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Discuss, listen, share music, post collages, ask for recommendations, show off recent purchases, etc.


http://i.imgur.com/ak3kotb.jpg (embed)

>East Coast Hip-Hop:
http://i.imgur.com/dy51TBV.jpg (embed)

>West Coast Hip-Hop:
http://i.imgur.com/Vn0uEi8.jpg (embed)

>Southern Hip-Hop:
http://i.imgur.com/S7V9Z2B.jpg (embed)

>Memphis Rap
http://i.imgur.com/3LPJQMf.jpg (embed)

>Experimental Hip-Hop:
http://i.imgur.com/VoSMBtN.jpg (embed)

>Instrumental Hip-Hop:
http://i.imgur.com/JmOjo6n.jpg (embed)

>Historically Significant:

>Recent Hip-Hop:
http://i.imgur.com/11hUMwf.jpg (embed)


>Upcoming Releases:

OP images, charts, etc: https://mega.nz/#F!HtZx3J7K!jZ1dyPtja6N4yeCSsPVkSQ
1nd for an underground classic that everyone should hear. These niggas were talking about forming like Voltron before the Wu.
dead thread for a dead genre

seems fitting
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any other lil b album/mixtape i should download?
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The Buzz is so good, I love songs that have samples of oldies though. Also Mayer Hawthorn has a pretty good voice for that kind of stuff.
>dead genre
Stop trying to force this meme. This was one of the best years that hip-hop has ever had.
I liked Hoop Life, personally.
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I'm new to /mu/, do you guys listen to latin hip hop?

thoughts on the new noname gypsy song
Serious question that no one seems to answer here.

Why don't you listen to British rappers? Not Grime, British hiphop. It's a lot more 'real' than US posers.


There are no huge music labels corrupting these artists, all there is, is their music and crime.

This next guy is like 16 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9OfljXnLQ2Y

Plan B is a better story teller than majority of US rappers - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZixLBSqIlnY

That's just hip-hop too, grime MC's blow most of the US too, after all the brits are MC's whereas everyone in America are just entertainers.
>Contemporary jeep music

I remember reading a 36 Chambers review saying that the album is something you'd hear blaring out of jeeps in the right neighborhood

anyways, do you know where that's upload? kat cr isn't turning anything up.
>grime MC's blow most of the US too

>MAN *insert silly sounding made up word here* IN DA FACE

They don't even know how to rhyme. It's a shame because the instrumentals are so good but all they do is rap about beating people up with the exact same flow and delivery, boring wordplay, no originality. Half of these guys can't even fucking rap.

New Jazz Cartier.

I'm really liking this guy's music so far. Marauding in Paradise is one of my favourite tapes of the year. He's come up so quickly and I can only see him getting bigger. I reckon he'll be huge.
I found it on rutracker
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Don't you know he sell hooks and choruses?
So apparently there's a new Pimp C album coming out soon.

That's pretty cool.

the repetition with the words are deliberate.

you're not stupid you bring up valid critiques that an american listener would have but you just don't understand culturally. of course they can vary their rhyme but they're choosing to carry out a specific style here. you just don't know what you're talking about.

i didn't make the post btw personally i don't think a lot of british shit would fit in too well in this sort of thread. but i'd never stop anon from trying to share it around either.
Does anyone else think So Appalled is the worst track on MBDTF? I don't even think its a good track besides pusha ts verse.

This is some good hyphy bay area shit
I liked it, but mostly for the production.
RiFF RAFF EP on Amazon, the samples sound hard as shit

DJ Quik actually gets slept on in this board.
MBDTF is incredibly overrated. Only good song are Dark fantasy, All of the lights and So appalled. The rest of album is trash 2bh
very good but also very dated so you can see why
Does it have the Biebz collab?

Because that shit bumped not gonna lie.

Thats probably going to be on Peach Panther which is coming out Soon(TM) he said on instagram its being

I respect your opinion but I do not agree at all. MBDTF is an experience, don't pick the songs out and listen to them one by one listen to it as a whole.
Heard the GoldLink album leaked today.

Anyone got a decent link? Really interested in hearing this project.
>MBDTF is an experience, don't pick the songs out and listen to them one by one listen to it as a whole.
lol bruh what is it that makes that album an experience? What is so great about that album?
What this guy said.

That's part of the British style.

JME lyric -
My tunes will make your mouth water, just like sweety jars
I'm repeating bars
Cause that's me, individual, I didn't cheat in class
You lot are thicker than windscreen glass
Like Kano, I got beats and bars

Dizzee lyric -
Definitely I hustle blood, definitely I grind
So you can try anything you want I definitely don't mind
Definitely got my ting, I definitely know your face
So don't jump out of your pram, I'll definitely put you in your place
Definite I hustle blood, definitely I graft
So you can chat anything you want, I'll definitely just laugh
Definitely got my swords, definitely really sharp
So don't keep talking like you're bright, I'll definitely get dark
Listen, definite I hustle blad, definitely I fly
So you can try anything you want, I'll definitely just sigh
Definitely know I'm real, definitely know you ain't
So don't try being no devil, cos I'm definitely no saint
Definite I hustle blood, definitely I win
So you keep taking this for a joke, I'll definitely just grin
Definitely can't have heard, you definitely couldn't know
Don't talk like you're on top, I'll leave you definitely below

I honestly think if you can make your song flow, using the same word as the anchor point than you are very at what you do.
I don't know how to explain it, but the songs flow so much better if you listen to it as a whole. Which is what you should do with every album honestly.
im sure the only other person who cares is Based Nobleman but the Nef The Pharoah EP is out
Which rapper has the worst voice to rap with?
All British rappers excluded.
>Which rapper has the worst voice to rap with?
What does this even mean? That's so subjective. Aussies objectively have the worst accents for rapping, and I am aussie.
other than freddie gibbs, who should i look for this november?
#1 Bitch for the Based Freestyles
oh hell ya, i listened to this shit when i woke up this morning

jacuzzi gonna be big soon
so so good. just listened to it twice in a row.
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belie dat
New EP by Nef the Pharoah. https://soundcloud.com/nefidelaphante/sets/nef-the-pharaoh

>bay rap >2015
when is MigosThuggin coming out i need that shit i'm white btw
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how did he get so many?
hes multiplying
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>meme rap

>the lord of weed
>board for 18yrs+
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