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Hey /out/,
I'm deciding to grow some plants in my backyard that are interesting yet somewhat difficult to grow. Would you guys recommend Opium Poppy and Foxglove? I have a bunch more plants I want answers from but I'm just asking ab out these 2 right now.
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Interesting * op

Poppies are real easy to grow. Scatter seeds early and they germinate quickly. I never bother to thin mine, Just let them go. When they flower it is great. You can collect the seeds or dump them on the ground for next year. They're kinda like pepper shakers I say. Also, you can collect the seeds for cooking.
Try growing tobacco. I'm gonna get some seeds soon and give it a try.

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Has any company ever made the transition from an outdoor themed apparel company to a semi-respectable manufacturer of actual performance gear (jackets,backpacks)?

I don't have the money to start designing and producing real gear, but I think I could try my luck at T-shirts and such. I would use this money to work my way up and become a respectable company, hopefully. I don't want to become just another "outdoors" company like Hippy Tree that just makes crap for college kids.

Any good examples?
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>I don't want to become just another "outdoors" company like Hippy Tree that just makes crap for college kids.
But that's where the money is. Besides, the performance outdoors equipment market is pretty oversaturated.
I can't think of any examples myself, anon, but here's a bump because I really want to know where that picture was taken
Southern Utah, I think it was Salt Creek near/in Canyonlands NP.

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I got 1500 bucks and 6 months. What should I do out?
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A little vague. Do you have trans and where are you?
join my traveling band
That's perfect to be a grubber thru hiking the AT

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Anyone have any luck growing exotic fruits? I dont mean just the mini lemon trees you can get at a store (though I do have one of them, and I love it). I was thinking of trying to grow things like Pawpaw or black sapote; fruits just I can't find anywhere.

Do ANY of you have experience with growing those-or any other fruits-indoors? Living in Michigan limits what I can grow; and while Pawpaw can grow outside here, most any other fruits cant.
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Same exact problem, man, except I've moved across the river to Canada lately. Are you looking for novel flavor, or just a wildly exotic plant? If you just want something to look at, the Japanese fiber banana works in certain parts of Michigan. Actually, according to the USDA PLANTS database, figs grow wild in Macomb County, so that might be something to look at, too.

What part of Michigan are you in? Microclimates from cities and lakes can make a big difference for what you can grow outdoors, and you might...
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I'm in NY Zone 7, Kiwiberries grow incredibly well, but they take like 4 years to get any fruit from. as long as you keep them trellised, trimmed and watered, you get an incredible amount of fruit, they are tough, last year was the coldest winter we've had in a long while, hitting zero or below zero a few times, it didn't seem to bother the plant in the slightest.
Flavor, mostly. I'm trying to eat healthy, and the best way to encourage myself to do so is having plenty of tasty, nutritious things around to eat. So, plants that can offer delicious fruits just lying around growing by a sunny window or a short walk to the backyard is a great way to keep me from driving to the local gas station for snacks. Also, they add flavor to the healthy dishes I cook up.

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Any recomendations on cheaper good hiking pants for snow? I'm losing weight so I don't need anything real fancy and I'm not doing anything hardcore.
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>Not fancy, cheap

Just wear what you have you hipster doofys
I actually have the same pants in your pic OP, but they have suspendeders built in.... I use them for skiing.

They are awesome. Got them like 10 years ago on sale for like $20. Got a Marler ski jacket too for like $40... come to think of it, I got ski boots MSRP $800 for $125.... needless to say, that store went out of business. Everything was always on clearance seemed like.

They're good pants but I've never hiked in them. Only ski in them.
I got a pair of Arcteryx drac pants. They are only 260 bucks. Great for snow once you put some long John silver's under it.

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>be me
>trapped in Shitcago
>stuck here for at least another 2-3 years

How do I /out/ while I'm here? I lived in Colorado for over 2 years and now the whole midwest is a huge joke to me. As soon a I save enough money I'm getting climbing gym membership, and that's really all I can think of besides the forest preserves.
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Get up to Wisconsin, or go either out west towards the Mississsippi River or south like Carbondale for anything that resembles terrain and wildlife.

Check out Starved Rock or whatever the hell it's called. My sister went camping there a few years back and witnessed some dude jump off a cliff and kill himself.
Youre in the Great Lakes region and Cant find an /out/door activity?

Are you hurt or sick? Is something preventing you from thinking clearly?
Well, name one place a day-trip distance from Chicago where there's /out/ stuff to do. I've looked into sailing but I'm pretty broke right now so it's off the table. Basically right now I have typical camping gear, and a small trad climbing rack along with mountaineering gear I've put together over the years.

