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has anyone ever made one of these suckers?

I lost my license and where I live there's a lot of steep hills. I'm terrified of riding public transportation because there's too many niggers around here.

give me all your advice on attaching a motor to a regular bicycle.
I'm hoping to put it on a fixie, if that would work.

also post pics of motorized bicycles.
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>lost my license
You are the nigger
probably a wetback
shit happens
are you gonna post pics or not

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Can anyone explain to me what this is trying to say? For school I have to make something which conveys the same message but I don't understand it
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Cyclists always have a right to the road, regardless of if you can see the bike lane lines or not. Could also say snow on the lines, or dirt, or that they've faded.
In certain parts of the world railroad track maintenance fails to clear the extensinve falling leaves from the rail. As trains pass over them it crushes them creating a thin, yet very slippery layer upon the railhead. This makes operations difficult and delays and cancellations iminent.

The obvious objective of this decidedly British advert is to advocate cycling instead of taking the train. It's dumb.
It's protesting against civil involvement in community maintenance.
A lot of neighbourhoods expect residents to maintain their own streets: pulling weeds out of cracks, sweeping debris off the road, et cetera.

The given text is saying "fuck that, it's the city's job."

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I haven't ridden a bike since I was 14 and I just bought one of these for $850.

How badly did I fuck up?
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majorly take it back and get a proper bike.
as you can get a great bike for $850, that one is a rip off.
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What the fuck is that?
Yeah but muh gimmick.

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Why do turbofans even exist when turboprops are more efficient and produce longer range?
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"The cowl around the turbofan's large fan allows it to perform better than an open propeller at high speeds..."

> produce longer range

The Dash 8 400 series can take 68-86 people up to 1567 miles at 414 mph.

A comparably sized jet, the E-175 for example, can carry the same number of people up to 2400 miles at 553 mph.

An ATR 72-600 can carry about the same number of people less than 1000 miles at a cruise speed of 316 mph.
Turboprops are shorter range, though, OP. Turboprops are more fuel-efficient and cheaper to run but have shorter range, hence their being used on smaller regional lines

Why aren't contra-rotating turboprop engines used on aircraft more? They can produce an incredible amount of power, can increase efficiency by 6%-16%, and can go incredibly fast. Sure, they are a bit noisier, and the addition of the secondary propeller results in additional weight and complexity, but these don't necessarily outweigh the benefits. Take one of the only examples of these engines:

Kusnetsov NK-12MA Engine, used on both the Tupolev Tu-95 Bear and the Antonov An-22.
>15000 ESHP x 4 engines
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Because passengers are terrified of visible propellers, and the vast majority of planes that would benefit from these are for carrying passengers who could just opt for an airline that uses non-terrifying planes.

Ok, although I think passengers wouldn't really be 'terrified' of it, how about cargo operations?

Also, don't /thread your own post like an idiot.
since when does the airline industry give a shit about passenger comfort..

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Will this bike finally bring all the advantages of recumbents to luddite upright riders? Honestly this thing just seems like the perfect design, it's too bad that the UCI will hold it down, because if the market were determined by the best designs everyone would be on one of these by next year. It's called the Bird of Prey and yes, I already have mine on order and will report on it when I receive it.
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That looks ridiculously uncomfortable
The new bicycle with no concept of geometry
>not a single video in the official site

I can't imagine pedaling with those things on your hips can be too comfortable

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Last thread was weighing /n/ down
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>hand in pocket
Never mind Ill buy a road bike online
Thanks for the advice fre- I mean John =^)

you don't play pocket pool when you're talking to other people?
Bought a Trek ProGram 1200 today for $100. Whoever had it before me stripped it down to single gear, but it came with some nice wheels. First bike that I've owned in a while.


>A mother has described the "terrifying" moment a cyclist smashed her car window spraying glass over her three-month-old son in an alleged act of road rage.

>She said a cyclist thumped the car roof as he passed and when the car overtook him she leaned out of the window and told him to be more considerate.

>Moments later, the cyclist caught up with the car and smashed the window.
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Just another act of love and compassion from the Eternal Cyclist.


What do you expect when you live in a rat packed shit hole.
>told him to be more considerate

Not in those words I presume

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General Aviation General.png
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Cardinal Edition.

Cardinal owners, CFO members and Cardinal fans - share your Cardinal stories, pictures and love.

Pilots, share aircraft you've broken. Mechanics, share how you fixed their broken aircraft. Students, share your progress.
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nice trips

Commercial single student, already Single Engine Land/Instrument rated.

Progress is slow, motivation is slightly low. More aviation-related YouTube recommended for morale boost...
I posted this in the last thread, but it died

What aircraft do you want to fly, but haven't yet?

>UH-1/Bell 205/212/412
I'd love to get me some time in a Huey, they're so damn neat, and if their pilots' word (and DCS World) is anything to go by they're supremely flyable

I'm holding out hope I'll get out of the Nasty Girl infantry and into one of these.

>Robinson R66
I've been putting around...
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Also, chopper student with big aspirations, about to wrap up my PPL training

Unless the National Guard sends me right to WOCS/Ft. Rucker, it's on to instrument training after this

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ITT: Post a pic of you riding your bike (or standing with your bike).
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Why should they when you didn't even post yours?

Also >>>/soc/
File: image.jpg (261 KB, 1280x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Me after I got to work. Best I can do. No one takes pictures of me on my bike.

Also >>>/soc/
>tfw the first page of Google Images for a search of my name was all me on my bike, apart from the first image
Now it's almost entirely full of normies.

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Sup /n/iggas
Bike Bag General: Post commuter bags, saddlebags, messenger bags, cargo bags, utility bags etc.
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Why can't these go in /bqg/?
Well, since this thread is already here, anyone have experience with Seat-post bags? Not saddle bags, I am looking for something larger, and for touring, on a road bike.
I just want to get rid of anything on my back, as going up and down 3000m over 150km distance with a backpack wasn't the most pleasant experience in 35°C.
I already have a handlebar bag, which held about 3kg. The backpack was about 5kg. I could evenly distribute it to make it 4-4kg back and front.
Panniers aren't really an option, because rear wheels on a road bike are kinda closer to the...
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>touring on a road bike
If only there were a bike that was really good at that sort of thing...

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What is objectively better on a train: A horn or a Whistle? Are they both the same or is there a difference in performance that makes one better than the other?
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I love a steam whistle better. The sound just carries better (objectively and in terms of personal taste)
Not to mention it can be modulated. Each engineer had their own unique signature if you will, that others could identify him by.

I've been meaning to ask this though:
Why are American and English whistles so different?
American whistles have this deeper, commanding tone while the other sounds like an effeminate flute.
You can modulate certain horns. You just need to have the right valve. Those stupid push button ones are lame.
The best thing is no whistle at all

Anything that gets in the way of a train will and ought to be destroyed

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How do people here in /n/ feel about these fat bikes?
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They literally don't do anything better than other bikes. Not even snow or sand.
I see these ugly ass things everywhere in my campus
pls no

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n girls.jpg
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/n/ girls
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File: 1377480976558.jpg (143 KB, 660x993) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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It's that time of year again boys.

Questions/tips for commuting in the winter.
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File: fags.jpg (182 KB, 1300x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Its always that same picture
why you faggots always go to google pics and take the first picture when you could have picture like this which represents riding your bike in winter much better

/personal blog
Wake up to a mig or HTFU.
Get 25mm+ tyres.
Get something to cover your nose and mouth to breathe slightly warmer air
just get a skisuit and a mountainbike

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