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Hey /out/ !
I own a small patch of forest and I'm planning on staying there for a week this spring.
I recently watched a documentary on a french regiment (13 RDP, you can get it on netflix the tv show is called "l'insider") and it got me thinking.
These guys dig hideouts and stay there for 2 weeks doing military intelligence and stuff, so I would like to do the same for shit'n'giggles, and because I'll have a week worth of time to kill. What would /out/ bring ?

The basics I have gathered for the moment are
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What I'd do is bring you think you'd need and wing it. If you forgot something you need, try to make it. Making things would add some fun and experience anyways.

Bring a notepad and paper and try to keep track of what you used and how much. If you used something once, or never used it, consider not bringing it for next time (unless it's something like a first aid kit. You catch my drift?)

Depending on your environment, you may not need things that others would. Watch for things such as weather conditions, wildlife and plants (not too big an issue...
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Stagnant water are not safe. I recomand a mix of boiling and filtering.

You are going to learn how to dig if you want to do the same. I am not joking. Diging a mouse hole is one thing, digging a shelter that can house a hand of people for days, with a roof that cannot be seen is something else.

Do you even know how to build a roof over you head without leaving axed trees?
I think of something. Why don't you make stealth camping instead? The fells will be real.

Hi, /out/. Looking at getting a liquid fuel stove for short trips. All my research has pointed me to an MSR Whisperlite. Is it a good stove? Are there better stoves? Discuss stoves.
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Why would you get a liquid fuel stove for short trips? Is it high altitude? Low temperature?
It's hard to get butane canisters where I live.
Been using a whisperlite for 20 years
I didn't know they still made them

It's pretty easy to use and clean if it gets clogged.
The weak link is the pump. I carry a spare on long trips

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So we got are moutain lion tags and and where heading up to table mesa arizona to hunt them along with some rabbits any body want to come along its the 21st,22nd and 23rd we gunna have shine and weed if yall want to come and hang out
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Nice try FBI.
leave the poor cats alone you nigger!
People don't actually hunt mountain lions right?

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I want to have a really reliable fashionable jacket with a large knife and all the essential, traveling around the world doing odd jobs and meeting new people. I want to be able to live on my own in the wilderness, as well as urban situations. I have 12000 USD in student loans I should be getting soon. I plan to emulate bad ass assassin with a "seen it all and I'm cool as fuck" attitude. Help me spend my money, so I can fufill this impulsive fantasy. pic unrelated
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>Using student loans for something other than college or trade school

$12,000 will take an eternity to pay back working at McDonald's, stay in school or get a job
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Sturdy backpack-200
Sleeping bag-150
Himalayan Imports kukri chiruwa ang khola-250
Gerber fire starter-5
Long underwear-30
Gorka 4 bars-100
Smith and Wesson sd9ve-460
100 rounds hollowpoint 9mm-35
Delton AR15-600
300 rounds .223 Remington-80
First aid kit-50
Sawyer mini-100
Nilakka folding knife-160
Toilet paper-5
Baby wipes-10
Mountain house meals-60
Cooking pan-10
Being a huge faggot-priceless
You don't understand though, I dont want to be stuck in the cycle of birth in death. I want to live forever in the sanctity of my mind through meditation and self discovery.

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Can you name an /out/ youtuber more based than this man?
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stephi, shes CUTE
lol fag
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>tfw you will never have to wear twelve layers and have a six layer cocoon around your hammock.

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Mora has finally released a full tang knife. Are you ready for this /out/

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i am not.
It's just another knife.
well you better get ready.

ready for what might be the most memable piece of /out/ gear of 2016.

ready for thread after thread musing the amazing increase in utility delivered by the full tang.

ready for photos of full tang moras in pristine, showroom new condition, alongside assertions that they could be batoned through a granite boulder, serve as a springboard for felling, replce the entire grandsfors catalog, slice bologna, and the like.

get ready.

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I think I'm going to spend the next 4 weeks in pisagah national forest in solitutude. I need to loose weight badly and get more focused in life (it's gone down the shitter for the last year). It's currently 25 degrees there and it'll only get colder ( I have the proper gear) will spending this time in the woods do for me what I want it to do?
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You will probably get pink eye from fingering your anus and then touching your eyeball.

At that point you will realize that you need to re-evaluate your life.

You will also lose two toes to frostbite

go for it OP, stay safe :^)
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I was in the forest about 2 hours ago. Something crossed the trail in front of me and ran up this hill. By the time I got my phone out to take a pic it was gone. Never go innawoods without a gun. Also it was cold.

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I've always had a dream of one day trekking the Himalayas in Nepal. Before I make that journey I want to get a taste of mountain backpacking at home in the US. Are there places I can get a comparable experience to a Himalayan trek? Things like multiple biomes in a 4-5 day span, high mountain lakes, deep valleys and such. I live in Arizona, so I am no stranger to mountains although the ones here aren't exactly what I'm looking for. Maybe in the Rockies or the Pacific northwest? What do you say /out/?
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The cascades in Washington and the smokey mountains in Tennessee and North Carolina are both temperate rainforests and would be like what you woĆ¼ld experience in the Himalaya.
I'd second The Northern Cascades or Olympic National Park.
Thirded. I've been to the Cascades and the Himalaya. If you can get a free plane ticket to Nepal though, via churning credit card rewards, it's really quite an affordable vacation and an incredible experience. I felt like I was in a dream.

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Does anyone here use a bivy bag?

