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I'm thinking of getting a scuba license and before that I wanted to toy around homemade equipment.

I saw some youtube videos about using coke bottles full of compressed air to breathe underwater, but then I found pic related. It's an 8l-liter hand-pumped bugspray.

I don't know the science behind "the bends" but I know they exist. Should I worry about them if I don't plan on going underwater more than 15 mins, and never more than 10 meters?

Any scuba experts here?
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In case it's not clear, I plan on pressurizing this with pure air and going in, breathing when needed just by activating the release switch.

Would this work?

It cost just 25 usd, but I'd like to know if my idea is even remotely plausible to work. I have absolutely no other use for this thing.
Is it worth your life to find out?
There's a pretty good description here of how to build a simple, safe, compressor supplied diving helmet. There's some DUDE WEED LMAO but ignore that.


This style of diving has a proven history and is much harder to fuck up than trying to DIY a scuba cylinder, especially without a regulator.

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Hey /out/, anyone here have an /out/ dog? I'm looking for one that would be good on hikes, walks in the forest, and overnight camping.

I figure that I would really want it to alert me to anything interesting or threatening, but still be obedient and good around people and kids.
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Find one that doesn't bark or shit and you're good to go.
any working dog with the exception of a beagle. those fuckers are dicks. its like having a pet three year old
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My out girl.

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Do you know how to escape from ice crevices, /out/?

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jetpack seems to be the easiest way

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Rate my current list of PCT thru hike items. I've got links to specific items btw, Everything is around $500. Food Items in next post.

Down Sleeping Bag 15F with compression sack
1 Person Tent
Eno-Double Nest
8x10 Tarp + bungees (Combine with tent stakes)
500 FT Paracord
Foam Sleeping Pad

ALOCS Alcohol Stove + Heet + Windscreen
Stowaway Pot
Bic Lighter
Slingshot (squirrel/rabbit hunting)
Sawyer Mini
Two 1L Plastic Water Bottles, Maybe Plastic Gallon Jug
Bear Canister - BV500
Multi tool with knife,...
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Trail Mix
Instant Coffee
Cliff Bars
Peanut butter
Canned meats like spam and fish
Canned Veggies and Soup
Instant Mashed Potatoes
Olive Oil/Lard
Dried Fruits
Salt and Pepper

Whatever else available at gas stations for cheap.
Drop the hammock.
Drop tarp and bungees
Drop 400FT paracord

You need a permit for an alcohol stove in California in case you didn't already know.
Don't bring a slingshot.

You probably only need 1 trekking pole unless you've got shit knees.

You don't need 7 pairs of socks.
Replace the cotton shirt with polyester or wool.
Remove Levis, just use the long johns and shorts.
Replace woolen sweater with...
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Concur with everything here, except the alcohol stove thing which varies. During "extreme" fire danger they are outright banned. They're generally too fussy and dangerous in dry areas. Kick it over and spill flaming liquid all over your shoe, fun (a trail name is born).

In addition, ditch boots, get trail runners. Left is the #1 shoe on the PCT for the past five years or so. "Wild" Danner boots are too heavy and uncomfortable. Solar charger is gonna be in the mail after the first 100 miles, just get an Anker battery and charge in town. You'll probably need a puffy insulating layer for the Sierra.

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Hey /out/, I need a 70l pack that basically isn't a 250$ osprey. The size can be a few smaller or a few larger. I wasn't sure what bags that are cheap are shit or not? Anyone have suggestions?

>ITT: Your Packs
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Coincidentially, I own a Xenith 105
The deuter ACT lite is a little cheaper while still boasting good quality. Maybe check out granite gear, their stuff can be a little less expensive. Otherwise I don't know of many other quality brands making a 70L cheaper than that. Or just get something on sale...
Check out Kelty or Alpine Designs.

Stay away from Jansport, they make good bookbags but their trail packs went to shit after VF outdoor bought them.

Also, check the clearance sales at sites like REI Outlet, Sierra Trading, Moose jaw, etc. It's off season so retailers will be clearing out inventory to make room for new spring models.

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Who here /California/? I'm from the east coast and staying near San Diego for a month and really want to get out and enjoy this weather. Anybody know any cool things to do? Anything really, even if its not /out/ but that's be ideal. Pic related. It's a view of La Jolla beach? In Oceanside
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That's Blacks Beach near Torrey Pines
>get fuckin destroyed by el nino
Hitup Torrey Pines, go to Balboa, rent a surfboard, drive to the Anza Borrego Desert, climb Mt. Woodson the long way, get shitfaced at the Gaslamp, go to museums at Balboa, go to the zoo, visit Joshua Tree National Park if you wanna drive a ways, snowboard at Big Bear, visit the Cabrillo National Monument, go to Little Italy downtown, go to Oldtown, and so on. There is a shit ton to do here, especially outdoors.

Some good sites...

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does /out/ believe in skinwalkers? share stories of spookie experiences while /out/
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I wouldn't worry about it.
I was abducted by skinwalkers one night. It was spoopy, but damn that quarter of mushrooms was fire.
as a skinwalker i find this thread offensive

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Who's /out/ literally right now? If you're /in/, why are you not hiking? Are you an invalid or something?

