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Hey /out/ I live in Texas and love going outdoors but due to living in Houston I rarely have the opportunity to "get away" as most of the camping spots I go to are full of people. Does anyone know of any reclusive spots where there isn't a lot of people and I could just hike and camp in peace? I really get tired of hearing some dbags blaring the last fetty WAP mix tape or dirt bikes. Plz halp.
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Thanks for that pic of Revy tho.
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You have amazing dispersed beach camping anon.
Many of us would kill for that.

Set up camp onna beach. Trench fire, catch fish and make fish tacos.
You could be living the dream

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62 KB,
It's all in the title, post your jobs. Whether they're what you've done/ you're doing/ want to do. I've worked with the NPS doing basic surveying jobs and trail maintenance for a few summers in high school. Which, considering the park is built around a huge trail, I got my share of gear hauling in.

Anyway, post jobs and descriptions, I'm sorta looking for something to do next.
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not for the lighthearted though

>Garden Technician with B.A in Lawnmower studies

But seriously do a guide course at either state or private reserve. Then do the field hikes with tourists trying to keep the K/D ratio down between lions and Chinese tourists.
Yeah, one chuck of my job for a month was tracking down planted trees from years before. The span of the trees were over 8 miles in either direction and the GPS just didn't work. Although I'm guessing dedicated planters would have good equipment.

What do you do when the night's are long and the days are short? Went hiking myself in December
>sunset at 4pm
>sunrise 8am
>stayed in bothy
>bored out of my tits

Actually just thought fuck it at 6am and hiked in the dark with my headtorch until sunrise (was just a forest path).

How do you keep yourself occupied in downtime?
>inb4 fap
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Having trouble with the same thing here in Texas, it's a warm winter but it doesn't get cold cold here til on into February and March. Went for an afternoon hike yesterday at around 4 next thing I know sun is going down over a hill and it's getting cool and dark. Was pretty disappointed

I bring some whiskey and take swigs every now and again. I like having a constant buzz.
>he fell for the camping in winter meme

There's a reason people don't go camping in the winter you retarded coon

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I wanna buy a kukri, any suggestions
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Buy a chainsaw, much scarier and can process more wood.
DO some initial research and come back with some more specific questions, I mean fuck if you want something put in just a LITTLE effort, its not our prerogative to give you all the information you think you need.
not true. its easy to assume OP believes that someone else has put legwork in and found a model of kukri that isnt all show. this is his research moron

at OP, the sog sogfari is a popular kukri for both its price and effectiveness

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looking for something i can get in canada that i can charge up and itll have battery juice when im outside, just looking to charge my laptop off of this... any recommendation? dont know how to google this
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bump, was thinking just grabbing a 250$ generator and just running it off that, gas generator doesnt sound efficient for running a laptop off of though.
Why the fuck do you need a laptop.
As a fellow Canadian, I suggest killing yourself you little piece of shit.
You're welcome.

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Hey sc/out/s, So I'm looking for a good pistol to take out with me on solo overnight camping trips because I'm a scaredy man. Would a 9mm round be adequate protection to fend off wolves, bears, and skinwalkers?
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.44 mag or die.
9mm doesn't have a lot of stopping power for things like bears and moose. I would recommend 357 magnum - 45 ACP, maybe even a shotgun.
Non hunting gun threads go on >>>/k/

A fucking BB gun and a can of bear spray would be adequate protection because none of those are realistic threats if you know anything at all about camping and zoology.

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Avid hiker but I'm looking to do something a little more /out/, looking to do a multiday trek, now my biggest issue is my lack of knowledge, I know the very basics on building a fire etc but after reading some threads on here I'm realising that a lot of 'survival' stuff I've read or watched is just memes. Do you guys have any suggestions for books or websites where I can learn real knowledge about the outdoors?
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> ignore the first faggot that says "Into the Wild"!
Exactly what I mean when I say I'm realizing all I've seen/read is just meme bullshit, I want to learn about something useful and that I can use rather than stuff that I might need if I'm the only survior of a plane crash in the Andes
I think you're better off crashing in the Andes with a soccer team on board.

But that may just be me.

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the river.jpg
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Hey /out/, what are some good sleeping pads for a good price?

I am trying to start camping again after a long hiatus and I've always slept on the ground but if i can recall correctly if was fucking freezing and uncomfortable.

I also remember it being cold enough for frost in the mourning so decent insulation would be nice.

It would be preferable if they were somewhat long as i am on the tall side.

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Sleeping pad ? That a new thing that hippies use on the PCT ? If a wool blanket or tarp wont work. Stay home or at the hotel. Leave the woods for hikers. In scandavia you would get your ass kicked for suggesting such shit,.
I got one of the cheaper thermarest closed cells, ridgewhatever. It was $30 on sale. I've been sleeping out in Colorado springs the last two days, it's pretty great.

Pads are the way to go.

I have overcome my prejudice and switched to air.

I like Klymet pads. The Inertia XL is a nice one pound pad. The Recon Scout about half. It rolls to the size or a banana, really.

Pure unadulterated comfy: Big Agnes insulated Q-Core. None finer, about two pounds.

