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Road rage stories general
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Road rage stories general

Alright, /o/, this happened to me about an hour ago and it scared the shit out of me, it involves a motorcyclist.

>be me, around 11 pm
>getting ready to make unprotected left turn on not so busy road
>see headlights, way off in distance, decide to go because far off
>I take it easy and make the turn slowly
>guy has to be speeding, as I'm making turn, I see him approaching alarmingly fast
>As I'm completing the turn, I notice the other guy is in a motorcycle
>guy misses me by about 8-10 feet
>hear him scream "FUCK" through his helmet and through my window
>continue puilling away
>check rear view mirror, see bike in distance pulling over, beginning to make a U-turn to come in my direction
>drop into 1st gear
>nope the fuck out of there
>floor it all the way home, 60 in a 30 for the final four blocks to my house, checking rear view mirror
>mfw I gave a motorcyclist a near death experience
>mfw he was ready to follow me home
>mfw he probably had all intention to beat the shit out of me in the middle of the night

Scared me shitless, but I'm good now. Any other stories of road rage and similar incidents?
>browsing /o/
Hourly SHILL thread
Ford advert playing some popular song
>football game
Ford advert playing some popular song
>any popular TV show like American idol or the voice or you think you can dance or Americas got talent
Ford advert playing some popular song
>step outside to get away from it all
Ford advert playing some popular song on the Mexicans radio doing construction next door
>get in car
Ford advert playing some popular song on the radio
>shut radio off
Ford advert with basketball American on side of bus
>crash car because of rage
Ford ambulance takes me to hospital
Because it broke down on the way there
>go to hell
It all starts over again
> go on drive down fun windy back roads
> get stuck behind brotruck driver a quarter of the way through the drive
> he refuses to pull out
Why are people like this /o/
>browsing /o/
>the complaints about ford shill threads outnumber the ford shill threads
>mentioning ford at all is automatically a shill
>last night
>driving back to the store after a delivery
>see turd gen Eclipse at a stop sign up ahead
>always watching stopped cars in case they fuck up
>I have no stop sign, keep going
>they go right before I pass
>fucking SLAM the brakes
>stopped pretty damn quick from 40mph
>floor it in first
>yell at the faggot to watch what the fuck they're doing
>vtak away

This is why I assume all drivers around me are retarded. I'd be dead otherwise. At this rate I'll be killed by a woman texting in an SUV.
>not being a man
>not getting a gun just in case
>not confronting the retarded motorist for having an average motorist brain.
>Driving literally anywhere in my city
>Old fucks going 10 under the limit right next to each other in all lanes

Freeway,major street, it does not fucking matter they do not understand that they are a moving hazard.

At this rate I don't even get that mad since it's everyday, I just leave earlier when going to work and shit in case i get stuck behind a bunch of retards.
Tbh fam seems like you weren't paying much attention and started to meander through that turn like a grandma.
tbh fam i agree with this fam, fam.

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>he refuses to pull out
>Turning in front of someone
>Decides to dawdle
You're the kind've retard i speed up for. The tee-bonee is the one that gets the most damage and the insurance blame, moron.
Tbqh fam I know u avin a giggle but tbh fam idc whatchu thnk
>I take it easy and make the turn slowly
Go fuck yourself OP. No reason to EVER do this
>motorcycle has dual front lights
>retard op is too busy trying not to stall and assumes it was a far away car
Almost killing somebody and saying "retarded motorcyclist"
>drop into first
Implying your slug grandma tier ass ever left first you homo.
>jetta with mexican plates going 15 in a 45, single lane
>road is neighborhoods and apartments for a good while
>the fuckers are causing a train, im immediately behind the jetta
>first flash lights a bit, nothing
>honk, nothing
>know what road widens up a bit soon, so I get ready to make my move
>floor it and cut jetta off at pic related
>jetta's occupants going batshit because of this
>they start going 45 and start flashing & honking at me
>i start cruising at 60 and make a right a few blocks down
Ticked me off for whatever reason, usually I'm a passive driver
They're not a hazard at all if you and everyone else would just slow the fuck down. Trust me, you don't have anywhere to be that is that god damn important. Just slow down and enjoy the view, you're still going to die in the end, even if you made great time.
Normally I don't give a fuck if they are going speed limit but 10 under? Give me a fucking break. (not original guy you're talking yo)
>just waste your life bro
>don't worry about how all those 2-3 minute delays add up over the course of your life to rob you of it just because some stupid old cunt who can't see refuses to stop driving
Get fucked, faggot.

