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Is Osprey the best for mid-price packs?
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>not waterproof
>not carry-on size even without the daypack
>no tensioned mesh back for superb ventilation in tropical countries
>this is considered a good travel pack in the current year
Wew lad
File: DSCF0506.jpg (623 KB, 1600x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>comes sprayed with scotchguard and has a rain cover, that's the red thing
>is perfect for carry on
>has tension mesh back for superb ventilation control in tropical countries
>don't know what the fuck the forth thing means
Wew lad
Stuck between these 2 bags for both a male and female.
Condor is $180, no frame (can get one though for around $50/$80 with straps), 50L, loads of MOLLE for gear.
Deuter is $240, has an aluminium internal frame, 50L +10L extention, though only has 2 external loops for gear.

Which shuld I go with? I'm hoping to get 5+ years from the bag.

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Hey /out/ I need your advice. I'm not a pro photographer at all but I would like to get into photography and night photography, specifically taking pics of stars. But I have no clue where to start, can you guys recommend me a beginner setup that won't break the bank? That would be great
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there is literally a photography board and a technology board

there's also a thing called google
Ok sorry bud, just thought I could get some advice on /out/ cause I know some of you do photography, and I like this board the most
Hopefully you don't live in a huge city with lots of light pollution.

Check this site: http://www.lightpollutionmap.info

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Anyone here have one of these things? What are some of your impressions?
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I use it to carry matches as my edc. We had to burn some boxes and shredded paper at the office. Looks good not to tactical but still functional. Few people have asked me what it was and liked it
I also have a house key. It opens my hose and works pretty good. Maintenance is also minimal.

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Wool Blanket.jpg
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I have an old WWII 100% wool blanket that I got from a local military surplus store last year. Does anyone know a good way of cleaning it? I assume throwing it in a washing machine is a bad idea. I am not very knowledgable on this stuff.
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I think modern wool is treated, whereas natural sheep's wool just has a smell to it. I have an Italian army blanket that I have to keep locked up because my dogs obsess over the smell, and I'm sure they'd pee on it, given the opportunity.
The one I own is from 1942.
I have one from WWII and I washed it and it did not shrink, it also got less scratchy

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Carp fishing thread. Post anything Carpy and we can discuss. I'm a British carp angler by the way. Picture is my set up.
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Aussie fisher here. Carp are fucking pests, only place they belong is on a rock, dying.
Locally, they've destroyed all the cod habitat, and pretty much killed off wild trout. Fucking little cunts they are..
when i see carp i sharpen a stick
spear them
and toss them into the bushes
nasty fucks that muddy the water, taste like battery acid, and kill off all the other fish

it's illegal in my state to to not kill a carp after hooking it
Interesting. My fishing buddie's uncle lives in Australia. Says you can be fined if caught with them.

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fuckin mouse.png
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Draw me a knife that:

looks nice, in your opinion
is practical for a stated reason
will sell well for some reason

I'll pick one, make it and post it to you if you give a good drawing and reasoning.
TL;DR design a knife you would like to be made.

Pic half arsed related
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File: outknife172016.jpg (18 KB, 760x461) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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5 and a half inch blade, half inch guard on each side, blue rubber handle wrapped in yellow cord. /out/ stamped on blade
You should make that one.

File: 20150705_165231.jpg (2 MB, 3264x1836) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Going arrowhead hunting for the first time tomorrow. Any tips or advice? Pic unrelated
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look down
Oh shoot. I didn't try that, thanks anon
I have artifact hunted on some land in Florida, where they were known to be.

We dug a hole, a big hole. and then you stand in this hole and use a shovel to expose the side of the hole, and look for arrowhead or spear heads sticking out the side. we found several, taking turns in the hole, and drinking beer. you need to be careful, because your shovel will break the tip off the arrowheads pretty easy.

my brother in law found a beautiful spear head.

