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Electric bike thread

I am looking to buy one or a conversion kit.

What do you guys think of this?

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Ya, sure. Looks OK for a thousand bucks. They will have made harsh compromises to get the price down that far, do not expect the forks, drivetrain, etc to last or perform. For a modest (250w) amount of power I think front wheel drive makes way more sense; enhances traction and stability, simplifies maintenance and design. Front light is nice but a real cut-off reflector light would be more polite and you need something on the back too. Big li-ion battery represents a big part of the total price here, they work great but don't last long. Can you get replacements that will...
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At this price and power, you're better off converting your existing bike with an electric kit. Front Wheel drive with torque sensor will give you an all wheel drive bike great for loose stuff.

Get a cheap front motor hub from eBay, a downtube battery that attaches to the bottle bosses from aliexpress, and torque sensor, cycle analyst and controller from ebikes.ca

It'll set you back 1000$, but you'll know the kit is quality and the bike is quality (or you can later migrate the kit to a better bike)
>e-bike user
pick one

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Can anyone guess what airline this cabin crew uniform is from?
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doesn't look like a cabin crew uniform at all. she is not wearing a blouse.
I see. Well what uniform is it then?
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looks like a nicer uniform for mcdonalds.

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Oh shit, you've just been named glorious leader of nation X.

In your first order to the government you have decided to purchase a new aircraft to transport you and your staff.

What will you choose and why? Cost is not an issue.
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Nuclear Space Bus.
You can come visit any time your country is capable of it.
private jet that carries its own helicopter and limo
Obtuse appearance aside I don't see why real head's of state couldn't do that

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Is Titanium superior to steel and aluminium in every way?

How does it rack up to carbon? I've never ridden a titanium bicycle but I'm thinking about getting a custom titanium bicycle as my next bike.

It sounds like the return on investment is extraordinary, it's hard to damage, doesn't corrode, lasts a lifetime, lightweight, durable etc.
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>last a lifetime
titanium frames last 5 years max before they give out
[citation needed]
>my second hand opinion is a fact!

Lets have a discussion about the future of transportation, the future of government transportation policies and what you believe the most utopian transportation situation a city can have.

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habbening, tbqh.
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How far in the future are we talking?

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So /n/, I have this old Raleigh Clubman that has been my trusty steed for the last 5 years (pic not mine but same bike).

However there's problems with it. The brakes are pretty terrible by now - yes I should probably get new pads but I just generally vintage, non-dual-pivot brakes are a piece of shit. Also I'm pretty sure the quill stem is frozen (corroded) because it won't come out, and it's slightly out of alignment, which pisses me off.

Should I just sell this bike and get a new bike? What do you think? Especially regarding the brakes, are...
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rim brakes are pretty much pointless these days
buy a new bike with discs and be done with it
I did and I think it's unbelievable what kind of shit I used to put up with
discs adjust themselves, all you really have to worry about is new pads every now and then, and if you crash you have to true the disc (easy peasy)
some guys sperg about noise and autistically cleaning the rotors, but IDGAF, I just want to stop

Hm, I wasn't thinking of a disc brake bike because that would be quite expensive... if I do get a new bike then I guess I could get something second hand, or I was thinking maybe splash out, get a cheap new road bike from Wiggle for £300 / £350 which would be perfectly serviceable.

Obviously I know disc brakes are way better but yeah. Unless I can find a good deal on a second hand road bike with disc brakes (seems unlikely since disc brakes are only just hitting mass market road bikes really) then probably a no-go.
I think a couple companies sell dual-pivots that will work with non-recessed nut mounting. Otherwise, look for a pair of 610 centerpulls from Dia-Compe or (vintage) Weinmann. Consult with LBS re. stuck quill.

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Hey /n/, I got a package today. Technically yesterday, but today I was at the post office to grab it. Now it is in the hallway.
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You fucking faggot fuck off God damn
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Why shouldn't I buy a used carbon fiber bicycle?
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I can't find any reason why you shouldn't get a used carbon fiber bicycle. I know lot of people who purchased bikes that has been used for almost three years, and when they passed to new hands they felt as stiff and strong as a new one. Obviously you must be very careful before you buy one (not just on a second hand bike, but also on a new one), you must pay special attention to the bottom bracket, headtube and seatstays for possible cracks on the frame, be advised, not every crack means a damaged carbon, there...
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It's not necessarily a crack you need to look for. It's any hole in the epoxy, a ding or what have you. Any compromise to the protective coating that could allow the carbon inside to start unwinding, building up pressure and then one day BOOM
catastrophic failure

