'm set to see NMH in Iowa City, IA tomorrow night. Anyone else?
Going to see Sufjan Stevens in Detroit tomorrow, I'm assuming it will be an acoustic show considering how stripped down Carrie & Lowell was

Also, I'm seeing Mother Mother in June

Saw NMH last week, just as good as I remember.
Saw Meme Demarco last night again. Pretty good show

Seeing Sleater-Kinney on May 6th, so that should be rad
5/5-6 - The Replacements
5/16 - Tame Impala
5/28-31 - Nelsonville Music Festival
6/4 - My Morning Jacket
6/6 - Father John Misty
6/10 - Shabazz Palaces
6/23-24 - My Morning Jacket
7/7 - Steve Gunn / Jennifer Castle
7/13 - Mr Twin Sister
7/17 - Lower Dens
7/22 - Metz / Viet Cong
8/10 - Dinosaur Jr.

Sufjan has something like 4 other musicians with him, so it's not really acoustic but it's pretty stripped down compared to his Age of Adz and Christmas tours. His show was excellent when I saw him a couple weeks ago, you're in for a great show!
Did jeff freak out?

i'm so sorry, anon.
It's even worse, Cleveland.
May 8th - Assemblage 23 (nostalgia purposes)
June 20 - Death Grips
June 22 - Tim Hecker & Ben Frost

That's about all I'm going to so far this year. Might see KMFDM in July, but I'm on the fence about that one.
Go Hawks.

On the off chance that you're Justen, Bradley, or one of their friends: hi.
Seeing Death Grips at Union Transfer in Philadelphia on July 10th. Saw Electric Wizard and Sleep at the same venue. Pretty great place.

too bad I couldn't find anybody to go with me to the Death Grips concert though.
And I thought Iowa was bad...

>acoustic Smashing Pumpkins

>The Flaming Lips
>My Mourning Jacket
>Jenny Lewis
>Mumford & Sons

>Run the Jewels
>Jenny Lewis
>St. Lucia
>Talib Kweli
>Cloud Nothings
>+ more
>acoustic Smashing Pumpkins played by fat Billy Corgan
He's fallen so far...
Nope, sorry, you guys heading to NMH monday night though?
As if that's news
I'm taking a break from UIowa atm but I know at least one of them browses /mu/ and I thought i'd take a shot in the dark. If I were there, I probably'd go, though.
mother mother isn't discussed enough here
Phillyfag, I'll be there bud
I can't stand Mother Mother, which is weird because I'm a huge fan of Stars, Metric, and Dragonette. Something about them just bothers me to no end.
I'm convinced that even someone who has listened to and hated Neutral Milk Hotel's music would, after seeing them live, become a fan
I dropped out of Uiowa in 2012; live in DSM area now. I only bought tickets because I figured it'd be one of last times I could see NMH.
Saw Swans about two/three weeks ago and they didn't disappoint. Nothing short of awe-inspiring raw power. Seeing Death Grips in July.
Detroit here too. I'm not a huge fan of Sufjan, but I was really disappointed to find out that Cold Specks wouldn't be opening for him in Detroit. I saw Cold Specks back in 2013 and it was incredible.

I do have a few shows coming up though.
4/29-5/2 - Metro Times Blowout (Alvvays, PUP, Fucked Up, Arkells, Andrew WK, Flint Eastwood, Jamaican Queens, Nigel & The Dropout)
5/3 - The Jesus & Mary Chain (doing Psychocandy)
5/14 - Follakzoid
5/15 - Great Lake Swimmers + Woven Tangles
5/16 - Nigel & The Dropout + Tart + The Ill Itches
5/22 - Torres
6/5 - Unknown Mortal Orchestra
6/7 - Purity Ring + Braids + Born Gold
6/16 - Bahamas (Lower Dens is the same day but I've always wanted to see Bahamas)
7/29 - Glass Animals
7/31 - Lord Huron + Widowspeak

Also was thinking about seeing My Morning Jacket but the tickets look expensive
Beach fossils comin to Richmond! Fucking no one comes here i'm so hype!
Whoops, forgot one

5/30 - Little Dragon
Which will actually be my first Crofoot show of the year, which is weird because that's where I see most of my shows.

sufjan in may, nmh in june

call me a mu drone idgaf im excited
MMJ is definitely worth seeing, even though the tickets are expensive. They're one of the few bands around that are substantially better live than on their studio albums.

Re: Cold Specks, I saw her open for Sufjan recently and her performance was breathtaking. Hopefully you get a chance to see her soon.
You should check out Hey Rosetta on May 15th, they're playing The Shelter in Detroit. You might like them if you like Sufjan.
Nobody has any noteworthy concert stories they want to share?
Well I did meet FlyLo after a show once...
i-i saw him at a grocery store once... he had all of these milky wa... nevermind :-/
I'll post a story I had. OP here so I'll just green text

>Concert comes into town [Aesop Rock], [Rob Sonic] or whatever

>drink a lot before the show because not 21 at the time.
>prescribed xanax
>take some before
>take -a lot- during concert
>shake hands with Rob during concert
>blackout as soon as I walk out of the venue.
>ended in the ER with stitches because I fell off my deck.

never mix benzo's and alc
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just Wye Oak at the moment. I saw Belle & Sebastian a couple of weeks ago. I'm annoyed that Tame Impala and Lower Dens aren't coming to Los Angeles. Also, I'm waiting to hear if Stornoway will be touring the States as they are currently only touring the UK.
Seeing NMH next Tuesday in Orlando, FL.
Can anybody that's seen them before report on the experience?
One of my friends saw them in NY a while ago and had no fun. The crowd was super pretentious and no one was singing/dancing and people told him to shut up when he started singing along
Gonna see NMH in Oxford, MS on Thursday, so you'll see them 4 days before I see them. Cool stuff.
I saw NMH in Buffalo
A lot of the crowd was stiff but me and my gf bounced around during NMH
Circulatory System opened, it was cool for me because I knew the mom of the guitarist but the show was in a church and I started thinking that the acoustics combined with the speakers weren't doing too well, but that was squelched when NMH began because they were mesmerizing

Seriously, the last show I even remember coming close to how good they were is probably Grizzly Bear from two years ago. Mangums voice hasn't seemed to age at all, he looked grumpy but he blew kisses and thanked the crowd and played an encore. Very glad to hear Oh Comely live. Props to the singing saw guy and Santa Claus.
Sufjan Stevens on Wednesday, super excited.
Mac Demarco in August (+Die Antwoord, Ariel Pink, and a few others).

And still waiting on of Montreal to finally schedule some Canadian dates.
That sounds awesome.
It would suck for other people to ruin my experience, but hopefully that was just a particularly shitty crowd. I'm still excited.
I can't even imagine how cool GB was live. Definitely on my bucket list
Avoid seeing Grizzly Bear at a festival though. Their 2013 Bonnaroo set was one of the most boring and half-hearted shows I've ever seen, it was a huge disappointment.
5/23 Ministry at the Gothic Theater in Denver.
I've never seen them live so I'm pretty excited.
No, but some guy was taking pictures during the show
Jeff didn't see though because he was behind him.
I'm not actually from Detroit, I'm going to that show because the Toronto show was sold out. But Hey Rosetta is pretty huge around here, I do like them quite a bit from what I've heard, but haven't delved deep into their stuff
I wouldn't look forward to seeing anyone at a festival

not anyone important
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