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Bandcamp Thread
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Ya'll know the drill
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bottom feeder.jpg
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>freak drone, ritual harsh noise, retro-futurist primitivism
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>Jizz Jazz

I may drop a single soon
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>Experimental, Ambient
Sweet guitar tone dude.


>post-rock/math rock
>jazz fusion

thanks for giving my project a listen im gonna listen around then give muh recs
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>emo, indie, lyrically focused

if you enjoy any emo at all you should listen to this.
forgot my pic derp
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> Harsh noise
> Power Electronics
> Ambient
> Noise
> Death industrial
> Experimental
We have a release scheduled on the label for May 10th, it'll be some cool breakcore and DJ stuff.
If you want to be on the label, you can shoot our facebook page a message.
All support of the label is greatly appreciated.
jesus christ just pick one thread and stick with it, there's no point in posting in both.
>jesus christ just pick one thread and stick with it, there's no point in posting in both.
Nigga you dumb.
Expose yourself nigga.
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rain delay.jpg
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>drone, dark ambient, noise, weird pop, black metal, krautrock
check it out its free
Sick, I dig the track Ruby Ridge. Good soft to noise approach.
That Jkoen stuff is cool too.
Nice trips ;)
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fucking love this. the lyrics, atmosphere, guitar tone, and the way the title is literally the album's sequencing is great. singer's voice is the ideal emo voice, too.

that drum fill in on the second song tho

i'm gonna have this on for the next few days, i gurantee it.

if i were you i'd work on getting some better drum samples, the way they sound really put me off and give it a synthetic sound. the other instrumentation is great tho


>post-hardcore, punk rock, screamo, emo, ambient in some parts

>RIYL Touche Amore, Wipers, Saetia, Weezer
This is really cool stuff. I may include a song from it in my next blog post of that is okay with you.

>fucking love this
i'm really fucking glad you like it. every time i post it on mu everyone really enjoys it, they've quickly become my favorite band.

my favorite track is definitely to the sun, it's incredibly well written and the pacing from start to finish is fantastic.
Thanks man!
I really like the guitar work on this track
This is really nice and it looks like you got quite a following. That's awesome
Thanks for the feedback man. Do you got any recommendation on where to get better drum samples?
I would love you to! Thanks a lot.
personally I use Hydrogen drum machine as a MIDI sequencer into EZDrummer

hydrogen works great on its own as a regular drum machine though, it's simple and fun to use, and there are a bunch of really great sample packs you can download in there. my personal favorite is "the black pearl" but there are also actual literal drum machine emulators, like 606s and 808s and stuff
>This is really nice and it looks like you got quite a following. That's awesome
oh fuck are we only supposed to post our own bands in these threads? i usually scim through these but it's the first time i've posted in them, it's not my band.
lol the janitor just deleted the other bandcamp thread even though it was the older one just cause this one has more posts
Nah not at all, typically it's only your own, so people will assume you're posting yourself but any bandcamp you're enjoying it great
I'll have to look into EZDrummer. Thanks
No that's fine. It's a really good band
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>Dark Ambient, Dark Electronic
File: blinds.png (649 KB, 800x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>fuzzy beats, puke rock, ambient

just came out with part 3 of a mixtape but it's got weird rules for listening to it so if you're not into that i've got other more normal stuff up too

oh shit, i need to check out your new album asap!
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>post-rock, shoegaze, emo, ambient
Demo/Debut sefl-titled EP

>progressive electronic, ambient, strong melodies/rhythms
Me solo project. Debut EP, 1st single from upcoming LP.

This is so great. I appreciate how you combined the more straight forward guitar rock with ambient shit, reminds me of my own band haha. Friend Shaped Hole has a great riff on it. The vocal style isn't my favorite, but I can see it growing on me.

OoOOOOOOOOO. This is very good. I usually shy away from the "ambient/noise/drone" stuff on these threads but the tags caught my eye. The ambient/drone tracks are really great. The more poppy ones are good compositions, but the mixing is a little wonky.
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>lofi indie bedroom pop

I cant wait for this single m8
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>waves, drones & loops
well that's good, glad you guys enjoy it.
thanks a ton for the feedback and everything! a lot of people seem to say that about the vocals, too, haha

listening to shkism when that little percussion riff kicked in i was already bobbing my head. that weird noise shortly after reminds me of trent reznor's work on the Quake soundtrack, or just NiN's earlier stuff in general. totally digging the atmospherics, too - could see this in a 90's sci-fi video game (which is a very good thing to me) especially with the midi choirs

atmospherics and ambience seems to be becoming a lot more commonplace in more straightforward genres nowadays, which i'm not complaining one bit about.
Yo man, Rozwell is a true nigga.
When my tape broke he sent me a new one, ASAP.
Real human bean, buy his shit.
File: IMG_0157.jpg (1 MB, 2448x3264) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 2448x3264

New single I dropped today. Acoustic, twinkly emo.

Dig the fuck out of this. Can't wait to listen to the whole record.
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Only Ones Awake.jpg
1 MB, 1831x1832
Dude I didn't know you guys browsed /mu/ hahaha I'm in In Viridian we played at the Che Cafe together how's everything?


