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Why are there some many of these mgtow dweebs on this board in the last year or so?

What happened to joking about plague doctor masks and gihllie suits? What happened to multiple threads of people just posting pictures of their last trip? Why the fuck do so many people think that showing up on this slow ass board and expecting us to point them towards their own local /out/ nirvana when they're based in Xville, Y, USA? What happened to Mora fanaticism being a kind of friendly joke?

Who fucking cares about how women can't baton with their sebenzas??

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the rest of 4chan discovered us, and brought their laziness, entitlement and misogyny shitposting with them.
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I blame every faggot trying to be funny and posting ">>>/out/" whenever some other faggot was being stupid

Eventually, it must have stuck and these shitters migrated

/out/ I need your help on finding the right flashlight.
There are tons and tons of flashlights out there but I don't know shit about anything that could help me pick one.

Do some of you experienced outdoor guys have any idea what's a 'good' flashlight?

It should be somewhat rugged
rather light
long lifetime (probably the only thing that really matters for me, i don't want no 2 hours battery lifetime)
medium sized
maybe different options like max lumen, low lumen and eco

im a cheap dude so I'd rather not pay over...
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Dude, evrrybody will shill you to death on LED lights, but but a Preon P1 and get the Preon P2 and any Princeton Tec head lamp and be DONE!
I just bought an Energizer headlight. Found the same light I bought a week later hiking off trail. So now I have two. Great light. I will post pics when I get back to my gear storage facility, aka home.
I use a good ol' mag-lite
>dat aerospace-quality aluminum frame
>3x D batteries for maximum bludgeoning
>spare bulb

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Why do pigs have tails? They're too short and curly to be useful for anything.
> can't swat flies like a cow or horse
> not useful for balance like a cheetah or greyhound
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Probably the same reason humans still have a tail bone.
Protip for the uneducated here: evolution is a process, not a result.
So in the Future Pigs will be Tailless?
They'll have some sort of vestigial tail, but in the case of domestic pigs, evolution is a controlled process, so much like dogs, they'll have whatever traits we breed for. Or Monsanto will step in and they'll just be a huge slab of bacon with a mouth.

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What did /out/ get for Christmas?

Been a while since Christmas, so hopefully you've had a chance to try out some of the new stuff you got.

Post pictures of it here, talk about cool /out/ gifts you got. Maybe even stuff you got from the secret Santa thread.
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I did get a $50 gift card from bass pro. What should I spend it on /out/?
I honestly have everything I need for camping and fishing so what else is there to get?
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OP here, I'll start.

Between my parents, wife, and other family I got a few cool things.

-Marmot Ares down jacket
-new Nalgene bottle to replace old one
-Morakniv Companion
-Arrowhead Equipment New River Long Winter underquilt
-Bahco Laplander folding saw
-Thermarest Compressable Pillow
File: 1631022_10205245.jpg (48 KB, 700x700) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Base layers? Hiking socks? Just a nice hoodie?

They have all kinds of stuff on bass pros website. Maybe just some food to take /out/.

Something I got from there is a propane fish fryer I use caping (car caping o ly, its huge). It's pretty sweet, and costs like $50.

Your hypothetical challenge is to live in the wild for one year without being found by another human being.

You have US$20,000 to do what you want with. You don't have to live from the land.

What would you do?
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20,000 to live for a year?
That is no challenge.
That is literally easy as fuck.
without who looking for me?

i can easily do it with 5k if its just another guy.

i cannot do it at all if there are predator or global hawks looking for me. unless i am living in deep caves.

your idea is too loose to make it even cool. i buy 20k worth of food and go live in a cave.

Are Timberlands as good as people say they are?
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Pretty comfy, but! I just blew apart two pairs in a year and a half. I had the steel trax and the direct attach.
Personally bro, I wouldn't buy em man. Put that money towards something else higher end. I wish I had.... I bought two pairs in a buy one get one half off and thought I was going to be a great deal. In the end I just shoulda bought one good pair of boots. Looking at Ariats and Danners now. Prolly going to save up and get some when I can.
Depends on what you want to do wirh them. As a everyday/work/trail boot they're great. I wouldn't go scrambling over granite tarns and back country scree fields with them, though.
Let me add to my post here that the ones in your picture... (I think they're the direct attach 6") are completely water proof up to the laces. I work in a bakery so I'm not scrambling over rocks all the time but I DO go out and do a fuck load of walking. I wore these bitches out.

