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What style bike is this, long, legs extended back hunched. I want to find one like this.
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wow that's dumb
>I want a bike that rides like absolute shit and makes me look like a chopper wannabe who can't afford the real deal
Nah man fuck that get you a scraper bike


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Hi /m/. Normalfag here. I have been told for the type of riding I'm doing, my equipment is not as gratifying as it could be to ride. I use a MTB from Academy Sports that I got as a gift last Christmas. I've been riding MTB on the road for four years. I've joined cycling groups and can keep up fine, but apparently the bike is keeping me back. It's dual suspension.
Anywho, what is the best first road bike for me? Tell me what I want. I prefer the look of classic racing frames, if that matters
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OP here, Idk what information you guys need about me but I'll tell you whatever
not american, but apparently they have this craigslist thing where you can look old roadbikes pretty easily from what i've heard

File: Avro_Arrow_3-view.jpg (93 KB, 658x472) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Hey /n/! Could you guys tell me some pros and cons about the Avro Arrow project? I'm trying to argue with my friend why it was a good idea
>pic related
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it was an outstanding design and would have been better than any of its compeition except for the F-4 and F-8. I was better than the Mirage III, F-104, Mig-21 and would have out sold all those jets if it was ever put into production.
No, sorry, we can't. This is a board about transportation. Although the Avro was intended to transport cans of whoop ass to enemies of Canada, it is actually considered a weapon (as per the rules of 4chan) and should be discussed in /k/. Sweet if you could delete this thread and repost on /k/ and we can discuss it there.
Alright I'll do that now, thanks

Hey /n/ Who has mecanical knowledge

Why can't I fit a coaster brake hub in this wheel? Or in any other magnesium wheel?

I want a wheel without spokes because on every bike I had they keep breaking, but my frame will only allow for coaster
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You can't because there's no space. Also, spokes on well-built wheel don't break (for thousands of miles).

What rims/spokes did you have? Where did they break?
You suck. Obviously, we shouldn't use damn wheels because the original method of transportation was horse, and people intended that it was used in the future.
thanks, i see. coaster brakes have a larger diameter than a standard hub.

I had regular spokes and rims for a road bike, nothing special, the problem might be that they are not adjusted well, I've been to two different bike repair shops, but after both have adjusted them on two separate bikes they keep breaking,. At the moment I have two broken spokes.

I'm not fat, weigh about 70 kg, not super strong either. I might start adjusting the spokes myself, try to find an instruction video

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OK, which one of you is shitposting on the SF Craigslist bike section?
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>own four cannondales
>never a single problem
That's because you own four and spread your riding among 4 bikes, idiot. Each bike only gets 25% use, obviously they would take 4 times as long to crack and fail. Retard.
oh god it's apple cabin bikes

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Old one maxed

I want a non-carbon road bike. How concerned about rusting a steel frame do I have to be if I want to wash it with a hose in my yard and stuff? I'm considering getting a stainless steel or titanium frame as I'm worried about corrosion.
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Corrosion happens when water sits in contact with steel for a long time, much quicker if there's salt dissolved in the water - so washing a steel frame with water is fine as long as it can dry completely after cleaning, and you avoid spraying water into the frame where it can be trapped and form a permanent pool. If you live near an ocean, or somewhere where salt is regularly applied to the roads, you can still use an ordinary steel frame, but in that case it's a good idea to use a rust inhibitor (framesaver)...
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why not aluminium?
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hey guys,

this is not a bike question in general, but I didn't want to start a own thread.
I really like to build bikes.
I kind of can't stop myselfe from doing it.
what's the best way to turn this into a sort of side buissness.
where is a good place to sell custom bikes and such ?


GCNs latest show gives the impression that cyclists should get out of cager's way. Apparently we are second class citizens that should get off the road if there are cars behind us.

I think it will just make cagers even more self entitled!
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It's a non-issue, the law in question still specifies that bikes should move over when it's safe to do so, which is exactly what people should already be doing whether it's specified by law or not.

It doesn't matter whether you're operating a bike, car, horse, or combine harvester - everyone needs to share the road and be as courteous as possible to other users, period.
If they are courteous enough to drive 5 vehicles in a single file patiently waiting for me, I think they deserve the reciprocation. I already do it out of habit if it's not too inconvenient for me. People see cars and bike as "us vs them", but I prefer the "live together in harmony" idea.
>slow moving motor vehicles have to pull over
>this is fine
>extend it to slow moving non-motor vehicles

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What's a good front and back light for my bicycle and why?
I've used a Sigma for 8 years now and the battery pack only lasts for like 30 minutes anymore.
When reading about some lights, there's no light that seems to be really fine. They all seem to be trash or maybe I'm just looking in the wrong direction.
Also I don't need to see 10000 meters ahead, I just need to be seen on the streets.
I'm willing to spend a decent amount of money on it.
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NiteRider's combos are all you need for typical utility cycling. Their rear light is the best I've ever encountered. The front light's battery life is merely passable, so I would recommend getting a higher powered model and running it on a lower setting for more endurance. 200 lm is sufficient for road riding, though on unlit roads more illumination may be useful.

