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I attempt to keep myself busy with a lot of reading while /out/ for a few days. Playing cards, bird watching, trail hiking... but I'd like to get some more original ideas on how to keep oneself preoccupied while out. None of that 'heard it a thousand times' drivel you can pull off Google. If you do something truly unique while /out/ to keep yourself entertained, I'd like to hear what it is.
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I try to find interesting things to nut on

I find geocaches while I am out.
Fun to have a lil scavenger hunt.
Then take a shit in it and put it back.
Make tree houses.

Dig pit houses.

Build Shelters generally.

Do drugs.

Stick my dick in a soft mud hole and make the earth my bitch.

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Just some pictures from a 10 mile hike I took this morning. Nothing too special.
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IMG_4342 (scaled).jpg
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For some Yes, for others No.
is this what camping is like?
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OwO whats this
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A faggleberry. It spreads gayness on contact.
Is the stem hollow?

If the stem is solid, you're safe. Hollow stem means poisonous fungi.
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Looks like

I've seen a shitton of those so it's the first thing that came to mind.

Can somebody tell me what this is?

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Ive had my bonsai for about 3 weeks now and all its been doing is dropping leaves. It has dropped about 5 leaves. I have a ficus ginseng and it is kept in a south facing window for the majority of the day. There are also tiny leaf buds that look like they should be growing for more leaves but have remained stagnant. What should I do?
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Either too cold, water too little or too much.
Weather is changing for most of the world. Summer to Fall and such. Light changes and slight drafts will do this.

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Post a picture of your state and places a traveler should camp/hike/hunt/fish/whatever is fun to do while /out/.
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I'll post my shitty state.
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texas is terrible.png
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Hey /out/,

I'm a blacksmith, woodworker, outdoorsman, and I do HVAC for a living. I bought a Morakniv the other day on a whim, and i'm using it for work (because it was like $10 and I don't care if I screw it up).

If you guys are interested, I'll let you guys know how it holds up to actually getting fuck beaten out of it. I figure it'll be ammunition to finally prove or disprove the "morakniv is god" thing.

Pic related, mora on day 2.
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very interested
Moras have always been good affordable knives.
Always carried one when I was a kid.

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When you're snowed in, stuck in a city or just can't make it to the trail, does /out/ play vidya? What game do you consider to be the most /out/ and best simulates them comfy woodsy feels when you can't make it to the trail? My personal vote goes to Firewatch for just being a laid back hiking simulator.

However, right now I'm playing pic related and fuck it makes me wish there weren't torrential rains in my area right now.
>crafting hunting tools from scratch
>Lara can just live innawoods...
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fuck yeah my cousin got me into that. great game

unfortunately it's a little short only what, like 6 hours? that's if you don't just wander the wilderness though. I loved getting all the maps and just meandering around. good shit
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Animal Crossing: New Leaf, or the original one on Gamecube. No game is more comfy.
Growing up I used to love playing Cabela hunting games, but they're all trash now. Thinking of buying a PS2 to play the old good ones where it was also about survival. You had hunger, thirst, weight limit to what you could carry, etc. It was a fun game.

Now a days, the only video games I really play are mobile games while taking a shit. I haven't owned a console since the original Xbox, and hardly played PC games besides Counter Strike. I bought Arma 3, Day Z, and other games in the likes, but most of the servers are full of ignorant kids that what to role...
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How can I get a house (even to rent) with a cozy fireplace? I'm poor and I probably always will be because I'm disabled. I'm tired of living in my apartment. It's like an ant hive. I want to live in the country with a fireplace and a pond and gardens and stuff. How do I poorcozy?
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Buy cheap land in a flyover state. Put a cheap house on it, if there's none already. Spend most of the money on installing a really nice fireplace. Just make sure the property has access to good drinking water.
I've considered this, but I'm probably too poor even for that. To build a house, even skimping insanely is still going to be thousands of dollars more than I've got.
Are you so disabled that you can't chop and haul wood, or stoke a fire?

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i really want to try a decent torch.
i got the stick.2-3 cotton t-shirts.nails for sticking shirt to stick
i just need somekind of oil.animal fat is out of question.it's too long to cook and get ready.i don't have any alcohol or lamp oil either.
should i make it with frying oil?or use gas?
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>cook bacon
>save grease from pan in soup can
>make torch
Cut the break line on your moms van and use the break fluid.

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So I've been having this issue where I wake up in my tent very unrested and with my neck and shoulders in a lot of pain.
I thought powering through it was a good idea, but It makes camping more a couple days a chore, instead of relaxing.

tl;dr why is sleeping so uncomfy and how do I fix?
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Likely because you purchased your sleep setup from Walmart.

