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Why is /n/ listed under Japanese Culture?
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Because it was originally conceived as a place for people fetishizing Japanese public transportation.
Why do we keep having this thread? Fuck off holy shit.
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I don't understand the question.

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I hope everyone enjoyed the debate tonight. We're one step closer to creating some wonderful, environmentally friendly coral reefs.

The question is: once the cagers have been placed in the bottom of the sea, where they rightfully belong, what will become of the schrader valve? Will retrogrouch hipsters begin to collect them, much like with rim brakes and cloth bar tape?

Or will they be relegated to a curiosity, for museums only?
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Is this even a question? They will continue to be used in air-sprung suspension units.
Feel the burn!
Need some cold water for that OP?
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There is literally nothing wrong with Schrader.

I think it might be fun to share some songs related to /n
I'll start obviously with

But I am almost certain you know some songs about trains, boats and planes.
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lol I totally forgot about this garbage

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trams, buses or metro
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lets make it a bit more interesting, from now on you have to guess the city

London, I'm a genius
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Is it alright for me to be riding on roads if my bike is a single gear and do I have to study up on what all the symbols on the road mean, basic driving shit etc
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yes and yes

Technically you don't need to know what the road signs mean, but it would help you and other road users if you did.
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>do I have to study up on what all the symbols on the road mean

Do you ride an adult tricycle? Or use xl training wheels? Do you need to wear a helmet at all times whenever you leave your house?
Because you sound literally retarded.

Who does not know roadsigns and shit before leaving elementary school? Holy fuck.

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Post grey/black/monotone bikes.
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>wanting to see pictures of "stealth" bikes
Post pictures of bikes cagers will run over without noticing.
Post posts by retards who think lights are optional and left the dork disk and flimsy reflectors jammed in the spokes

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>Inb4 lurk more/buy one it'll learn you

I need to know what I'm looking for before I can figure everything out for myself, and no QTDDTOT threads had these questions, and no threads had this question, so

Where can I learn the basics of what to look for in a new bike, where to draw the line on rebuilding a used bike(buy a 90's rigid frame MTB hurr), when to consider upgrading?

I lost my car due to an accident and am so poorfag that I am not getting any replacement for a good month and a half. Currently I walk 12...
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You want a bike with a rear rack. The style of the bicycle doesn't really matter but you probably don't want razor thin tires. That's about it. You can learn everything on the Sheldon Brown website and YouTube.
There are bike buy generals. Post your local craigslist you won't want to go new with your budget
Understood, thanks.

Thread can be saged to hell
Generally seconding the other poster's recommendations.

How to learn more?
Read more. Work on stuff more. Talk with bike folks more.

When I was getting into bikes as an adult, Sheldon's website was definitely a useful resource for me. My bike was older, a 1986 10-speed, and that's sort of what his site is geared for.

Later, when I got a more modern bike, my Barnett's Manual was invaluable (download it first, then buy it later). There's a lot to be learned in there, even...
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Need good LMV. Living in DC/Metro area so terrain is pretty flat
Considering pic related. Thoughts/Suggestions
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Run out of battery and have a bad time.
Doesn't look like the frame offers anywhere to lock it if you can't take it with you at your destination for whatever reason.

Really you are better off with a folding bicycle.
90s rigid MTB with slicks
>Need good LMV

>stands for lick my vaginia. like smd but the girl version.

Concorde thread.

What do you think of the Concorde?

What do you think the future for the Concorde will be?
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Great aircraft killed by the 2000 crash caused by a DC-10 and resulting scare campaign.

It was entirely profitable too, in the 90s it brought in over 25% of British Airways revenue by itself. And this was only a first generation SST, successive models could have had even greater profits.
SSTs need to be able to do supersonic flight over land before they can be attempted again.
Lies, damn lies, things made up on 4chan

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>visit /n/
>/n/ is located under Japanese culture
>notice that trains aren't even on the first page
>just a bunch of admiration for stupid bikes
wow, seriously? Is there no train lover in here? Is there no one who admires Japanese train transportation system? Japan has the most advanced train system in the world. Any train otakus here?

more train threads pls
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please go trainscum don't you have to obsessively count the cars passing by your window or something anyway
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Not a train otaku, but I do like my trains. I like them so much I get paid to ride them. :D
Don't worry OP, I'm sure "how to train for a race" threads are much more related to transportation.

Why aren't you twinks posting 26" rigid drop bar conversions?
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Have you told your dad that you're a sissy?
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Why are you going to finally man up and dirt drop yourself a mountain tarck?
You really think the bike you already have is cool enough?

You really think that?

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Should I buy this for $3000?

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sure, would make a great fashion accessory for your cage so that all the other cagers know that you're slightly less out of shape than them. but not too much less so that they want to murder you.
That's not very helpful.
Maybe explain what you would use it for?

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hello there, ive been riding for a while but want to get better. dont want to race, just beat myself, push my limits (mainly in speed and resistance).
i know you will say get the cyclist bible.. thing is i live in south america and shipping books to my country is a pain in the ass and besides its 2015, we have internet, there's tons of free info regarding a lot of stuff.. i wonder how is there not gonna be a good source for bike training?

till now ive developed my own training, which consists on 4 rides a week, 3 short intense ones during the week (2-3 hours each), and one long relaxed in the weekend (4-5 hours).. i usually train on a hill during the week, climbing it several times and more flat on the weekend.. but im confused regarding elevating my cadence or pedaling slower but with more power.. or better said using heavier gears with slow cadence...anyway.. share your training routines..
by the way, is it possible to train without a bike computer? (no smartphone either).. oh and i commute to everywhere all the time on bike unless i have to carry something not bike transportable...
so any tips on stuff that can be get for free is welcomed, im ok with getting stuff by the side btw, torrents and stuff, just couldnt find joe friel's book.

pic unrelated but i heard /n/ likes trains.
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Go to the gym if you wanna ride faster. Obviously you'll need to actually ride your bike also.
>i live in south america and shipping books to my country is a pain in the ass

I laughed
op here, thanks for your empathy bro.
ill explain: you have to receive a notification through the mail, go with that to the post office, get another paper, go to your house and print and fill other papers, then go to the customs, wait 2 hours, pay some shit, wait an hour and a half more, get your shit. (no cell phones allowed btw, but no one gives a fuck, you also cant buy shit and the waiting times im talking involve going early, you have to make 4 lines for all this bullshit).

also, i truly believe there...
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This is comedy gold, here is a Youtube video where old, bored white housewives make some of the absurdist arguments against "bike lanes"(really these are not fucking lanes, they are just lame lines painted on the road that any motorist can ignore):


>“You are covering Coronado with paint stripe pollution,” said resident Gerry Lounsbury.

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Nice to see average people are waking up and fighting back against the Cycling Justice Warriors.

But their same criticisms apply to regular lane paint on the roads kek.

Anti-social nerd, these are the amazing stats from that California town:
>the city reported that 70 percent of its students walk or bike to school.

In most of the USA retarded parents waste their lives becoming glorified chauffeurs to their fat, spoiled kids. Go to almost any school without bus service at the start and end of school and there will be a huge traffic jam as idiot parents wait dozens of minutes to an hour to get their turn to pick up their kid from the front...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
I'd have thought cycle fags would have been fully behind this. After all, painting some lines on the road is not a substitute for proper cycling infrastructure.

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heard that segways and electric bikes aren't allowed in nyc.
maybe this can be considered a mobility device (like powered wheel chair)?
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>anything being legal
>try ontario
I want to fug that animu

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