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It seems that the tubes for this bike I bought second hand is integrated within the tyre itself. What the fuck is this? Is there no way to remove it? The tyre is sealed from the bottom and I can't access the tube.

Anyone here ever heard of this sort of thing; will I need a whole new set of tyres?
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google tubular tyres idiot
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>will I need a whole new set of tyres?

and tubes and wheels

>not even once

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Post suggestions for god-tier cities and your rationale, ill start:

>It's got bad ass public transport
>City council own 40% of property for rent control-ish things
>Sweet planning - cycle paths, lesiure and rec/sport facilities everywhurr
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pharmacies, supermarkets everywhere
affordable public transport with stops nearly everywhere
excellent drinking water out of the tap
nice parks
relatively decent universities

fuckton of beggars
fuckton of hobos
and for the /pol/ visitors: lots of liberals and kebab
As I am currently travelling in Vienna I can tell you that the system is really "bad" and "ass". How comes you cannot get from the airport to the main station directly?
the current main station wasn't the mainstation until last year. It used to be the south station before the promotion.
Interestingly though, the west station which used to be the main hub, doesn't connect to the airport either unless you count the airport bus lines.

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Any person knowledgeable about ship design?

Have a need to identify the type of ship that pic related is. The game it is from refers to it as a Windcatcher, though searching yields no results and even a little research leads to trouble finding ship types even similar.

Could be that it is based off something real, since the game tends to be pretty technical about ship design, but I'd have no idea what.
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Assuming that the sails aft of the masts are intended to represent square-rigged sails, I would say that it is supposed to be a fully-rigged ship. The raised area of deck is not a feature of naval architecture I've ever seen on such a vessel.
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Another picture.

One of the things that confuses me is that the aft sails don't have a boom, almost like they were flipped upside down. As for the raised part, yeah it's pretty weird. Some searching termed it as a Midcastle, though only a few ships used such a thing and usually for gunnery purposes.
I'm going to go out on a limb here and say the designers of this clipart didn't know (or particularly give a shit) about hull configurations or rigging, OP

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I got overly excited when my High Rollers and Minions came in post today, originally was meant to put the HR on the back and the Minion up front. Impatience got the better of me and I accidentally put the HR on the front/Minion on the back. Everyone else seems to have it what I wanted to do the first time. Mainly going to do XC and light jumps downhill. Am I going to notice a difference big enough for me to change it over? Huge pain in the ass the first time, hated it. Or will I be fine?
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Depends on how good of a rider you are and the size of the tires. If one of them is wider, it needs to be up front. Otherwise, they're both downhill tires, you'll be fine.
they're both 2.3s on a 27.5. I'd say I'm a novice rider. I won't be getting too sideways because I still have my 3x9 setup and I want to get some middle clearance and change it to a 1x9.

Don't stress it. If it feels weird or you want to switch it up, go ahead, but neither is made to be a 'front' or 'rear' tire specifically. Shouldn't be an issue.

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Can /n/ give me some advice in bike locks ? Is there a particular model that is worth ?
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700€ bike btw
U lock
Your lock is only your third line of defense. Your first one is not being an idiot, and your second one is making double sure you're not being an idiot.

So I bought a used bike frame off of ebay. It was pretty beat up. Obviously had seen some hard trail use in it's life. The bottom bracket made a horrible grinding noise when turned.

From the outside I thought it was a cup and cone but upon disassembly I found out it was a cartridge. Pic related.

I want to replace it with a BB that looks the same form the outside. Does anyone make a BB that looks like a cup and cone from the outside?
The one I had has lock rings on both sides.
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Thats a standard square taper, just be sure you know what lenghts you want.


This is where to learn how to find lengths you want to buy.


