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What's the best way to bleach bones for display?
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>let ants and other insects fully clean the nasty fuggin thing
>peroxide and sun for a day
>repeat for a week or so
Hydrogen peroxide maybe
Should I remove teeth, do this process, then put them back in? Or will the peroxide work it's way in?

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Hey guys, just bought a Dutch oven for a real good price. Do you guys find them practical for long trips or only short ones? I am interested in taking it with me on an ice fishing trip this year since I figure that I will probably find some way to warm my ice tent anyways with some sort of a fire.
Pic unrelated
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>tfw when the pipe smoking thread gets more replies than something that is at least mildly related to /out/.
Dutch ovens are pretty nice for cooking, but really heavy. Not sure why the length of trip matters but I sure wouldn't want to carry it in my pack.
Would it be worth it to use innawoods if you can't bring a sack of potatoes?

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I'm about to get into back-packing, and of course, I need a back-packing backpack. One of my biggest questions regarding backpacks is if I should get a pack with an internal or external frame. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each?
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I am a big fan of external frame backpacks, but there are some pros and cons. An external is wonderful at distributing weight and makes carrying things a breeze. You can strap loads of shit onto it so you can easily become a human pack mule. The frame also keeps the pack away from your back so they breathe very well, which is a huge plus for someone like me who sweats a lot. They also have the "classic" look if that's your thing. They also aren't super popular nowadays compared to internals, so you can usually get them extremely cheap and in good condition...
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Internal frame is lighter and more compact but if it breaks (which it can easily) you need to buy a complete new pack

External are a little heavier and bulkier but are cheap and easy to fix and more durable

In terms of how much you can carry internal frames especially expedition packs can carry more than you'll need, but with external frames you can strap a lot more to the outside of your pack making it more accessable
That first sentence isn't true, a lot of internal frame packs can be repaired by either the manufacturer or a gear shop. If the frame breaks most manufacturers will send you a new one.

Externals are easier to repair DIY style, but to say you can't fix an internal pack is inaccurate.

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ITT: things normies do
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browse this board
Was hiking my local stretch of the App. trail and walked across a few black baggies full of dog shit tied around tree branches.
>reeeeeeeeee etc.

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Do any of you get Achilles tendonitis when you backpack? I've been getting it almost every time I go, and I think it's my boots that are causing it. I have Keen Voyageurs, and the back of the boot presses into my tendon every time I take a step hiking downhill. Once my Achilles starts hurting, then it turns into more pains because I favor the one foot (knee or hip pain).

I was thinking about ditching my boots and getting hiking shoes instead so the back of the shoe doesn't ride up as high. I read that boot heel support is a bit of a myth anyway. Is this my best option?
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I would mention it at a doctor's appointment first. I have tendinitis in my right knee from a football injury and to me it just doesn't seem like your boots cause it.

imo you can try go to a doctor but it's a waste of time with stuff like this. they are about as clueless as your average dog when it comes to these pains. stretch it more when it doesn't hurt and try working out on your calves get a feel for how many repetitions cause pain. you can try to decrease repetition and increase weight.

i fucked up my knees during a hike well it was 2 consecutive hikes and i did not rest enough between them. what...
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I have it from wearing boots when I was a paramedic, I have crippling pain and stiffness in my ankles every day that I wake up

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Did any of you faggots even get /out/ today? central Texas here, pic related from maybe an hour ago.
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Yeah bud. Mid SC/GA border here. Went /out/ to a nice wetland park and chilled for the day. Saw some cool birds, identified a few mushrooms; shit was dope.
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Went hiking in Sedona today. Weather was great.
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I live in the middle of a city and have no car, so actually getting /out/ is rarer than I'd like.
I did go for a walk in the park though. Better than nothing, it almost feels like you aren't surrounded by streets in some places. Here's a shitty picture of a woodpecker in the same park from a while ago

is the snugpak brand any good?
specifically the snugpak stratosphere?
I'm looking for a minimalist tent/bivvy
and was wondering if these were any good
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>2kg for a bag AND tent
It's going to abrade like crazy and will only be good for 60+ degree weather.
Just get a hammock. Less than $100 and 2 pounds. Everyone swears by them except that Pepsifag
I used an REI quarter dome when I did a 5 day solo hike in Colorado, and it was super comfy. It was sturdy enough to survive a hailstorm pretty easily, and roomy enough to make things quite comfy. It's ~2 pounds, but it's about as minimalist as a solo tent gets.


