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Old one is ded.
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Built them a new wheelset and changed a few other shit (cog, chainring, chain)

Pretty happy about it.
Also switched to 28 tyres. My god, it's comfy as fuck.

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how do I seat a tube? I slapped it all around deflated, reflated and it look like shit NOT seat in tubeo.

what the fuck is this shit. please save me the embarrasing from going to the bike shop to get a tube in. I ride a fucking crabon for FOCKS SAKE
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pump just enough into the tube for it to take a round shape then place it inside the tire. yw
I did that already, result is a poorly seated tubeo

Guess i should stop being lazy and redo it instead of finding a shortcut..

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>be me
>be riding today
>find super steep hill
>go down it
>dumbass fucktard oncoming cager does U-turn in front of me when I'm going 60+ km/hour
>have to brake
>pass death cage
>hold up middle finger at dumbass cager
>keep holding up middle finger...
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Find a new hill, son.
>tfw maxed out cadence spinning at 120 rpm on 53/11 and only reach 78 km/h
>you will never reach 80 km/h
Nobody on the road exists except me. I hope all cagers die waaaahhhh.

Did this really deserve its own thread?

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How do you feel about new EMUs for Pyongyang Metro?
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14% more chance of getting hit by a car when wearing a helmet. Driving at night tho...
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fuck off
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ITT: Vintage subway trains.

Pic related is the based tier BMT AB Standard train, with seat placement, adjustable windows, ceiling fans, innovative conductor-controlled automatic doors, automatic couplers(including automatic voltage connectors), and electric headlights.
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And the nigger-tier IRT Lo-V, which was designed without any forethought and requires an entire fucking crew to operate.
I wish I could ride on those things without being surrounded by sweaty weird foamers

I feel like I have cooties standing in a crowded vintage subway train

Now I just wait for the next one to come along

Fuck foamers, they love to take a fun thing and make it creepy

You're one of them, aren't you op. Yes you are, you sweaty gross foamer you
Go big or go home, I say. The Central London Railway (now the central Line) used to have locomotive pulled trains going through it's tunnels.

Thoughts? I want one with a road bike drivetrain. Anyo/n/e got one?
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Not strictly a mini velo, but smaller than your typical road bike (22" wheels). It's fun to ride, light and manoeuvrable.

Issues you might run into are gearing (smaller wheels = lower gearing) so don't expect to be able to go as fast as a bike with bigger wheels. Then there's ground clearance, my pedals and crank arms have plenty of scrapes either from riding too close to curbs or not lifting the pedal enough whilst cornering.
What's the advantage of a mini Vélo vs à folding bike ? Aside from stiffness and geometry maybe ? Then again nothing stops a folding bike from being well designed with good geometry.
I suppose it could be viewed as a half assed compromise between the two. A shopkeeper who might object to a full size bike in the aisles might not say anything if it's a mini velo. Or on a moderately full train, where a regular bike would be a no-go, it might work with a minivelo.

Plus a mini velo can be made at a lower cost than a folder, since it's less complex.

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Hi /n/, got a question for you

In terms of fuel efficiency and general capacity, what would be the best airliner to replace the E-3 sentry?

Its airframe is based off the Boeing 707 which is a pretty old design and the E-3s themselves were introduced 40 years ago. So what features do you think would be important? I hear twin engines are more efficient but wouldn't 4 better for redundancy since this is a military aircraft?
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>In terms of fuel efficiency and general capacity, what would be the best airliner to replace the E-3 sentry?
777 or 787
>In terms of fuel efficiency
that would be some AIRBUS of course...
A330 is untouchable in fuel economy

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thoughts? concerns? is there anything better for turning signals i could get for my electric assist bicycle?

i was using a home made blinker that i made with a project box, a couple of 555 timers and transistors and a 3 way switch on my handlebar but that got stolen when they failed to take my whole bike, which i now fold up and take with me into businesses and work.
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video makes it look like shit, also low lumens. this is just window dressing. get a man's light, like:

i am not looking for a headlight, i already got a headlamp for night time use, i am specifically looking for turning signal indicators.

although i do want to get a better headlamp that i could stick to my helmet and possibly could be USB rechargeable as opposed to three AAA cells.
Why do people put so much emphasis on side lights? Does it really help with anything? Anytime you come across traffic perpendicularly, it's either they yield to you or you yield to them. By the time anyone really sees the side lights, it's too late and collision is imminent.

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Surly, there is a correlation between taste in wome/n/ and geari/n/g


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I am thinking of getting my first bike anytime soon and due to license limitations I can only ride a 250cc bike for two years, then I can upgrade to a full powered bike
I'm looking for a good starter bike with some beginner mistakes toleration which is also fun to ride, I've heard the CBR250R is a good one for starters

I might take little tours on the bike, so a bike with touring capabilities would be good
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Learner 250. OK.
This shape because all that plastic doesn't have any effect until you're flat out in top and flat out in top doesn't help you learn how not to fall of while parking.
Not falling off while parking,turning is a useful skill when you have a $200 a side bits of plastic plus the pedals and levers to replace.

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ITT: We post our work benches/tool benches/workshops and rate each others'.

Pic related, my tools.
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My workshop
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Who needs a dinning room? No tools pic, I just basics.
oh shit, is that a set of drops youve flipped to use as the frame hanger? thats a really good idea

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What are the pros and cons of steel, aluminum, magnesium, titanium and carbon?
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Best combination of weight, strength, stiffness, compliance, and aerodynamics, however it is not as mature a technology of metals. Contrary to popular belief, carbon is not fragile and does not suffer from fatigue, but it can be very difficult to tell if carbon is damaged or has cracks that will lead to more catastrophic failure down the line. Metal is malleable, and will bend, crease, and it is easy to see cracks before it breaks completely. Carbon is either expensive or of questionable...
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And steel?
Not any cheaper than aluminum, in some cases as expensive as carbon. They rust. Some people claim you can repair them, but it's almost always just cheaper to replace. Some examples have lasted many decades, if not over a century, if in fact you feel compelled to hand it down to your grand children as an heirloom, assuming that they want your cruddy old bicycle, it it hasn't been destroyed in a crash between now and then. Lauded for ride quality, the better carbon and titanium frames at least match it. The biggest advantage is...
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I want to get a hitch mounted bike rack that can carry at least 4 bikes and can accomodate full suspension bikes, bikes with very large top tubes, and a 5" fat bike. I was planning to get a Yakima Fourtimer, pic related. Which is compatible with all of my concerns except maybe not 5" fatty (they have "fat straps" that accomodate fat bikes but apparently not 5" fat bikes).

Then someone suggested I instead get a cargo tray and carry my bikes in that (I'll post a pic in a few seconds). What do you guys think? Get a Yakima or get something not...
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That pic is only an example, I would try to find one with higher walls.
I bought a hitch mounted platform rack, like the one in your OP, and I like it. The downside of a cargo tray, is that you don't have the supports for the tires, which makes the bikes more likely to tip over, unless you're just laying them on top of one another.

I didn't go for a Yakima, or Thule, because they are honestly far too expensive. I did get a pretty good one off of Amazon, that had good reviews, and didn't cost an arm and a leg. It was only about $200.

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