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ITT: describe an album track by track and...
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ITT: describe an album track by track and other people guess it

>first really long song on the album, alternates between mellow psychedelia and loud noise rock, has a free jazz breakdown in the middle and descends into pure noise at the end
>dadrocky song about paranoia
>colourful neo-psych song with weird percussion
>most jazz-influenced song on the album
>depressing song with woodwinds
>another neo-psych song with noisy verses
>second really long song on the album, lots of noisy ambient textural bits
>indie rock-sounding love song with a great opening guitar riff
>noise interlude
>weird as shit closer with off-kilter piano riff and incomprehensible vocals
Should be pretty easy.
sgt peppers lonely hearts club band
I don't have the image saved, but there's an image that says something along these lines:
>Woah nigga! You really expect me to read: "All That Shit: By You"
>crescendocore neo-joy division
>2spooky harmonics
>tense, ominous pseudorock
>beat poetry over the sound of being transported into hell
>various clanging sounds
>GOAT instumental
>ominous piano
>ominous guitar
>epic closer that never ends
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>intro pt 2
>emo shit
>bro country
>boring shit
>the single
You might have ADD

Correct answer
Yerself Is Steam?
>aaaaaye yoto
>boom boom
>thshhammmas hshts
>bun bun baa
>nito yE
>post-lounge 70s phasercore with god-tier chord progression
>the goat prog pop
>football and cold liquor
>purdie shuffle
>topkek m8 i r8 8/masturb8
try again
probably swans or some other gay shit
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Cursed meme album
>synthy post rock-ish intro
>the catchy one
>hard fast rock
>ambient thing
>most rock song on the album
>more of the same
>faster synthier thing
>chilling shit
>literally perfect closer

it's not kid a btw
>every trick in the floyd book but 100000000x better
>gnignis sdrawkcab sah gnos siht
>droney outro
Tago Mago
quite right m8
Should be easy

>showtime jingle
>poppy neo-psychedelia
>even more psychedelic with a bit of prog
>fast-paced repetitive synth track
>slower, almost tropical sounding psych rock
>acoustic lo-fi with vulgar lyrics
>sad breakup track with more synths
>neo-psych prog rock
>depressing prog
>funky instrumental track
>fast-paced comedy rock
>straight up prog rock, one of the better tracks imo
>psychedelic prog
>song about keking
f#a# infinity?
the mollusk
>implying waving my dick in the wind isn't the most tragic song on the album
So punk?
>life, death, futility and the apocalypse
>love and going insane
>conversations with the supernatural
>he's not fucking around
age of adz
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>upbeat and slightly twee
>dramatic movie strings
>tch- tch- tch- tch- tch- tch- tch- tch- tch- tch-
>three part banger
>dramatic vocals
>my bloody valentine
>retched screaming
>slowcore af
>sinister vocals
>horror film
pulse demon?
what is this album. it sounds cool I want to listen to it
Motherfucking Aja! I love that record.
nevermind just saw this
>Song starts
>Song takes a break
>Song resumes
>Song ends
Closest I know to this, though probably not right.
>drone then song
>song is about a spooky ghost comes and haunts you
>best bassline in album
>this band doing a poor man's GY!BE but still works beautifully
>song about demons
>song about capitalism
>this band's most shoegazey sounding song
>singer creepily whispers for majority of song
>song that sounds like the month in its title
>song about a coma over a season
>one of this band's best instrumentals; features a mellotron
>of the best songs this band ever made; has delicate piano
>some Dixieland song at the end

Should be a giveaway
Hint, you probably loved this album if you went through an edgy phase.

>tfw you will never be 12 and be able to like this song again
>generic angry song
>your beliefs are wrong
>Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
>autistic ballad
>backstabbing person
>more references to revelations
>revenge song about revenge things
>I've been done wrong
>le soldier song about dead soldiers
Pet Sounds
City of Evil
City of evil?
So...what is this album?
>spacey improv shit with really passionate vocals and mountains of reverb
>jazzy post-rock that crescendos into guitar noise
>organ-led post-everything song with a pseudo-Christian lyrics, swelling electronic sounds, and a minute and a half of manipulated feedback shit
>dark solo guitar/vocal piece that slowly evolves into a tangle of horns and harmonicas
>trance-inducing folk-influenced 'ambient rock' with chilling piano and slowly gets quieter
>minimalist (nearly silent) closer, another solo guitar/vocal with whispered vocals and hints of organ
Easy as fuck
>all acousticky with horns and shit
>more acoustic shit with more horns and gets really fast
>jangly and sad
>only acoustic shit
>some horns and shit but no vocals
>all fast and fuzzy and shit
>really slow and shit
>even slower and long as fuck
>speeds up a little more
>instrumental only, but loud as shit
>as slow as the previous long song and sad as shit

