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aa residue burn black.jpg
19 KB,
Firefly CLEAN Lamp Oil

candle oil mini actually


does not stink but wtf is it?

i pout my fingers/ nose over it hints of LIGHTER FLUID?

bad product?
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Please, please work on your post structure so people can actually understand you.
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OP Post

no syntax, parsing hard the meaning

make guess

Helpful this?

also, dark residue wick too long

Hey /out/

So I struggle to build fires. I believed I have some curse or some shit, I follow the proper procedures (dry tinder, plenty of oxygen, small pieces of dry fuel, slowly increase size of fuel as I go). For some reason, IF I get the tinder to light (let's say I use a lighter and some news paper) then the small twigs and stuff doesn't burn. Or if I get the small twigs to burn, the bigger fuel doesn't catch alight. It chars, and some of it turns to ash, but it doesn't burn.

also, recently bought fire steel, tried using it on dried grass...
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Sounds like you live somewhere very humid. Try fat wood/ a lot of pine needles (If pine grows in your area )
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As important as the fuel you use is the way you position it. The heat from the tinder has to be contained and transferred to the kindling. One the kindling ignites, it's heat has to ignite and help sustain the larger wood. Try a teepee style fire, this method does an excellent job of growing your fire until it's self sustaining.

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I want to build a log cabin and neet in the woods, I don't care about electricity, I just want to reject society and supporting it, and live on my own. where can I do that?
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I've heard Walden Pond is a pretty good spot.
Why not repurpose an old rusty bus for shelter?
Hi OP, I have the same interest as you. Society is fucked, and I don't want to be a part of it.

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Hello /out/ Im looking for a hammock sleep system that does not need a tarp. Kind of like a peapod design but more light weight.
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We already have a pretty comprehensive hammock thread


Should have all the answers you need.
There's definitely no info there about a weatherproof pea pod design.

What about a jungle hammock? One like the DD hammocks jungle hammock. It uses a tarp, but one that just covers the hammock only. Might be an idea.
Also, one of the problems you'll face with jist a weather oof peapod, is that is almost impossible to seal the ends to make them water proof. Any hole that the hammock has to pass through would be a spot for water to seep in. Water that's running across a surface has a habit of getting into even the tightest of cracks.

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Hello /out/ Anyone ever heard of mission knives? They sell very nice titanium knives. It says they never rust and are much tougher than steel but they don't keep as good a edge as steel. Any experience?
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I'd advise against it. Titanium is great, but brittle.

Just get a knife made from 10-- series (I like 1075 the best) and keep it oiled.
They make it from thier won "beta titanium" which is supposedly softer than steel. Like S7 or cpm 1v or H13 but very tough.

>titanium is brittle

just stop
titanium can be just as flexable and can hold just as good of edge

its that most manufacturers are fucking retarded and no one who actually knows how to work with titanium as made a knife yet, asside from your typical kucked buisnessmen who are scamming you idiots with outdoor knife products which cause 12$ to produce, even though you idiots pay hundreds

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All set for year 2 in NW Ontario
Personal best - 4104
How many of you are good to tear your nails off while being eaten alive by bugs for 0.09$ a tree?
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I applied to Treeline Reforestation last season. I didn't get a job ;_;

Best of luck out there though.
Just hear about this the other day, seems really fun. Am i just being naive?
In america we just hire Mexicans to plant new trees. Those guys can do 5,000 in a day

Ok, /out/, I'm considering going on a long camping trip this summer, and I want to have my own vehicle to do it in. I'm planning to go somewhere in West Canada, in those mountain ranges. I'm not terribly concerned with comfort, so what's a vehicle that has good gas mileage, carrying capacity, and can reasonably accommodate 3-4 people for up to 3 weeks, but would not be terribly cramped/small?
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Kind of a the wrong board. Most everyone here won't consider that really camping (including me)

May as well stay at a hotel and go on day trips... Especially if you're considering dropping that much coin to go on a three week trip.
Well the point really is to get as far away from civilization as possible, and obviously that is incompatible with either staying in a hotel or hiking, because one cannot reasonably hike hundreds of miles from the nearest settlement.

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What are some resources I can use to find cool & interesting outdoor things in my area?
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Ingress. It's in your app store on your phone. GPS capture the flag.
Yeah, but you can't really find cool stuff with ingress, unless you consider a plaque at your local park interesting.

also http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ajcHs4z5wG8
Possibly resurrecting a dead thread, but I was also wondering how to get involved in outdoor activities. Don't really have any friends who want to camp or anything like that.