>just waste your life bro
>don't worry about how all those 2-3 minute delays add up over the course of your life to rob you of it just because some stupid old cunt who can't see refuses to stop driving
>shitpost on 4chan
>shooting someone is a better option than avoiding confrontation
You are everything that's wrong with the second amendment. I'm sure glad the average American doesn't think this way.
And when i'm out driving and some silly cunt is doing 60 in the 80 zone, that's time of my life that could be better spent shitposting on 4chan.
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>an hour ago
>go to pick up wife from job
>mission accomplish
>about to take off from a stop
>some jerk enters intersection
>and makes a u turn
>then won't leave intersection
>trying to park? idk
>it's a residential, this is reasonable
>i wait for them to stop
>they don't, i roll eyes and follow them
>they try to park again (?)
>tired, just replaced carrier bearing,
>no traffic, i pull into other lane
>continue to go 25-30
>Idiot flips behind me and starts flashing lights
>tailgating me like a mofo
>I am like no way am I stopping
>come to a early stop at next intersection
>almost hits me.
>continue to next intersection
>wife asks if i want cops
>i say no but hey watch this
>I take a sharp right at the next intersection
>u turn hard, idiot almost t-bones me
>about to jump out and beat the shit out them
>notice it's an old grandma
>yell "can I help you?!"
>She yells back "YA ASSHOLE!"
>she tries to take off, i start following her
>She scared, starts doing doughnuts
>we do some doughnuts in the intersection
>she parks so i don't follow her
>do another doughnut then leave.
>wife assures me i was not in the wrong
>tfw I know i'm asshole but not this time
Suggestion: slow the fuck down.

ooo spooky noface
Suggestion: go fuck yourself
Portland? Holy fuck it's like it's a hobby here. Then because they're going so slow you hit every single fucking traffic light and your commute goes from 20 minutes to 50.
fuck off faggot. Go waste your life on a lake.
File: o_1416765685747.png (198 KB, 546x251) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>this is why I always slow down when I see cars coming the other way or waiting to turn left .
>there's always a chance the driver's OP and retarded
op is an faggot xd

also i love cock in my ass

i do that regularly
>The tee-bonee is the one that gets the insurance blame, moron.

>he actually believes this
Cry more, pussy.
>having a friendly sorta-race on the nearly-empty freeway with an "SVO" Taurus (too slow to be a real one), going about 110ish
>both lanes blocked up ahead by turtle race
>I'm in the lead, so I flash my brake lights 3 or 4 times to let him know that I'm about to slow down
>begin moderate braking a few seconds later, well it time to slow down before getting close to the semi
>he nearly rear-ends me because he completely ignored my brake lights
>proceeds to tailgate me while we're both stuck behind a semi
>obstacle cleared
>he whips around me, flips me off, and floors it
>I match speed, point behind me, shake my head
>WOT up to about 135-140 and disappear
>keep it up for a few miles, take my usual exit once he can't see me

Dafuq dude, chill.
I would have let him catch up to me. I have baseball bat in my car for idiots like that. Also, car vs. motorcycle, the car wins everytime. If he wants to fuck with me i'll run him over
i've had road rage by dickhead speeders before. shit pisses me off because he nearly just totaled my car, then goes rages at me.

i was turning out through a mall parking lot, i look to left, normal distance that you can get through. but nope, this guy sped his ass off by the time i looked right and went through (you have to focus on right side because the raod is blocked by bushes, which is why i wait a while for left side have decent gap) after seeing that left was fine (where he was, way ahead where even normal 50km/h speed limit, he wouldn't even be 3 carlengths behind me), i turned right and then go through and the fuckers right there behindme and slams on his breaks (locked up and skidded a few meters because he was going stupidly fast).

