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Hello /out I've never been camping before how do you innawoods? Like what do you do?
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shit in rivers mostly
Dig holes
lay in my hammock n shit

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Can't you fags fuck off to blade forums of something?
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Best bit of the story is that they neither need nor use their blades nor go /out/, the just post pics of shiny blades in mint conditions, and what they could do with them if ever...
Knifefags are the bottom tier residents of /out/, right on par with the /k/ spillover
/out/ is just /k/ light, that's why all the /k/ stuff like guns knives and patches get so much attention
just learn to live with it and post in a way that you deem suitable. there will always be knife threads and if the effect they have is making people who post useful stuff here leave (or just constantly bitch about knife threads) then that won't help matters.

the only person you can control in this situation is yourself, so in short, deal with it.

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I won't name it otherwise this will look like shilling. The gist is that it uses a flexible solar panel (included) to power a small fan and TEG which chills the incoming air, then the condensation drips down into the bottle and you have water to drink.

It is indeed filtered to keep out dust, bugs, etc. but not chemical contaminants, so you don't want to use it in the city.

They claim under ideal conditions it will produce 27 ounces of water per hour. Ideal conditions being 86-104 degrees F, 80-90% humidity.

What sort of performance is realistic...
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Sounds like meme gear, but meme gear I wouldn't mind trying out for the novelty.
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The most popular version seems to be meant to be mounted on a bicycle. The convection that will be produced thanks to the speed of the bicycle is probably going to help a lot.

It's not trivial to calculate exactly how efficient it will be under different conditions, but obviously it is going to be more efficient the higher the temperature and the higher the humidity. If we for the moment assume that the peltier device is extremely cold we get a higher limit in that the volume of water is proportionate to...
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So basically it's a Summer only device?

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How about a thread for knots and rope work?
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So Ray sets up this ridgeline with a siberian hitch.


So on this side you've got the knot against the tree and slack out into the line.
What's going on on the other tree? You do the same siberian hitch but pull away from that tree to make it taut? Or do you do another knot there?

If you pull the siberian hitch away from the tree to make it taut: is there some further knot to keep the hitch on that point in the ridgeline? Otherwise it'll sag to shit under the weight of the tarp, right?
The only knots I find myself using are
>square knot
>larks head
>stopper knot
I would like to know more but I can't think of a situation where I would need a different knot then the ones above. I would be happy for any information on knots and uses that I haven't considered.
Chinese good luck knot to get those mad luck gains.

Anyone know some good spots to hunt yotes' in southern california? Im new to the area and want to hunt something in the off season.
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Why is everyone on this board so kill happy?
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>Liberal scum spotted.

Coyotes are varmint scum that kill chickens, cats and dogs and other farm animals.

Fuck em and fuck you.

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Well, we made it to #4.
>"I catch more fish with my 40 year old Ugly Stik than all of you combined!" Edition
aka Softbalt edition

Previous thread is at:

I'm half asleep, but we need a current fishin' thread so here it is.
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>"I catch more fish with my 40 year old Ugly Stik than all of you combined!" Edition

I would pay to fish with this man
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R8 my rod build again!
Who here has experience with micro guides on casting rods? Are they worth it?
On hour number five of a Boat-Ed's "about 3 hours" online boater safety course. There was a thirty minute break in there somewhere but this is definitely going on longer than expected. So tired the "Save & Logout" link is looking pretty tempting, but I can't take the exam until the course is completed. Then I fork over the thirty bones to get my certificate which thankfully is good for life.

Anyway, anybody here fish with medium-to-large swimbaits? I could use some advice on rod/reel/line combos. I'm not quite sure I'm ready...
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How about a thought exercise?

>in 2017 a massive solar flare occurs
>this is the most powerful geomagnetic storm to occur since 1859's Carrington Event
>power transformers explode and mass blackouts occur along with sporadic fires
>GPS and cell communication are rendered useless
>banking is disrupted and due to massive queues and general confusion, obtaining cash becomes challenging
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Your goals:

-augment your long term food supplies for the summer and coming winter
-finding a reliable method to travel fair distances (10km) and carry up to 25lb of goods
-having a consistent method of non-electric light
-a source of easily accepted currency with which to barter or purchase needed items
-possible short term methods of heating (or improved insulation) and water purification
-reliable method of protecting your property from looters (who are sometimes armed...
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I drive a house through your tank, and Steal your shit. Become president, and restore power to the grid.
> all this time I've been sayin' PAPER MAPS



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How many of you guys go innawoods alone?
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all the time friend :\
Day trips or overnight?
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both. i go for woodswalks for a couple-few hours often, but a few times a year i'll do an overnighter by mahself. it used to be spoopy but now i'm used to it, except occasionally something will freak me out

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I saw a similar thread on /k/. Anyone have any plans for their tax returns? Any gear you are hoping to buy? Saving for a certain trip? I am probably going to buy a suunto core watch and maybe some decent carhartt work clothes for the summer. The rest I will save in general and for school related.
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>Paying taxes

Go buy some climbing rope to hang yourself
Well I wasn't going to get anything but that's a cool watch.

