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>tfw I will never go on a train vacation

I just want to ride around in a comfy train with nice windows, and read books.
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I've got no interest in trains, but I did look at taking the cross-Canada tour (I live in western BC). It was going to be around $6800 before fees and taxes to go one way.
you sound like you're not in europe or japan so

grab a southwest flight to chicago
ride cta and metra all day
check out the four major train stations chicago has - union station, ogilvie transportation center, la salle street station, and randolph street station

take amtrak's empire builder from chicago union station to glacier national park and check out the park. or just to wisconsin dells and play at the dells for a day. or whatever. from chicago you can go pretty much anywhere.
$6800? Are you sure? That's a huge chunk of money.

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Anyone ever bike the forests in oregon?
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pick 1

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I need help with bikes in general. I wanna start cycling but don't know shit about it. I wanna have pic related but don't know what type it is. The boke that I plan to get is supposedly for daily commute when I don't feel like driving because of the traffic. Is the pic related suitable?keep in mind I have zero knowledge about bikes and I really am interested to know more. Shit like
-overall judgement of said brands and products
I wanna get into it but I feel hopeless and most that I know that are into bikes are faggots and or have mixed judgement with one another about giving me advices because they just end up shitting on each other.
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Yes, a brakeless fixie with a fashion helmet drooped over the handlebars is deffo the way to go

Don't forget to wear headphones so you can't hear anything around you, and practice riding hands-free so you can text on your iphone as you ride
>brakeless fixie
You should get your eyes checked before you continue to ride over small children and knock over old ladies on the greenway.

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How do we fix LA's public transportation?
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Problems I observed:

1. Very little public transportation infrastructure for such a big city
2. Redundancy: a lot of the routes run in the same direction, as opposed to going in different directions to cover more area
3. Extension plans "derailed" by big car corporations on a daily basis
>comparing a country to a continent


Also LA has been built around automobiles since the 1920s. Nearly every suburb in the county since the 1920s has been built with automobile transportation in mind. It's not like you can go back to the Red Car days of the 1900s in any meaningful way.
> comparing a country to a continent


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go fuck yourself edition
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The world needs more round tube aluminum frames
almost pulled the trigger on $30 vinyl protection tape until I saw the thickness of 0.015mm, literally the same as duct tape thickness. Apart from aesthetics, is there a difference? Reapplying it is not an issue, going through 10 rolls of duct tape equals to two strips of protective tape in terms of price. Not on a mtb, just a gravel grinder.
Duct tape is sticky crap that looks hideous and starts fraying at the edges.

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what's your opinion on bamboo frames?


I'd personally like it more if you could disassemble for easy transport
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They are just as favorable as magnesi frames, and a little neater than plastic.
how are they on the materials side of things? ride quality, stiffness, weight etc.
Bamboo bikes were a big fad about 5 years ago - by all accounts they're plenty strong enough for hard riding, but they're somewhat heavy and usually quite flexible (lots of variation between frames though). Take away the cool factor associated with the aesthetic and easy DIY frame building and there's nothing special about bamboo frames, which is probably why the trend has waned.

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No simple dashcam films. No crashes,untill is something really interesting in it.
Starting with, ehem, stickcam.
Lublin, Poland
Riga, Latvia (pt.1):
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I think this crash is interesting - it shows how little any road vehicle means against a heavy, fast rail vehicle. Milejów , Poland, 26.06.2015, train hitting a defunct truck and throw it onto a house nearby:

>Railroad crossing accident in Studenka, Czech Republic
>Three passangers died; twenty were seriously injured, some of them with lifelong consequences. Polish driver survived without any major injuries and is currently waiting for a verdict from the court.

That lowlife scum had apparently driven only 1000 km in his life, had a truck driving license only since 2012 and already done 19 traffic offences. Still for some reason this guy is allowed to drive trucks...
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Why bars come down only about 15 sec before train comes? In Poland, it is usually longer, and the "right" one usually comes down before "left" so even retarded driver like him could survive.

>Thank you, Poland. I think building a wall isn't really that much of a bad idea.

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I'm 20m late thanks to dipshit
Maybe he didn't want a dumb feelposter onboard.
I went on v and took first fitting reaction I saw
I don't know how to use these smartphones for internet stuff

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>tfw none of my friends will ride with me anymore because I'm 'too fast' and it's 'not fun to ride with you anymore'
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>tfw none of my friends will ride with me anymore because I'm 'too fast' and won't draft because 'you fart too much anon'
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sad pepe.jpg
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>tfw no friends at all let alone to ride with

I'll ride with you, if you're in the socal area

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>scruffy middle-aged white woman panhandling on the L train from hipster town to manhattan
>gets butthurt everyone is ignoring her
>must be first day on the job
>starts a racist tirade that all the minorities should give her some money since they're in her country
>a white, gay couple tells her to shut up
>she gets into the cringiest shouting match with them for five stops

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hahaha!!!! And she's off to spread her beautiful words elsewhere :)

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Any rail fans here?
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Not a fan of steam.
I used to think steam engines and trolleys were old-fashioned and boring when I was a kid.

Now I think they're fascinating, though I admit my interest lies primarily in the latter part of their histories.
>>918083 #
I always liked steam due to ttte.
Interesting to see how people got into trains.

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Is this

compatible with Zwift?
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As long as you have a speed sensor on your wheel, yes. But the roller itself has no Ant+ connection.

Phew, it has been quite a while since I have been here.

Not even sure if such a thing would even fall under here or within /a/, as it does originate from an anime.

Anyway, after deciding to rewatch a few old shows of my "childhood", I came across an old favorite of mine called "The Galaxy Railways".

Basically its about flying trains that can travel into space and whatnot. I could go more into detail, but who the hell wants to listen to that shit?

So I'll just get to the point.

Is it possible, that in the far, far future,...
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No. The trains in GE999 were figurative devices to begin with, and the Galaxy Railways spinoff that takes them somewhat more seriously as technology is completely absurd - the whole point of rails is to distribute heavy loads, sp there would be no advantage to rails in a zero gravity environment, and in practice would needlessly complicate space travel.

The 999 TV series is still one of the best anime ever made.

Eh, I figured the same as well once I thought over it for a while.

No reason to blow off presumably trillions of dollars on something that will render as quite ineffective in modern times.

Still though, you have to admit it would seem rather cool to see those mile long American freight consists speed throughout the skies , hauled by dual ES44AC Road Switchers or ||>Insert popular locomotive here<|| whatnot.

But yeah.

GE999 rules over all.
What might work are some kind of space tugboats or pushers.

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What does /n/ think of sandwichbike
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Heavy bikes, and I suppose they flex somewhat, is this some kind of meme-bike again?
neat idea, too expensive
solution in search of a problem. still uses standard seat tube, bottom bracket, and headset-- which is in some kind of plastic headtube substitute?

the fuckin rear dropout is facing backwards. looks like you gotta break the chain every time you need to fix a flat.

why do retarded non-cyclists think their ideas are worth a god damned thing? why do they always re-design bikes? why not faucets or grocery carts or something?

File: 890501-TourDeTrump3.jpg (42 KB, 550x380) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Will he make cycling great again /n/?

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He will make non-cycling transportation great again, Trump hates cyclists now and made fun of John Kerry for being one.
mfw he blew all that smoke about that race and then it folded after like 3 years

what was the route anyway?
>what was the route anyway?

A single lap around the physical manifestation of Trump's ego.

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