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post tunneling footage, technology, stuff
underground transportation is the future for large and dense cities

how to move one of this machine:
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>All that room

Try turning one around in a 42m x 42m square,
>boring machine

sure is.

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BQG! Old one maxed

Can I respace my 130mm rear hub to 128? It's a cup and cone claris system and I want to use it on my late 80's model bike that currently has 6 speed. Can't set the frame as it's aluminum.
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Yes, you can respace a Shimano 130mm hub to 126mm by taking 4mm of washers off the non-driveside and then redishing the rim (note that this will slightly weaken the wheel overall). Be aware that unless you have unusually thick dropouts, you'll either need to cut the axle down a bit, or borrow one made for a 126 hub, otherwise the end of the axle made for 130 spacing will protrude and prevent you from closing your QR skewer.
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Ahhh I see. Doesn't sound too bad! Pic is project, gonna take my 8 Speed Mavic CXP22 wheelset off my other bike and build up an 11 speed set for it, then put the 8 speed on this!

Although it would be ridiculous, I suppose I could run 10 speed on this hub with friction too couldn't i?
is commuting 25 miles on a single speed a sensible idea?

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Thinking about upgrading my bike to 11 speed. Would it be worth it to spend an extra $100 on Campy Chorus shifters or should I save the cash and just get 105? The "ultrashift" appeals to me a lot but generally I've been happy with my shimano sti levers in the past.

How do they stack up? Also curious about comfort and the difference in operation of the levers
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also, this is hilarious for being the bicycle equivalent of the hicks on facebook who share stupid macro images saying how much better chevy is than ford
>mixing campy shifters with shimano
>Can't downshift underbraking
That's all you need to know about Campagnolo.

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Does anyone ride with a camera recording their ride?

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Because that would produce 2h of footage a day I'd never look at. It would be like recording my office job.
In 25 years of riding bicycles in traffic, I've never been in a situation where I thought "damn, I wish I had that on video as evidence".
Besides, it wouldn't be admissible in court where I live.
Besides, I don't wear a helmet I could mount it on.
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I can see if they are racing or taking a wild MTB ride, but just normally have a camera going all the time? It's usually somebody like pic related
If cameras came down to be the size of a small taillight and cost the same, I'd ride with them because why not. I'm always in heavy traffic and you never know what some idiot cager will try.

Since they're still large and clunky and front/rear cameras would cost at least half a grand, I'll do without

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Hey /n/ rate my bikes!
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Looking good but those huge stacks of spacers look out of place. (Even though I accept the fact that bike fit is a personal thing.)
this, haveing 2 expensive bikes and with bad fit.

ayy lmao


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Cadence carbon.jpg
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Old one's maxed

just got new carbon forks and she finally rides like she was meant to
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Looks like a great rider - needs black bartape and a photo taken on a cloudy day though.
I think she looks good with a bit of a flamboyant touch. I had pink tape on before and I liked the look. I had this white stuff lyin around but next time I'm thinking cyan or something neat like that. Might aswell embrace the loud colours
File: P_20151211_174610.jpg (2 MB, 4096x2304) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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finally got the right fit, guess the frame's too small but I love it

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What were his last words /n/?
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"My Doge!,,, Its,, Fullof Stars!

give me one reason I shouldn't buy this
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I cannot

purchase it
Would you ride it more than 3 times a year?

That's what has stopped me from buying one myself, I imagine it would be a lot of fun to ride around for a few weeks, but after that it would only get used a few times per year, not really something worth owning.

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Which one?
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absolute pieces of shit, put them both on, wheel had thick compound rim tape, tires properly pulled in, 10 minutes on hardpacked dirt @ 35psi and they both fucking burst. Going back to tubeless, post GOAT tubeless tires.
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Got one of those too, have ridden them for about 80km, commute. Still working. Tho on road.
Why did you ever go back to tubes on a mountain bike in the first place?

You obviously did something wrong.

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Pic not mine.
I have an older Raligh, Same style as this one. Clearly a mountain bike. It's having problems, Im constantly fixing the piece of shit.

My dad tries to convince me over and over that I'm not supposed to 'jump curbs' which I don't. I do ride off them. He says I'm not supposed to 'stand on the peddles' when I ride. and that I can't be 'rough' with it. I keep telling him.. "It's a fucking mountain bike. It's supposed to handle riding, and jumping, and trials, and all that stuff."...
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move out of your parents house and stop listening to that idort.

that being said, a shitty walmart "mountain bikes" aren't made to withstand anything above jumping curbs, and not even that if you have some weight in you.
It's a raileigh.. is that not a good brand?
And I'm only like 5' 11" maybe 150lbs
Raleigh went through many years making total garbage, cheap-ass bikes. The old ones from the 1960's and earlier are very durable and reliable but heavy as hell and not for performance. Today the newer ones are good quality again.

If your bike is like the pic you posted it is low quality and it will take a lot of work to keep those cheap components working. Good news is you will probably learn a lot about how to fix a bike. Start saving up for nicer bike so someday you can enjoy more time riding then repairing.

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Be me
>want to be ems pilot
>family says fixed wing is god tier piloting
>don't want to be a glorified bus driver
>want to get private heli rating before I go to college
>parents don't think flight lessons for heli are wise investment
>"grandpa has a plane why can't you fly that?"
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>What do
Think about what you've done foelr two years.
Fly your grandpa's plane you spoiled brat
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a tripacer noless!!. fast,, roomy.
,, flyiing while doing surgery,,, what more do you want?,, Pull ,That Bulletout!<, WOOO pulluptoo!!
, startoday with a bike wagon.

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Any tips on to pass the NY road test?
Like I failed it 3 times. I need help.
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welcome to /n/,,, youll need to start in the /BBG/ thread.
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price of solar panels is supposed to go down.
,, cost is now Double!, 125 to 250$, hope the gas fall pulls solar withit.
Study, practice, and stop being retarded.

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Are Brooks meme saddles?
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They are amazing if you get the angle, height and setback exactly right. The short rails don't provide much adjustment range, so you might need a new seatpost to get it in the right spot. Then they start sagging and the sides flare out, which messes everything up. So you have to lace them, which most people don't.

Many people sit far too forward on them, particularly when they start sagging. If I were to buy another Brooks I'd go with one of the "Select" models which use extra thick leather.
I have a B17, a Pro, and a Swallow and they're all great, not memes at all.

I wish the rails were a bit longer, too. I have one of my seatposts in backwards because of this. Not worried about seatpost failure because it's an old Sakae that's so overbuilt it could be used as a mace in case I ever need to stave in the heads of invading Saracens. When they start sagging, turn the adjustment bolt a bit. Lacing them is a good idea if the bolt...
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Yes. They are shit. The only people that like them are people that have never ridden with a good saddle.

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I'm already tired of being cold all the time, and there's still a few more months of this shit.
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It hasn't even snowed yet in Montreal fuck changed my tires for nothing
Same here, NYC

Also I somehow bumped my foot into my front fender at an intersection, coming to a humiliating halt on 12th avenue as the fender folded into itself

Amazingly it didn't break and I just bent it back into place, it's still a little crooked but I was trying to beat the rain (failed on that)
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