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#80-"September!" Edition

Previous Thread:

Is everybody ready for cooler water and spinnerbaits instead of skeeters and Texas rigs? I can't wait but lolsouthflorida so I still have a couple months until the largemouth get moving good. February is by far the best time for bass.

I'm probably moving soon too which means I will lose out on fishing time. I'm probably going to be even closer to saltwater, which means further from freshwater. Haven't decided...
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I'm the gainesville/lake newnan anon

I went out a couple days ago and caught 4 crappie and a couple of bass. Thanks a lot to whoever recommended me the white powerbait grubs cause that's what I caught all the specs on.

Pic related got me 2 bass and another that pulled drag for a good 5-6 seconds and broke me off on underwater trees. Had to have been atleast 4-5 lbs. I think pepsi told me to try out finesse worms like two months ago and now I want more cause these things worked great.
Got another river smallmouth today. Also a 7" baby striper. It was an alright day of fishing.
newfriend here

are you not supposed to pass your line through a very small loop close to the rod handle? is that where you store your hook?

dont laugh pls

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Have you failed to integrate into the average social parameters? I mean, I see my youth friends all getting married, working and buying houses meanwhile I do not work neither have a gf, mostly because I don't give a fuck and spend my time /out/ing alone.

How do you get yourself into the working and dating market while prioritizing /out/?

Pic unrelated
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Get a job that gets you /out/ like ranger or lineman. Not sure about gf, but you could try going hiking in organized groups. You're bound to find a girl there sooner or later.
You don't. Prioritise one or the other. You can have both but there is only one priority.

Get an /out/ job, find an /out/ girl

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Hi guys. Next week i'm going on a trek in the Carpathians. Weather should be good, terrain is rather rocky, kinda like pic related. I have two pair of boots that are kind of appropriate but not quite. One is a pair of tactical boots and the other is a pair of Palladium Palabrouse. Which one would you choose? And no, i won't buy a pair of real hiking shoes :^)
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These are the "tactical" boots
File: 54yg45g.png (156 KB, 534x384) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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And these the Palladiums.
How much weight will you be carrying?

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>ywn circumnavigate the earth with your bros and a pupper

Why do rich kids get to do all of the fun shit?

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How do you learn to pilot a yacht like that?
>why do people with money use their money for fun?
>serious butt chaffing is a serious issue for all of us...constantly rocking back and forth in salty clothing has to be the culprit...for now there is no escape...our asses belong to the sea,

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Is this a truffle?
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Yes it is, just wash them good and leave them to dry at room temperature for like a day or two (they should become yellowish), then you'll be able cook them.
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also I dug into the ground next to it and there's even more

wtf is happening

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4craft is back and probably shittier than ever, but there's still an /out/ faction!

>What is 4craft?
A recurring Minecraft server wherein each 4chan board is a faction, usually at war with one another. This is the "9th" iteration of it, with /out/ having participated since the 5th.

>Why would any self-respecting /out/ist be caught dead playing Minecraft?
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Will there be mods or just vanilla with a few plugins?
There's custom mods for board factions and alliances with chat channels, as well as block reinforcement. Older versions used the Factions plugin, but this one's a weird experiment. There's a few other things like anti-xray and other exploit fixes, but for the most part it's Vanilla.
so what is the point?

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How does /out/ feel about Les Stroud and his informative style of video making. Actually going out with just him and his cameras and doing survival in various environments. Not dicking around doing edgy jumps and then fucking off to a hotel at night like some tv outdoorsmen.
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Bear Grylls is 17x more badass then Les Stroud, and not because of some shitty Discovery channel shows.
>Lol I drink my own piss, so much edge!
>I put myself in stupid situations for teh lulz
>Watch me eat this fuckin catapiller!!!!!1!!!

Proceeds to have his stomach pumped and goes to sleep in a hotel every night.

Dosent carry his cameras, isnt alone, always has 20+ people with him at any one time
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respect for how genuine he is, half the show is him failing repeatedly until he gets it right or makes an alternate plan

>I would like Survivorman to add 1 "phone a friend for advice" sat phone call per episode, and the friend he calls is Ray Mears and they figure out how to unfuck Les' shit together

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Currently working and living in Yellowstone. Less than 2 months left before I have to go to the real world again. Anybody have any crazy stories of working seasonally/in remote places?
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It'd be cool if anyone else worked in Yellowstone on this board too!
Bump out of interest for stories
How did you get the job?
What do you do?
How much do you get paid for how long you work?
Do you have any stories?

