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Is Hammocking a Meme or are people who say it is dumber then this Orangutan ?

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Saged and reported for obvious shitposting and trolling
Hammocks are uncomfortable as shit.

I'd much rather cut some wood and build a platform if animals worry me.
Not true, I haven't slept in one in a while but growing up it was my favorite part of vacation and I actually had a hammock strung in my BR in my teens.
Definitely getting one for /out when I'm on my own.

How do I break it to my family that I want to get into hunting?

Both parents are pretty anti-gun in general. Family never owned a gun. Only thing we had was a pump air rifle for squirrels that were getting fucking with our roof. Once my dad figured out it was raccoons, he stopped shooting squirrels and used have-a-heart traps on the coons. Mom went insane when my dad bought me a toy revolver watergun when I was little.

I'm moved out now and in college. I participated in a trapping seminar at my university and helped skin a coyote. Saw raccoons, beavers, and...
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You have to be 18 to post on 4chan.
Where do you live¿
I guess you don't and then realise your parents are smart people that don't want to hurt animals for no reason

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Hi /out/ist. I buy my first knife. A folding knife. I buy it to cut nylon while Im fishing. Now Im wondering how many other uses a folding knife have.
So far, I took a wet branch and peel it off to get a dry one. I sharpened one of its extremes. I had made some shavings...
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inb4 deflate people

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vango tents.png
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Hey /out/doorsmen. I was wondering if you could help me decide between these four tents. They're all 2 man tents of similar price (though i get a discount which is why I want this company). I'm going to be wild camping in the Scottish highlands. I really can't choose.

I'm mostly leaning towards the Blade or the Banshee.


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fewer poles mean lighter, but you need to be able to stake it better, which may prove challenging if the soil is very loose or stony.

versatility of tent placement is why i'm a big fan of sucking up the extra pound or two for a free standing dome tent. are the ones your showing your only options?
They're not my only options. I have a discount with Vango though. These are just the main 2 man tents. I'm going solo but i don't want a 1 man or a 3 man.

There's the Tempest, but i feel like i don't need all that porch.

And the Mirage, but it seems complicated.
just glancing at the options, i prefer something like the zephyr or halo. free standing, stick it anywhere, don't have to worry about staking. don't know how pricing compares, didn't see them readily listed.

i agree with getting a 2 person-versatility and space is worth the weight and price premium for a general use backpacking tent.

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Any hobos out there? I'm the caretaker for the Utah Phillips Centre for the Hobo Arts. We act as the union hall for SLOW (Street Labourers of Windsor), a union for anyone who makes their living on the street, like buskers, scrappers, street vendors, panhandlers, and pickers. You can see pictures of the centre on our crowdfunding page, Go Fund Me dot com slash SLOW-IWW.

For those who are unfamiliar with the terminology, the difference between a hobo, a tramp, and a bum is: a hobo travels from place to place to find work whenever possible; a tramp will work, but only...
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I was a Harmonica Hobo in the late 60's, early 70's. We were pretty famous and won a bunch of awards for playing harmonica, singing, and dressing like hobos

Good times
File: IWW-EMBL.jpg (19 KB, 256x256) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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You ever join the IWW?
We were like 7-12 years old.

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So I'm a uni student who went to a shitty state uni (university of Vermont) because I thought it would have a great outdoors program and I could do my favorite activity in the world, backpacking, every weekend.

Well It more seems people here are just interested in smoking weed and watching Netflix so I'm unable to find anyone to go backpacking with. They have an outing club but it requires exouberant sums to go on the trips.

What's the best way to get out and go as much as I can if I can't find people here? Is there backpacking groups or should...
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You live in Vermont just go.

t. Nebraskan
Those girls look sturdy, like they know what its like to be the bottom of the pyramid
Smoking weed and watching netflix is pretty great, anon.

But keep working on finding more clubs, or try to form your own. A lot of universities will let you form your own club if you can demonstrate a need, and some of them even give you some seed money as well.

Or you can form a group on meetup.com, although if you don't have a car that kind of makes that hard.

Worst case scenario smoke weed and watch netflix, and then work a job over the summer so you can afford some of those trips next year.

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Been a bit daydreaming, lets say you want to do a serious bushcraft trip, stroll the woods and bing along only basics food, tools and equipment for weeks of a time.
If you want to forage, fish, hunt n trap small game and maybe catch some crayfish. What would be the best state/country to do so? I mean without violating laws or the property of others?
>pic not mine, but fits my dream
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Just do it deep innawoods and you'll be fine.

Depends on the Country you're in, though.
>Depends on the Country you're in, though.
Ya, thats what I'm asking.