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Anyone doing anything cool this week? I got snow shoes for Christmas and everyone got their hours cut to 20 where I work, so I think I am going to learn to snowshoe since I find myself about an hours drive from the mountains with nothing to do until next Monday.
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I skiied for like six hours today, not counting a break for lunch.

It was awesome. I am tired.

Rock climbing and snowboard trip this weekend. Maybe some polar bearing one of the nights.
I wish. 31 hts since monday, thurs, fri PLUS sat to go!

Cleaning up to the bank, though.

No idea were else to post this but I was on Google maps and saw this in the Sea of Okhotsk... just bored and overthinking it.

So guys what could be blacked out?
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it's my house.
It's where they're keeping KAL flight 007. Look it up lots up inconsistencies in the supposed downing by the Russians.
56.360366, 143.394420
zoom out a bit

File: yBXCh5O.jpg (3 MB, 5312x2988) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Images that could be cool for background images, pic related is the Grand Canyon
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File: 5NEPOmw (1).jpg (3 MB, 5312x2988) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
5NEPOmw (1).jpg
3 MB, 5312x2988
Fresh install, haven't brought my photos over yet. Needed to update that folder anyways, old computer's desktop pics were outdated by a few years.

All mine are ones i've taken.... except this one.

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is there anything in florida thats cool. Im a fan of heights but obviously there is no mountains but maybe any urban treasures i could climb/explore? But this includes unknown swimming holes or caves and things not a lot of people know about that can for fill my adventurous side?
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Are you a native? If so, what county? If not, when and where will you be visiting?
Im a resident
Weren't you told in the OTHER Florida thread just yesterday to take up aligator wrestling or did you not use the catalog again?

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You can only take 10 items with you on a 2 day camping trip.

What do you bring?
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8 boxes of a dozen rubbers and two redheads.
1. RV
2. 80 inch TV
3. Beer Keg
4. ???
5. Profit
>unable to count to ten

Maybe next year you will get the theme of this and other similar threads, poor anon.

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Hello /out/.
Let's imagine that you and a few of your friends are sent back in time to the stone age. You don't have anything, the only tool you start with is your body and your intelligence. You will have to use bushcraft skills to survive.
After setting up shelter nearby a river, setting up traps for small game and crafting spears and perhaps even a bow or two, you want to advance to the next step in technology. You and a few of your "tribe" find some copper ore after getting to know your surroundings. How would you go about collecting, smelting and...
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I would make a birch bark canoe!
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Current issue is primitive metalworking, not transportation.
Shit... this kind of just highlights my complete lack of metallurgy knowledge. I honestly wouldn't even know what copper ore looks like, much less how to smelt it into bronze.

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What's the better /out/ store, Cabela's or Bass Pro?

I've only ever been to Cabela's here in Winnipeg, and it's fucking awesome. What's Bass Pro like, going there next week.
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Like Cabela's, totally overpriced shit you can get online for less.

Enjoy, consumer robot moron.
BAss pro shops has a huge lunker tank
sales make stuff pretty cheap sometimes
Fuck off the store is part of the experience. Half the time I go to basspro I don't even buy anything.

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We're in some of the coldest days of the year now, let's see what keeps you warm at night.

I picked up a Trek Tk II long edition from Sea to Summit a week ago and took it out this past weekend. Overall very comfortable and fits into my backpack very well, compacting to about the size of a NFL Football. If you want temperature ratings on it I found this on their website
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Ive got a woods microlite rated at 40 F.
I usually just use a fleece liner with it in the winter. Have slept comfortably down to 23F with this setup. Been thinking about picking a Kelty Cosmic Down 0 degree bag. Any anons have experience with this bag? I mostly due long distance hikes so weight is sort of an issue. If it wasnt I would probably just get a modular sleep system but 12 fucking pounds is too much for a bag.
File: ultralite-850x206.png (212 KB, 850x206) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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My winter setup is a Western Mountaineering Ultralight. It's rated to 20 degrees F, but I've slept in it comfortably down to around 0 degrees F using a silk liner.
Anybody have any suggestions for an affordable 30-40 deg rated bag? I want to start backpacking and all I have is the bulky crap one I used as a kid. I don't have a ton of money, but I can save if I have to.

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This is satire? Right?

This board has no time for satire. Lives depend on our collective seriousness.
File: zed_loves_pbj.png (71 KB, 649x435) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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This is stupid.

Z-Zed is that you?
Nice parody.

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