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Hey guys. I get /out/ from time to time. Most the time its to my cabin which is stocked with supplies. But sometimes i go elsewhere and dont have these things.
So ive had this pouch lying around for a while doing nothing, but im not sure what to do with it. Suggestions?
It has molle straps on the back of it.
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I use an old gameboy pouch to hold my sunpass, zipties, electrical tape, few rubber nitrate gloves. On my motorcycle. You can always experiment with diffrent items.
I do have a motorcycle bit always ride with a backpack
I would advise agaist riding with a backpack for multiple reasons. One is neck and spinal stress.

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why aren't you making sweet monies from your /out/ interests?

pic related starting drinking piss and now has a $20M fortune.
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because i don't sleep in hotels when i go /out/
File: 1430524436549.jpg (83 KB, 600x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>not sleeping in when /out/
stay sharp my britbong friendo.
Do sponsorships count?

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Hey /out/, I recently moved to Florida (Fort Walton Beach area) and I want some fishing poles and the associated things that go on fishing poles.

I'm from a desert tho and know absolutely nothing about fishing. Got any advice for what to look for/avoid?
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I'd recommend visiting the Fishing General thread which is on Episode 79
Depends on what your fishing for

Find that out and ask the guy at the local fishing store (not a big box store, the small corner joint) they won't do you wrong if you come in with a reasonable budget
i can help you out if you are more specific. what fish do you want to catch and are you throwing lures or fishing with bait?

I can't handle living in society any more, /out/. I don't want to go into detail about why but suffice it to say I am just fucking done.

What do I need to know about going off and living in the woods for the rest of my life?
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Bring a length of sturdy rope and a foldable chair and hang yourself in the woods
I'm just looking for serious advice. Why do you want to treat me like this? Why do you want to say hurtful things to people?

Anyone who is not a faggot who would like to help me?

I never frequent this board, but today I come to you /out/ for a very important question. Any of you anons from the Northeast US know of any good dispersed camping spots? I want total detachment from civilization. I was thinking somewhere in the Adirondacks or Catskills, lots of hills and mountains but "primitive" hiking doesn't seem to fit my standards there. I need some feedback from experienced hikers and campers.
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File: 1472611440171.jpg (203 KB, 1044x672) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Wtf is primitive hiking?
>Wtf is primitive hiking?

its the term state parks use when there are no facilities nearby, no power outlets, and your car cant get to the campsite.

and to answer your questions OP- mount greylock has some great primitive sites (where the leantos are) that are first come first serve and you probably wont see any other people.

your best bet is to pick a park call the ranger station and ask if they have any camp sites that are not on the campgrounds.
None of those things you listed have anything to do with hiking.

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I had a fun idea. I want to buy a truck and travel cross country with the goal of killing and eating an animal in every state in the union.

How should I go about setting up a canopied truck bed for several months accommodation?
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Fridge in the front.
Mattress in the back. I use a swag to keep dirt off my sheets.
Large toolbox with cooking gear.
Pack a shovel, chair and table.

An awning makes a difference but isn't essential.
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So.... You're basement dweler level 19?
Look out the window man, theres crazy shit out there....
How did you know my level?

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3 MB,
I am a domesticated man, and I hate it.
I want to track, kill, skin and cook.
I want to forage, build, eat and sleep.
I want to listen, see, feel and sing.
I want to live as though I should, but I am an 18 yo from the ghettos of Indiana, and I know nothing. All of you guys seem to have your shit together, and I'm sure a lot of you have been in my situation, what do?
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File: 1471666297614.jpg (102 KB, 750x522) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Go hunting and camping.
There are ghettos in Indiana?
File: 1395074262850.jpg (995 KB, 2524x1302) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Get started, you'll be a better man for it

File: urban national parks.png (3 MB, 2048x1152) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
urban national parks.png
3 MB,

>Are minorities and working class people simply uninterested in nature?

Minorities and working class people love nature, because we're poor, and going outside is free.

>Today, a walk through a Chicago city park often provides a window on America's demographic future.
>The National Park Service can solve it's diversity problem. To do this, it needs to establish many...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
78 replies and 9 images submitted. Click here to view.
>It also needs to do a better job of interpreting African, Asian, Latino, Native American, labor, LGBT, immigrant and women's history on national park landscapes.
You know, it's strange how few movies feature non-white cowboys. You sometimes get hispanics, but that's about it. Which is strange, considering there were a good amount of black cowboys running away from Reconstruction at the time. Yet the only times we really see them is the occasional buffalo soldier.
Take your whiny faggotry back to >>>/news/

Not /out/ reported, saged and called the cops.
Every cowboy movie made now has a black hero (as it should be) but until there are only black and POC cowboys in all movies past and present the struggle for fairness will continue. But when will the trans cowboys be recognized

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What's your guys' experience with linen or linen/cotton blend or cotton shirts in hot weather?
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For the thin ones when I want to show off my nipples.
shit's abrasive on the teats always, and even when it's not trying to be /fa/ it's really just trying to kinda /fa/. pass.
Last summer I mostly wore running shirts.

