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Old one is kaput.

I used clinchers for 'cross this season and pinch flatted a couple times.

For next season, I'm contemplating whether to go tubeless (my rims are WTB tubeless-ready) or tubular.

I live in a ~1000 sqft. condo, carpeted throughout, with no garage or anything. If I get my LBS to put them together for me, is there a chance that tubeless wheels could make a mess if they're just sitting on my bike, in my condo? If I need to add/remove air, could sealant escape somehow?
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Theyre not just going to explode sitting around. Yes, they may seep a bit through the valve stem if you try to let air out.

I'm not sure how effective sealant is at higher pressures for flats. I used some in tubs years ago to fix some flats, but I'm cautious of them sealing under high pressure while riding.
Only need them to be effective at low pressure, like <30PSI.

They won't damage anything just sitting. Worst case, the sealant dries out in there so you have to pull the tire off and peel off the goo.

If you're letting air out, do not have the valve at the bottom or you'll probably get sprayed by sealant and possibly seal your valve shut.

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Would you support legislation on bicycles that had these provisions:

- Bicycles must be built to a minimum standard of quality

- Bicycles must only be sold in retail if they are either second hand or sold by a bicycle retailer.

- If you sell a model of bicycle that is deemed to be under the aforementioned minimum quality your business will be fined.

Basically this legislation although loosely defined would aim to prevent the sales of BSO's (bike shaped objects) which are dangerous,...
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This is stupid. It would not hurt the large chains shitting out crap bikes, it would hurt the guy with a small operation. It just adds more red tape and increases costs.
Wrong, the bill could be written in such a way that it does not unfairly stigmatize the small operations. The small operations aren't selling shit bikes anyway and any increase in cost would easily be offset by the large chains having to exit the market.
Large chains would not exit the market but simply start complying with your standards

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THE GREAT DEBATE: To helmet or not to helmet?


I ALWAYS wear a helmet, no exceptions. I also believe that people that don't wear helmets are idiots. However, I recognize that it is someone's right to make their own decisions, and I have no desire or intent to force my personal values on other people (however, I would encourage my friends to wear helmets because I care about them).
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I match my safety gear to the relative risk of the activity. For road group rides or mountain biking I always wear a helmet, when casually riding to the grocery store (going fairly slowly on quiet streets) I don't.
>going fairly slowly on quiet street

Don't mean shit.
You're skull can still crack from a low speed fall on pavement.
Why don't people understand that the brain is fragile?

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Ever since I switched to a camelbak from a screw top oxo water bottle, I've been worried about drinking germs. I figure maybe it's a fashion from people who only ride in immaculately groomed sterile conditions.

Where I ride I constantly ride over pancaked dried up rats, live rats, partially squashed fresh rats with guts everywhere, mummfied pigeons, heaps of bird shit, occasional human shit, garbage juice gushing out of overfilled steaming dumpsters, and in the autumn, piles of putrifying leaves. Last month there was even a dead body, although the city took...
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If your streets are that dirty you should use fenders anyway. And those should protect your bottle too.

The normal street dust that collects on the valve isnĀ“t that dangerous and just the same stuff you breathe in anyway. Just clean it after every ride. You know you can disassemble the valve, right?
Of course I use fenders, that's a given for anyone who rides for transport. This is /n/ - Transportation, isn't it?
>Just clean it after every ride
That doesn't really make sense to me, first of all it's a given that you'd clean your bottle every day, but second, who drinks from a camelbak bottle when not riding a bike? The problem is the shit that gets in there when you're on the bike. Which can happen from road spray (from cars and other bikes), among...
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Cover the nozzle with plastic bag and seal with a rubber band? Not the most elegant but it should work.

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anyone have experience with Linus?
I saw some in person and they look well built
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fucking disgusting
>faux vintage
If you are just rolling around town or cruising to work there is nothing wrong with a Linus.

Are they a super good deal? No
Are they light and fast with the best parts? No

They are pretty stylish though and solid

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Aside from Ebay & Craigslist
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I dunno but maybe I could check that girl's rectum. Maybe I find something, maybe I don't. But I'm willing to dig around for as long as it takes to be sure.
Local shops/co-ops
Why isn't she wearing any shoes?

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I slammed my stem on my OTS. Do you guys like it?

