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Whats up /n/,

I'm hoping to purchase a cheap motor scooter for the summer for cruising around the streets and hopefully getting laid a couple times because of it. I need a cheap, reliable model that I can find relatively easy on CL or ebay or what not. I don't care if it looks shitty or small, as long as it works desu. I wouldn't even mind like a mini bike. Also, what should i be aiming for in terms of budget? Thanks
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>get laid
Get the cheapest you can find. So long as you can change tyres, spark plugs and clean the fuel filter it'll keep going in a straight enough line.
Get a Japanese 125cc motorcycle from the 90s/early 00s.

Can be kept running with duct tape and a hammer, will last forever, and are still a motorcycle so you wont look like a complete numpty.

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So yesterday I filled my front wheel rubber and shook hands with the valve lets air in and the tightening of help so I took the rear wheel valve cap when the weather stays. Well, let 's take the hat off suddenly thrust before he is cleared. Front rubber surely today genuin I checked as it is empty. I took the evil then the entire valve to finish the job off, and defects in the roof so a hat is stuck in the cuntsatan.

Images allows someone could tell me what the hell happened?
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This without that handbeing one.

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Why is there no thread on this? There should be.

Post anything related

Future plans
Bike set ups
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Ha, I'm going tomorrow for 3 month!

where to my friend?
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planning to go to Iceland for four weeks in the middle of may

first real long tour, feeling really pumped

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new Akrigg video niggers


one of his best desu
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I like his traversing skills, I love my hardtail. That compact frame is nice.
This guy is awesome. I like this video, but my all time favorite of him, is this one


Y'all /n/iggers need to get on the Phil Atwill train.


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0 series shinkansen.jpg
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It's happening!
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What good is a bullet train between two cager cities? How are you going to get around once you arrive? Has anyone actually thought this one through?
Dallas the the most expansive light rail system in the country along with some streetcar routes through the CBD, Houston has some decent light rail through downtown coupled with an okay bus system.
And if you're a fag who thinks they're to good for public transit there's always Uber.

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kind of lost a little bit of respect for him there
why? the guy has always been kind of a joke and that's cool. By far the most entertaining guy in the peloton
top lad

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Bought this yellow wheel from hell for my trainer, I can't get this damn thing installed on my rim, any suggestions?
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It's called a tyre moran
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Remember to fap daily so that you have enough wrist strength for this stuff, anon
Thanks for the help you fucking faggots.

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For bike messenger Wilee (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), dodging speeding cars, evading crazy cabdrivers, and blowing by millions of cranky pedestrians is all in a day's work. Wilee is one of the best in a dangerous job, and his bike of choice is a Fixie, a lightweight, single-gear unit without brakes.
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It's a movie.
He's bike had to be unique and interesting, and at the same time be a sort of underdog like he was.
The movie pointed out how much 'better' traditional geared bikes where, several times, during several races and scenes.
I mtb, so don't really have a dog in this fight, ride whatever you love to ride.
Back in the 90s Messengers used to ride MTBs, nowadays they mainly use Fixies. In the near future.. It will be yet another hype
I'm more curious as to why he's using that fuckhuge retarded impractical chain lock

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Old thread >>906418

Just put on the electric conversion for winter riding. All wheel drive!
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Back to the track.
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posting the new whip again
crit style
The hell is up with that dropout

How do you /n/egros feel about pedal cars
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Look up velomobiles or the recumbent thread, they're full of them.
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Generally they are thought to be too heavy and un-aerodynamic to work well.

One company is working on a 4-wheel velo at the moment-
It is considered to be the only 'serious' attempt in recent years.

The main reason relates to a handling property of tadpole trikes.
The overall engineering for a tadpole wheel arrangement (2 wheels in front) is easier than a delta trike but there is one major problem. With tadpole velos if you suffer a...
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What's the best bike for getting fit?
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The one who ride regularly for significant periods of time. More than ten or twenty minutes. You won't get swole, but you will progressively be able to ride your bike for longer periods of time. If you want to become swole you should go to /fit/ and read the sticky
So geometry, weight, stance, and resistance has no effect on fitness? As long as you ride the little kiddie tricycle for 20 whole minutes you're good senpai?

How about we pretend for a second that all effort is equal and we don't be lazy with our answers. What bike would be the best bang for the physique?
flat bar road bike.

fast, stable, efficient, comfortable, adaptable, attractive to the ladies.

flat bar road bike.

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Came across this today, why hasn't it gotten more coverage recently?
Supposedly on sale commercially next year too (though only for people with $150,000 to spare)

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Every year there's some faggot coming up with a new jetpack bullshit. It'll never happen.
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>Came across this today, why hasn't it gotten more coverage recently?
Because industry consensus is that it's not worthy?

It's not difficult to strap a few prop drives or ducted fans together with a gyro chip and make a "flying thing", people do it making quadcopters all the time.
Making it bigger isn't really much more difficult than making a small one.

The two problems with the person-carrying ones are-
1) the obscene rate of fuel consumption...
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Doesn't look all that much better than the flying platforms that have been around since the 50s. Does it have a much better range or something?


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I'm a 5'6" Sophomore college student, looking to buy a beginner bicycle just to get around campus to and from classes. My campus is generally flat and there is never snow on the ground.

What should I buy? I've never ridden a bike before in my life by the way, so I'd need to learn it.
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>never ridden a bike
>needs to learn

This should fit you just fine, OP
I know it's usually a meme here but I'm serious, 90s rigid mountain bike

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Let's talk about maglev for low speed rail (metros, commuter line, etc).

Are they worth it?
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They are only worth it when you can charge a premium for fast travel.
That pollution is not normal

We shouldn't blatantly accept it as normal

People, stand your ground

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What do you think of this guy?


>zoning is bad
>every one wants a single family home in the burbs and zoning is preventing this
>no transit subsidies

>interestingly, pro public land?
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>>every one wants a single family home in the burbs and zoning is preventing this
What? Isn't zoning what causes burbs to be all single family homes?

Also zoning is incredibly important for quality of burb life. You want no businesses that stay open late in the burb, and definitely no factories that pollute and shit.
your link has autoplay'd audio I can't disable, so I'm not going to bother reading it

seriously, I'm not going to use a website that both gives me an autoplay'd video/audio, but without a way to disable it
That's just the foretaste of the obnoxiety of the site.

He seems to think that utilities will just magically come where ever one desides to raise their shack. If not, he's pro-slum too. Hey, free choise.

Also, he has another blog dedicated to streamliner nostalgia. Seems discordant.

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