I happily use a tent for my /out/ings normally, but I've been working a graveyard shift for the past couple (and next several) months which requires me to sleep a bit during the day. I haven't been spending long days /out/ because spending 5-10 minutes setting up and another 5-10 taking down my tent for a 45 minute catnap seems terribly inefficient. My tent also isn't really snow-proof and winter has finally started here in New England.

It occurred to me that I might circumvent some of these problems by getting...
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Welcome to the club, nigger.

Bivy master race here.

Best way to do it in extreme cold:

>SOL emergency sleeping bag. Reflective insulation retains 70-90% of body heat
>Sleeping bag. If you're using the army bivy, I recommend waterproofing your sleeping bag because I've heard accounts of people surplus bivvys not being watertight. I use one though and have never experienced this.
>Sleeping pad. Line the bottom of your pad with a sleeping pad.

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anon you should just get a hammy with a cocoon. shit's cumpfier 'n horsecunts
i want a bivy but every review for every fucking bag is just like "woke up soaking wet" and im like... hmmmm.....

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What does /out/ think about the West Highland Way?
is /out/ approved? or is it a massive tourist trap?
any tips for doing the West Highland Way the first time?
>westhighlandway general
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>About 85,000 people use the path every year
So you've got 230 people on it every day. Seems a bit over crowded to me.

I'm wandering the highlands in late February but making my own path.
I'm thinking of going in March, although the alternate route described in this link sounds pretty appealing: http://www.c8h10n4o2.org/walking/highland_highway/
Why do you have to take a specific route? Just go walk.

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I'm looking into buying a pair of nightvision binoculars for use on a boat. A friend once demonstrated how useful it can be during night-time approach to shore and similar. In any case, I've browsed a bit and seen many options, however I'm looking for quality and longetivity, as in the binocs should last a few years and have decent night-vision illumination capabilities.
Seeing how this is the outdoors board, it seems the best place to find people who had to purchase a pair sometime, and would know which brands are good and which to avoid.

Do you have...
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Someone is going to look at the women camp.

We have GPS now, you can drive your boat in the fog.
Binoculars won't help you to drive a boat.

If you really drive boats at night in unmapped area, you are looking for spots. The battery of your boat can support a lot of them.
Thanks for the non-advice.

Also what the hell is a woman camp? If you mean a nude camp, there's plenty around, and no, that is not my intention.

GPS is inaccurate to 50m, and seeing is better.
Buy a good one, GPS is accurate to a meter, and the unbridled GPSs receivers of the army are even more accurate.

If you want to see at night, lamps are what you need. If you really want to drive a boat all lamps off, any NV google are fine, even the "cheap" ones, but it does not worth a lamp.

If you have a kayak, frontal are good.

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he did awesome on alone even if he let his emotions take control but thats why i love the guy, he's too real and an epic /out/doorsman
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The. Biggest. Pussy. Ever.
who has the most subs for male /out/ related youtubers? it seems like survival lily dominates most men in subs, when there's dudes who post far better content like Alfieasthetics or Joe Robinet
>survival Lilly
>alfie who?
get on my level faggots

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pablo (2).png
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What kind of apps and websites are you using when traveling? Any tips for a modern traveler to save time and money while on the road.
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there is an abundance of porn sites to choose from
but i often just use /gif/
File: DSC_4170_-L.jpg (97 KB, 800x533) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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GasBuddy for cheap fuel
CalTopo (site, not app) with snotel overlays for snow depths and terrain/slope overlays
Avalanche Forecast for ... well, avalanche forecasts
DOT websites bookmarked for the states I'm travelling through for road closures

I also keep copies of parts fiches, owners/service manuals, wiring diagrams, etc for my vehicles on my phone. Not ideal, but in a pinch it's nice to have that information available.

USB-OTG adapter's kinda handy too.

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Just did a little /out/ today and damn I was cold. About the only thing that was warm on me was my feet since I have a dcent pair of boots and wool socks. Rest of me? Ice cold. My face in particular was frozen. I got gloves but they are so bulky if I wanted to do anything even taking out my water bottle i'd have to take em off and it would take a long time for them to warm back up.

It was like 20F out today, that's with the sun up, I couldn't imagine doing this at night.
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Just like I would out when hot. With just warmer gear. Also more ways of starting fire, some more food for the extra calories burned.
Get wool/polypropylene long john silvers and an undershirt
Get a scarf or a buff and a hat
Wear an outer layer that blocks the wind and something to insulate underneath
Quit being a pansy
File: DSC_0339_-L.jpg (127 KB, 800x533) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Good gear. Really no way around it... and you get what you pay for.

Keep the wind/water out, and you'll stay a lot warmer. Dress in layers, and bring extra gear in case something does get wet (socks/gloves especially).
Balaclava for your face.

>more ways of starting fire
This... your firesteel won't cut it in the winter when shit's wet. I like road flares, they'll get things done. >Pic...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Has anyone here made a terrarium or bottled garden before? I currently have two ferns inside pic related. It's been nearly two weeks and the ferns appear to be fine. Some of the terrariums I saw had different layers in the soil, with charcoal and gravel for filtering. Unfortunately, the bottle got a bit shaken up and the layers lost their distinctness. Oh well, it appears to be going fine anyway.

If you have a terrarium of your own or cool pictures of terrariums, please feel free to share it!
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I would love to have a ginger plant that I could take with me hiking ... For reasons
Would that be for figging anon?
I've tried this twice and failed both times. They're really cool tho. There's a guy in England who's kept one in a big wine jug for like, 20 years if I remember right.

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