he ends up road raging at me, while he had to have been doing atleast 80-90km/h+ in this 50km/h zone. i just looked at him in shock as how someone can do something like that, then go try rage at me for it. while he had no road awareness at all (otherwise you would've seen someone pulling out ahead) while speeding
this guy was speeding though from where he was at first, you could have 3-4 car lengths infront and still pull out with carlengths between.

other fucks are just typical australian road rage... not really road rage but people getting angry at people doing the speed limit. a guy nearly caused head on collision if i would've been like 100m a head at the time. it was over blind hill crest and this guy tried overtaking through rural farmland roads. i was way back so i saw it and slowed right down, but if i was right near the crest, i would've collided striaght in because this fuck couldn't wait 2 extra seconds to overtake.
and i've had people overtake doubles nearly getting head on..

fucking impatient people on roads piss me off like hell. stop pissing around off the road so your not in a rush when your driving. they do this kind of shit too, then come up to a red light and were at same position 1km ahead
wow ur so badass
Why the FUCK should I slow down and put myself in danger when these incompetant oldfart vegetables on wheels are known all across the world for causing accidents? Fuckin normie.
I don't think you know this, but did you know you're a fucking dickhead?

If he was well within the law during his traffic manuever why should be break the law to get away from someome to spare their life if they try stupid shit. Avoiding conflict and bad situations is one thing. Getting a speeding ticket because of a possible road rage incident is another. I let the people catch up and if they get out of the car or bike to walk over to me I'll roll the window down woth a gun in my hand. Usually they just speed by and give you the finger.
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>be driving on interstate for muh commute
>cruising 80mph in fast lane
>bitch boomer in pickup truck with handicap plates insists on going 70
>idgaf just move over when I get behind you
>refuses to move to right
>forces people going faster to pass on right side in between gaps of truckerfags
>flip that bitch off every time I pass
>driving to work, making good times
>enter area populated by rich geriatrics
>casually overtake the slowpokes where possible
>profoundly elderly man in a town car up ahead
>fucker's so shriveled up he can hardly see over steering wheel
>get around him with time to spare for turn
>apex that shit
>hang on a second why is there a flock of birds in the middle of the road
>brake in time to not plow them over
>ah jesus one of the birds had carked it, that's why they are arent moving
>town car saltana catches up
>probably has nfi what is going on
>soccer mum squad is on the case, shooes away birds
>road cleared but better take it slow, soccer mums saw my mad cornering just before
>don't move 50meters before town car elderly floors it onto incoming lane and brake checks me
>he's real pissed about something
>hadn't seen the birds. at. all. Yelling obscenities at me in russian. Thinks I purposely stopped in the middle of the road to insurance fraud him
>this ain't the mother land gramps. No one tries that shit here
>plot twist, I speak russian too. Third generation migrant so don't look it
>tell the fucker he needs to get his eyes checked, and proceed to point out the birds on side walk
>shock that I understood his vile outburst stops him mid sentance
>face goes red when he walks far enough to see over the top of my car
>doesn't even say anything more, just walks back to his car and drives off
We need mandatory driving tests after the age of 70 BAD

Passive or not, there's always one retard that will trigger us.

>idiot almost t-bones me

Why would you do this.
File: 1440672761240.jpg (9 KB, 209x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Going 70 or less in an 80 because of some silly fuck in front of me that i can't pass
>ALWAYS a fucking pickup truck up my ass as this happens, bonus points if it's dark, as his lights are now literally in every mirror i have and blinding me

Happens every fucking time I go to my mother's, since she's a fucking half hour drive away and I usually drive home at night, fuck
Sorry, but I sometimes do both of those in my truck. I won't tailgate people, but I can see my headlight light up the interior of their car. And I go slow because you can't go fast in a truck with a 4 speed and a 4:11 rear
It's fine if you're a normal distance away, but it's the fuckers who are literally a foot away from my bumper behind me, as if that's going to magically make me speed up
Damn right i am
>put myself in danger
There is literally zero basis for assuming that driving slower will pose any greater risk. In fact, I'd wager that there are a great number of studies that claim the contrary.