I'm making my way around the Isle of Wight coastal path, done about 15 miles so far and I'm starting to get sore.
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Went out for some early morning fishin'. They aren't biting for shit today tho. It has been cloudy and raining the past couple days, woulda been good fishing weather if I didn't work. Today it is calm and getting sunny.
I work weekend nights. Gonna head for a hike Monday as soon as I get off work. Depending on the weather may hike in, set up camp at 2pm, fall asleep, wake up around 10 for a camp fire dinner and a night hike out
Studying for exam, going to get out if the weather permits it in february

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Damn dogs keep pooping in my cache!
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Well deserved trips m'lord
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I cant wait for warmer weather so i can start my new geopooping hobby.
I fucking love this board.
>geoppoping becomes a new trend
>people all over the world start shitting in geocaches
>people start eateating exotic foods to maximize the smelliness and consistency of their geopoops
>standard becomes a small, hard mass with the greatest S factor (smell factor)
>everybody loves this new trend

I can see it happening.

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Old West.jpg
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I've been looking at Bowie knives and have been wondering if anyone knows of some good Bowie knives for the money?
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This thread is related to my interests

Biggity baggity BAMPity BUMP
To use fighting Indians or fighting Texicans?

Aint good for much else.

This is my old milspec 12inch Bowie I had. Gave it away to friend when I bought myself a new one. The only pic I have left of the knife. Will post new one now.

This one is on Amazon for very cheap if you just like to have a big knife or whatever. I would recommend for first one until you decide to trade up for something more specific you like.

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This might not be the right board for this but I think you guys can help me out.

I'm looking for a cheap place to buy/get made a blanket made out of animal furs. Normally, and obviously these things are usually stupid luxury items and are ridiculously expensive and only come from designers or some shit.

I would be using it for camping with my girlfriend now that its starting to get a bit chilly.

I'm a DIY type of person but I don't know if I'd be up for killing a bunch of foxes and skinning them and...etc.

If I could exploit the...
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what constitutes "cheap" to you?
Preferably free, but anything under $500 really.

Coyote call and Savage Axis in .223 Rem.

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So we all know milk is great tasting and good for you. It's got tons of fats, vitamins, and nutrients. It makes a great meal when you're /out/-and-about, but there's one problem: It goes back quickly when not refrigerated.

Sure it's not hard to take a pint of milk and drink it on the first night, but if you're planning to be out for a few days or weeks, there's not really an easy way to keep milk cold for that whole time.

Luckily there are substitutes. Condensed milk is essentially milk with much of the water boiled off. It comes...
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Now, we usually drink cow's milk, which is fine and dandy. Cow's milk is great tasting and nutritious. But one more advantage of powdered milk is that it can also be sourced from a different source. This is where my photo comes in. Powdered breast milk substitutes are very common in most supermarkets and it got me thinking. Wouldn't breast milk be a better choice than cow milk? Breast milk is made for humans to drink. Our bodies are already suited to turning breast milk into fuel, so wouldn't this...
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I've taken powdered milk into the back country. It works fine. I've mainly used it for the Knorr (formerly Lipton) noodle mixes which gives a nice, hearty meal. I usually portion it out into zip-top snack bags. Its worth it if you have the ounces to spare - and space is more of a concern than anything (it is quite light for the volume).
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future ropegun.jpg
2 MB, 2304x1728
stuff smells like shit

>source: pic related

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Hey /out/,

I didn't see a general for this so I'll start my own thread. Let me know if I should post elsewhere.

I have never backpacked in my life and my hiking experience maxes out at short day hikes. I am going to buy a pair of hiking boots soon and I have a hiking stick, but 0 other equipment.

I have been thinking about renting some backpacking gear and then going on an overnight camping trip (two days of hiking total - maybe one night out, one night back, an easy trail because I'm extremely out of shape) with my girlfriend this summer...
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eh, for $250 with careful craiglist/internet deals/consignment store shopping you could put together that whole kit except for the tent by summer, and then it's yours to keep. then if you're worried about bugs or rain just rent the tent for $30.

if at all possible make friends with a real person who's backpacked at least a few times before, and have them take you on an overnighter. it'll be way less miserable, but no less memorable.

I probably only have 1 friend who has ever even been on a day hike, I don't think I know anybody who has been backpacking. Such is the life of a city slicker.

Tips to avoid being miserable? How bad could it be besides bugbites or getting wet?
>Is this a good way to get into backpacking?
Sounds all right if you're tolerant of mild discomfort. Unless it's winter or otherwise horrible weather it's hard to completely fuck up an overnight. Even the cooking gear isn't strictly necessary, I've done impulsive 2 day trips on a jar of peanut butter, a loaf of bread and a bag of apples. Though bacon and coffee in the morning is quite nice.

Car camping is another way to ease into it, you can bring more...
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Being /fa/shionable is the most important thing while outdoors.
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I wouldn't say most important but it's up there. Having matching gear is nice. Better than some euro milsurp garbage.
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File: IMG_20151007_162255.jpg (639 KB, 2048x1536) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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A weird bug.

File: IMG_20150905_154049.jpg (1 MB, 2048x1536) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB,
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File: 20131029_134156.jpg (2 MB, 3264x2448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Does this count?
Me likey!
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brek for sneks.jpg
78 KB, 600x800

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