I'll stick 2 my alu thanx
I think that the beauty of the aluminium and the effort to make a good aluminium frame can't be matched by the carbon. I mean, carbon is the way to go if you are racing or you are a hardcore rider, but the beauty of the aluminium/steel/titanium craftsmanship can't be paralleled

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Russia delivers again.
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From google translate:

Good evening everyone. Here we have tried to show that now can craft, made of modern materials and the effective mass of 50-70 kilograms per conditioned passenger trains is about one ton per passenger, as they say, feel the difference. And not fly high, also has some very serious advantages. First - we can feed an electric current from a steel trestle over which we fly, and it allows us to not have to aircraft such mandatory for autonomous aircrafts things as fuel, cooling, batteries, gears,...
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stupid question but how do i reattach the brake lever things? just got into biking and don't know how to do it. thanks :)
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reattach the lever that came off to the thing it came off of
sorry, but i didn't see where it came off of originally. can you point it out for me? thanks
Don't listen to him. Just put the thing on the other thing.

So I just got my second flat tire (in less than 300km) and I don't feel really at ease under the rain with my sammy slicks.
I want to invest in an "urban" set of tire, something that would still let me go fast, but would be resistant and offer good grip under the rain.

Are the Schwalbe marathon plus the go to?
The michelin protek urban are significantly cheaper, lighter and supposedly have excellent grip under the rain.
Anything else I should look at (I'm fitting 700x35 btw)?

Also, I didn't have time to buy a new tube, so I used...
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Schwalbe Marathons are not fast.
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Use the fucking bqg baka. Your one question doesn't need a thread

Just see how your tires go. Two flats in that time span is not that bad just fix your flats.
>I don't feel really at ease under the rain with my sammy slicks.

Nigga I literally just biked through a flood on my slicks, those minuscule grooves in "urban" tires don't grip shit in shit.

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What is this /n/?
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this rim goes right around the slab the track is in, its isolated from the foundation
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Its definitely hollow, jumping on it causes a loud reverberation to come out and the whole slab to vibrate

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This year for xmas I have a fever... and the only thing that will cure it... is a collectible bike.
Pls guys I have been at this for months and still no bike.
Any leads or bike finding tips would be greatly appreciated.
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>I posted it again!
>le collectible meme xDDD
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If its not becoming collectible , they why is it impossible to find one at any price in the USA?
Checkmate atheists.

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Why does everyone in the Netherlands ride these clunkers?
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>Cheap to replace when stolen
because they ride slow, they never go faster than 10mph/16kph
I want to go to the Netherlands but I'm an insecure 5'7" manlet

Thanks dad

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Hey guys, does anybody have a lot of knowledge of 6/7 speed era wheel components? I've got a couple bikes I want to build wheelsets for and I was thinking about sinking a wad of cash into some nice NOS 80's gear.

Should I go sealed system or cup and cone? I don't mind doing maintenance, the key thing is that if I'm going to buy NOS, I'm hoping to get something that will last a LONG time, which isn't often the case with sealed. Opinions?

What kind of spokes should I get? At what point does the cost outweigh the benefit?

Also if you guys have any recommendations in terms of brands, for both hubs and rims that would be awesome, would like to keep it period, but open to suggestions for new rims as well. I have a set of Araya red label rims I quite like right now so I was thinking maybe them? Would love to hear some opinions on 80's Wolber, Mavic, Campy clinchers. As for hubs I hear good things about Sansin, and SunTour's Superbe Pro. Phil Wood's probably a little more than I want to spend, really like all the high flange stuff from the 70's like Campy Record but it's not exactly period, and looks heavy. In the interest of keeping a complete groupo, wouldn't mind some Shimano 600 hubs from back in the day, anyone have experience with those?

Would SunTour's "XC" hubs be suitable for road applications?

Also heard the names Miche, Nuovo Tipo, Maxi Car, Hi-E and Bullseye for hubs,
Campy Sigma, Rigida, Ambrosia, clement, Benotto I've seen mentioned for rims
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Is it difficult to build a wheel?
Just takes a lot of time and patience the first few times from what I've heard. Haven't actually built one from scratch yet myself, planning to do some volunteering down at the community shop to gain some experience before I blow a stack on nice components to build with. I have done some pretty major overhauls on rims before though, changing a lot of spokes, etc. So I think I'm up to it.
Araya rims are pretty great

That's all I wanted to say

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