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So /out/, I've just spent the last year working as a laborer in rural construction and have come to the conclusion that I'd rather off myself then work a desk job no matter how much money it made me. What kind of trades/skilled labor positions should I look into if I want to work outside with my hands?

I live in eastern Ontario
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I landscape and live it. Mind you I live in BC so I can work pretty much all year. Well we take a couple weeks off around Christmas and January is really weather dependent. Personally I see the little bit of time off as a perk though
Computer programmer. Get with Y2K.
Recruitment professional here.

In my experience, millwright jobs are decent in terms of skilled trades. The outdoors kind of industrial millwrights aren't in demand right now though, with things in Alberta the way they are.

You already have construction experience though, so I suggest you become a construction millwright, the payrate is roughly 25-40/hr depending on experience and the contract. If you are gonna do it, try to become a dual ticket millwright/industrial electrician.

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Cooking set thread. I'm looking to update my few year old cooking set.




With titanium cup



Any other ideas? My last set up was stanley adventure series and it never let me down. But I see a lot of people hailing the 40 oz bottle with cup and that would give me more storage for water filters and what not
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I would love to find something double walled with an outer sleeve cup for boiling and a locking lid for left overs. Dunno OP, everything on the market sucks.
> double walled
> boiling


Is this backpack good cuz i bought it and now waiting for delivery
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No, it's cheap and probably sucks a little.

But it's also cheap, so who cares? Just enjoy it till it rips apart and buy something else.
>all these people asking us for advice AFTER they purchased something
Alice bag is cheap too, one of the best backpacks out thete

The Bundy brothers have no intention of stewarding the land on Oregon or returning it to the original families. They intend to auction off the land in parcels and use the money to support Ammon's failing transportation company in Arizona.
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Oh look, another BLM shill thread
Truth hurts, doesn't it?
I just can't wait for the Oregon national guard to politely ask them to leave in the form of doing a few fly-bys in an apache.

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Whats up with canadian wilderness laws?

I can't even carry a decent airgun to hunt for wild game, theres all these protected species (can't migratory birds like ducks). Theirs bears everywhere which you are not allowed to harm. 90% of Canada is wildlife yet you can't defend yourself without some kind of permit.

Am I just reading the laws wrong, I'm trying to bicycle across Canada but it seems its not possible without a huge budget and staying at motels.
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>Hi, I'm going to bike 5000km across Canada but I can't figure anything out or do anything for myself
>Am I just reading the laws wrong


> what pants do?

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Hey /out/ I want to get a backpack but have no idea what and where I should be looking for.

I'd like it to look like someone one would be in public and go to school with but also suitable for the great outdoors.

So which backpack and from where should I order it? Europe btw, would be nice if the website would have other outdoors stuff too.
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So you love him but are unhappy the left isn't as repulsed by him as they are of Hitler because muh rascism?

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somewhat of a poser /out/. I like the idea of being /out/ though I think I'm too used to creature comforts.

how do I get into it for real? especially if I don't have friends or a social life?

what are some cheap/affordable yet surprisingly handy edc gear to get for an average person
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>what can I buy for cheap that makes me look more rugged?
You are asking for everyday carry gear to go /out/?
Every day?
Where are you going?
What are you doing?
Long sleeve shirt

You're welcome.
nah stuff that is handy in everyday urban life yet is still somewhat /out/ish

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Black male going solo camping soon.

How do I avoid crazy racist militant types? Should I carry?
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Don't act like a nigger and you probably won't hang
No offense but if I see you I'm going to hassle you
If you smile: don't show your teeth. No one will see you, m8.

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download (1).jpg
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What's it like hiking in a country with dangerous wild life?

Are you constantly on the look out for bears or wolves?
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Unless you hike where there are brown bears, there are no dangerous wild life in North America.

The couple of times I've been in brown bear territory were a little tense, but nowhere near the fear I have had of falling, or a dangerous water crossing
But what about mountain lions? and black bears?
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>Unless you hike where there are brown bears, there are no dangerous wild life in North America.
Jesus fuck you're retarded.

Make noise while you hike and camp, talk to yourself, sing along with music, have a small speaker you play your music through. Doesn't need to be deafening, just enough to let something know you're there. That's enough to keep most bears and such away unless you force them into...
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Question, how viable would one of these be for /out/ adventures? And or does anyone do this?

Obviously depends on where you live. I feel as though one could viably hammock camp hard to reach lakes, flat tops etc.
But could you bring enough gear, and gas?
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Ultimate bug-out vehicle.
That pic reminds me of a hommocktard in a windstorm

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ITT we post things we never wish to see while /out/
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Top of the food chain predator, that has dominion over all of earth's resources.
Humble pilgrim seeking inspiration from a transcendent world
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there's more than two kinds of scouts

The smart kind
We're all above average. But John Denver was God-tier.

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Hey guys i wanna get into camping. I used to as a child but had a trailer and and a generater. I wanna do wild camping and fish for my food and trap small animals. Where would i start what do i buy.

Pic kinda related
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Start small, work your way up. Buy a full setup of whatever gear you can afford, but keep it minimalistic. Upgrade from there. There's good advice and gearouts listed in the bug out bag thread. Don't pack more than you need.
Ok yeah ive been doing research something to cook with and sleep to start i guess. What would be a good startef backpack that i can pack a tent and other things.
backpacks are pretty basic. desu, just go to an REI or something. Bags are going to cost you a good bit though.

have any /out/doorsmen been confronted by a park ranger while illegally camping? I've recently moved universities and kinda want to go overnight camping with a fire etc... but i don't want to go to overcrowded tenting parks.
what do?
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where do you live?
If you're in the US, go to a National Forest and camp outside established grounds. It's called dispersed camping and it's free. As long as there isn't drought conditions and/or you aren't above a certain altitude you can also have a fire.
>you aren't above a certain altitude
What is this restriction?
I have never heard of this.

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I found a source for thermally reflective olefin, the same stuff that SOL makes their escape bivvys out of (great product), but the roll is much more material and more expensive than I want to get. I want to know if anyone would be interested in a group buy?

The material is rain proof, breathable, thermally reflective and very durable. I could make envelope style bivvys with this material on top and waterfroof polyethylene on the bottom for about $20 each. I already make a lot of my own gear, and this would be a pretty simple project. The temp rating and breatheability...
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The bivvys would be about 2.25' x 6' with an overlap to shed water in lieu of a zipper to save on cost and carry weight. I need at least five people for the group buy. Total cost after shipping of the material to me and a finished bivvy to you would be around $25. I'm also planning on dyeing them OD green, but may be able to fill requests for other colors depending on how many people buy in/if you want to throw in a couple extra bucks for a special color.
id be willing to buy one. Maybe another later if i like it.
no, they bivys would make a great wind breaker or water barrier, but they are worthless shit on their own. and the only practical use for them would be as a weight saver, if you could use them on their own, but you cant

ive been through SOL and all these shits..
the best one is the thermal tent made out of a tyvek-like material

it only requires an EVA foam mat roll to be placed at the bottom to prevent tearing, but that only sweetens the deal by providing insulation from the ground. they both are very light, much lighter than the most expensive backpacking tents,...
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