File: 20160107_132145.jpg (2 MB, 2336x3424) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Hi, what do you think about concept of " EDC " ?
Look mine on this yt video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YL481c_0IBs
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>"Geek bag"
The farthest you ever go outside is to starbucks.
Do you ever feel retarded because the headphones you have arent worth a quarter of what the msrp is?
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I'm gonna build a small cabin near a pond on my property this spring. Probably gonna be a 12'x12 to a 16'x16' depending on budget. I'm gonna try to equip it with a small solar power setup, just enough for a little TV and maybe a mini refrigerator. I might also add a rainwater purification system and a little garden. Also gonna buy a cot to keep out there to sleep on. Any other suggestions?
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Where about do you live?
Check if you're going to have to follow building code etc

Any carpentry experience?
small solar panel will not be able to support the refrigerator. The power usage on them in pretty insane.
Oklahoma, we already checked, no permits. As for the budget, I have no idea.

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If work, time, and money were not an issue, what would you're dream /out/door adventure be?
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The PCT and CDT are both trails that I will do. The Hokkaido Nature Trail in Japan is the trail I really want to do, but will probably never be able to thru hike unless I win the lottery.
Those aren't issues. Its really cheap to hike compaired to "normal life" get a few grand in good gear , quit your job, sell your car, if you rent, put you stuff in storage, if you have a house, put you stuff in storage and rent the whole house, or even just sell it. Depending on your vices you can do a thru hike on 3-6 grand over like seven months.
Go the entire length of the pan America highway, from Alaska to the very southern tip of Chile. And go on hiking adventures along the way.

I understand people spend about a year or more foe the entire trip. It would be the adventure of a life time. Plus I would like to go back to Peru and Chile.

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How should one deal when hiking with a partner who has asthma? A few friends of mine are coming into my town over the next couple of weeks and there's a girl among them who is about 240 pounds and has asthma.

When I learn how out of shape she was I suggested that they not bring her along, but they are adamant that she really wants to see the hills.

It's about a 6 mile hike on a really gentle incline but the pathway is rocky and uneven. What can be done to not wear the girl down or flare up her asthma?
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Lol guy, she's fucked. Totally and completely. 6 miles? You might've been okay with a fourth of one, maybe.

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Anyone else here going through fishing withdrawal? Been months since I've fished and I'm itching to get after some flathead in spring. Also general catfish/heavy tackle thread.
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jeezus OP this looks like a screencap from a horrifying LiveLeak video
Was a shitty pic from a few years back, phone didn't have flash so I'm holding flashlights and the phone
I know how you feel OP, I barely got to use my new reel last year due to drought and fishing restrictions laid down by the state. All of my high lakes are snowed in right now and my pos car can't hang. Probably still at least 2 months left before I can start hitting it hard ;_;

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Hi Sc/out/s!

Patch Anon here! Just wondering if anyone want some new patches made?

Hope you had a nice Christmas and New Years!
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looks bretty good, interested
I bet there is a strong correlation between a board's level of autism/aspergers and the per capita patch sales. Or at least the variety of patches on offer.
File: IMG-20151030-WA0002.jpg (780 KB, 1200x1600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I had 59 orders varying in amounts of patches per order but averaging something like 2 per order.

Patches are used for backpacks,caps and clothes anon's want to put them on. Some anon's collects them just for the sake of making a patch quilt to hang up somewhere in the house.

I have even seen some patches on gun straps ha ha!

The making and design of patches are submitted by Anons and I usually put a demo up in 3 day's to show them. If there is anything they don't like I...
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Is it still possible to backpack through America? I'm becoming increasingly... depressed about my life and I would like to see many things that I have not. I get motion sick in cars, and I do not have a license, so I am left with either my feet or a bike.

I planned on working and saving up in order to buy the supplies I need, and I am curious if it would be better to simply walk or ride. I figure walking would be cheaper but not as effective. I am also a little worried about being hit by a car whilst biking and also not being able to take in as much, if that makes...
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America is pretty big so if you don't want to hitchhike, the bike is a better bet than feet, though people have walked it. Our very own Tourfat biked it with no preperation, and so can you.

>What do?
Go for a weekend trip, then a week, get a feel for what it's like, and it won't be as scary.
File: 20130521-161731.jpg (432 KB, 1365x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I say bike or motor bike.

>motion sick in cars

You may find you don't if you are in control of it.


Yep and there was also bamboo bike bro and postie bro in Aus.

No, I get motion sickness whether I am driving or not. Had a learner's permit thinking the same thing and no, still sick.

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Are these shoes good for hiking?
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you'll get the same answer you got on /k/

/out/ will say no, but if you don't mind walking in them then it doesn't matter. Buy what works for you, not what the internet tells you to.
And /trv/

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