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SHARETHREAD - With a Twist
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>post RYM wishlist
>if anon posts something you have, upload it
>you must share something to post your wishlist

inb4 people filling up their lists with random shit before posting - don't be a dick

I'll start:

Jimmy Smith - The Sermon!
>jazz, soul jazz, hard bop, Blue Note


sample: https://www.youtube.com/watch?

Requesting a girlfriend

I've searched my life's archives but couldn't find one
Requesting a girlfriend

I've searched my life's archives but couldn't find one
You wouldn't download a gf
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>tfw nothing on my wishlist

Oh well, here's the profile anyway so you can at least recommend something:

Here's my contribution:

Ween - GodWeenSatan: The Oneness
>Lo-fi, alternative rock, dude goofball rock lmao
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Wayne Shorter - Night Dreamer (1964)

>Post-bop, modal jazz.
>"While his work would get increasingly complex and experimental in the late Sixties, his early stuff is just pure melody - tight, well-designed tunes that shimmer with an almost occult beauty. Considering the backing band that's present here, it's not surprising that there are passing similarities to Coltrane's "sound" - but where Coltrane was prone to taking wild flights of fancy (flights that eventually shot him out past the stratosphere), Shorter is way more lyrical and grounded. This record is a night-time favorite; there's something so positively dreamy about these tunes, so they are a good accompaniment to just lounging around in bed and getting lost in thought."



Here's this:
could you upload any other ween you have?
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the mollusk ween.jpg
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Sorry for the delay. I only have the Mollusk atm uploaded, but I have Pure Guava, Chocolate & Cheese, and the Pod in my downloads folder. I might try to upload them all but it'll take a fugload of time. Here's this though:

Ween - The Mollusk
>Alternative rock, neo-psychedelia, sea shanties
thanks man. i'm willing to wait. i just got a new rig, and lost all my music :c
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Spookey Ruben - Modes of Transportation Vol. 1

>Wackball pop music. If you ever wondered what 'brown' (hate using that word) Ween as a power pop band would sound like you need this.


That fucking sucks, hopefully you can slsk a lot of it and build your collection back up.

Ween - Chocolate and Cheese
>Alternative rock, funk rock, comedy rock
>nothing on my wishlist

Here's Basement Jaxx - Remedy since nobody else on the internet has uploaded it


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no picture posted lel
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You might like this.

Gore - Mean Man's Dream (1987)

>Industrial noise rock.
>"It is a very simple formula—powerhouse drums pounding along forcefully, anchoring the sound firmly, backed up by driving bass lines with a chainsaw guitar cutting through equally forcefully. It all adds up to a gargantuan entity rampaging under its own not inconsiderable steam. There’s no recourse to finesse here—it is straight-forward no-nonsense pile-driving grunge."


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bumping because uploading is taking a fuckload of time
do people seriously put albums they want to find illegal downloads of on their rym wishlists i use it to keep track of shit i want to purchase. literally never had any difficulty finding downloads of even very obscure music. sharethreads and request threads like this are retarded. use sharethreads to share shit that actually isnt on the internet or people wouldnt hear otherwise not shitty pop rock and /mu/core readily available anywhere. swedespammer is really the only person posting unique links.
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Don't have wishlist, so rec me something instead: https://rateyourmusic.com/~allenjohan

Oppenheimer Analysis - 1982 - New Mexico

>80s synthpop. Lyrics about cold war and political landscape in the 80s.


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Ween - The Pod
>Lo-fi, alternative rock, psych rock

Second time trying to upload this. Also:

Ween - Pure Guava
>Alternative rock, comedy rock, lo-fi

Not bad, albeit a little long-winded. Drumming is really good. Thanks for the recommendation.

Yeah I agree but I don't mind helping the lazy.
File: 00. Cover Front.jpg (48 KB, 1424x1417) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
00. Cover Front.jpg
48 KB, 1424x1417

Valravn - Valravn (2007)

>Art pop, nordic folk, electronic
>"Valravn's blend of electronics, raw energy and Nordic folk roots took audiences as well as critics by storm. Edgy, atmospheric and deliciously fearless, Valravn drags the listener on a mental and musical journey over sweeping forests and deep into moody waters. The result is strange and wonderful, intensely outlandish and utterly hypnotic."


know anyone else like him? i'm a fan of him but it's hard to find obscure quirky pop that's actually hoof
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There Is Nothing.jpg
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Ghola - There Is Nothing
>Experimental Black Metal
No sample, but the dl's only 38mb.
Too bad all the music swedespammer shares blows
your link for the pod is the same as Chocolate and Cheese
Holy fuck this is great. Nice share man
Thanks for your shares friends. ive been meaning to explore ween
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