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Your biggest fish that you've ever caught (weight, not length)

Current best: 42lb Striped Bass

Shouldn't be my best for too long. Going tuna fishing this summer and most of the fish are 50+ so...I'm excited.
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estimated 210-220 b poreagle shark while cod fishing, got it to the side of the boat or long enough to get an estimate on length and weight, didnt want to keep it so we let it go
Damn nice. Good thing you let it go though. I always release sharks.
was an accedentall catch the party boat i was on tends to have blues follow them and occationally the porbeagle, one o my fishing buddies sons ( fishing buddy is 82) has the state record thresher shark at 650 lbs id ove to go out with them some time for big sharks but dont rerally have time

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What kind of cactus is this?
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that there's a stubby southern prickly pete, and a nice one at that
It's a pricker.
Let's call him "pokey".

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I found what seems to be an abandon swimming pool in the woods earlier, and I mean like in Bumblefuck, The Woods. Pretty awesome... Comments/Ideas?
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OP this is cool shit, but let's not be silly this doesn't look like Bumblefuck. That pathway/general area looks tread-upon as fuck. I'm guessing this is like 5mins from the road. Where is this? I wanna hike out there with you. We can eat mushies and pretend to swim around in the pool and then maybe just see what happens :3
Build a skate park, they will come.
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That's what I was gonna say.

Back in the day, my buddy and I found an abandoned pool. Spent a couple days draining the water out with buckets and cleaning it up, and then we shredded the gnar.

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This is how we do it in the pnw, With waxed corrugation ( aka cardboard for you plebs)
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Did you use that as an eating surface
What are those utensils?
I think they are also cardboard.

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#2 is at the limit >>663876

So here's to #3

Only a few weeks until my first Mystery Tackle Box! Whatever shill they sent to the last thread really did get us good.
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Be sure to show what you get Pepsi!
Also, do you happen to know much about rainbow trout? As in, what kinda lures should I acquire for it?
Rainbows are all I fish for, where/when will you be targeting them?

I've always done best fishing bows with roe.
>Mystery Tackle Box
I saw that in the last thread and I'm thinking I'm going to do both (MTB & Lucky tackle), 1 for Salt and 1 for fresh
I looked at a few of the past boxes on LT and they looked pretty good. I didn't look at MTB yet because you have to put an email addy in to see theirs and I'm not sure yet which person I feel like being for fishing stuff/spam

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Does anyone have a large collection of survival information? Like a mega-pack torrent? What's the best way for a sheltered retard to consume as much information as possible about outdoor survival?
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Don't torrent anything. Start by going on short range overnight camping trips and day hikes.

If you do what you're thinking of you're going to end up buying a tonne of shit and never using it.
>end up buying a tonne of shit

I'm looking for an education, not a shopping list.
>I'm looking for an education
Then go /out/ as the other guy said.

To what end do you want that information? Just to masturbate to survival/bug out fantasies? Or do you actually want to get out?

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Old patch thread is nearing critical mass.

Post patch ideas, designs here.

Hopefully patchmaster anon will join and keep up the good work.
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Replying with a few of my designs for a Pennsylvania /out/ patch. They're in the old thread, but at the very end, so maybe others will see them here and comment.

PA design 1
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Design 2. With red, blue, and gold for the PA state flag.
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Design 3, modeled for PA state lisence plate.

I recently lost my job and have 4,000 in the bank. I want to live in the woods for a while so I don't waste all my money on rent. I also want a new job. What type of gear should I get?

I have:

4 Piece US Modular Military Sleep System
Rain jacket
Polartec 300 fleese milsurp
Water resistant fleece with Merino wool lining
Merino wool thermal leggings
Merino wool socks
Quick dry underwear
Soloman Quest 2 boots
Trail running shoes
Blackhawk tacical pants
Tru Spec pants
Carhartt Force Base thermal top
550 cordage

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I thought about getting a pack but they seem awful expensive for something that I won't really need because I'm setting up a forward base. So I'll just get one of those camo duffel bags from gander mtn. But maybe i'll get a cheap alice pack or something. what are good packs in that price range?
I should also note that I'm from the northeastern united states of freedom.
>I don't waste all my money on rent
Do yourself a favor and find some friends or family to move in with. You won't be able to find a job when you smell like shit and are developing trench foot. You have enough money to rent a place for a few months anyway, what the fuck?
>hot tent
No such thing, you need a good sleeping bag.
>last a decade
lol not if you expect to make it your home for that long

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I went to /fa/. someone there told me to come here b/c of reasons.

just got hired by UPS (under paid slaves).

going to start out as a pt package handler/sorter. basically, move ~2000 boxes that weigh usually 20-40 lbs (max 70) into or out of trailers for 3-5 hours. I need boots that can take the stress. I've never bought boots.

