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Hermit thread? Post/discuss /out/ related hermits. Pic related is the fort Fisher hermit.
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He went his own way.

Last hermit is best hermit
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Hey /out/, looking for movies/documentaries to watch to help me out while I'm cooped up with school.

Here are some I would recommend:

Mile...Mile and a half
Alone in the Wilderness
180ยบ South
Touching the Void
Happy People
Ride the Divide

What would you recommend?
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nice mountain. east vidette?

back on topic, pic related, and then we swam, damnation
Not mine but it's right at the end of the John Muir Trail in the sierras.
idk man but that picture is absolutely fucking gorgeous

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How does this make you feel? There will never be a person more /out/ than this. RIP in peace Dan Haggerty.
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Every time I think of an out person it's always an actor living in a mansion in Beverly Hills. RIP B tier actor
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Nothing says outdoors like leather and Harley's.
Classic, here's a link to the full movie. Just finished watching it, brought back some memories. Freaking Grizzley Adams man...


The TV show really jumped the shark now. Joe Teti got fired for hurting a dog and Matt Graham said in a Facebook post he's working on a new show, I liked Matt Graham though. Maybe he'll get together with Dave Canterbury.

The 2 new guys just plain old suck. They couldn't even get a fire going "we're gonna die without fire!!!" (thank god their trailer is parked a few feet away) and although I do realize the show is scripted but even the kinda off camera type banter sounds scripted. "Did air escape from your bottom?" "teehee.....
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I don't get why people watch these shows.
I'm just waiting for >666666

Les Stroud is the only one I can watch at all. It's cool when they put him totally outside of his comfort zone in Africa or something.
you fucker

File: swedish-officers-blanket2.gif (53 KB, 300x225) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Hey /out/ I've been trying to find a wool blanket for my outdoor kit. I looked into the surplus world as it was cost effective but I can't seem to find any of the higher rated army wool blankets. The swedish officer blanket is just gone. The German one seems to be hard to find but I did find a bulgarian blanket. The Italian is entirely too expensive for what it is. Can anyone suggest a good civilian cost effective alternative the surplus blankets or link me to some of the surplus ones I can't seem to find?
Pic related would be ideal but I don't think its...
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Is there a reason it has to be wool?

Even a cheap synthetic sleeping bag is as good as or better than a woolen blanket in every way.
>warmth to weight
>warmth to volume
>ease of care
>drying time
>warmth while wet

I don't mean to be "that guy"... but sleeping...
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It's for the inside of the sleeping bag. It's getting Colder and I need to add a layer.
European style rothco is 90% wool and $35 on Amazon. I use mine all the time inside and out.

If you're wanting something better then look into Golden Dawn blankets on ebay. They are copies of Hudson bay blankets.

Also keep in mind a wool blanket will not keep you as warm as a good sleeping bag and it will weigh more.

The pros is wool is great in wet conditions and you'll get all the hott hippie bushcraft babes.

If the weather isn't terrible and you have a fire, it's amazing....
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Who hunts mushrooms here?
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File: Chanterelles.jpg (2 MB, 3264x2448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Southwest Missouri checking in.

Found about 500 morels last year.
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I been meaning to since I see them everywhere but I'm not really educated just yet to poison myself. Not only to see elves but to sustain myself from them too

looking around for a new backpack and on a budget my local surplus place has a ton of these 3 day assault packs on sale anyone have good experiences are they worth checking out? or any recommendations for cheap packs
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If it's the same as what's on Google, then it's only about 30L, so a day pack really. For that you can basically use anything.
well the one i have my eyes set on is a 50L with waist strap and all i am trying to get just a new hiking pack
I have a 50L pack and it works for 2-5 days but honestly I'd just recommend something more like 65L or 75L that you can use for longer should you want to.

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What are some good ritualistic clothing to wear while /out/?

Also, is there a danger of frightening anyone seeing a black hooded figure wondering the deep wilderness at night?

Will this get you shot?
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>What are some good ritualistic clothing
>black hooded figure
you just answered your own question cunt

also this is why the Suetonius Paulinus cleansed the earth of the Druids.
ive got a couple of deer skulls with antlers in the basement and ive been thinking for years of making some sort of weird druid head dress thing and make a robe from natural materials and travel the often used trails and pretending i am some sort of wilderness druid

but im probably just weird
On a scale of Sonic to Atheism, how autistic are you?