>tailgating the car behind the person going slow.

I fucking hate this.
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lmao show me on the doll where GS goy touched you
yeah, motorcycle guy here... stop fucking turning left in front of oncoming vehicles you fucking faggot. You're lucky he didn't beat your skull into the ground
>Scared beta faggot stories general

Pass them.

Or are you driving a shitbox with no power?
If you can't maintain the limit safely you can't drive, get off the road and turn in your wheels.
Stop treating public highways like yoyr private race track.
I'll beat you bloody and use it for lube as I fuck you in the street, organ donor.
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I'm not sure about burgerland, but in straya it's always a black fucking SUV that fills your mirrors when you're stuck behind some slow cunt.

>tfw happened tonight, in an area I know is really terrible for people parked on the side of the road in the 2nd lane
>Trundle along in my MR2-S, roof down with my brother as my passenger, Merc SUV outta nowhere
>We ain't going anywhere, there's a geriatric fuck in front of me slowing us down, we're going 50 in a 60 zone
>SUV gets dangerously close
>Geriatric fuck in front falls asleep or something, stops accelerating, speed is kill
>Have to tap my breaks, because gramps in front of me is just fucking slowing down more and more without any reason
>SUV is on my arse so badly I can see my brake lights reflecting light everywhere off his bonnet
>Fucking retard
>I see into his shitbox with my rear view, it's a balding manlet with kids in the back
>Why are you mad, bro? Drive safe for your kids, you aren't in a race car
>I haven't bothered overtaking all this time because I know there's gunna be a couple of parked cars on the other lane, I'm always getting stuck behind whatever slow fucking retard is at the head of the pack
>SUV switches lane, there's a car parked 200m ahead, and there's no way he can get in front of the car ahead of me before then
>Floors it anyway, and tries to edge into me
>Tap my acceleration and close the gap, tail gate the old fucker for a sec while I block the SUV
>Angry baldie.jgp, honks and waves his hands around
>Oldie turns off eventually
>SUV pulls up at lights next to me, gives me a stare down
>Brother does a homo kissy face
>Baldie floors it, he's already started indicating so he can cut me off
>His engine is roaring
>He can taste that sweet, sweet victory already
>Pass him effortlessly, 200m ahead in a second
My brother t-boned someone making an unprotected left turn at a green light and they both got cited and insurance decided to share the blame 50/50.

He said the person pulled out in front of him as it was green but it was probably yellow since literally everyone lies to save their ass. Either way, don't fucking t-bone someone on purpose. Do you not like your car or something?
My girlfriend was driving my car about an hour ago and had an old woman rear end her. The car is fine but she didn't even TRY to extort money from her.
Stop pretending like you're important. No one else gives a shit where you think you need to be. It's not important, and neither are you. There is ZERO reason for you to be in a hurry. You're not going to get there any faster anyway, so you're just being a selfish baby because you can't make everyone do what you think they should be doing.

And please don't come at me with that shit "hurr muh 2 or 3 menutts!!!" Just take a look in the rearview next time. Those people that you passed in such a hurry, always end up right behind you at the very first red light you catch. I know this is fact, because I always end up behind these self entitled fuccbois, making it to the same place at literally the same time.

You are the one causing a hazard, not me or anyone else going under the limit. Only difference is, I'm not sitting in my car steaming mad on the verge of tears because some meany head won't get out of my way.
>Implying only you have a gun.
I care about a couple of my cars, but not my daily. I've already hit three people on purpose, it may or may not teach them the lesson they should learn, but at least I tried.