Post pictures of your OTS ITT.
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This is what we have the PYBT for OP.
Why? its a touring bike. uhhh, such a fag!
>it has a rack
>It must be a touring bike!

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Just posting some bikes from an event I went to.

End blog post.
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1987 Ibis Mountain Trial

This 1987 Ibis Mountain Trials was completely handmade by the Ibis design team, making it a rare cycling artifact and a testament to the company's craft.

Ibis cycles began in 1981 under the direction of Scot Nicol. After taking an early interest in mountain biking. Nicol found many mountain bikes too bulky and awkward and decided to design a more nimble bike. Interviewers and Ibis enthusiasts in the 1980s found Nicol to be a conscientious and meticulous designer, customizing each bike per request and personally investigating problems....
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> an unusual brake lever support that resembled a closed fist.
What, are you sure you don't mean cable stop or something?
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1997 NukeProof Mountain Bike

NukeProof originated from a group of passionate bikers and mechanics in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The experienced team created dependable bikes that advanced design along with the emerging needs of mountain bikers.

The 1997 NukeProof Mountain Bike has an unusual front suspension fork setup. Its shock absorber resides inside its head-tube and is connected by a double Parallelogram Linkage System. The structure of this bike lends itself to zero stiction and true travel.

The company continues to innovate to this day, as NukeProof...
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Lads, it's time for a /n/ Skype group.

Send this link to your pals on Skype


You'll have to send it in a message to someone so you can click the hyperlink on Skype itself
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I joined. See you on the group ride this weekend, nigger?
[6:23:32 PM] *** Paul Prodan joined. ***
[6:24:00 PM] *** Paul Prodan has left ***
Holy shit. This is the best place for chatting about TRANSPORTATION E V E R!!!!!

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Not sure if it is a /fa/ or /n/ subject, but my bike is literally eating my jeans. Do you know good pants for cycling-commuting (except the levis 511 one) ?
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Proper cycling shorts.
Wouldn't recommend any trousers desu, wear cycling shorts.
Leave the APCs at home and try some proper kit for once

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>silicon valley and the peninsula
>for decades, home to lots of highly educated nerds uninterested in fashion, making decent but not stupid money, wearing patagonia vests and flip-flops with socks
>typical day in 1988: 179 IQ rocket scientists riding old ten speeds all over the streets of palo alto not giving any fucks
>suddenly, dot com bubbles 1 and 2
>literally the tohoku tsunami of money
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Oddly enough the retrogrouch fad is one fad that doesn't bother me at all. Simple, classy looking bikes are always good, if some people want to blow huge sums of money on simple, classy looking bikes I don't see the problem.
>hating on sensible steel bikes
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>$2000 mixte with tiagra and tektro everywhere
>not putting disks on it
>lugs and extra tubes everywhere, causing the weld quality to fall under suspicion
>using the excuse that it's a "practical bike" so it doesn't need stuff that actually works
You deserve to get fleeced

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Old thread 300+
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Should I buy a shim or a used carbon seatpost. Shim plus a 27.2mm seatpost should be slightly lighter, but not by much. I expect any comfort added by the carbon will be countered by the larger diameter. My plans for getting a used Thompson ended when the guy decided there weren't enough bids and pulled the auction.

The problem I see with the shim is that apparently water can do down the crack because there is no seal.
You'll be fine either way - seatposts contribute almost nothing to bike comfort unless you get a suspension seatpost, and the tiny gap created by a shim is nothing to worry about unless you're storing your bike outside and exposed to the weather.
woudln't this be /bqg/?
also I don't see what the hangup is people have about thompson seatposts.

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How does riding a bicycle make someone impotent?
greentext your story.
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>hairy legs
modz plz.

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Bring it all senpai
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gotta go aero.jpg
54 KB, 958x632

Clipped by a car today, went 15 feet across the road, slammed my shoulder into the curb. Torn rotator cuff, torn skin off elbow.

What was your worst spill?
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I only mountain bike. One time I needed stitches on a small wound, but other than that, nothing serious. Road biking is way too dangerous.
toss up between breaking my collar bone and knocking myself out for a few minutes and then losing memory for a few hours after, and breaking my elbow and spraining my wrists saving my neck on an sudden accidental unintentional front flip.
oh and dont feel bad anon, I have hit 3 parked cars so far haha.

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