I would also recommend showing at least two lights to the rear, for the purposes of redundancy.
Thank you, I will take a look at it.
Do you personally own it? How does it do during rain? I guess for that price I can use it as an underwater light, no?
I'd suggest whatever super China lights you can get on ebay or at a hardware store.
In my experience, its better to consider lights as a consumable, either because they break, get lost, or stolen.
I work with a cat eye rear reflector light, and a CREE LED light and a battery pack.
Cost about 60 bucks all together.

File: Moyan Brenn_Park_ZE1mSQ.jpg (319 KB, 1475x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Moyan Brenn_Park_ZE1mSQ.jpg
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I'm overweight, around 90+kg (270 pounds) and I've never properly rode a bike before. I did have one with training wheels but it went missing and I never rode until I got on a kid's mountain bike (idk, it had gears). Apparently, I have good cycle balance but find controlling turns difficult. My goal for 2016 is to get a part time job to see up for a bike but idk what I should get. Help me out /n/
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Rigid MTB with slicks
Make sure it fits, that's why you have a hard time controlling
>find controlling turns difficult.
Find a large parking lot, with no cars,
and turn in progressively smaller circles, and then do figure 8s, progressively smaller. Works for cyclists, skiers, and skaters.

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With them being so expensive I want to be sure to buy one I love that will suit my needs and last years. When I was a kid my friends and I used to bike all over our little town on mountain bikes, and I really loved it. Now over a decade has passed since I've even owned a bike and I'm hoping to get fit again.

Bike would mostly be used on pavement and some concrete sidewalks, but I live in the mountains so flat roads are a rarity. Really hoping to bike to work when it warms up some, and there will be some very steep roads in doing so. There may be times when I'll...
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Riding on someone's lawn is a dick move
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Thanks for linking me to this thread, OP. Like I said, I'm in a similar situation, so I'll be monitoring this thread.

>Used to bike every fucking where as a kid
>Now I'm 30 and want to start biking again because I have shit knees and running isn't really an option
>Live in New Orleans where people thought it was a good idea to put pavement over swamps
>Pot holes and...
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Who said anything about riding through people's lawns? Guess we sometimes did that as kids but kids are assholes. Was mostly thinking of cutting through parks to save time, or like empty fields we have around here. Riding around on campus is a lot of grass too.

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So I'm homeless! I have about 260$ to spend on a bike that will last me until I can get a job, work for a couple weeks, and get un-homeless.

I live in michigan. It's snowing. Fuck. I'm 5'9" not very tall for a guy, so I probably am gonna go with a girl bike.

What does /n/ suggest for something that can carry my 270lb ass to and from work every day?

Oh and what are some general bike upkeep tips? What tools am I gonna need? Should I get insurance on it?
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rude. Anyone not 11 years old wanna give some input?
>on a budget

90's rigid MTB is once again the right answer. Post your local CL on the bike buy general ( >>>/n/bbg ) and someone will probably find you a nice one.

The rest of your questions can be answered at the bike questions general: >>>/n/bqg
Hope you make it

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So I broke my bike by breaking and accelerating on it at the same time. Now the wheel is all wobbly and the bar that I circled in pic, which used to be attached to frame where arrow is pointing came off and is all bent now.

I need to know what it is called so i can get a new one.

Can anyone help me out with what it is?
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it breaks by pedaling backwards btw
Could you post a pic of the whole drivechain/brake system?
How could you accelerate while braking if you have to pedal backwards to brake?
File: 20160104_094017.jpg (269 KB, 1600x900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I left my wing in the truck during a heavy rainstorm and now it's completely soaking wet. How fucked am I?
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If it isn't a piece of shit, you should be just fine. Just dry it out.

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Why don't we have some fun?
Try naming all the London Underground stations.
I got all of them here.

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I think I did alright considering I don't live in the UK.

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Anyone on here work in commercial shipping?
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You mean just with boats?
I'm a second officer onboard a US flag ship--being paid to shitpost on a Chinese cartoon website.
File: WP_20150924_004.jpg (2 MB, 3552x2000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Anyone here not work on a ship?

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