As far as the t-bone situation, I've know several people that have been hit in such a manner, and not a single one of them even had to share the blame. Then again, I'm sure insurance laws vary state to state, so it could be different.
Go get a law passed to outlaw old vehicles then. My pickup has a 3 speed auto without overdrive and 3.73 gears. Im at 3k going 65. I drive 55 everywhere to get 12mpg. I pull over if i get more than 2 cars behind me and let them pass, always take the right lane. And will do my best to get anyone around me who seems in a hurry unless they are being a obvious asshole...in the city around actual traffic i will cruise 65-70 which is about as much as i feel like revving my engine. And i still make it a point to get of the way...

Yet i still have assholes fly over doubles passing me and almost grtting themselves and me killed just to get stopped at a light not even a mile in front of me

Tl;dr go check your shitbox 6 speed trans privlege
File: 1010150959.jpg (3 MB, 3264x2448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 3264x2448
Pick related. Her name is Charlene. She gets fussy when i dont pay attention to her sometimes and breaks silly things...her coolant temp gauge broke on me last week and made me replace the thermostat, the temp sending unit, and do a full flush before finally taking it to a rad shop and using a probe and realising i was 180° F at therm housing even though the gauge was almost maxed
>slow faggot in the passing lane
>pop out to the slow lane that 'looked clear'
>its not
>faggot in falcodore behind me closes the gap and tailgates the guy i was following so i cant pop back in front of him and have to fall behind.
>eventually he realises why i was going so slow to begin with, tailgating the semi ahead of him (like he can a) see you, b) cares, you fucking dolt)
>pops out into the middle lane just like i did
>i know he's gonna run into the same problem i had
>close the gap
>he tries to change lanes before looking swerves close to my car before looking, slamming his brakes and honking.
>goes back to tailgating me again
>as soon as the slow fag moves i overtake the traffic and move back over cruising at the speed limit (sometimes i feel like im the only one who has lane discipline)
>falcodore faggot floors it down the highway before having to jam the brakes on 100m later due to patrol car.
Oh don't worry buddy, we look in the rear view at red lights
>Protip: YOU AREN'T THERE, you're stuck 3 sets of lights behind

Traffic lights are designed and optimised for people that drive at the speed limit, not over, not under.
>drive my corsa like a normal person
>people in big and/or expensive cars cut me off all the time
what a bunch of faggots
>driving my station wagon loaded with car parts.
>heavy as fuck slow as shit especially up hills.
>most of the major hills around here are 2 lanes for the uphill because theres alot of trucks.
>some expensive sedan tailgating me into the 2 lane area because im doing 20 under
>get to the 2 lane section
>still tailgates me


still didnt pass me. i swear to god if that happens again im just fuckiing stopping.
in a perfect world sure. i know plenty of lights that dont work like that. hell some here only work if youre doing 10 over the whole length of the strip.
>Not simply hitting them to get that fat insurance payout.

The person with the expensive car has more to lose, rinse them for being stupid.
>cruising down the road at the speed limit
>some old toyota hilux comes up behind me
>hang slightly to one side of the lane so he can see the road ahead easier (makes passing so much easier, seriously this kind of common courtesy should be taught in driving schools)
>doesnt pass, starts tailgating
>the road is fucking dead quiet
>tired of his tailgating bullshit
>slow to 20 under
>road is still fucking empty
>he doesnt pass
>slow to 40 under
>road is still fuckiing empty
>still doesnt pass

for fuck sake you fucking retard.
probably some white trash drunk or hopped up on something.
>put on left turn signal
>accelerate while moving into the oncoming lane
>pass brotruck
>put on right turn signal
>pull back into your lane once a safe distance in front of him
Whatever you say, crybabby. Just know that every time you're back there huffing and puffing, I'm smiling and making sure to hold you up as long as possible. And you know damn well I'm speeding up when you try to pass.