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Can we have a Things-You-Didn't-Know thread?

/out/ seems calk-full of interesting characters who have learned a thing or two that most of us will never know.

Rules are simple: Keep it short and informative.
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I'll start.

You can sense a storm's movement when you feel a temp drop. This means you are in the path of the storm due to low Atmospheric Pressure and you should find shelter.
if you cut the head off a snake it can still bite

Take this in every literal and figurative form possible.
No matter where you go keep 20 meters of 550 cord on your person

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Does anyone know any trails or national parks in Europe that are viable to trek from the 19th to the 26th of march? (ie. does not require skiis, does not have 5 metres of snow everywhere).
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i dont believe you
I can't tell for other countries but you'll find snow in most of interesting trails in France in March (Pyrénées, Alpes, Corse...).

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Which is the better filter, /out/?

Lifestraw claims to filter out 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria and 99.9% of waterborne protozoa. It claims it can be used to filter up to 1000 L of water, and has been field tested for years in pretty harsh environments like Africa and other shitholes.

The Sawyer mini claims to filter 99.99999% of all bacteria and 99.9999% of all protozoa. I did not see a total lifetime listed for the mini, so I assume it is good for at least as many liters as the Lifestraw. The Sawyer claims the pore size in its filters is 0.1 microns, which...
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I use the Sawyer mini. I want to say it was some huge lifetime. I have every expectation that I'll break it or lose it before it dies. The Sawyer is just wide enough to wrap in duct tape, and who doesn't need extra duct tape? The Lifestraw I think does a buy one gift one deal, where they send one to Africa.
sawyer claims 100,000 gallons. that's what i have. like the screw on. just carry a couple extra bags.
I have the sawyer mini. I don't like it but it does what it's supposed to. It even comes with a straw btw.

What I don't like about it is how the bag only fits maybe 500 mL and it takes some time to press it through. Way too annoying for me I just use these disinfection tabs now.

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Post your best pictures. So beautiful they will bring a tear to your eye.
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Another one
File: DSCN0004.jpg (4 MB, 5152x3864) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Big Sur,CA
Did you take that?

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This is a quarantine thread for folks to post their simple or otherwise stupid questions to help clean up the board
Like a lot of other /in/fags I too have recently been struck with the desire to go /out/. By chance my Uncle invited me to go on a 5 day backpacking trip this summer at Pictured Rocks in Michigan. The temperatures of that area at that time of year ranges about 50-75F and supposedly it's a pretty moist/humid/rainy area; I hear cotton isn't too functional when water is applied but unfortunately just about every clothing item I own is cotton. Will I be...
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Gear won't make you better. How do you think you'll fare with the physical part?

I'd get with an experienced backpacker, and pick their brain about a good lightweight setup.

I'm sure you'd rather be wet with energy than sweaty (still wet) and fatigued.

A rain proof shell should be part of any hike of any length.

Hope you have fun. I wish I had people in my life more motivated than me to get /out/
What kind of temperatures are you expecting?
Also, stupid question:
Are there any backpacks that hold two hydration bladders? I have a camelbak bag, but its only made to hold a single bladder.

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what does /out/ think of this backpack?
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What backpack?
I think you're supposed to reverse google image his pic or read the name of the pic. The few seconds OP saved not typing it out will add years of happiness to his/her life.
Tenzing 2220

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Can you recommend me some books about how to live completely alone in the wilderness for the rest of my life?
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mors kochanski
File: 1451528727117.jpg (177 KB, 900x900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Preferably in spanish
Into the Wild

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afternoon /out/ gonna be doing some pest control and aiming to do a bit of bowhunting, what would /out/ recommend for calling up foxes, tenterfield or button whistle
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Tie out your neighbor's cat and pepper spray it.

Repeat often.
thank you, i dont know why i didnt think of that thanks :)
op here, also shooting cats aswell

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wooden lure
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do you actually make your own? i just buy mine for 4 bucks a piece from rapalla.
>do you actually make your own?
If you do, where the hell can I buy good quality split rings in the 21st century?
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