If nobody on here gets this one you are forbidden from ever listening to anything other than shitty basic /mu/core ever again.
>First track is a Gregorian style chant describing human emptyness and desolation
>repetitive danceable beat, very harsh sounding. lyrical content is similar to takyon, but more intelligent
>short song, marching tempo. call and answer style vocals
>similar in form to a spiritual song, think the American south, except more mechanical
>uses periods of rest between drum beats, dissonant pianos, agonized vocals
>drone accompanied by vibrant percussion and guitar chords, vocals range from agonized shrieks to melodic in nature
>a rather long track, ambient noise and groaning vocals and yells.
>a rather calm track with guitar and piano, vocals are less gutteral, more uplifting.

somehow I doubt anyone will get this, don't know why though. great album.
All these songs sound great. Too bad I'll never know what they are.
In that flying contraption across the pond
hint: one of them is german. very german.
This aint easy at all. Can ppl just give the answers after a while, so idiots like me can sleep soundly.
linken park? just answer it yo.
Angele Merkele's fart porn sextape.
pls give song name.
lol, close.

The album is: ┬Ż Mensch by Einst├╝rzende Neubauten.

it's industrial, so it might take a couple of tries to get into it.

refers to >>60194968
please, what is it please oh god
Summing up the point of every song
>Why can't my girlfriend just stay at home, instead of going out?
>Why did my girlfriend leave me?
>Why is my life not a 70's TV show?
>Metaphors for getting drunk
>Pollution-free transportation
>b yourself at home
>go somewhere that's not home
>I wish things would happen that can't happen in reality.
laughing stock? or spirit of eden.
Laughing Stock duh
>nostalgiafags anthem
>critique of music industry
>androids and sluts and shit
>mcdonalds and hoes
>fantasy dragons and axes and shit
>stank ass hoes
>futuristic shit
>gangsta guns and shit
>song about where to go when you run out of hoes
>uplifting hope for the future
Thanks man
Doing one more in the same fashion
>but people try to fuck me over
>damn I have responsibility
>I'm disgusted with myself
>I'm not good for this bitch
>is breaking my heart
and finally
>Everything that I Love about life, I also despise; I continue my journey in the world
>Best post-rock composition of all time
>An angry New Yorker

hint: bantown
tried to make this obvious:
>ambient slide guitar, violins and trumpets builds up atmosphere to lead into the next track
> catchy alt rock mixed with 2nd wave post-rock with violins and soaring guitar sounds and crashing drums that come in and out
>bassline driven and more poppy. a bit more low-key than the last track. noisy drones come in at the climax
>noisey male/female vocals devolve into yelling as song progresses and noises get louder
>fingerpicking, jazzy drums, and studio chatter lead to an emotional finish to this one
>delay feedback turns into cheesy island music turns into a full on spiritual house party
>sad dirge with a repetitive melody, female lead vocals coated in tons of effects. about being a loser as a teenager and lost fiends from youth who grew up. the best track
side 2-
>paranoid motorik-driven dinosaur jr-style rock that explodes into the biggest most cheerful indie rock guitar solo ever
>instrumental starts off with a drum machine and tremolo picking. wordless vocals and crashing chords build up to the next track
>same bassline from previous track, funky drums and a quirky lead guitar line. builds up to emotional climax with horns and drones and obscured male/female vocals
>a soaring ballad with soaring lyrics that are sincere platitudes about empty relationships and also about cum
>acoustic finger picking, buzzing sounds, synth leads and trumpets. lyric about drinking piss
>reprise of the theme and violins from the best song. with drums and a fade in.
In the Jeff Bozos Amazon Prime TM Drone over the Vizio Pacific Ocean presented by Capital One: "What's in your wallet?"
sounds cool what is it senpai
Anne Frank
ya it has to be
talk talk laughing stock
>Overture of uncertainty
>Goddam this girl
>Trippy, bass-heavy lust
>Goddam my girl
>Spacey reflection
>Hazy hedonism
>Shit, music's pretty cool
>Reflections on an Ex
>Goddam I'm way to high
>Ex has moved on
>Goddam that girl
>Yeah, she's pretty great
>Weird little synth intro
>Title track; goes hard
>Slower track; great texture
>Somewhat more instrumental track; samples
>Shorter, more intense track
>Slows down again; affected vocals
>Longest track on the album; has a rave feel to it
>Another song with neat lyrics; cool percussion imho
>Some gothic-ass poetry; pneumatic-sounding accompaniment
>Another short, dance-like track; probably the best one on the album
>Last track; probably the artists' most iconic song
Shit, I forgot the serene sort of prayer of a track before the last one.
>soft rock dronefest
>intro to next song
>best song of the album
>intro to next song
>runner up best song
>great drumming, boring track
Slow Riot for New Zero Kanada
Blue Album nigga
pic related. also i mixed up second and third wave post rock. literally the most disgusting pleb mistake someone could make
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Thread images: 8
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