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First post here. This is my main /out/doors knife (not my picture). The handle comes with no sealant, finish or anything of the sort. Will treating it with just polyurethane protect it? Thanks!
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Yeah its just personal preference. You can also use boiled linseed oil. Or vegetable oil (blade and wood) or fix'n wax (blade and wood). Or you can really use any furniture / wood sealant you want.
anon we have knife general, you should have asked there, but since you created the thread already you can you boiled linseed oil, it will work good.
But a can of Minwax polyurethane will be fine? Because that's all I have
I apologize. I think I probably just flew past it. Thank you though.

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better cook my own puke than eating this shit, wtf
please stop trying to force your shitty meme

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So, gardening questions...
>back story time
>be me
>living in the hell hole called south africa with what qualifies as a stable job these days
>tried to emigrate, no luck
>fall into a lucky pot and acquire the title deed to an old warehouse, but manufacturing here is shot
>nobody wants to rent tiny warehouse
>feels bad man.jpg
>nig nogs killing farmers left and right here
>soon there will be a food shortage in SA
>get idea to start aquaponics farm, get started before shit hits the fan
>do some research
>figure I'll do it in the warehouse
>limited lighting, why not create artificial light?
>red and blue are optimal, green shows potential too
>visit Mongolia goat breeding forum called 4 chins
> asks advice on the matter

Anyone have advice?

Tl;dr: asking for advice on growing plants indoors using aquaponics and LED lighting

Pic related: advice our president should follow before he fucks us all even more
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Aquaponics creates excellent plant growth in a limited amount of space. But you live in a sunny, warm country with plenty of farmland. So whatever you grow will probably cost more than your competition so what's your angle? You need to figure that out first before you start delving into what grow-lights or aquaponics system you should buy.

What kinds of specialty produce can you grow that isn't being covered by the market already, but yet has enough demand that you can sell everything you produce?

Are there ethnic minorities of substantial population...
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dont listen to this idiot

just read up man
if you cant understand the material then find better material
Not green. You know how plants look green to us? That's because they reflect green light. Stick with red, warm white, cool white, blue. Do research wavelengths, see what works best for photosynthesis (general ranges as well as individual plant preferences).

>>665544 has some good points.

>>665547 too, except his first sentence.

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How often do you get these fuckers where you /out/?
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I gues on half the trips one latches on.

Last one that got me crawled in my butcrack and I had to ask a buddy to remove it. It was kinda awkward.
Totally not gay.
Literally every fucking time, my dogs have spot on stuff so the ticks leave them alone but lucky me I get all the attention. Anyone got any suggestions to keep them off? DEET is fucking useless.

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Found in a river on a mountain
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Looks like glass to me.
Its river glass. Broken pieces of glass that gets polished by the water over time till its smooth. I have a jar of it from my childhood.
I'm leaning towards quartz because of the amount of conchoidal fracturing. A sure way to test is by actually scratching it on glass. Quartz has a hardness of 7, glass is 5.5. I took an intro to geology class.

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hey /out/ this is my first time on this board (yes I'm a newfag don't waste my time with silly shit comments) anyway I'm not exactly what board this would fall under so I was wondering what info you can give me to properly equip myself with gear to survive a nuclear fallout and tips on surviving radiation. I believe in the next year or so Americas probably going to get hit and I plan on making a run for a safe country after world war 3. How should I plan to stay alive in the environment because I may have to walk to South America or some shit
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>comes to /out/doors
>wants advice for staying indoors
>yes I'm a newfag
>don't waste my time with silly shit comments
Why would any one on this board feel compelled to share research with you when you haven't contributed a thing? Google it, we are not here to be your personal secretaries. Good luck surviving the nuclear holocaust dumb ass.
I've already googled a ton of info on surviving nuclear radiation. Non of it is going to help me survive the outdoors.
Power armor is your best bet. Traveling mostly at night helps you sneak past the super-mutants (I'd avoid attacking them directly until you level up a few times and manage to find some decent firepower). Keep to high ground, not only does it give you a tactical advantage and a better view, it also helps you avoid the mirelurks. Those bastards are worse than radscorpions. Taking the "animal friends" perk early will keep you safe from Yao Guai.