And stop acting like you know how traffic lights are programmed. They're designed to either be on a default timer at non peak driving time, and it has nothing to do with how fast anyone drives. Or during peak times, they are on sensors that detect how long a vehicle has been sitting in spot number one. If there is a vehicle on sensor number one, there will be at least one other sensor two or three car lengths back. It uses the data collected from all sensors to determine how much traffic is present. Meanwhile, the sensors at the green lights are recording how many vehicles cross position one, and how long between each vehicle. All that data is calculated and that is what determines how often the lights change. If you weren't so concerned with everyone else's driving habits you would notice that if you go way faster than everyone else and end up alone at a red light, it takes much longer for it to change. That's because the sensor is waiting for all those people you passed, so it doesn't waste time letting just you go, then making the bulk of traffic wait.

I see a lot of women doing this they will tailgate the fuck out of you even if you're speeding but NEVER BOTHER TO PASS.
Yeah, probably some bydlo will come out, beat the shit out of me and then give money to the police so that in the end I'll give him insurace moneys.

>Le traffic justice face

Nah,you're a cunt.
File: die.webm (265 KB, 486x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
>on the hightway
>speed limit 140 kph
>overtaking a line of trucks with ~145 kph
>there's ALWAYS some asshole tailgating and flashing his lights at me and honking
The fuck is this shit? Seriously?
>Implying you could stop me if you tried
I'm not afraid of zipping in front of people with centimetres to spare. I did that just the other day. I'll be fucked if I'm stuck behind someone going exceptionally slow for the sake of it.

It's not easy playing traffic justice when you're the one stuck behind the guy brake checking ;^)
are you threatening me on the internet?

I really hope so, because it really shows how tough you are.
>hot hatch with FULL RICE bodykit on it comes up behind me
>get to section with a passing lane
>pass all the slow cunts in front of me
>ricebox falls behind
>few moments later
>starts tailgating again
>road is clear, he can overtake at aaaaaany time.
>get to canyon
>he disappears
>15 mins later tailgating me again

holy fuck are you kidding me? youre gonna tailgate me for fucking miles, but as soon as theres a corner you act like a pussy and get left in the dust, and then tailgate me again like a retard?

he finally passed me like 30 mins later when i guess he realised i was quite comfortable doing the speed limit.

No, I just do it because you're a faggot, and I know your autism rages when you're not in control of every situation. I know people like you IRL. You finally get to pass and you go screaming by flip me the bird, and yell something that I can't hear anyway. And then when you realize we're getting stopped at the same light, you'll take a turn, any turn just to get away from the embarrassment of your failure.
I'm not going to drive 80 and get 9 mpg instead of 15 just because it's the limit.
I don't know what you're driving, but it better be really REALLY fucking quick if you want to get around me and I don't want to let you.
>People ignoring road rules to minimise fuel expenditure

Get a fucking job or learn to ride a bike, Jesus Christ.
There's no rule that says you must drive at least the speed limit at all times.

Lmao, no that's not me bud, funny how you think you're any better then the one driving like a maniac, you should be equally embarrassed
yeah well my dad works for nintendo
It's not a case of quickness, friendo ;^)
It's a case of you being too much of a pussy to try and stop someone that is a better driver than you
Yeah, except laws about impeding traffic
Not sure about your local legislation, but it's illegal to go 20 under where I come from. It's pretty safe to assume this is a thing in most civilised areas, too.
Okay, Benchracer. Care to prove your superior driving skill through an anonymous image board?

Just for the sake of it though. You're talking flat out straight line acceleration to overtake. It is 100% about how fast the vehicle can accelerate. If you're trying to be some kind of F1 racer and overtake in a curve, the person you're passing doesn't even have to speed up, just inch over a little bit, and you'll back off.

quality post tripfag

>you should be equally embarrassed

Yet somehow I'm not. Weird how that works.
Where do you live? I'd like to check your references.

It's probably your autism,
Good one. You really showed me. Have fun sperging out while you watch my drift charm swing very gently as I drive well under the limit.
File: 1441407064488.jpg (17 KB, 480x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
17 KB, 480x480
>why u do dis

We were in a residential, I wasn't going to escape them in a truck, and they didn't stop following, flashing, or tailgating me after a block. I am a big guy and I do have a truck protection device in the form of a big weighted stick (the hood where my wife works is rough).

