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I am fascinated by Wyoming for some reason. I want to do a week long road trip out there in the spring. Does anybody know anything about it out there? Where are the best spots for /out/?
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Tetons are breathtaking
Yellowstone is fantastic if you go in the back country and stay the fuck away from tourists
Laramie is also known as Laradise for a reason
Bighorn Mountains are amazing
Devils Tower is a sight to see and climb
Thermopolis has some nice hot springs
I wanted to stay a night in laramie and then do a day hike in Medicine Bow forest/mountains. Is this is a tight spot?

I keep hearing about The Grand Tetons. Are Grizzlies a major concern if I go hiking there? Also, is it better than checking out maroon bells in Aspen, CO?
Fun fact: Wyoming is the tenth largest state but has the least number of people (<600,000)

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looking for a good single/two person pack tent at a reasonable price
pic kind of related
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Marmot limelight 2p
a tarp
Eureka Spitfire Solo

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so I bought a pair for Corcoran jump boots for reenacting
what's the best oil or other treatment for them?
what's the best way to break in all leather boots?

I've never owned a pair of all leather boots, just some Merrells and Oboz, so I don't know how to care for the leather
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I use obenaufs lp for winter rain/ boots that will get muddy at the beginning of the rainy season. Obenaufs leather protectant for a quick coat on top of it after washing them off.
Mink Oil Or Brown Kiwi shoe polish and scrub the absolute fuck out of it.

And another guy doing Airborne... sweet Christ.
If you use mink oil remember how qt minks are. Also, when I was looking for a picture I saw some mink in a cage. Probably in a Chinese farm.
He appeared to be blind in both eyes but half his face looked rotten, like a zombie.

That's what you're supporting when you buy it.

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Live in Southern Nevada, wanting to get into light trail walking/hiking and working my way up as part of fitness and rehabilitation. I was wondering if anyone had any good ideas on where to go, as well as what I might need to bring, etc.
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Red Rock is pretty based. Mt. Charleston is nice.

T. Another idiot living in Vegas
Drive through Death Valley and explore the Eastern Sierra
ya sup another native.

red rock, go to blue diamond they got a good bit of red rock around them go further up hit trails and get lost.

charlie got some good shit.

goldstrike canyon is tite during this time, terrible for the summer, but you should know that.

death valley is terrible fuck that place and everything about it.

can't think of anything unless its local hendo bullshit.

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OC only? Google img fags do nothing for me.

Blog it if you feel you have to.

Isopro not so good cold. Tape chem hand warmer to bottom.
And I made a soft shell for my canister
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And a soft shell for my dehydrated food to stay warm while rehydrating.

The next trip will not be gormet.
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I MYOG quite a bit. Almost always cheaper, always fit my needs better than commercial gear. Pic is my roll-top alcohol stove (coca-cola bottle). I've also done a cocoon hammock, hammock straps, several bike bags and I am currently dehydrating and vacuum-packing meals. Next up is Tyvek reflex rain pants and poncho. Will probably make a bivvy with this as well as a backup for my SOL Escape bivvy.
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I made my own Jecklin Disk for field recording. Commerically sold ones cost three-hunnred dollars or more, and not only are they not fucking worth anything close to that, they also seem to have a number of limitations and design flaws. It's fucking ridiculous. Anyway, mine's not especially pretty looking but it sounds as beautiful as an adolescent orgasm. >:]

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Hello /out/ what do you think is the best folding saw. Please no Gerber shit
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I wanted to get it but I though it was too heavy and also it does not have a coating so it will rust.

the bahco isn't bad at all

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So there's about a week left of hunting season (bow hunting) where I live. As I didn't see a hunting thread in the catalog, I figured I'd start one up.

I'm a sort of rookie hunter, been going inna woods for 3-4 seasons (whitetail,bow) and have yet to get anything. So I'd love some advice, if any would be so kind

ITT we can also share experiences, stories, pictures, tips and tricks, hunting wisdom and any other hunting related things. Doesn't have to be deer, and doesn't have to be bowhunting
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Bowhunting is very demanding, and many people who try it aren't skilled enough marksmen to consistently make clean kills. If you're not confident you can kill cleanly, don't shoot. I assume you're in the states, so I have to ask why you don't hunt with a firearm of some sort to start out. Basic shotguns and muzzleloaders can be had for less than $200 and aren't hard to shoot accurately within their effective ranges.

The best advice I can offer is to scout hard before the season opens...
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btw I killed a massive ten-point with one side broken off this afternoon. It's a crying shame he wasn't intact but I guess the antlers will have what they call character.

My best hunting story is the time my father shot a hog through the lungs with a .270 and it ran a half mile from where he shot it and died right in front of me. Crazy coincidence and he might not have found it otherwise because the blood trail was so spotty.

I've mostly hunted the American south and Namibia, so come at me...
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Dont shoot a deer with a .30-378.