My next, Neoair Exo-therm. Light and hig r value, so $.

Klymets pic related.

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Can we get a tipping thread going?
I never know how much to tip.
I went flyfishing with a guide this fall and at the end of three days I just gave they guy a 50. I had paid the fees to the flyshop in advance and they really did not say anything about tips.
I got the feeling the guide was a bit disappointed.

This week I dropped of two snowboards and some skis to get tuned up. I pick them up tomorrow and have no idea if I am even expected to tip at all.

TLDR; tipping thread.
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50 are you fucking kidding me ? Should have just stayed home. what an asshole.
I generally just tip with a rip.
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Grettings /out/, I am a 4chaner but a rare visitor to your thread
But I figure what the hell we all are all family and you might as well help me, so I come to you with this:
I own a leather(buffalo) flying jacket for more than 8 years and I am in love with it
Problem is it has started cracking
How do I take care of my second skin?
Wax it? Smear fat on it?
I know how to take care of my leather shoes, is it the same procedure?
Pic somewhat related
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1 MB, 252x197
/out/ is not bothered with leathers?
/out/ is a slow board, especially during US nighttime.
For jackets, it's best to use leather milk/creme since regular grease is a bit rough (esp. on thin leathers.) Waxes and polishes are strictly prohibited.
Proper care of a leather jacket is done in the summer so it hasn't seen rain for sometime. One to two months of complete dryness is recommended - any moisture absorbed by the leather will be trapped inside by the grease and can turbofuck your garment.
If it's started cracking already and...
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Daily wedge thread.
Pic is mine, made of aluminum, very light, easy addition to any kit. Can split logs for days with no worries at all.
Lets kill this batoning meme shit.
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I do have a wedge but I don't carry it with me. I've never really needed to split wood outside of home use. I can see where it would be a good carry while /out/ if you know you're going to need a lot of lumber for fires. Mine always gives me great uniform splits, and you can use absolutely anything to drive it. Never let me down once. Tip: its best to leave it dull , that way the split goes with the grain. I have seen people sharpen their splitting wedge, but this allows the wedge to cut its own path and you end up working against the grain of the wood creating...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
I have several wedges of different sizes, not sure what material they are but they are heavy
File: 315QcETZRcL.jpg (13 KB, 400x244) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
13 KB, 400x244
Ampco Safety Tools flange wedge
Nonsparking, Corrosion Resistant, Beryllium free
2.1 Ounces
$10.21 on Amazon
I give it five stars, works great. Though I don't end up needing it much... when i do its a life-saver.
Is wedge-ing really a thing?

pic related, from amazon.. sorry I don't have pictures of my wedge just floating around.

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I have this cheap pup tent thats served me well for 2 years now, super light, compact and easy to put up. Looking for a higher quality version of this pup tent that doesn't weight a shit ton but can only find surplus stuff on ebay.
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The highest quality tent you can get is a used coleman off craigslist. These fucking idiots think you should buy an expensive tent are idiots man! Most of the time I just use this tarp I got from harbor freight and since I never needed anything else these faggots who are sitting iside on facebook sure as hell dont/
A nice black label Hilliberg is advised.

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Post your lawns/gardens
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228 B, 700x700
It's the middle of winter mang
Why would anyone mow a lawn, when they could just do drugs?
I don't see why you can't do both. Meth fueled yard work is the best yard work.

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So, I want to start fishing this year. But, I need to buy all the gear and maybe even a new rod.

So, anyone have suggestions on what I should get for a started kit? I'm talking hooks, lures, reading material, etc.

If you want to send me amazon links or anything like that, it would be great. Oh, I live in Canada if that matters. Southern Ontario.

Does anyone here use waders? I was thinking it would be cool to have a pair. I am mainly doing river/lake fishing. Not fly or deep water,

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Ice fishing?
File: image.jpg (2 MB, 3264x2448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 3264x2448
There are a million choices. Honesltly, I would grab a decent rod+reel combo first. If you spend ~$75 (USD, so probably like $3000 CAD) you won't get a piece of trash.

And then I would say just get a cheap starter kit from Berkley or whoever. A plastic tackle box that will come with a few assorted hooks, bobbers, and maybe a couple lures. Then start fishing at your local lakes, see what is biting and ask what other people are fishing with, and you can start adding lures. Stocking a tackle box can get expensive...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

you may be a dumbass, but youre my kind of dumbass.

ask around for what people catch, whats in your rivers & lakes. start there. you may only need a treble hook & some worms, you may need some flashy flies. depends on what you can catch & what theyre used to. but the previous advice is pretty solid.

also, no on the waders until youve done it for a while & know youll keep doing it. start from the bottom.

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Is it gay if me and my friend ride a tandem bike together to uni? We dont have enough money to buy two seperate bike and it'll help us bond more. We're both not gay, however we both dont have girlfriends but we arnt gay.

just need to know
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Totally not gay. You should do it OP.
Really fuckin gay.
>not enough money

Aren't tandem bikes about 800-1500?
That's plenty to buy two separate bikes. I think you're gay

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