File: First-Aid-Station-Room.jpg (14 KB, 325x325) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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What would you guys get from this site to stock up for a 5 day canoe trip in Spring/Summer/Early Autumn? Assume it would take 15+ hours for rescuers to get to you if anything were to go wrong.
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What's your level of training?
I'm taking an advanced wilderness first aid course early February
They'll either give you a list of things to show up with, or you'll leave with one at the end of your course. I've found the local pharmacy and MEC to be better sources than the internet.

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Theoretically if someone was to go out and hunt dolphins, where would the most effective shot placement be?

would .50 beowulf be enough to go through water and still be lethal, or should they just use a spear?
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For dolphin shooting you'll want to use a subsonic round as high speed rounds tend to break up on impact with the water or at least are seriously deflected, gas powered harpoon is the best dolpin hunting weapon I'd say but you know shooting dolphins would be more satisfying I feel, please post pictures of the result. As an offshore sailor I fucking hate dolphins.
Bow/spear/harpoon for hunting dolphins would probably be more effective than bullets. Unless you're shooting perpendicular to the water's surface your rounds are likely to disintegrate upon impact. Mybusters tested this. No comment on the subsonic rounds and their abilities to break the surface of the water at an angle. Also ricochets are entirely probably and likely shooting water at an angle.
do you guy's think that some gun powder charges would work to injure them or break up groups of them

I failed to mention that I plan to be doing this on my sea-doo

File: 4L_tv0dxo54.jpg (19 KB, 184x184) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'm on a gap year and I want to travel around. I like seeing new places and I'm tired of sitting around. Obviously, I cannot afford to stay in a hotel every night, so I'll have to be sleeping in my car (an SUV.)

I have no idea how to properly go about doing this, though. I grew up in a wealthy family that was too afraid to leave the air conditioned household, and "travel" to them was waking up at 6am, cramming all the major landmarks of a place into one day, and then leaving.

I bought a sleeping mat and a sleeping bag and threw them in...
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For starters, what continent are you on?
North America, U.S. northwest.
Walmart allows overnight sleeping and campgrounds run pretty cheap ($10-$15 a night) if you need a place to sleep. You can get a shower at some campgrounds and truck stops have showers for $10. Buy some baby wipes to wipe your ass down in between showers. If you don't plan to eat out then a gas stove is a must. Bring piss bottles with you and take your shits at gas stations or if you're out dig a hole and shit in that.

That should cover the basics

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1st come 1st serve.jpg
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Got a gift certificate from Cabela's
Never heard of them before
Not a single thing on the site that I'd want
Free $45 to who ever wants it
Number: 075266176
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>Not a single thing on the site that I'd want

You're kidding right
I needed an actual first aid kit for a while. Thanks senpai.
Damn, I missed it. Get something good at least

File: IMG_4301.jpg (4 MB, 4000x3000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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What do you have in your pack /out/?

I'm going to spend a few nights camping in either Glacier National Park, Montana or somewhere in Wyoming/Utah. This loadout is pretty budget tier, and any suggestions would be appreciated.

Starting right to left, working itself down.

1) High Sierra Titan 55L (with glowstick attachment, and first aid in top pocket)
2) 2L Hydration bladder w/ hose
3) Misc. sleepwear
4) Pillow case stuffed with Misc. Clothing
5) Compact blanket (needs upgrading)
6) Sleep pad
7) Marmot Limelight 2 person tent
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Where's all your food?
>no food
>can't check the catalog
>is a faggot

You're screwed.
Please point me to the thread. All I saw was bugout, which is different than camping.

I always purchase food shortly before camping. No need to have it a month and a half in advance.

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How come fishing isn't considered hunting?
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How come masturbating isnt a sport?
It's a sport if you sweat. That's the rule.
I would fap to that my friend.

File: 190euro.jpg (96 KB, 1735x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I have a Specialized Allez.
Should I buy these for 190 euros?
160 for the shoes.
30 for the pedals.
I've never owned or used road bike shoes and pedals before.
Are they worth their money?
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The pedals are SHIMANO PD-R540.
While stiff soled shoes have been proven to be better for bicycles advantages of actually being attached to pedals have not been proven and are dubious. Might want to considering upgrading your bike instead.
>upgrading your bike instead

Can you be more specific?
It's an allez compact.
What component(s) should I upgrade?

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