Good luck
Yeah, that'll teach the little bastard not to bring his wheelchair out onto a baseball field.
I'm looking for one that looks like a cup and cone from the outside

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What does /n/ think of the latest transport meme?
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fat people will have trouble balancing on it.. post videos of them falling please.
I know a fat guy who ordered one and was super excited about it

then a week later he showed up for work wearing a cast and he never spoke of it again


With today the ÖBB changing their entire schedule. + They letting a new train ride. So what does /n/ think of it. Pic this train.
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Will it be making any stops in Silesia?
At a special camp, perhaps?
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refugee train.jpg
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maybe they should wait with the new ones till the refugees stop shitting in our trains
File: refugee train2.jpg (60 KB, 600x337) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
refugee train2.jpg
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And to be honest, it was 108 but 1 was because i got the wrong bank. i turned it in.

I made like 30 trips today tho, lots of holiday bonus's i am sure. i got a guy who gave me 8. I got two regulars who got me 5 and 4 respectively.

Still though, has anyone made about that in postmaids or snap courier?

And i am bike delivery man. I mean i don't think i did more then like 6 miles of actual travel today but I ride fixie. Tired as fuck man

I did work 9 hours, so i only comparatively made 90-107 or like 20.1 an hour. and i normally work 8 hour...
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So you did 30 trips in 6 miles across a timeframe of 9 hours?

I'm fat as hell, ride fixed, and I could do 6 miles no prob, why are you so tired anon

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Bought this 2013 GT Ruckus dx for $450 yesterday, how did I do /n/?
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File: IMG_4180.jpg (2 MB, 2592x1936) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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you bought garbage
$450? I hope you're kidding. You're kidding, right?

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Are there people who like watch highway videos?
One of OP's favourites: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LthD8Nhm4xQ
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Very cool OP, today you were not a faggot
have you tried google street view
They drive on the right in Europe?

Is driving on the left just a British thing?

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I love buses and want to take photos of them, but I am discouraged from doing it due to all the stares and funny looks.

Am I being pathetic or is not wanting to be seen as an autistic bus nerd a normal response to being autistic about buses?
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I think really it has to do with the general image of people who like to follow around buses and take pictures of them, they are seen as a bit weird. Of course most people wont really care if you take a picture but will probably give you a weird look. I think in most part it has to do with societys view on things. For example if you where in London and saw a Routemaster go past and took a picture that would be fine, because the general image of London with big ben and red buses go past are deeply ingrained in pop culture....
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i just want to take superb shots of buses and place them in a folder on my computer. Maybe place them on a website. I like looking at buses, and I also like following them, for example seeing how ex London buses have spread around the country. I want to be able to think "ah, I saw that in London on the 149 in 2010" rather than "this seems like an ex Metroline London Plaxton President, perhaps I have been on it before?".

I threw out my floor pump. CO2 is cheap and effective. No sense in having excess equipment lying around.

In what ways have you improved your life?
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I threw out my CO2 canisters. Floor pump is cheaper and more effective. No sense in having disposable equipment lying around.

Just saying, m8.
Yes co2 is amazing, and gets harder pressure than I could ever do with a hand pump

File: boston_red_line_train.jpg (4 MB, 3264x2448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Seriously though, how the fuck does this happen? I was on another red line train at the exact same time. Delays were a bitch because of this.
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Seems it was driver tampering with the deadman device.
Probably a lack of servicing. How old are those units? Look like they are from the 1930s judging by the lamps.

>Look like they are from the 1930s judging by the lamps.

Jesus Christ America get your shit together. NOTHING that old should be running on public rails.

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Helmets are scientifically proven to not provide any safety benefit in the event of a crash. Further, if you know how to ride a bicycle you aren't going to get in a crash unless you are riding very technical mountain bike trails. Helmets can also catch on objects and cause your neck to become injured. So why do you wear a helmet? It's pointless.
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>/n/ - Cycling Helmets

Fuck off.
File: n wears a helmet.jpg (104 KB, 800x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
n wears a helmet.jpg
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>>/n/ - Cycling Helmets
What is love?

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