I just got a new hammock, so that was my purchase. Going to use my return to pay off some of my mortgage.
planning on getting getting a double hammock and spending the rest on the gear to get my happy ass innawoods for a while, sort out my head

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I'm not sure if this is an acceptable thread or not, but do /out/doors men have any good philosophies or life lessons they have learned while /out/ which they can share.

I'm going on a 2 week outdoor trip all alone and I'm wondering what i might learn about myself and whether it will change me or I'll come back just the same.
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>asking other people what you'll learn about yourself

could you get any more pathetic op?
I'm asking others for their personal experiences
You'll come back a happier more serene version of yourself. That always seems to happen to me when I go camping.

I'd suggest taking a copy of The Sand County Alamanc by Aldo Leopold and reading it while you're out there if you're interested in /out/ philosophy

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Been looking for a good strategy to make a campfire in the snow but havent found anything useful yet, weather around here ranges between -30*c to 0*c and we have about a meter snow, finding dry wood proves difficult.
Im located in northern Norway so majority of trees around me are spruce and pine.
Its easy to find stuff to use as tinder, but as soon as i need to feed the flame with something bigger it's usually too wet to keep the fire alive with, where do i have to look for useable stuff?
Bringing dry wood from home is not an option.

Also, general campfire tread
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You'l have to baton off the outer wood to get to the dry inner wood. It's a fuckton of work and serious pain in the ass, but once you get a hot enough fire you can just throw the wet stuff on and it'll dry then burn.
would tinder + portable wood stove work?
i don't make fires often, so it's just a idea
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only resources i have is a lighter, matches, and a skrama (pic related, it doubles as a small axe)

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Ayo where do I take these when they're empty?
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Refill them yourself
I bought a valve to do that and I never got them more than ~half full with a full propane tank and it only dwindled from there because of muh equilibrium pressure
Freeze your propane tanks and fill them them to the half way point. As you fill each one put them directly back into the freezer. Once you fill your last bottle to the half way point, pull the first bottle you filled out of the freezer and hook it up again. Should take another 5 minutes or so and be careful not to over fill it. It will fill 100% full if left unattended. Works every time.

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Do bubbles ruin a compasses accuracy? I've heard of people throwing out their compasses when they have bubbles and I remember my father saying not to trust a compass with a bubble.
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Your father is a dumb retard then. Most compasses don't even have spirit levels, and unless you're only looking at your compass in weekly intervals while travelling thousands of miles, that lack of accuracy isn't going to be noticeable.

Even if you absolutely did need to use one, it doesn't take much effort to get the compass completely horizontal. Use your shoestring, put it in water, or whatever.


I rage every time
Easy there Napoleon. First off he never said anything about being American, second off he had a legitimate question.

No need to eurochimp out. When you act like this, you come across the same as a jealous teenager who's envious of their more successful younger brother. A teenager than many years ago was relavent, but now realize they're just a small, irrelevant person, with no real purpose in the world. Your younger brother is successful, and one of the most powerful men in the world. You get mad at...
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He was fucking with you.

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Hello, sc/out/s I'm newish (Been lurking for a little while) to this board and going /out/ in general as spring approaches i would like to get out more i don't know shit about this, any ideas of guides/books i should take a look at. good clothing/gear companies, out/ essentials just basically what types of things ill need to do to get started (Southern Canada)
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Welcome, and i guess the best way to start out is go to your local provincial parks and just hike. You will learn what you need as you go. Lots of good information on here, take from it what suits you and disregard what doesnt. I dont know any good books, no reason to adopt one persons philosophy but im sure it wouldnt hurt to learn skills from books. Also, post about your own experiences and what you have found to work. REI or your canadian equivalent, MEC is a good place to at least inquire about gear and they offer free classes in navigation or many other activities
Bushcraft by Mors Kochanski. It's more geared towards long term survival, but the information is still relevant, especially for your area.
Thank you both also bump ill take a look

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Hey /out/ how do you react when you see other hikers in the woods? Do you say hi? Ever walk with them? Is there even a point acknowledging people when the trail is crowded?
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Sup nod and walk past
I always say hi, and never travel with people. I want to be nice, but I want to be alone. Most other people do too. In the rare and horrifying case that someone on the trail is lonely and desperately searching for a friend (like old people in line at the grocery store) you don't want to give them much opportunity to engage with you and start a conversation, otherwise yer fukt. Smile, glance at them quickly with a quick greeting, look down and keep moving.

Just a "hello" and DAS IT MANE.

I get pretty autistic with strangers. I prefer to stop and let them pass or avoid them altogether.

Only on crowded places I may exchange some words, but only with old men.

If they have dogs I am playful with them though. Dogs are master race and the only strangers I welcome

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