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How do I into motorcycles?

I'm a 25 year old male living in Los Angeles, and bikes just seem like a more efficient form of transportation out here. Not to mention they look fun as hell. I rode small dirt bikes when I was much younger, in my early teens, but haven't been on one since. How do I go about learning bike laws and getting a class M license, etc? What would be a good bike to start on for a 6'2 180 lb man?
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you'll probably want a honda 350 of some sort. try not to get anything earlier than '85

My first bike was a nighthawk 250.
You'll want something a little bigger, just so you'll have some pick up and go when you need it.
LA freeways are hell, but a motorcycle makes them fun.
Be defensive all the time.
oh and if you want to learn about moto safety laws, get the handbook from the DMV and read it.
The permit test is super easy, you can fail it twice, and still have a chance to pass it.
The CHP motorcycle safety class is worth it, it will usually make your insurance payments cheaper and will pay off in the long run.
A moto permit doesn't allow you to ride with a passenger, on the freeway, or at night.

Good to know. Should I find someone with a bike to ride and practice a bit before actually taking the test or riding in traffic? Is it anything like the driver's test when you get your DL?

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Why arent recumbent FWD?
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I'm assuming you mean front wheel drive, rear wheel steering? Good luck steering with a rear wheel at any kind of speed.
Look up flevobikes

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UK fag here, just winterized my Surly Straggler. What are you riding this winter? Any tips for winter cycling for fellow /n/egroes?
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Nice ride. You should lose the dork disc though.
>buys Surely and not Mercian
You're stupid

Why are all highway engineers autistic? Whenever I talk to them, they refuse to budge from their support of the Interstate Highway Act and their "code of ethics".

They will do anything to build their highways, since destroying cities to build more highways is apparently a good idea in their vision as long as the traffic flows.
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there's an urban planner that lives on the next block from me and every time I talk to her (which I avoid at this point) it's like I'm talking to Temple Grandin

its like all of them are autistic, urban planners, engineers, every transit degree
ya, well, that seems to be their niche in society. that and computers. but it makes sense. they aren't going to have any interest in, say, public relations or retail etc. they want rules and order. IRL trainsets.

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Previous thread - >>859100

All you fair weather riders need to HTFU edition
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I went riding in thick, sticky mud all day today. Absolutely packed in all over the chain and gears. First I got chain-slip, then I got chain-suck, and finally I got chain snap.

Bodged the chain back together with my multitool and started making my way home, but it snapped again after a distance. Pushed for a bit till I met civilisation/street lights, then dubiously fixed it again.

By this point, it was dark, visibility further worsened by thick fog. Set off again, sticking to the pavement and not the road (I have no lights, because I'm an idiot). After...
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You're not supposed to ride in the mud, you're ruining the trails
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>tfw I regularly ride trails after it rains

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What do my fellow pla/n/efags think of the Chinese Comac C919? They've sold 517 already - almost all to state-owned carriers.

Do you think it will make any impact on the Boeing/Airbus duopoly, or will it just turn out to be a wretched, unreliable piece-of-shit, like everything else made in China?

> Source: http://edition.cnn.com/2015/11/02/asia/china-new-c919-passenger-jet/
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>Do you think it will make any impact on the Boeing/Airbus duopoly

It won't. China makes their own crap planes. Same for Russia.
I won't be flying in one, that's for sure.
It's hard to make any sort of assessment without official performance statistics and a track record for the manufacturer, but if China's aviation industry at large's track record is anything to go by it's probably not going to have much international success, just by reputation alone.

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Can we have a computer thread?

I'm not sure if I should get a cheapo $10 computer or spring for a Garmin 25

I hate the complicated navigation kind that's the size of a phablet, and I use my phone for map history anyway, but the G25 looks pretty kawaii in addition to the fact that the Garmin Connect thing looks potentially interesting for personal non-attention whoring use.

OTOH all I really care about while I'm actually on my bike is knowing exactly how fast I'm going. I think. Anyway I'm not going to strava.

What should I...
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Cost me $7 on sale.
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>OTOH all I really care about while I'm actually on my bike is knowing exactly how fast I'm going.
Even the cheapest BC shaped object will do that. Get some cheap Sigma if available.
Get the CatEye one with the speed & cadence sensor that's wireless. Good budget computer with no crumby wire to route to the bars.

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My winter bib tights arrived but the leg length is too long, and everywhere is glued to my skin, so a perfect fit otherwise, I'm 5'11 with a 31" inseam. I always heard that your kit needs to stick to skin but there's a few stacks on the bottom of my leg of excess fabric, refund them or will it be OK?
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get them hemmed or something dog
Is this with your legs bent or standing?

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Senior Liberal party figures and donors, including the party's federal treasurer, have reaped multi-million windfalls from the former Baillieu government's signature urban renewal project in inner Melbourne.

An investigation into the controversial Fishermans Bend project has found Liberals' honorary treasurer Andrew Burnes is among a slew of party activists and donors who either bought into the renewal precinct before it was rezoned or were long-term property owners that pressed for redevelopment of the area.

Others include auto dealer John Ayre...
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Among them is Liberal party honorary treasurer Andrew Burnes, a close friend of former Federal treasurer Joe Hockey.

