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Hey can I paracord wrap a blade like this?
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Can I
Should I
Not only can you, you should

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The real deal. No impostors. Spring is coming soon for you folks in the frozen north (hopefully).

So you know, let's make fun of tripfags and discuss fishing techniques, tackle, and show off our catches.
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Suburban fishin is good fishin sometimes
boynton fag reporting in. Going woods fishing. Will report back with findings.
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its working.png
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ohio anon again, mentioning a thought about why baitcasters cast left. the inertia of the reel has to be overcome by the lure before it can move, unlike on a spining reel where it just pulls off the line.

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What is a good "I don't know where I'll be tomorrow" tent?

Are these two any good /out/ ?
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I'd probably go with a one man tent like soulo instead of staika, saving space and weight.
If you're gonna be moving around stealth camping, I would recommend an rei quarter dome.
Bed roll. You literally just unroll it and get in. Especially nice for stealthing because it's easy to setup and take down in the dark.

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So I'm thinking of buying a new outdoor pack from either Direct Action, Maxpedition, or SpecOps Brand. It got me wondering what brands/products you all use for your packs/sacks and what you avoid.

Image related; SpecOps Brand bundle ( that they call their E.O.D. kit for who knows why? ) that currently is what I'm most likely to purchase. Lifetime warranty on the bag, the bundle will cost a little under $300.00.
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>what you avoid

Normal people around packs like in your pic. Are you an edgemaster?

For most people those packs aren't actually all that good. They work pretty well if you're hauling tools around for work, but I wouldn't suggest them for hiking/camping most of the time.
Not at all. I just walk everywhere ( driving is too expensive for me and the local public transport really isn't worth the cost ) and want something that will hold up when I hike home from the grocery store, etc. The light sheath ( for flashlights ) is nice too considering how often I walk at night. I'll prob use the knife sheath for something else unless I'm actually going into the wilderness to camp or something else though.

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Hello, /out/. I want to begin my journey with going outside.
But I don't wanna jump into the deep water just yet so I'd aim for one-day-long-trips in areas near my city. It will include lots of walking so I'd need some good and comfortable shoes for forest-like areas, can you recommend me some?
What type of equipment should I put into my backpack? Water, food, first aid kit (what should it include exactly?) anything else? Got also some swiss knife, dunno if it's good quality gonna figure it out soon I guess. Any special type of backpack for trips like this?
Been thinking about purchasing some baton weapon for self-defense purposes and general usefulness (such as going through thickets etc.) since guns aren't allowed in yurop. Is it a good idea?

The last least important question: do you guys know any cheap camera which will take good photos of landscapes? I think it'll be good to memorize such trips.
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What shoes do you currently have? If you have any running shoes they will work for walking. Pretty much any sneakers will work.

You don't need any special gear, just a backpack to hold some snacks, maybe an extra jacket, and water.

Don't get a baton, you don't need self-defense while /out/ting in Europe.
All you really need for a one day trip is a bottle of water and a jacket
We really need a wiki, this thread gets posted every day.


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Mods pls don't ban me, but why the fuck did you guys deleted my /out/ survey thread? Was very /out/ related and didn't had any illegal content. I'm just curious since we have alot of useless and not /out/ related threads going on. I really would appreciate an answer if possible.
Again pls don't ban me, thanks.
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It may have been considered a spam link.
It only had one link to a strawpoll, it's hardly spam, if even seen with lots of rigidity
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Get someone else to do your homework.

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Does a secret place exist in your town?
One that few people know of. The police may know but never visit. A dark alley or small tree/hill area.
No such place exists in my town. Cant even go into the woods without a ranger or state trooper harassing you.
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>population of 400
>entire town is only a mile square
>has a cemetery nobody knows about

It's actually a state historical landmark and is open to the public but nobody knows.
I live in LA so if I found such a place I'd probably get shot or stabbed by a brown person

Shit sucks
>brown person
Watchout those edges

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/ulg/ - ultralight general
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fucking sick
I have started looking into making my own sleeping bag.