It needs to be/have:
1 black/dark brown (company policy)
2 hard toe cover (in case a box drops)
3 ankle coverage

I read the /fa/ sticky. There weren't a lot of options, and some of the suggestions on there...
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Not really /out/ either but redwing workbooks are the end all be all for most ups employees
Composite toe fo sho
i really like my doc martins. get em with steel toe or take em to your neares tailor/key maker (where i lived it was a tailor/shoeguy/keyguy) and have em put in steel to insert or get the ones that are super hard plastic but look ugly af.

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Sup /out/

Bored EMT here, and an outdoorsman. Post your first kit/contents and I rate/give suggestions for it.

Don't have a first aid kit? Name me a price, the kind of camping you do, around how much weight you can carry around and I'll find you something good for it!

General tips:
1. Don't buy shit you don't know how to use. (scalpels, IV sets, airways in most cases)
2. Have something for both major and minor trauma.
3. Have a tourniquet.
4. Have shears
5. Have a shitload of gauze.

Ask away!
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Haven't made a FAK yet but do you have any recommendations for one in a desert environment?
Any lightweight solution to stop or delay explosive diarrhea?
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2016-01-15 16.42.04.jpg
1 MB,
featuring my gorka
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found a random tepee in the middle of the forest.
Had chairs , an umbrella as a roof , a table, carpet on the floor and even a clock on the wall . I imagine this is some peoples hideout or something.

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Any Irish people on /out/?

I'm really stuck for places to go hiking and camping, only place I can think of is Kerry, or maybe Galway, but because it's so isolate it'd be difficult to organise.
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I'm from Belfast and me and my mates always go up the Mourne Mountains. They're pretty good, but you're not really far from civ most of the time.

I've been considering going up to Donegal to see what the craic is up there with camping and stuff.

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Some fun clips from glazed frost in the Netherlands. Enjoy:

That people aren't prepared for glazed frost gives so much fun xD
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this is literally Los Angeles when it rains
what a shithole. Literally the worst /out/ country someone can live in north Europe. At least they have whores and pot otherwise they would kill themselves

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Alright sc/out/s, what kind of activities do you do to stay in shape for your (enter favorite outdoors activity here) season? What do you do in the off season? What are your goals conditioning wise?

My activities:
Hunting, camping, climbing, downhill sports.

Mostly cardio, some weights(trying to avoid the gym til February), and small amounts of body weight.

Off season:
Lots more running and some rugby. Most of the time I just watch my intake.

Get back down to 10% body fat and be able to run constantly for 60 mins at 7mph.
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you should post more of her
Lift weights, get swole, bout the only thing I can do with my shit genetics.
I go to the gym, i like doing an incline on the treadmill and elliptical.

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What do you guys think about buying surplus army rations to take as camping food?

I'm going on a 10 day hike, and I'll need all my own food from the start. I've toyed with bags of oats, rice, and looked at camping food by companies like Mountain House, but it all seems either very expensive for little calories or very heavy and bulky.

So i looked up how they do it in the military, and discovered that you can quite easily buy military rations online. You can get an entire days calories for a reasonable price and a small enough size. Such as these.


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You are going on a ten day hike and have never prepared food /out/ before?
So I've never gone out, but want to. It seems to me, and I may be wrong, but it seems that it would be best to take raw high energy density stuff that you can make into other things. Stuff like high protein flour, powdered milk, anything dehydrated and with a good packing density. Am I missing something?
>The only reason im asking is because ive never seen or heard of anyone using this method before so it makes me skeptical.

Because it will be heavy as fuck son. Thats the appeal of freeze dried meals suck as Mountain House. They weigh very little. When I do a long distance hike I try to keep pack weight as low as I comfortably can. It makes for a much more enjoyable hike

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