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I'm going solo winter camping for the first time tomorrow. I am an experienced camper but I've never gone out alone. There aren't any dangerous animals to worry about in the area I will be in but I'm worried about the irrational fears that strike people in the woods. Any tips for not getting totally spooked out on solo trips?

Inb4 stop being a pussy. The woods are spooky at night and I'm not afraid to admit it. Take your quasi macho BS elsewhere. I don't give a shit about adhering to anyone's ideal of masculinity except for my own.

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Bring a book or a porn mag. both helps. Bring an mp3 with your favorites. A bit of Scotch is also a good idea.
I have these thoughts too, but trust me when you're actually out there miles from anything, you kind of learn to get on with it. First night is always the worst though.
Pack a .45 ACP and rest easy.

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Who /thru-hiking/ this year?

Any tips from the vets?
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i was gonna hike the TCT through like, 4 provinces. havent done much hiking before but im confident.
The only real tip I could say about thru-hiking is that exploring off the trail, and side trails are more fun than thru-hiking primarily because there are less people. I am not a completist or a box-checker though
Not really a thru-hiker since but last year in February I hiked 250km, the only tip I can give is pack light and watch out your feet. Your fucking feet.

File: touching-the-void.15687.jpg (666 KB, 1600x2255) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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post good /out/-related movies

this one always give me the chills
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thanks anon. I watched everest the other day so im in a bit of a mountain film mood.

I dont know many out related films but could try Adrift if you havent already seen it
Touching the void and Everest are both great. The summit is also great and I think still on Netflix.

I recently watched 'all is lost', which I enjoyed. not the most accurate of sailing movies but worth a watch. >>666816

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I was told to go with the lowest temp rated sleeping bag that I could afford because one can always cool off by laying on top or unzipping. Freezing your balls off in the middle of the night and not being able to do anything about it is the worst.

Affordability aside, is a -25 sleeping bag used 4 season a terrible idea? What's the worst that can happen, that I don't ever sleep inside of it unless in a snow storm?
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There is 2 sleeping bag generals, thanks for another thread.
It's much better to have several sleeping bags, than one do-it-all bag.

A -25 bag for 4 seasons isn't a good idea really. It will be much too hot for the majority of the year. You won't sleep well, and wake up covered in sweat. If you're mostly camping in freezing temps, approaching 0 degrees and below most of the time, then sure a -25 bag will work. Most people camp more frequently when it's warmer though.

A -25 bag will be significantly heavier and bulkier than a warmer rated...
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Drawing attention to the fact that you are saging is a rule violation fyi.

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Kind of /out and /k related, as I use my hunting rifles for food and my smaller calibre ones for target practice.

So out of curiosity, how many rifles do you /out/siders own?

I've got:

remy 700 in .223
norc sks
savage 116 in 30-06
ruger scout in 308
No.4 mk1 in 303
mossberg 500 12GA

pic somewhat related
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So far I just own a 22lr Cz 455 thumbhole.
Got it mostly for plinking and some small game hunting down the line.

Pic related, not mine though.

Now I'm looking to invest in a beretta shotgun in 12GA and a Tikka T3 in .308.
Just my levers and pumps and still missing a few, Savage M99 in .308 and Marlin M1895 in .45-70 not present.
I have one shotgun for hunting. Rem 870 express super magnum. Want to get a rifle too eventually.

File: logo_ascend-01green.png (38 KB, 400x284) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Saw some awesome ballcaps and shirts at Basspro
>love em
>wish I could find their website
>all I can find is their fb page that links you to the basspro website
Can anyone show me where to get more of this amazing shit?
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It's a Bass Pro brand
is that so? Hmmph. Thought is was supper new and it's own thing. Oh well. Thanks though!

File: 313cpXJZirL.jpg (14 KB, 370x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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just bought one of these

Leatherman Expanse e33L
>pic related

did i fuck up?
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its a knife, does it cut stuff?
do you think it was worth your money?

if yes to both, then you made a good purchase, all you'll get here is opinion and a shitload of pics of other knives you'll wish you had.
Looks like a Crater with metal on the handle. I like my Crater.

>did i fuck up?
You didn't get the serrated one did you?
Go use it and find out.

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