Mr Burnes and his travel company, Australian Outback Travel, donated at least $150,000 to the Liberals in the past 15 years, including $80,000 in the year 2013-2014.

He paid just over $7 million for new offices for his business at Laconia House at 179 Normanby Road, near the West Gate freeway in March 2012, the most expensive of about 80 land acquisitions in Fishermans Bend in the 16-month period between the drawing of the boundaries and the July...
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The first site was Crown land gifted to the group in 2003 and they paid a mere $1.5 million for the second site in the 1990s; agents now value them around $80 million.

Mr Ayre is a shareholder of ULR Automotive, which donated $25,000 to the Liberals in 2013. He personally donated $13,500 in 2013-2014.

In the mid-1990s BRW rich lister and Liberal donor John Higgins paid $936,000 for a site at 297 Ingles Street that is now worth an estimated $15 million. He donated $25,000 to the Liberal party in 2013.

Some party donors bought in to Fishermans Bend after the rezoning, but have made significant paper profits under flexible height limits introduced by Mr Guy, now leader of the Victorian Liberal Party.

Notable among those donors is developer and Liberal supporter Bill McNee's company MaxVic Holdings, which paid $10.1 million for a Johnson Street site in 2014.

In May, this year McNee's development company VicLand won state government approval to build more than 1300 apartments across four towers on the site under rules established by Mr Guy.

It is now seeking to "flip" the site for an expected price of more than $70 million – a seven-fold increase on the purchase price.

Mr McNee's VicLand corporation donated $150,000 to the Liberals between 2012 and 2014.

Other Liberal donors to make windfalls include property veterans like the Buxton family (MAB Corporation) who had been sitting on low-value industrial land in South Melbourne for decades.

After paying $483,000 for a site in Gladstone Street site in the 1990s, MAB sold the site with a planning permit for three apartment towers in April this year for a price believed to be $37 million.

At the time the rezoning decision was made, there was no binding master plan, height limits, or any mechanism to capture any of the rise in property values to ultimately pay for the infrastructure and services of a residential community that could be large as the City of Ballarat.
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cat chess.jpg
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Nor was there a strategy or funds for decontamination, transport, open space or affordable housing.

Instead, the rise in land values delivered billions of dollars in windfall to landowners.

Senior planners remain bemused as to why the large-scale rezoning at Fishermans Bend occurred when government-sponsored Docklands next door remained unfinished and planning had already started for publicly-owned sites in North Melbourne and E Gate in West Melbourne.

Property industry sources are adamant that one of the reasons was the influence of some long-standing landholders...
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post your cockpits and rate others.

this is my current. commuter hybrid. just added the barends for more hamd positions
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The fuck is going on there
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IMAG0044 (1).jpg
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what do you mean?

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Hey guys I had this idea is it cool?
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Brunel and a load of other engineers already beat him to the punch.

It's kinda sad that the media praised Musk for thinking up something that has already been extensively researched by engineers since the late 19th century but I guess you can't expect much from the "quick&dumb" media cycle.
it looks like that thing you use at the bank drive thru
Wasnt your idea Elon. Just suck it up and be second.

>ET3 transportation system

been around waaaay longer than your anal tube.

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not a fuggen bicycle.jpg
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Number of bike cancer threads on page 0: 6
Number of spaceship threads on page 0: 0
Do you remember when /n/iggers posted other shit than stupid fucking bicycles?
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>complains about other popular threads because can't find anything interesting to say about own thread

Number of unhidden non-bicycle threads: 0
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This is not how you start a non-bike thread

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What is the best conveyance for someone who is about to go full MGTOW?
Do not need to impress anyone, just want to have fun and get where I need to go reliably.
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Why not ask Reddit, where you came from?
carriage drawn by team of ponygirls, how do you not already know this?
Depends on so many things.

Wanna go fast?
Do you need to go outside the city?
What is the terrain like?
What is the climate during whole year? Do you have seasons?
Is your neighbourhood filled with niggers?
Are you rich?
Do you often carry passengers or cargo?
Why are you such a faggot?
What is your typical commute?
Does your city have good infrastructure for different types of vehicles?
Do you have disabilities?
How old are you?
Do you need to appear representative because...
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Airbus did nothing wrong
Sadly /n/ is full of bicylists who are interested by crappy 1990s mountain bikes and racing people who are cycling to work.
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The pilots and mechanics are here. They're just very slow, which is ironic for a place for transportation.

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Can anyone tell me what type of seat post this is?

I'm restoring an old road bike my dad gave me from the early 80's, the old leather seat was thrown away a while ago and i'm trying to find one that will fit.
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Columbus mid 70s.jpg
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That's a columbus dove. That means it is nice. I think it's probably just a conventional kind, and you're missing the plates that clamp either side of the saddle rails and that that bolt threads into. You might find parts that will work on it at a bike co-op / second hand bike shop. It's short as fuck though, you might want something longer anyway. It probably has the side printed on it, but if it doesn't measure it with calipers (cheap from an autoparts store, get mechanical ones). There's a small chance it isn't the correct size post for...
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sweet, thanks mate. will post the restoration once i have everything i need.

Here's the bike. It has some nice stuff on it from what i'm told, pretty new to road bikes.
File: 20151031_114209[1].jpg (2 MB, 3264x2448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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