File: geocaching.jpg (10 KB, 244x71) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I thought there might be some geocachers here, who also recently found out that 60% of the caches now need a premium account to access. Being a cheap student, but still eager to explore, is anyone willing to share his/her account with me..?
Or anyone who figured out a loophole?

I'll get your counts up :)
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This is why, they found out people were pooping in the caches and to prevent it they moved to a pay service to prevent general access.
The chan has done it again
>to prevent it they moved to a pay service to prevent
redundant much?

File: 1211428_300_2-450x450.jpg (29 KB, 450x450) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I have the cheaper version of these hybrid mitten/gloves but I was wondering:

What are the loops for? The ones above the middle two fingers on the glove part. What is their utility?
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putting your wolverine blades for CQC
I don't know what CQC is but the one thing I was thinking is that in an instance where you needed all of your digits for a bit you could pull these off and loop the loops over your middle digits while you did other things. They'd be attached to you but still accesible.
I mean, the gloves would be upside down but still attached to your hands.

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Anyone in the south east ever front country camp in a national forest at the end of a county road? Anyone know if that's even allowed?

I don't have backpacking gear or anything and really just want to get away from people for a few days. Would be nice to just drive somewhere and camp out of my car in the middle of the woods. Wish I lived out west where it wasn't so populated.

Pic related. Kind of place I'd like to just sit for a couple days.
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In national forestry land, you are allowed to camp for up to sixteen days, should use existing fire pits if you find one, and always pack out everything you pack in. If you want to camp for more than sixteen days, you have to move at least five miles away.

The only exceptions I'm aware of, is if the land also falls under certain state jurisdictions, but I've only seen where they limits use to fourteen days.

Hope this helps.
Also, certain states require fire permits or ban fires, CA is notable for this. You're probably fine, not too likely you'd run into anyone anyway, and usually you'd only get a warning if you're going off of information on the federal forestry website and just weren't familiar with other local limitations.
while there is a thread about stuff like this, anybody know if there are any places i can go camping in mass? not a noisy campsite with a shitload of other people camping near each other, like real innawoods that should have at least a mile an a half away from other people (unless there is somebody else doing real camping in the area)

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My home life... Isn't that great. I have to sleep outside sometimes and it's so cold and rainyI need some shelter. I live in California Bay Area. It's very hilly and there are a lot of trees. I can't buy or get access to a tent. I have trees, a few tarps, some blankets. What kind of shelter can I make? Pic not where I live but general idea of area
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I live in Tracy.
You can make a basic A frame with your tarps, and hopefully you can find some place better than the outdoors to be at night.
Fucking crusty
I bet you're in the East Bay

How did i do for an /out/ vehicle 1997 mercury mountaineer 180 miles 5.0 v8 awd new tires has headers.

Pic related before i bought it. Paid 500 for it and put about 1k in it so far it runs great and interior is great everything works.
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I also fixed the front bumper put a new bumper on it.
You might wanna go to /o/ and ask them.
/Out/ can be.... weird with it's vehicles.
But yes, you did very well.
Try to stay below $3,000 with all the additions. That's the street price for a vehicle like this.
I would suggest a Ranch Hand (grill guard) and a winch. It'll allow you to clear some more brush, and if you get stuck wrap the winch around a tree and stand on the wire. You will be out in no time.
If 4x4 or even AWD i think you did great i have the same one its just a 1998 moutainer

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You are lost in the wilderness hundreds of miles from any form of civilization. You have a backpack full of camping equipment and have to survive for as long as possible. You can choose three people from different boards to survive with, each person also has a pack full of equipment from their associated board. Who do you choose and why?
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two guys from /k/ and one person from here, i ain't about to get eaten by a skinwalker
/k/ /out/ /g/ weapons nice camping shit and good old 4chins
idunno, but one to contribute, one to fuck, and one to eat

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Would anyone who see's this, please see my plea for help!
Procrastinated for too long, please would you be able to complete my super quick survey?


It is for my college course and I'm a terrible student.
If you do do it, thank you thank you thank you!
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I did it, bruv
Good luck Anon.
I hope you get better at being a student. I know im having trouble.

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>be me 12yo m
>at this age i luvd to shoot at anyth an everyth that moved
>bill gates of an uncle invites me to ranch for the week
>yay no school
>get to ranch
>he says he has coyote problems
>12yo with-a-gun-jitters
>one morning he puts me on a stand
>sets up predator call 50 yds out

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Did he just want you to scare off the coyotes or did he just want to fuck with you?

>ay kay fubby seben
>le fire

This here's just a troll thread, sonny.
>mfw I got to walk around my woods at 10 years old with only my 12 year old brother with me both with a 12 gauge in hand.

Cleared out every ground hog on 120 acres of land

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