How to fix it: don't buy your shit at Walmart.
Dubs confirms. Buy something slightly better for twenty times the price at REI.

Or get it at their "Garage Sale". Wait in line for a ridiculous amount of time and get it at ONLY FIFTEEN TIMES the price!
Get used to sleeping on the floor at home. Your body will adapt.

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We forgot telt plugs, AMA
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>telt plugs

Tent stakes?
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absolutly disgusting
Apparently you also forgot a knife. Otherwise you'd just cut some out of the myriad small trees that surround your camp.

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Is there any drone hobbyists on /out/?

Right now I lug around a DJI phantom 4 on my long treks

I just ordered my DJI mavic pro which is like the phantom but around the size of a water bottle when folded and still shoots in 4k with an impressive gimbal and 7km range

my phantom 4 decided to home in on some dog shit the other day and it made me sad
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eh, I just have cherson x10, its a blast inside the house but outside the wind messes with it too much. I would like to get a beast one to follow me skiing or whatever like that fuckwit Casey on youtube.. he's video quality is epic and yes I am jelly.
I actually have the same drones as Casey
the phantom 4 and mavic

They are incredibly easy to use and they practically fly themselves now

it is worth saving up for one if your not ten feet under debt wise.

Drones are making me lose weight haha
Had surgery and got really fat and now im innawoods everyday with these fuckers all day looking for the best shot possible

DJI is the way to go

Gopro Karma's are good to

Typhoon's are good as well
>DJI mavic pro

Yea I wish I could spare the bread on one. Didn't the retards pass some laws about drones now - you need to register? I guess so they can confiscate them when SHTF.

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Hey guys,

I'm a Canadian interested in going to the US this December (say from the 25th to January 5th) to possiblity hunt whitetail/boar/roe deer with my wife.

- How does Crossbow hunting work for Virginia/Kentucky or nearby states? I saw that most allow it till January 15th

- Being a poorfag, how can I get in contact with someone who owns land so I can rent it for a week? I'll bring my own gear and a camper, I just need a place to do it. Outfitters might be too expensive, I'm seeing 1k for 2 people ...

- Can I use public land and...
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Well, I'm in Georgia.
>most state public land hunts are by lottery/raffle. But they also work by a point system, so if you don't get picked this year, you skip ahead of people next year, until you're eventually guaranteed a slot after a couple years if you don't get picked.
>there are restrictions on using rifle during bow season, but bows can be used during rifle season.
>Canadian/out of state tags are expensive....
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Oh ya.
Whitetail deer are a precious commodity.
Wild boar are a nuiscence.
No bag limit, no age/gender restrictions, open season all year long.
You might even find a farmer that will pay you to kill them.

A friend who works forestry was invited on a hunt next spring.
Free cabin, all we have to do is bring guns, ammo and food.
Damn man, that's expensive.
I read up some info on Public Hunting Lands for Virginia State Parks and here's what I've gathered:

- Anyone can enter public lands with a 18$ license
- Hunting archery permit for non-resident is 30$
- Deer license is 100$

Limit of 6 deer (2 per day) out of which at most half are does.

Primitive camping is allowed for the duration of the outdoor activity (tent trailer...
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What cheap /out/ phone is the best?
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iPhone 7

Posted from my iPhone

For real tho, what the hell is that CAT phone? We have these Motorolla handheld computers for work and they have a phone build in but idk what you would need the computer capability for.
samsung galaxy s4 active.
there is no such thing as /out/ phone. it doesn't even make sense.

File: 20161008_180221.jpg (4 MB, 2988x5312) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4 MB,
How do you rate it?

Needs some finishing touches and a paint job.
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10/10 if you want to die
You need to secure this thing to the ground ASAP

it is very stable and strong, 4 of us were up there with not problems at all. The pillars are of chestnut about 7 meters long.

Thoughts on tactical bags for overnight hiking?
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They work. Pretty effay too. Although if you're going out for just one night it would make more sense to use a lighter pack.
Anyone know where I should look here in nz for a pack like op's/maxpedition? Looking for a comfy, durable, earthtone pack in the 20-35L range with attachment point galore ideally. Everything seems to be larger and geared towards hiking (what I have now) or those neon daypack backpack types.

How do I into archery?

Im thinking of getting a recurve just for cost and learning reasons, eventually getting a compound to use for hunting when i get the hang of the recurve.

Whats a good budget for babbys first bow? Im a strong guy so i could handle a relatively high pull strength

What accessories do i really need for a basic target shooting setup, maybe venturing into some small game before going compound
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Expert advice doesn't come free, that'll be $14.99 please
>Whats a good budget for babbys first bow?
You can get a Samick Polaris or Sage for less than $150 and both will work pretty will.

