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How many of you are eligible for a free car?

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A car, the gift that keeps on taking.
>get free car
>sell it for much less than purchase price
>continue riding bike
>people get butthurt

Waaah, you didn't use my gift the way I intended you to use it.
The hell, how do i get myself in the media. I ride way more than 7 miles daily. I need that 18k and buy myself a mango velo

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Oh looky! A dead board!

Which city do you live in and is it awesome to cyclists?

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>Cyclists rule this city

Not quite to the extent as you see in the Netherlands, and taxi drivers are (of course) still cunts.
>Fairly awesome, at least in the core.
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>Like pretty much everything else in this city, the answer is both yes and no.
Pros: Lots of bike lanes, lots of cyclists.
Cons: Streets are always in horrendous condition and motorists like to use the bike lanes as parking spaces. Drivers are insane but at least they know to watch out for cyclists.

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Board dead? Time to liven it up I guess. Will biking give me this body?
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/n/ has its own pace and doesn't need shit posts to move it along.

In any case your question belongs on ---> /fit/.
Confirmed shitpost, but no it won't.
It will allow you to be lean enough to have such muscle definition - but it won't give you a great torso like that.
not wearing those shoes it wont.

if you spend some time out of the saddle you'll work your abs, lats, and some biceps and in the saddle you'll get massive triceps and some shoulders.
plus [spoiler alert] legs and bum [/derp]

but you'll still have an ugly head.

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I am literally just wearing bicycle shorts for no reason. Hell, I think I might wear them to bed in a little bit. I didn't even cycle today.

Anyone else here slowly becoming a fag?
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Didn't you just post this in /mtfg/?
They are fucking comfy aren't they?
>Implying my shitposting knows boundaries

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config (2).png
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config (3).png
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When I was 9 years old (late 90s), I read a children's "country guide" book about Japan that included a photo of platform pushers squeezing passengers into a train. Later in life I saw a video of the practice, and traced it to Lyle Hiroshi Saxon's channel, it was the Seibu Ikebukuro Line from 1991. I've also seen a video of pushing on the Tokyu Toyoko Line in 2006, at Naka-Meguro.

I would like to ask, in the year 2015, if "pushing" passengers onto trains is still common in Tokyo, either on JR, private or subway lines. I've been...
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They don't forcefully shove you in. The person who gets pushed wants desperately to catch that train instead of waiting for the next one. The pusher is just helping you fit in the door so the train can leave.

That's why there's no problem, they're not bullying you, they're helping you.
how much do they pay these platform pushers?
It certainly seems like a cheaper alternative then buying longer trains or running more of them.

What would you add to this?
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I'd add a video of all the faggoty shit cyclists do tbbq

>just video of cunts with cameras strapped their heads running across the street at red lights, running into people then screaming "I HAVE RIGHTS"
Back to /o/ you crawl.

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hell is real.jpg
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>cyclists will defend this


>muh corking
>muh safety

is critical mass even a thing anyone cares about outside of London anymore
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>cagers will defend violence and then get butthurt when it comes back at them
the cyclists should have bashed out some headlights on that BMW, or at least let the air out of the tires
If your going to break the law, expect to get in trouble.

>fukn cagers hurr muh cycling

this why everyone fucks with you faggots on the road

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Have to fly two 24 hour flights with these guys in a month. any experience good or bad you guys could share?
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If you're an American, its an eye-opening experience to use and airline that actually knows customer service. Hottest flight attendants, always smiling & will actually serve you real food. Onboard movies you don't have to buy. Only real downside I've had with Emirates is that upgrades are insanely expensive. Airport at Dubai is good & bad...too large & may have to go through multiple security screenings for no apparent reason...but awesome food courts, free wifi & a real, no-shit shopping mall inside. You'll swear off US carriers forever.
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squatty potty.jpg
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Then there was my last flight with them. There was some Pakistani (?) family new to the ways of 19th-century culture & technology. No one spoke their brand of moon-speak, so flight attendants had a hard time with the toilet training. Dad stood in front guarding the bathroom while his wife & daughters did #2 with the door wide-fucking open. Fortunately, thats the exception, but damn. Pic related...squatty potty at the Dubai airport (half of them are western style).
>I flew my first international flight on emirates once and it was epic!!!! LMAO!!!

put your fedora away, this is not something unique to emirates. many major asian carriers have attractive cabin crew and good cabin service.

there are also some really terrible non-US carriers out there, that will make the service on an american carrier seem posh in comparison.

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What do you think of when you see this map?
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Flying spaghetti monster?
They're supposed to be building something called the Cotton Belt line from Ft. Worth to the Airport.

I'm interested in the progress of that.
I like them alot. It should be a model for light rail systems across the country. Even though it's kind of like the BART of light rail, they built it very well.

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try this instead.jpg
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What's the best city layout?

This is an immediate step-up from grids
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Looks like a suburban development hell-hole where people go to die
Yeah yeah it'd be more comfy if it was old-style natural growth but things are only going to get more organised
Does it come complete with a minotaur?

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Flying is supposed to be the safest form of transportation.

Has there ever been a study that compared the safety record of airplanes in general to crashes at airshows?

Seems like this shit happens constantly.

I've been to 2 airshows in my life and at one a aerobatic bi-plane crashed into a skydiver which killed the parachuter and took the wing off the airplane.

Why do they allow these moronic crashfests?
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Why is anything allowed, anon?
I thought the whole point of going to an air show was the possibility of seeing fireballs of the unplanned variety
Was I wrong?
People go to airshows because they like to watch dangerous events. Would people go to a NASCAR race if the cars went around at 60 mph with no accidents? Would folks attend the circus if there was only clowns and elephants?

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I just got my old Razor scooter back. I'm pretty hyped to use it.
Got any advice or tips?
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Sell it for scrap and buy a better scooter.
I know it's not the best quality, but I'm happy to have any scooter right now. I don't have much money.
What's even the point of this

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Old one maxed out.
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Been a hot minute.

build info:
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the rando.jpg
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Delicious metal fenders.

When you gonna bring back the drops?
HA! I just posted after you in the Functional Thread on LFGSS.

No plans to bring back the drops anytime soon. The guys from my shop that used to do longer rides with have moved on to DH and Freeride, so I'm mostly just scooting around town now.

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Whatcha guys think of this?



I just ordered one. It seems to be the cheapest option and easily transferable between bikes.
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I often think it would be neat to put a power meter on my fat bike, since it is the bike I put out the most power on.

>crawling up hill 7 kph, 190 bpm HR, Strava says I'm putting out 20W
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come at me bro.jpg
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flaws of this according to thread are not so accurate readings in gravel. as the default roling resistance is set to ashphalt.

you can set the rolling resist to whatever in the software however. but wont'recognise during rides. Not a problem if you ride road which I do 99% of the time.

Other than that it is pretty accurate and follows the other power meter brands closely when compared side to side.

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