File: 1366777908001.gif (67 KB, 700x530) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Why do you people like the outdoors? Do you have no lives?
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Because people dont bother me, fresh air, nature is cool, nature is scary, i get to be apart of it. Really it just feels natural to me.

>do you have a life.
no, not really. But what is a "life". does it mean that i hang out with people or that i do things in general. If its about people then im a fucking loser, if its about doing things then im alright.

>what dont you like about outdoor?(im adding a question)
my dad, he doesnt...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
I need a bed buddy, wanna hop in?
>taking the bait

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#79-">tfw 3humid5me" Edition

Previous Thread:

Water belongs in lakes, rivers, and oceans. I know TXfag is sick of it too. Can't wait for Fall with no rain and low, low humidity. No more water falling from the sky or in the air as vapor. If you can't fish in it, it's shitty water as far as I'm concerned.

Pastebin and Imgur. Thinkin about picking up a new hobby? Want to get a memecaster? Haven't mastered the Palomar knot? Click here!

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
325 replies and 82 images submitted. Click here to view.
>But is it 4 dollars better?
yes. the material they use on scum frogs is much cheaper and the hooks are shittier. ive lost two scum frogs due to them getting ripped in half. never had that happen ever with any other brand of frog.
How do I fish fast-moving rivers for smallmouth? I've had some success casting to slow-moving areas near fast water, but that only works sometimes. How can I read the river?
How much line can that reel hold and what test is it?

>she's gonna get her wrist slit touching the line like that!!!! D:

File: elk-refuge.adapt.1190.1.jpg (155 KB, 1190x718) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
155 KB,
My lifelong dream has always been to be able to either through private ownership or a non-profit create wildlife preserves with megafauna. The problem is, I'm poor and in this climate of anti-environmentalism I don't see how I can ever make that possible.
41 replies and 5 images submitted. Click here to view.
What is the point of this thread?
Looking for advice or ideas. I realize 4chan is functionally retarded though, so I'm not expecting much.
>wildlife preserve
The effort it took not to make a "your mom" joke here was staggering.

The only actual answer is to stop being poor however. There is no way around that.

File: image.jpg (187 KB, 957x1300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
187 KB,
My fiancee and I just moved to Montana, problem is is that she's from Florida and can't handle weather under 70 degrees. What kind of warm weather wear would you guys recommend? Winter is coming up and we'd like to hike some trails in the snow, nothing too crazy though.
29 replies and 2 images submitted. Click here to view.
Good light weight base layer is a start, keeping moisture off your skin important. Then maybe a fleece or wool sweater, then something for wind and rain like a shell. Learn to layer, de-layer before you start to sweat, get acclimated to the cold. More you "fight" the cold it will get to you faster so learn to relax. Foot powder isn't just for your feet (helps keep the base layer do it's job). Make sure she is eating and drinking plenty of water, it will keep you warm.
Tell yer girl to harden the fuck up.
>can't handle weather under 70 degrees

File: desert-camping-1.jpg (18 KB, 360x240) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
18 KB,
I'll be doing a week long backtracking/camping trip in the Arabian Peninsula. So a new campsite each night, somewhere in the desert.

Does anyone have any advice for camping in arid conditions? Any gear recommendations or things to prepare for?

I'd appreciate anything you've got.
10 replies and 2 images submitted. Click here to view.
pack water, other than that we kind of need to know what you have. Also, night might get freezing cold, depending on where you are, so prepare for that
Pack sandpegs!!!!
Prepare to get Muslim'd. So practice crying into a camera and tilting your head back while on your knees.

File: image.jpg (314 KB, 1392x1078) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
314 KB,
Is there any hope of meeting younger people who enjoy birding? I'm in local Audubon chapter and another club but it's all old people, like 40+.
27 replies and 6 images submitted. Click here to view.
birding is for old ppl.
I mean, I enjoy it but it's not my favorite.
I prefer Entomology and Mycology
I can ID decent amount of butterflies and am working on damsel/dragonflies but that's about it as far as the bugs go.

As far as fungi, that's a whole nother level and I have no idea.
Doubt it unless you can somehow convince them they're pokemons.

40 isn't old, it's barely middle aged.

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