>Im a strong guy so i could handle a relatively high pull strength
Bows use different muscles (And in a different way) than most people usually use their muscles. Don't think that just because you're strong, using a bow isn't going to feel awkward as fuck at first. Generall, something with a 30/35 lb....
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>shooting that many arrows into 1 target

Seems like a good way to break your equipment.

Also, this is the only video you need to watch, OP:


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I'm gonna be a hobo in 20 minutes

what do I need to know about the outside world to not get killed
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Know the difference between a goose and a duck.
A goose can kill you and an duck can't really.
1) A shiny mylar blanket will keep you alive to -20C. Below that, stuff your shirt with walmart bags.

2) You can tell if a mushroom is poisonous or not by whether it has a hollow stem. Hollow = poison.

3) Build up your immune system by drinking small bits of water unpurified/unfiltered. Gradually work up to your whole water intake being such.

4) Speaking of water, you do need a lot. Luckily you can get it from eating tree leaves which are about 95% water.

5) If you find yourself in doubt, moss grows on the south side of the tree.

6) Growing...
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How do we get this added to the sticky?

Any of you guys do flint knapping?

I want to start doing it since I'll be heading to a region with obsidian deposits, and I want to fletch myself a bow and arrows from scratch. I've seen most youtubers use copper tools, but is it possible to use stone only to make fine knapping with?
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Of course it's possible. I would imagine it's mostly for convenience, as you can standardize and shape your tools in a way that maximizes your efficiency, but we used to do it when we could barely be considered people.
Holy fuck, why is antler so fucking expensive?

Any suggestions for what can be used instead of antler for fine knapping?
Protip: During the winter before deer shed their antlers, find a small cluster of small trees growing closely together. Place a mineral or salt block in the middle. As the bucks stick their heads in to get to the salt, their antlers will rub the trees and become loose. If you're lucky, you might be able to find a few good sheds around the base of the trees.

File: IMG_20161014_162417872.jpg (2 MB, 3264x2448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB,
What is /out/ doing?

>Tfw enjoying the sun by the beach as usual
I can't lie, lads. Life as southern Euro is comfy, too fucking comfy

Pic related
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pay debt
Hummm, how about...


File: innawoods2.gif (3 MB, 176x250) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB,
So /out/, assuming you had the good ol' 3 layers (base, mid, outer) and enough skill to make a raised sleeping platform and safe fire, what's the coldest temperature you could reasonably stay the night in and still want to do it again?
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File: DSC_1372.jpg (1 MB, 1200x803) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1200x803
did my first solo overnighter up in the mountains here in NZ last month, sleeping setup was pic related, camped right on the lake which was a mistake (gonna go somewhere wind-free and higher above the valley this time), think I got a couple hours sleep but insides hurt in the morning and felt drained so went home, which I'd like to avoid. Really into my light pack weight tho thus the want of ideally no sleeping related gear, is it doable outside winter with a fire, warm clothes and insulation from the ground?
>is it doable outside winter with a fire, warm clothes and insulation from the ground?
Yes. You may also want insulation from the wind. If your tarp is open on the side facing the fire, a Mylar blanket at a 45° angle behind you (opposite the fire) is awesome for bouncing the heat back at you. Plus they pack small and weigh almost nothing.
not taking the tarp this time, plan is to make a lean-to,raised bed with pad on top (inflatable sleeping pad is the one sleeping item i'm holding onto), fire and then a reflector wall if i have time, unless the environment presents a better option

File: 1476159785845.jpg (205 KB, 452x554) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Now that is clear that is only a matter of time until the happening how are you preparing yourself? Do you have support from family and friends? Are you a loner that will try to make it alone?

Other than water and food what are your main priorities? Are you reinforcing your home? If so how? Do you have a secluded location to go? And physically, in what state is your body?

So many questions and so little time, get hyped my niggers because if we pay attention to what is going around us it seems very clear that shit is about to hit the fan.
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>what state is your body in

Texas cus if moved anywhere else I'd take up two states
Sustainability. Know how to farm various vegetables and their seasons. Know how to hunt fish, clean, and cook various animals. Know how to build shelters. Know how to start fires using various tools. Know how to cover your tracks. People who spend money on SHTF marketed gear are faggot niggers.
I want to learn trapping my area has tons of small game

Went on a 4 day 3 night trip to the northern cascades in Washington state.

Pic dump/discussion thread.
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Had a strange experience with some bears out in the adirondacks this past weekend. Wondering if anyone has a good explanation.

