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Having an issue finding a fine task knife. I am looking for a 2in blade with a 3in-3.5in handle that is also a horizontal draw. Any ideas? Pic is of the closest I could find, but it is a bit too long, and doesn't look to be horizontal draw.
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>horizontal draw
Ever thought of finding a knife you like, tossing the sheath it came with, then get some blank kydex and making your own sheath?

Shit, you could heat that shit up and bend it your the exact spot on your hip, ala cutom fit.
"You probably have a knife in mind that is SUPER close to what you want but the the sheath isnt"

that's really what I'm trying to get at
Yeah close enough. I think I am going to end up spending another 50 to get a proper sheath for it. It was going to be worn at the 11 o'clock position so it would be a cross draw.

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My favorite /out/ things are rock formations.
I will travel a great distance for a cool hike through interesting geological views.
Can we get a list going of the more interesting ones?
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Badlands National Park in South Dakota comes to mind
File: tentslot1.jpg (672 KB, 850x1277) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Badlands is on my list for this summer
Garden of the Gods in southern Illinois.

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you guys have some tips for a DIY trekking/tarp tent?
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Go to REI and buy a $200 tent. Cut it into pieces to make your tarp tent. Go backpacking realize as you are dying that tarp tents are shit.
That elephant is severely malnourished.
It's clearly a bear. Can't you read?

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Its a new year! Its the middle of winter and I want to go camping /o/ What are your plans for when the weather warms up? Its about this time of year when I get the itch for camping and kayaking but dont want to freeze while sleeping and am not keen on trying to blaze a path through ice with my boat. What trips are you planning?
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My first trip of the year I want to float and camp the Niobrara River here in Nebraska pic related. Second trip I want to head to Three Lakes Wisconsin for a week or so in the summer, camping in the middle of the north woods hiking, kayaking, sight seeing.
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Every other year before this one, I have stopped fishing during the coldest winter months. This winter, I vowed to keep fishing all winter, spring, summer, and fall. So far, it's been fun but cold. Lucky for me the winter has been mild this time.
Thats got to be nice! Is it warm enough to sleep outside comfortably for the most part? I have seriously been debating on getting snow shoes just so i can still venture into the woods

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Here it is. This isnt all of it because there are triple of everything. i also couldnt fit the neckbrace in the pic
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Ricky Rescue?

Also meds out of the original packaging are illegal. It's an automatic possession charge if you're caught.

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Those of you who live in or have visited Southeast Alaska, what was your experience like?

Recently, I visited Haines and I had the time of my life. The community is SUPER nice, great food, INCREDIBLE scenery, great trails, gorgeous lakes, and an awesome radio station (KHNS). I really couldn't be more fond of Haines, however I've only visited Haines and Juneau in S.E. Alaska. Is there anywhere else that I should go when I decide to go back to Haines again?

Post pics of your travels in Southeast Alaska too if have them.
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Any coyote hunters?

What are your strategies? Calls (electric or not)? Baiting?

Load outs?

what do you do with the remains? Pelts?

Yote hunting general.
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Polite bump
One last try

I just body slam them.

Can you see unassisted at night during a new moon? If so how much how far and how in how much detail?
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Shut up faggot
Please learn english

So I'm joining the Marines and leave for bootcamp at the end of june and I really wanna do a decent camping trip with some friends before I go. I'm just not sure where would be good for it. I'm based out of Dallas/Fort Worth area in Texas. Don't particularly want to drive more than six hours. Looked up camping areas and what not, just want some other peoples input.
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There are plenty of good campsites in Utah and Colorado and Wyoming.
Texas is a fucking wasteland for decent camping unless Guadalupe Mountains and thats pretty far from DFW Check out Ouachita Mountains in Arkansas and do some trail of tears hiking

big bend is no good?