I went from a through intersection doing 25, took a right, and U-turned hard into the stop at my right so I could A) stop the truck quickly on a sidestreet and B) jump out with my tire buddy and slap someone in the head. I didn't expect her to continue driving straight at me, but I did think it.

But getting t-boned by an aggressive driver obviously in the wrong driving a late model sounds pretty good in my 25 year old truck. That sounds like a nice settlement. And attempted vehicular manslaughter.
File: image.jpg (2 MB, 3264x2448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 3264x2448
>Zipping along on my bike
>Right lane is a wall of cars going EXACTLY 100km/h for some reason
>Oh, well, I'll just keep doing 115 in the left, no big deal
>Casually sailing by traffic
>Couple of rig pig faggots in a lifted F-150 roaring up behind me, probably doing 140 or so
>Start flashing their lights, weaving back and forth
>Nah, mang. I couldn't move over even if I wanted to
>We're passing everyone just fine
>Attempt to blow by on the shoulder
>Fuck it up and start to skid into the ditch
>Laugh inside my helmet
>Finally get a chance to pass on the right, but we've come to the lights by the next town
>They're slapping the outside of the truck,, revving, turning their shitty Avenged Sevenfold album up and yelling at me
>Light turns green
>I'm up to 100 before he passes 40, coal and spaghetti spraying everywhere
I just don't get these idiots.
File: 1440096055769.jpg (34 KB, 286x308) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>ITT: stancefags that cause road rage.
File: 1444627902284.png (477 KB, 560x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
477 KB, 560x500

>Drift charm

Confirmed autistic faglord lmao
>Teehee he got mad that I questioned his skill at driving
M8, when you drive under the speed limit at all times, you can't possibly expect to be able to drive well when the situation calls for it. Don't pretend otherwise by deflecting and calling people benchracers.

I'm not talking nascar double lanes, where you control both lanes. I'm talking about dropping a gear and going onto the same lane as the other grandma, THEN cutting you off. You won't stop me because you would fuck you own car up. I don't have any such concerns, because I'm just looking for an excuse to buy a new car.
>implying you'd get around me to cut me off.

Trust when I tell you, when you grow up, you'll realize that experienced drivers don't zip around cutting people off and exceeding the speed limits. The reason we drive slow is because we have been around long enough to realize speeding isn't getting you anywhere.

And you are a benchracer. You've had your license for what, six months now? And you already think you're a better driver than everyone else on the road. That's exactly what a benchracer would do.
awesome b8 10/10
>expecting them to be good drivers
Nice armchair psychology, I'm not experienced or mature, because I don't take kindly to retards deliberately antagonising me on the road.

>The reason we drive slow is because we have been around long enough to realize speeding isn't getting you anywhere
You have been around long enough to be put in the ground when your ticker gives out, old timer.

Stay off the fucking roads if you take pleasure in holding other people up.
>drift charm
you know you've lost the arguement when you're this mad and resort to using insults
>Be Me
>Calmly driving down the road in my slammed Subaru with underglow and a turbo
>listening to katy perry real loud
>This fucking asshole truck is coming up from behind
>Driver starts honking his asshole air horns and flashing his lights
>Speed up
>He starts to tailgate, still flashing his stupid stick-on autozone redneck lights and honking his horn as if its sick shit
>I decide I've had enough and cut him off while flipping him off, playing my katy perry even louder
>His brakes aren't very good, He T-bones me, then drives off as if nothing had happened
>I know my rights, I call 911 right away.
>Cops show up within 30 seconds
>They arrest me and tow my car
>end up in court
>Asshole truck driver is there in a really stupid looking yellow suit with white stripes
>He tells the same story that I do
>They take my license
>Fucking fire trucks, man. Why do they get to own the road?
>truck takes up 3/4's of already narrow and windy road

>just pass them.
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>pic related

It's you.
How does oncomming traffic get buy then? HURRRRRRRRR. Use oncomming lane, not the shoulder you fucking retard. Actually, nevermind, you will probably cause an accident.
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>I've already hit three people on purpose
You're a cunt, you do know that right?
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