Gf and I did an overnight in the pharaoh lake wilderness in the eastern dacks. We set up camp near the lake in a designated primitive tent site and followed all the rules for bear country: cooked more than 100ft from tent, hung all food, pots, and toiletries in a bear hang, finished cooking before dark, etc. We were in the tent by 21:30 and were silent by 22:00. About twenty minutes later, I heard a bear grunt that seemed to be about 30ft away....
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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"Hey Dave, what the fuck is this shit we just walked into?"

"Fuck if I know Bill, but I can smell some of those hoo-mans inside this weird standing-den."

"Oh, they dead?"

"Nah, I can smell a bit of fear on 'em. God damn, this den-thing feels good to rub my face on though."

"Cool mate, let's just hang here for a bit then continue on."
You're REALLY overthinking this, Anon.
"Dave I smell pussy."
"Me too, a nice bloody one!"

No reason to think at all.
Pic related? Black bear? Blackies I don't really worry about them. Try not to get spooked. If the weather's good I just sleep with my cot, sleeping bag, and a pistol by the fire. I woke up once to dead branches on the ground snapping and him slurping from the pond near by. Woke me up, knew what that it was him. Got a glimpse but just put my pistol over my cheast and went back to sleep. He carried on. Most of the time op, they really don't give a fucking shit if the whole forest hears them. Their not that...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

Hey /out/

I am going to phoenix/flagstaff Arizona in a few days. Are there any good places for going /out/ in that area?
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File: IMG_20151212_124407.jpg (581 KB, 2048x1536) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
581 KB, 2048x1536
>Sedona rules them all

Skip the PHX-Modror tier fuckhole.
Is Sedona really that good or is it just a meme? I feel like hippies talk it up so much because of muh power crystals and ayylmaos. I've never been but as far as I can tell it's really like most other places, just the rocks are a little redder.
> never been

Dunno, I've only lived here since '97. I haven't seen enough yet.

Perhaps you should go "party in Tempe"?

File: IMG_0354.jpg (113 KB, 635x643) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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#91-"The Big One" Edition

Previous Thread:

Why aren't you microfishing yet?

Still waiting on anons to help me with the Pastebin. If anybody is really familiar with and wants to write a short intro guide and equipment list for pier fishing, surf fishing, fly fishing, river/stream fishing, etc. send it to me at GetSomeMemes at gmail dot com and I will post it on the Pastebin. All I have on there so far is an intro to lake and pond shore fishing and I think memecaster...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: image.jpg (42 KB, 750x379) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'll get a pic when I go to lunch
You just need a longer pole.
File: IMG_0343.jpg (74 KB, 480x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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That's what she said

File: lszwjxq4w4glmpethkjb.jpg (94 KB, 800x533) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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So i have been wanting to train hope for about a year now and have done Various amounts of research.I get the premise of you need to be near a train yard and understand which trains to hop on which are not the oil tankers or anything like that. I get that you have to be able to survive for hours and hours of being on the train and then camp out in the woods to try to catch a train back or go to the closest town . I understand a lot about it now but I promised myself that I would never do it until I talked to somebody who has done it before. So I was wondering if you guys have...
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tl;dr prepare to get beaten up, robbed, and arrested if you try it solo
If hanging out with a bunch of filthy, smelly crust punks who live for stealing booze and dumpster diving for food appeals to you, by all means do it.
i do.where are you?

File: IMG_0360.jpg (2 MB, 2592x1936) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB,
Hey /out,

Long time listener first time caller.

Currently driving solo across Canada to Vancouver. It's the first snow of the year and I'm wrapped up nicely in the sleeping bag.

Shaved naked in the woods along the north shore of Superior today. It was beautiful.

What are some cool solo trips you've done?
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Military satellite probably took a pic of your micro-penis that'll show up on google maps in 10 years when those images are declassified and bought by a mapping company.
File: IMG_0354.jpg (1 MB, 2592x1936) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 2592x1936
Somehow fucked up that image rotation.

Anyway here's another pic. Looking forward to the BC views and camps. Will contribute when the time comes if desired.

>memeing that hard

I have ascended well above traditional gender roles

File: YooMg_f-maxage-0.gif (952 KB, 240x228) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
952 KB,
>when his pack weighs more than 15 pounds loaded
>when he wears boots and not trail runners
>when he isn't a thru hiker
>when he isn't ultralight
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How many of these threads will you make before realizing no one cares and you're just shitposting?
People like OP don't even go outside. They just find out what meme is on a board and constantly repost it. Like the no coiner shitposts on /biz/ or the morning wagecuck posts on /r9k/ or why do I need a car when public transit on /o/. They should be reported and banned but mods are fags.
>wears shoes without ankle support
>cant do more than 500m elevation gain and or loss
>complains about bordom
> doesnt bring extra socks or midlayer because MA ULTRALITE

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