>grungy punk rock, lofi, indie rock, Analog tape recordings
This is amazing.

Really like the Shkism cover/remix/whatever it is; it's rad. And I could maybe see myself getting into the Humus album with a few more listens.
reminds me of Front Porch Step but with more competent instrumentals and without the stress on my mind when listening due to his pedophilia

basically this is pretty great. the production values (especially the vocals) could use work but maybe that's what you were going for
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Here you go
New Single: Castaway
i think you to format
I don't mean to be entirely off-topic, but what do you guys think about combining SC and BC threads? I'm not a huge fan of it.

I have to leave, but I'll be back with a wall of reccs of awesome dudes and some feedback for stuff I haven't heard.
niekiepsko :)
Bad idea imo. Love BC threads, hate SC threads.
SC threads are shit, bad idea
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>Alternative Rock, Post Hardcore, Noise Rock, Indie Rock
pic related is the cover of the compilation album, titled "Furniture." Here are two songs that are going to be on it. One sounds like Radiohead, the other sounds like shit. I'll let you work out which is which.
Cool, tell me what you think when you're done!
Thanks guys :) Glad you enjoyed the xXMacSquadXx stuff.

>atmospherics and ambience seems to be becoming a lot more commonplace in more straightforward genres nowadays
I couldn't agree more.
m8 >>55519474

so you played with those guys? did you meet them?
This, Soundcloud threads are just for collecting followers, Bandcamp threads are for sharing music
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Son of Rama "Spheres" C20
>experimental, acoustic, improv, psych
File: IMG_4412.jpg (908 KB, 2280x2280) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Dr. Duck & the Marigolds / Ropal Jagnu
"Fish Flavored Cream/Decoding" c26
>experimental, anit folk, noise, improv
really glad it's getting the attention it deserves, it's generally well received when i post it in emo threads.
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my first full length, Pawing comes out May 15th! you can preorder the cd if you like

check out the Day By Day music video:

New single and music video, Peaceful Park comes out tomorrow!


>Delicious Black Meal
>Neither ambient nor extreme
>Groovy, almost vaguely jazzy
>Prog, Death, and Doom influnce
forgot my pic
File: IMG_4305.jpg (1 MB, 2316x2316) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 2316x2316
Galaxie Deluxe "II" C40
>experimental, synth, noise, psych, ambient


yeah it was us them and one other band. Unfortunately most people dipped by the time they played but a good group of people stayed


Theres a flyer on our instagram for it. Also RIP in peace Che Cafe they shut it down after like 30 years ;_;
also i just lowered the cost of shipping
well what were they like? cool dudes?
File: Artwork.jpg (3 MB, 1600x1600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 1600x1600
Concept EP about a plane crashing in the rockies.
>hip hop
>trip hop


recc->> 55520889
>harsh/wall noise
File: Coversmaller.jpg (1 MB, 3000x3000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 3000x3000
>Alternative R&B

This my Alternative R&B EP that I released about a month ago. I tried to create atmospheric and moody songs, with a dark vibe to them. People have seemed to enjoy them, tell me what you think!

If you want to hear my new single that I released a couple weeks ago and just remastered, it's on my Soundcloud page:


I will return all feedback as always!

File: split.jpg (128 KB, 700x700) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
128 KB, 700x700

>field recordings
Atmospheric and moody is a good way to put it. I dig this pretty well - R&B has never been a genre I listened to very much, but this is something I can definitely get into.

I love the cover photo, too.

I'm >>55519270 if you wanted to return any feedback.
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>Leftfield, Glitch, Plunderphonics, Breaks, Long

will return all feedback

oh boy i wonder what it could be
i can hear a big influence on this from early james ferraro. that being said, i feel like some of the material loops for to long, but i do love the more noise direction you're going in. i respect that you aren't afraid to take risks. did you make most of the field recordings yourself?
i love the lo-fi spacey feel all your shit has. this guy honestly has some of the best shit in these threads in general. huge rec.
absolute hell is the most badass name for anything i have ever heard. i enjoy how this takes it's time. it doesn't hit you full force like to many producers in these threads do. you have a good grasp on what makes a song feel full. i dig it.
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Check out my new single
>christian rap

this is probably the 90th time this sort of memecore has been posted and i still don't understand
its fresh with the kids dude!
Thank you! I appreciate it. I'm working on three new releases atm, they'll be up within the next month or so.
-Absolute Hell
File: cover.jpg (712 KB, 2447x2447) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
712 KB, 2447x2447
New 2nd album is out:
Also available here:
>noise, experimental,electronic, ambient

1st album:
>electronic, ambient, IDM


Anyone care to give some feedback on this? I'm running low on inspiration.
File: cover.png (953 KB, 800x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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preview for upcoming album:

>dream pop, psychedelic noise pop, shoegaze

also here's a new demo. any input is greatly appreciated:
>electronic dream pop, experimental pop


not bad. i like it a lot more than anything on your other album. it has a lot of heart.
I really like your shit, man. Are we going to see cassette versions of the second and third None Of This Is Real albums?
Your EPs kick ass. Dont take this the wrong way but your full albums are kind of blubbery. I still dig your production style though, its very unique.
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