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How much of batoning is a meme, /out/?
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For that guy in the picture? A huge meme.

He's clearly in his back yard. He's batoning a piece of wood big enough to burn by itself once a fire is established. The piece he has chosen to baton could even be hardened since it looks like it's already been in a fire.

That fucking nigger even has a well used batoning baton.

I bet if you gave him shit for it he'd just be all like "Yeah well, I did it to test my gear. I want things like this to happen to me in my back yard, not...
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An extreme meme.

Never in my life have I know or heard of a native or daily knife user that has ever batoned in his life.

I have never batoned in my life. It is not a necessity, even in an emergency, I dont know how one would need to baton for firewood.

I like how the backyard youtube survivalists baton just as a test of toughness that will make manufacturers come out with solid products, but I also miss knives that are thin and can actually cut well.

Arguably the worst part about batoning...
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Found an old camp near me that's no longer used. It's about a mile up the road from where I am, and is about 500 acres of land with about a 25 acre lake.

Was able to talk to the land owners, who don't live close, and they gave me permission to hike the area and check it out.

Several old lodges and cabins are there. It served as a boys camp from the 1890s to as recent as 2012.

Looking forward to it soon. Will post pics.
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More of detail of the map.

Red is the dirt road that I travel to the property. Only a handful of houses on the entire road.

Blue is the closed off access road to the camp which is overgrown some.

Grey is the 500 acres of the camp.
Green, not grey, sorry.
That looks fun, do it up!

Any surveyors here? Interested in an /out/ job that involves math/science and isn't conservation-focused.

>what kind of education is needed?
>is there other training/certification necessary after college?
>how soon after college did you find a job?
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Civil engineer here.

You need to get a degree. There might be some 2 year ones, but I am not sure.

Then you need to take your FS (fundementals of surveying) exam. I had to take and FE (fundamentals of engineering) it was super easy but I am not sure how it compares to the FS.

Then you work for a few years and take your PS exam (professional surveyor exam). Again, I took the PE. The PS was in the same room. The PE is known to be somewhat brutal, but the PS guys (and girl) looked fucking miserable.

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>what kind of education is needed?
None, or you can join the labor union.
>is there other training/certification necessary after college?
No. Certificates are available for those pursuing their license. Some places don't require one to submit a map.
>how soon after college did you find a job?
Immediately. I got a job with the company I did my college internship with.

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>I read somewhere that civil engineering was rewarding

I did not mean to imply that I do not like my job, or that it is not rewarding. I just don't get to /out/ much during the day. And when I do, it generally is not hiking/backpacking out

>why the do we have to use your software
All of the surveyors I work with use Civil3d. I personally hate civil3d. It is a very buggy program that crashes all the time (at least the versions from a few...
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Hey /out/ I'm havin some issues. I need to get back into school, but I can't really do a 4 year university in my situation. Is there anything outdoors/nature oriented that I can get from a trade school or community college?
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Sorry for the pic, phone tends to flip them
Probably, but it depends on where you are. I'd recommend checking out what your nearby Community College(s) has to offer. A Good thing to aim for would be getting an AA at the community college and then transfer to a 4 year to get a BA.
Man, trades are a great way to go.

Be an electrician, make great coin

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So /out/ im getting trown out by my parents, and I need some thing to know.

What do I need to do if I want to go backpacking my way from Europe to America?
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Start walking you retarded Muslim
dude im no muslim .
Thats one of the reasons im leaving aswell.
My whole country is taken over!

Where is the second hitler!

Hey guys, Ive had copd since I was 2 so I never really got a chance to go out of the house much less /out/ and I'm dependant on blood by monthly transfusions due to another illness.

Can you guys post oc from when you go out in this thread please. I love seeing the pictures you guys post.

Tldr; ITT oc /out/ pics
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I don't have much, but I'll post a few pictures from going /out/
File: 20151012_122754.jpg (2 MB, 3264x1836) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 20150731_191948.jpg (2 MB, 3264x1836) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Hey guys I'd like to hear your opinions on hiking alone in desert. I basically have 2 "fears" in this field - Being the only soul sleeping in this little tent with no help around in case of bandits(got no gun)/animals, second is like twisting my anckle or falling with no help around.

Thought? Experiences?
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I doubt you will meet banditos. As for everything else, make a plan, tell someone when you're supposed to be back and share that plan with them. If you don't make it time, have the person contact emergency services.

Really that's the big one. So many people could possibly be saved if they just let someone know where they were going.
I have traveles couple of times in the desert. I know it, I know what its like, how much water I gonna need. I'll print the exact route I'll be traveling but yet I find it a bit scary to be alone in this endless nothing. I guess I will start with 1 day hikes then move to sleeping out too.
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>twisting my anckle
heeh heeeheee HHHeeeheHA!
,, last spring i sliped into a ditch,, slow scraping roll backwards.,
,,i live alone,, dont knowhere im going,, maybe friends will stop by,, and leave.,
, and no cellphone.
,my own personal Everest!
,, getting up the side of the ditch was EPIC!, take off coat to cover sharp rocks,,starts sleat,,, The Summit! VICTORY!,,,?
,now for the 1 Ky (KiloYard) Crawl thru the storm,,to the road., healed in a month!GUDBODY!
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wahoo killer.jpg
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Old thread is nearing bump limit.

