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Anyone here get ED or know someone who does?
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That image is bullshit. They've got them at two totally different angles. If you held the left one properly, the sitbones would be suspending the red wire from any real pressure.
I think the difference in angle is from riding a comfort bike with a more straight up posture. whereas with road bike, you're more bent forward.
No, because you bend at the waist. The hips/legs are still pointing down, just like on a bicycle with an upright riding position.

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This monorail in Germany is over 100 years old and transports some 50,000 people every day.
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It looks like its ruined any natural charm of the river.
>4000 per hour (200 per train, 3 minute headway)
>27 km/h average speed
I get it being the city's landmark and all but that's pretty shit for a fully segregated system.
Actualy not at all.
Next time you drive your car thru a downtown area check your average speed!
The monorail runs in a fairly narrow valley and end-to-end beats busses, taxis and cars hands down; especially during rush hour or in the winter time.
What is a better solution in your opinion?

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Typical Norwegian Family.jpg
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So /n/, why aren't you combining the worlds 2 greatest hobbies, cycling and plane flying, together?




Would you buy one of these for 2500 euro's?
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Now I want to attach a velomobile to a wing pylon.
I did at one point. I used to work for an airline and at one point I sold my vile murdercage for a crabbon gofast trektrektrek. I would ride to work at the airport on my work days, but on days off, I would still ride to the office, leave my bike there, and take the employee shuttle to the terminal and get on whatever plane had the most empty first class seats going somewhere interesting. Then I'd fly back that evening and ride my bike home from the airport.

Those were good times.
Give it some foldable wings to the side and a parachute and then drop it off from a plane,

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Mine is a dolan pre cursa
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1992 peugeot altus
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trek 7.2 hybrid. added bar ends, rack and sks longboard fenders.

wanna upgrade to a real headlight and will forever wish i had just gotten disk breaks

also foud out i love cycling and looking for a road bike now
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So what happens to the rail industry when we stop using coal?
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A lot of coal is exported anyways, so there is still a market for it.

Railroads will be moving more oil and intermodal freight by then to make up for the shortfall.

It's really not something to worry about
Golden era will return. As lack of coal suggests completely different economy. Most likely one with less personal transport, more urbanisation (less sprawl) and subsequently, large urban centers connected with plethora of freight carrying rail lines.

And, of course, electrification will be dominant.
I can't tell if this is bait or if you think cars in the US use coal instead of petrol.

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US high speed rail map.jpg
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Would this be a sufficient and good High Speed Rail system for the US ja Canada?

What do you think?
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>transcon HSR
You're one dumb motherfucker.
I think the best way to approach HSR in the US is to create mainlines where trains travel at 220mph and the have various branches of dieselized service connecting to the Main lines. An eastern mainline like Boston to NOLA, Midwest mainline from NYC to Chicago (perhaps MN?) And a western mainline Seattle to LA and having spur lines which take you from the less major cities to the Main line cities. Like Charleston to Atlanta or such.
Transcontinental HSR is a profoundly fucking stupid idea.

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That's why you get a really good saddle that fits your sitbones so you don't sit on those nerves.
thank god - you're not missing out on much, earth
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>That's why you get a really good saddle that fits your sitbones so you don't sit on those nerves.
pic related

So /n/, would it be a good idea to build at least one HSR line along this?
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I would think a Montral-Toronto-NYC HSR line could be viable. GL getting a teafag congress to help fund it though. Maybe if Bernie manages to win the 2016 election and dems retake congress its possible.
What about only building it in Canada? We've just gotten our new left-leaning government and they might be up for it if people demand it.

>tfw no leaf Shinkansen
Maybe they should focus on getting rid of level crossings for Via so people stop getting killed by low speed rail.

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Is there any way to like just destroy/ flag the shit out of someone's Strava account? There's a guy who is constantly taking people's KOMs on an E-Bike and he does it strictly to annoy people. I don't take Strava too seriously but it does take the fun out of rides when you technically have the 2nd fastest time on a segment but I digress.
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>I don't take Strava too seriously
After you decided to make a thread about it, that's a hard sell
Just flag the KOMs for whatever segments you've also ridden that he's cheated on.
>I don't take Strava too seriously
cool story bro
just put on a number and race bro. strava is good for keeping track of your weekly kms, nothing more

What's the cheapest bike that's actually decent
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Try using the god damned catalog.
de rosa idol disc
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delete thread

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Could a Mig 25/31 in principle catch up to a SR-71 at the cost of it's engines afterwards?
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To catch up with something you generally have to be going much faster than the target. Particularly if the target has a head start. In the case of an aircraft the difference in altitude also adds to the the head start.
File: AJ-37-Viggen.jpg (498 KB, 1600x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Not catch up techincaly, but the 25/31 did in fact intercept the SR71, as did the Swedish Viggen.
Several times within firing range of their Skyflash missiles, with radar lock...

You only need to an approach angle that is ... not from the rear.

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How do you feel about nationalizing the U.S. rail industry?
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>let's give a multi-billion dollar industry that is essential to the US economy to our politicians
Let's not do that.
For what purpose?
God no. The most I would is break up the massive Class 1s. Railroads that size are not good for competition.

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/n/, help me decide on tires for next season.

I had Panaracer GravelKings in 700x28c this last season. They were pretty good. I felt like they only lasted the one season and I flatted probably 6 times between March and September riding ~150km/week.

I plan to switch to 25c next season.

I'm looking at the following tires (price is for a pair):

Panaracer GravelKing (126TPI, 240g) - $92.66
Schwalbe One (127TPI, 225g) - $85.80
Continental GP4000S II (330TPI, 225g) - $104.54
Continental Gator Hardshell (180TPI, 270g) - $102.96

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4000s II is infinitely superior to that other trash. It's basically the GOAT tire. This stupid question really didn't need its own thread.

Gatorskins are not very well regarded.

If you want something reasonably puncture resistant get 4 seasons or Michelin Pro 4 Endurance v2.
Are you looking for a pavement tire or a gravel tire? Also, how much do you weigh? There are other options out there depending on your answers...

1. GP4000s are a fabulous road tire, will deal with gravel tolerably well if you're a lightweight rider, good flat resistance.
2. Gatorskins have excellent flat resistance and roll well, but not as fast as the GP4000 - if you're a heavy rider. But if you're a lightweight rider, you'll likely find them slow and unpleasantly firm on gravel because the sidewalls are very stiff.
3. I'm not familiar...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

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just watch this video.
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lancia stratos and bmx

two of my favorite things

File: 1393304453955.jpg (3 MB, 2783x1866) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 2783x1866
Expected them to be way more obnoxious than the Bikemessengers but they were pretty chill, and that looked fun.
Have another Stratos

this is now a stratos and bmx thread

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Commuter Bike Prototype.jpg
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Hey /n/ I want to start riding a bike to work so that I can lose some weight and save money on gas. I do not own a bike and I haven't owned one since I was 12. I would like some suggestions on some good brands and what the best material ,tyres, etc. for commuting to work. My route that I have planned is 4 miles with kind of crappy roads and a few railroad crossing if that helps. I just want something that will be reliable and not cost over $500.
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90s mtb, also >>>/bbg/
File: New_Bike.png (965 KB, 803x456) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Get a Trek 1.1 and put a back rack on it :3
OP, people will make fun of me for this but I believe that you can buy a collectible bike that will serve all your short term goals and then eventually help you to retire.

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