Good luck and watch out for deathclaws!

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I'm planning a 1-2 week road trip to the west/south west in the spring. I live in Wisconsin, and am looking for the best places to do day hikes out there. There's so many spots I'm interested in, I don't know which to pick. Here are some places I'm interested in checking out, let me know which one of these is the best because I can only see a couple of them.

Canyonlands - Utah
Grand Teton - Wyoming
North Cascades - Washington
Santa Fe Nat. Forest - New Mexico
San Juan Mountains - Colorado
Medicine Bow National Forest - Wyoming...
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you are me... that's just weird your trip is almost pretty close ish to mine, I also live in WI but was planning more for the summer

anyroad, here are the things that that im doing :

West Yellowstone and Big Sky mt. Montana

Bob Marshall Wilderness - longer ~ 2 day hike to the top and back of prairie reef I was there it was epic

kayaking in Seattle, Lopez island

Six Rivers National Forest

some trails near Boulder CO and the Arapaho National Forest

and finally the Pawnee National Grassland

I was also at the badlands...
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Last year I went to South Dakota Badlands/Black Hills combo. Black Hills was a lot cooler than badlands.

What's at pawnee national grassland?

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Why does everyone on /out/ end up homeless. I've seen "about to be homeless" threads every day for the last month or so. What's going on?
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Its really not that bad. Check out /r/almosthomeless and /r/homeless
I think that people who are about to be homeless come here looking for outdoors advice. It's not that they browse /out/ and then end up homeless.
This x1000. If any one them had experience /out/ they would probably not be asking us how to go /out/. They might be asking more urban specific questions but not 'how do I survive the winter?'

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Sleeping bag
Spare shirt, pants, underwear, singlet, socks
food rations
water bottle full of water

What else?
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Long John Silvers
Dragon dildo
This. It's a must have in these crazy modern times.

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One guy tried to start a thread but it went nowhere

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I love listening to bands like Agalloch when /out/, really gives you that lonely forest feel and makes you appreciate the woods, really changes the experience for me. Also Empyrium.
Awww shit is it time? Love me some music threads.

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Long story short I'm going to end up homeless for awhile and don't have money to stay at a hotel. How is stealth camping in Canada?

My plan is to stealth camp in the wilderness, hunt wild game for food and going back to town once in awhile for supplies. I don't plan on going near cities.

What i'm afraid of is getting mugged and confronting rangers. Has anyone done this before? How long will I last in the Canadian wilderness senpai i need to know before I start buying gear.
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Bump, good luck and stay strong OP
suck up your pride and apologize to your parents.
You're fucked. You obviously have no idea what you're doing or how to do it.
Just fucking get a job and live in a tent in the woods.
I see all sorts of lazy fucks around town bumming it. Maybe tthey earn enough to not need a job, but they sure as shit aren't "hunting wild game in the woods" and shit.
Get some min wage shit job, buy food, bum it in the woods or around town.
You're not going to last a week in the wilderness.

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Post pictures your trail cams took
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Bullshit. That's a fake setup in a museum or some shit.

Since when do trail cams have flashes?
lots of them do, except most of them are infrared now

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Is an assegai a good hunting weapon?

>in before durr hurr just use gun
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Gun use just hurr durr.

Op cant inb4 newshit.

Also hunt with what ever you want.. Spears are wayyy to much work for my lazy ass. Ill stick to my bows and firearms
Traps are best

No just no.Fucking stone age BS.
Fuck Shaka and the Zulus.

That is all.

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amateur astronomy.jpg
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dear /out/

im thinking of starting a hobby as a amateur astronomer. I have always enjoyed space and want to start this up.

anyone on this board an astronomer or do this as a hobby already?
any tips or gear that is cheap/helpful.

I currently live outside Philadelphia so light pollution in my backyard is an issue, but Lancaster has always shown good promise.
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You should start with a decent pair of binoculars (I have 7x50s) and a star chart app for your phone, to learn your way around the sky. Then think about getting a telescope.


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Lichthof. How would you make more natural light in this kind of small and dark place like "lichthof", if you would live on the ground-level, and only you could go out to this "tiny beton garten"?
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Where is this "Lichthof" common? Isn't just in Germany?

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