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spell it correctly you dumb nigger
"Just a friendly reminder that threads about weapons which do not pertain to their use in outdoor activities should be posted on /k/ instead. Thanks."
>the biggest meme on /out/ isn't out-related

Nigger please

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Feds panicking as patriots examine land fraud and begin restoring the land

"There is a very clear threat to BLM employees," Eardley said, (threat of their crime being exposed)

>The leader of a small, armed group occupying a national wildlife refuge in southeastern Oregon said Monday he and his followers are going through government documents stored inside refuge buildings.

>Ammon Bundy told reporters the documents will be used to "expose" how the government has discriminated against...
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These people fight for your freedom and against tyranny. They will fight for you even if you are a traitor. They cannot be stopped.
Use your words little boy and remember we don't care about feelings

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>You have been rated qualified and referred for the position of Wildland Firefighter (Range/Forestry Aid/Technician), GS-03

So by just knowing math I got rated at level 3.
What am I getting myself into?
Did I apply to a /out/ job?
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It's more out than most jobs, but it's not at all being close to nature.

Prepare to have your world turned upside down with the politics of the fire service. It's the most disheartening experience of my life. The system is so broken, and inefficient it's a literal waste of tax payer money.

Did 3 seasons, one as a captain, and had to report a guy for swimming while we were on the clock. He got fired on the spot.

It's boring as shit, and the work is pretty demanding in waves. Also you don't get to choose your company, and that...
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Damn son you sound bitter as coffee.
Really bummed me out.

I just wanted to chop trees and throw flares into the woods
damn, what agency/park/forest did you work for? All the fire guys I know love their job. Also...wouldn't swimming on the clock, you know, be highly discouraged?

Most of fire seems not to mind doing PT and tool maintenance when they're not on actually on a fire.

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I had to hike in tropical climate for a long time using the only hiking boots I have. They stink like rotting socks now, naturally. I was wondering maybe you guys know some tricks how to get rid of the smell without buying some special deodorant? Would be nice not to stink like death when I couchsurf. I tried freezing the boots for a few days, it's -20C where I live, but it didn't really help. Any ideas? Pic unrelated.
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I heard that vinegar is supposed to remove smells.

Get the cheapo stuff, soak them boots and then wash them with soapy water. The vinegar should eliminate the rotten smell and the soap should get rid of the vinegar smell. Just check if the material can handle acids
Collidial silver will help kill the bacteria.
after you get rid of the smell, you could prevent it from returning by removing the insoles and replace them with some fancy anti-bacterial charcoal soles

Give me your dank /out/ songs, im trying to compile a playlist.

Heres a favorite of mine.
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Youandewan 1988 also Youandewan 93
Haven't heard that song in a while. I think for me it's gotta be Heard Them Stirring, by the one and only Fleet Foxes.
Gotchu covered senpai.


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/out/ related movies on netflix.

Pic unrelated
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Don't have Netflix but from memory:

The book of eli
Into the wild
Shaun of the dead
Apocalypse now
BBC planet earth
The way back
Little.miss sunshine
Cast away
> The Way Back

Is that the one where the POWs walk from Siberia to Italy?

Yes. Its a pretty comfy movie to watch imo

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Is it safe to eat seriously damaged/hamburgerized grouse meat?
I shot one through the top of the breast and it messed it up pretty bad.
I was going to slow cook them anyways...think it'll matter?
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I'd do it. I hunt ptarmigan and grouse. Don't have any pictures of my kills on my phone though.
OP here.
Yeah, consensus from the mates seems to be go ahead. I finally got sloppy with my .22lr shooting and missed the headshot, but since they're faster bullets at closer range I don't think I have to worry about eating hemorrhaged meat- it seems in birds your biggest worry is consuming shot fragments.
Enh, if I get appendicitis from eating a bullet fragment I'll let you all know.
>damaged meat
Are you using hollow points or something?

You really should switch to solid points if you don't want to completely fuck the meat up on small game.

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>/ftt/- #2- Too Much Edition

Show off your new buys, ask questions, tell stories. Last thread hit the bump limit.

I'm about to throw on the trusty Mepps Agila #3 before the sun goes down.
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File: image.jpg (2 MB, 3264x2448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Trusty ol' Mepps Agila #3

That was a fatty
File: image.jpg (3 MB, 3264x2448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 3264x2448
>tfw next cast after the big bass, I get a 14" bass on the same lure
>Starting to love this yellow Mepps #3 with the silver blade
>Snag it on a rock a couple casts later

I'm sad now. I have an excuse to go back to Bass Pro now. Or maybe I will order from their website. Better selection, I'm going to grab another yellow/silver in size 2 and 3 and possibly 4. I think I already have that color combo in 0 and maybe 1.
Go for a swim bruh

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