Primaloft gear cost so much premade and living in Scotland makes down fill a bit risky.
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Anyone else have experience making there own gear? I'm dreading trying to make baffles for the bag.

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Hey /out/ I'm trying to decide on some hiking boots to buy, I have some choices narrowed down to a few, was wondering if I can get your opinions on them or if you have some boots that you would recommend more to the ones I will be listing. Also note that I do not hike, but I will be getting into it shortly.

1. salomon quest 4d 2
2.vasque st. elis
3.asolo fugitive
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>1. salomon quest 4d 2
>2.vasque st. elis
>3.asolo fugitive
Ive had my vasque st. elis for about five years still hanging in there. Love them. Haven't owned the others
why what?

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How to get a free vacation getting in shape and learning skillz in the great outdoors.

National Rainbow gathering July 1-7 every year anyone who wants to learn how to build shit and is willing to work and isnt an alkie is welcome.

All you need to bring is camping gear. Food is free. And these motherfuckers know how to cook pizza for hundreds in homemade ovens in the forest.
You can go a few weeks or days early to build tables, chairs, ovens or whatever or show up on the first just to glom off the hippies

If you are faggots that like women, there are topless sluts everywhere
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fl oc 4.jpg
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Hi /out/

Anyone here go scuba diving? What do use to take photos with? I'm going tomorrow and all I have is some cheap action cam. If I end up taking some photos I'll put them up as well. Attached is a photo from my training course.
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Go-pro or the sony equivalent.

jesus that fucking backup reg just dragging like that
yea that was the first thing i noticed. all their backup regs are doing it.

OP. it all depends on where you are going and how deep. i think gopros are 3 atm rated they are the standard everyone uses now. there are pretty good sony cameras that will have higher resolution but i wouldn't trust them over an atmosphere. and back in the day i used to buy disposable cameras that were 1 atm rated at my dive shop, but i don't think they make disposable cameras anymore. and even if they did i don't know...
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/an/ sent me here, said you /out/ists might have your dogs equipped with a GPS Collar.

Anyone have experience using them? I'd like to get one for my sister's dog. The little shit loves to bolt the split second you get distracted.
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buy this instead.jpg
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That's when she escapes, right before you have a chance to put it I her. She's very agile and fast.
Here in East TX, hunting feral pigs with dogs is a common practice and EVERYONE I know who hunts with dogs has their dogs equipped with GPS + shock collars. What exactly do you want to know about them?

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trail closed.jpg
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>I wear jeans and a cotton shirt while /out/
>I go /out/ alone
>I don't tell people where I'm going or what I'm doing
>I don't bring a GPS or any kind of personal locator beacon
>I drink from streams without filtering or using antibacterial tablets
Please, tell me what an inexperienced outdoorsman I am. What other "rules" can I break?
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>>I drink from streams without filtering or using antibacterial tablets
I know, I'm pretty hardcore right.
>I drink from streams without filtering or using antibacterial tablets

oh how i envy you. I have a cattle farm about a mile upstream from my creek, i've drank water from it before, but even after boiling that shit for an hour its still terrible. I just once would like to drink from an ice cold glacier run off knowing its clean.

and yes, I know I was drinking shit water, the power was out, so I had no water, and I will take boiled shit over acid snow any day of the weak.

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Good /out/ locations in Minnesota? Specifically looking for some 3 day trails, if you guys know of any. Also, Minnesota /out/ general, if there are many of you guys here.
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The big one would be the BWCA... if you haven't been there, go ASAP!
This. It is very highly regulated though. There's also a lot national forest land up north that's slightly less tightfisted.
Not a Minnesotafag, but I'm planning on passing through Superior National Forest and Voyageurs National Park this summer. I've heard the mosquitoes are numerous, but it can't be much worse than Alaska.

> go innawoods
> set up camp
> night falls
> chillin by the fire
> smell copper
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gtfo underage faggot
Tell your bitch to clean her snatch
I don't get it

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