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>stayed at a cabin a couple of days prior to Christmas to fix it up a little
>thread on another board asks for "picture out your window", so go out and take some since the windows are currently boarded shut
>later discover a log or something has formed a perfect people shape in the bottom right corner of the picture

Going back there today to try and find the exact same angle in broad daylight, because this spooked the shit out of me
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File: DSC_0068.jpg (264 KB, 3264x2448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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(second picture taken seconds apart, but it has nothing in it)
You sure the place isn't a haunted ground?

That looks WAY too detailed to just be a random log.
Take your retarded fantasies and shit pictures elsewhere, buttfucker.

File: 20ft120hpjonboatwithcabin.jpg (145 KB, 889x337) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Would /out/ take this boat out into a bay? How bad would the weather have to be to not be able to take it out?

Pic related, 20ft jon boat with 120 combined hp and cabin with built up sides.
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More information is needed,but I tend to think myself immortal, so I probably would.
No, the guys at the yacht club would mock me forever.
But anon, everyone likes to have fun once in a while.

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anyone know the gate code for the Huntsville state park? seems like we got here a little late.
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File: 20151231_230701.jpg (773 KB, 3264x2448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I meant you. real gate code plz

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I'm right near Binghamton too, there isn't a whole lot of places close by, but get up to the Adirondacks and you've got some of the best spots in the country.

Chenango Valley State park is alright to check out, it's close by, but pretty developed in most of it, but it's good to just get out and day hike it.

Oakley Corners forest is outside of Owego. It's nothing special, but no one is there when I go. You can kind of explore it in peace. Pretty small though.

For hunting, head south into Pennsylvania off the Great Bend Exit (first...
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Forgot to add Ketchumville state forest, close to Oakley Corners. It's undeveloped, no marked trails. There and Oakley Corners you can dispersed camp.
Ive ran at CV state park a few times for cross country races but i never knew there was hiking to do. i always thought it was just "Camping" sites and family picnics.

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Can an excessive amount of hiking cause hemorrhoids?
I do a lot of hiking. About 200 miles of hiking this year, and that's reduced from previous years.
And now I have developed one large, painful hemorrhoid. Should I stop hiking to prevent it getting worse? Could it be that hiking is what caused it
What can I do to treat it short term? I don't want to go to the doctor with it.
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this is what doctors and professional medical services are for. as embarrassing, costly or awkward as it may be. you need a doctor to take care of things like this.

in the future maybe some kind of jock itch spray / monkey butt powder can help control irritation in this area.

a doctor can tell you how to control and avoid this
You're shitting too hard/not getting enough fiber. Get some preparation H. If it's that bad, go to your fucking doctor.
>remembering this is 4chan
>troll threads a plenty
>can't believe I'm falling for it

It could be that you aren't drinking enough water. You get back dehydrated and when shitting sit there on the toilet pushing out the dry poops. That could cause hemorrhoids.

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Basically I'm just some crazy kid who likes plants but doesn't know much about growing them. What I want to do is find some small little plant, or a seed. And plant it in this, what do I need? Can I just use dirt from outside? Do I need specific soil or some shit? Help plz
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File: 1444813886216.png (233 KB, 512x512) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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from seeds, plants take a while depending on the breed to actually shoot and become strong. In the meantime they are incredibly weak (some anyway) and they generally need alot of effort for no long term visual feedback.

Now cuttings, that shit is cash. learn how to maintain cuttings from older plants and skip the shoot phase of seedlings.

I would advise some better containers with holes in the bottom for better chance of not overwatering a young plant. Though I see the appeal of the jar itself.

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Are your parents going to be mad when they catch you growing marijuanas?
Seriously op i shit you not i was in your exact position like 2-3 months ago.

Id just seen the movie the martian, id allways wanted to grow things and i had this moment where i was like "if matt damon can do it on mars with just what he had, surely i can do it on earth".

So i scooped out several seeds from a butternut squash while i was preparing it to cook and put them to one side, i found a small plastic container with a screw on lid, similar to yours in size, i wend and dug up some dirt from outside, put it in the container, pressed the seeds in about...
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