Here in early spring, i plan on heading off to Dillingham AK. i have some land up there and am planning on developing it. I have to hike in about 10 miles and dont care about hiking in some tools, i plan on cutting some timber for a cabin, plus cutting a quad trail to the access road. I dont want to hike in gas and chainsaws so i plan on getting a misery whip, some axes, some garden tools. What will hold up to a summer of work? Should i get a pack animal to bring in my tools, or hump it in solo. I have a tent and a sleeping sack. plus, enough family to support me should i start...
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Check out wranglerstar on youtube. The guy is a toolphile especially when it comes to carpentry and felling trees.
Well, regarding saws and axes- depending on how you're building your cabin, I'd suggest going the chainsaw and gas route. 10 miles is pretty easy (assuming it's not hard...), and you can get a ton more work done with a chainsaw compared to a crosscut saw.

I wouldn't bring in an animal unless you can get one for peanuts, have a water source, and a bunch of forage.
Legit find a used ATV.. Fuck animals and shit they are still more expensive than gas. Vet bills, feed, boarding. Kay?

Now you got an atv go ahead and use a chainsaw. An good sized felling axe. Some wedges. A 3lb hammer with a long handle. And a claw hammer of your choice. Some big ass nails, lets be reasonable here you never done this before and your log joints are gonna be pretty shit without the help of big ass nails. A big carpenters square. A level. A plumbob. Maybe a small crosscut saw for cutting timbers...
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download (5).jpg
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Is eating fish from the ocean even healthy anymore?
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yeah, but maybe don't eat a lot of predator fishes very often because heavy metals
Healthy for you?
Healthy for the ocean?
Indian Ocean, no

Bering Sea, yes.

> be me
> be whale swimming in Indian Ocean
> blowhole starts leaking
> feeling woozy
> shits all the way back to Pacific Ocean

> mfw Indian Ocean designated shitting ocean

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How you handle vision correction while /out/?

I'm badly nearsighted, I wear glasses at my desk job and contacts when I'm doing something more active.

That works fine for day trips but if I wanted to spend a few days camping, what's the best approach? Being blind in the middle of the woods is a horrifying thought.
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wear your glassed? get a strap for them if youre that much of a pussy.
>what's the best approach?

wear a blindfold for a year and heighten your other senses
Just put one of those little necklace type lanyards that attach to each arm of your frames so they don't fall off your face and break.

Might look nerdy/goofy but it's better than bringing all the shit to put your contacts in and out when /out/ while avoiding getting shit in your eye

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>wool is overrated, particularly heavy coats
>hunting deer from a blind is for fags, double faggotry if you're using bait or feeders
>bushcraft gear for "survival" stupid when your tools weigh more than the things you intend to make with them (bringing an axe, knife and saw to make a shelter instead of a tent/tarp/hammock)
>softshells are silly
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>bushcraft gear for "survival" stupid when your tools weigh more than the things you intend to make with them (bringing an axe, knife and saw to make a shelter instead of a tent/tarp/hammock)

The bushcraft mind set is that you carry the tools you need and not much else. What would happen if your tarp / tent fucked up? Its a more long term ideology.
>taking dogs on longer (multiple day) hikes is for wolfaboo faggots who want to act cool.
>taking survival food on trips shorter than 3 days is retarded.
>bringing a fuck huge bag of supplies with you for longer trips is still fucking retarded and means you're too stupid to survive, stay in your city environment pleb.
>bringing more than 3 multi purpose knifes.
>camping pillow and mattresses

and people...
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you can take multi purpose tools or learn how to fucking use a knife instead of carrying a goddamn pickaxe and other worthless shit you won't be using anyway.

For hunting, how do you improve your spotting skills?
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spot moar

bring your spotting equipment with you and spot things throughout the day
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bro spotter.jpg
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get a job as a construction worker

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Alright /b/ros. Usually a lurker, but need some advice. I currently live in Colorado, USA, and I'm considering moving to bumfuck nowhere Siberia so I can live off the grid (kinda). I know nothing about Russia or living off the grid, but really would like to get the fuck outta dodge. I would like to boat there, as you can't take a lot of the shit I will be taking on a plane. So I was going to just stick to the coast on the way up there.
>pros and cons of Russia
>shit I'll definitely need (price is not the...
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Well you'll need a permanent resident visa, and those aren't really easy for Americans to get. Especially if you don't have any professional skills and don't intend to have a job.
ask napoleon about the cons
So you have no skills of knowledge of any kind, and want to move to what is possibly the most remote aRea of the planet and expect somehow to survive?

Christopher Mccandless 2.0

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fellow ontariofags, can you all help me pick out some really good innawoods places in and around the GTA. And if you'd like as well suggest other places in Ontario aka best province

This province is rich with spooky innawoods glory
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Gotta go North of Newmarket if you want any good spots m8.
North of Newmarket? I live around the area, anything in particular?
Lots of good trails and parks around Lake Simcoe, Southeast Georgian Bay, and into Muskoka. The GTA was great back in the day for blasting groundhogs in fields but now it's all pure shit even in aspects not related to the great /out/doors.

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Sup guys, how is it going? So I love /out/doors but most of the time I only hike/camp and do some MTB and even though I'm reasonably fit I would like to improve my arms and back size and strength.
What activities should I start looking for? My first thought was climbing but despite rock climber usually having a nice strong upper they don't seem to get bigger in size.

Tl;dr /out/doors activities to build up strength and muscle in the arms and back
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Start splitting wood
You're looking for the /fit/ sticky
I kayak around a small lake in the National Forest near my house. It isn't as ideal as a float trip on a river, but if I push myself it turns into a great back and shoulder workout.

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