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What's your favorite hike in New Hampshire? Looking for ideas.
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Depends on what you're looking for. I like to take a rifle and a fly rod and hike some of the lesser traveled, White Mountains areas. Catch some trout and shoot a grouse while I'm out there.

For a simple, one day hike, Chocorua is nice and fairly easy too. Lots of people though.
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Tom Hardy.jpg
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looking for solitude and to shoot a little bit. maybe a day hike with some water.
Got this from a "best outdoor experience thread". I'm hoping to follow this anon's route one day

show me your BEST COMPASS
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not on this board m8
Damn. Came to post this. Can't beat the weight or price on this compass.

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Hey /out/, so I just got an acre and a half of lovely land. I'm planning to get a polytunnel, set out some beds, using mainly permaculture concepts in laying it out, so all that is more or less planned (in my head). But the living space still needs to be decided on, what would you guys recommend that isn't too expensive?
I'm thinking log cabins are out due to cost. A yurt is fairly limited in size (well the one's I've seen anyway). Cob, earthbag, etc, are very labor intensive and it's just myself doing it. A big shed might be alright but generally...
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An igloo made from sand bags filled with concrete. Solid, hurricane and earthquake proof, incredibly insulative from heat and cold, hard to spot from a distance. Lacks guest accommodations.

Quonset hut covered in burlap sacks filled with soil. Cover in grass seed and wait. As the burlap rots the roots take hold, and in the end it just looks like a small hill depending on how you slope the sides.

Plenty of room for guests depending on what you start with and how you work the insides.
I just gave quonset huts a google and it doesn't look like you can get them done here in Ireland. I'd definitely consider doing the burlap sacks thing, somewhat like dick proenneke except he used moss and plastic. The only thing is that we get an awful lot of rain so I'll have to see what others do so that the roof doesn't cave in from the weight of it. Have you done it yourself?

I'd say that'd be too small, I plan to live...
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who's the most /out/ musician? what kind of music, if any, do you guys like to listen to when you're hiking and camping?
pic related, young bob dylan
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>listen to music while hiking
This is not something I do

I'd rather use all my senses instead of being aurally cocooned in a safe music hugbox
I dont listen to music when im hiking either. But when around camp i sometimes turn on folk/blues/bluegrass/rock n roll or any combination thereof. Such as grateful dead, bob dylan, muddy waters, hillstomp, agnostic mountain gospel choir, ocms. On one occasion i listened to riders on the storm by the doors while hunkered down through one of the most intense storms ive experienced while backpacking.

listen to music around camp when I am partying with friends but that's it.

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No Hammock Thread?

Hammock Thread.

Let's talk about hammock camping.
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Why? The topic has been ran into the ground a thousand times.

>Great for uneven terrain! So light! So comfy!

>CBS! There aren't always trees!

>Underquilt! Hammocks can be hung from anything!

>You're an idiot!


And that's the thread in a nutshell.
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oh come now. there's plenty of room on slow sluggish /out/ for a hammock thread. also, not everyone is sick of the threads, and not everyone has seen hammock threads before. it's winter for chrissake, let us banter

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I am looking for a twig burner type stove to boil water on, and came across this.
Tell me /out/. Is it good? Does it work? Are there better alternatives?
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I've heard of these but never seen them before. Seems like it would hard to keep clean, not only the creosote in the chimney, but also the water chamber. If you ever got any sort of sludge or sticky mold on the inside, it would be impossible to scrub out. It would probably be hard to get dry too, so rust could potentially be an issue. Its cool in theory, but a hobo stove and a Sierra cup seems easier and more reliable. Either way, its not like you need a super efficient design to save on fuel anyway.
Plus a Sierra cup can be used on any type of stove, and doubles as a dish. All for about five bucks. You can't use a Kelly kettle on a trangia or eat soup from it.

And hobo stoves are free...
I'll probably get a sierra cup instead. Would a £15/$20 "wood gas" stove be better than just drilling some holes in a bean can?
Like this: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Lixada-Portable-Stainless-Camping-Solidified/dp/B00VJMISWU

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Hey /out/, I've got a puzzle-challenge for you.

Let's suppose you needed to travel by sea in an innawoods scenario. What I mean by that is your budget is severely limited and you want to avoid governments, coast guards, big trade routes and so on.

How would you go about travelling across a small sea, for example Europe - Africa via the Mediterranean, or UK - Norway via the North sea?

The challenge is you have to ROW. This is because motor boats have too much bureaucracy associated with them, i.e permits, licenses, mooring and such. What you want...
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Have a large sized row boat (sorta like a vikeing ship - the sails). Pack a large fishing net to supply long term food but before leaveing buy a crate of MRE's. For cooking have a small propane powered stove. For water bring 200+ water bottles and a home made convection/evaporation device to purify sea watter. Idk about rute I'm american don't know my way around. I don't really know all that much about sea travel so I'll probably get lost.
Nice, where did you get that boat from? Price?
I would probably buy some sea wrothy ship and modify it to hold more paddles and have storage bins. I never thought about it becuse I'm in a landlocked state so geting out on any body of water is hard.

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Spring is almost upon us. What's your tackle shopping list look like?
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First post mfw senpai
Whats the best wobblers and spinners for small mountain lake fishing? Going after trout, grayling etc.
Dafuq, it changed senpai to senpai

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Can we get an urban exploration thread going?

I'm gonna be going to this abandoned naval jet engine testing facility in a few weeks. Apparently closed because jet fuel contaminates the ground or something. Anyone been there?

Also share stories, photos, etc.
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>was 12-13
>lived in a small town with a couple of shut-down factories
>one was an old light bulb factory
>decided to check it out with some friends
>one of the offices was an abandoned hobo-house
>hobo-house had a shitload of old shopping carts and other metal mesh cart disassembled and put up as cages to keep others out
>there was an old hibachi grill that...
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Where'd they get a cow skull?

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Does /out/ ingress?
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Level 16 resistance here. Just signed up for the goruck challenge at the Seattle anomaly.

Every time I've made an ingress thread over the last 2 years, pissypants casuals who hate walking always deter any conversation.

My favorite thing I've done In game was make a 7 layer field over my entire county, lasting 3 days. The anchor I threw from was on an island only accessible by kayak. Lots of rage ensued. Got black illuminator from it, too.
Pic related from the field

Just started playing a month ago. And I'm fucking hooked

Pic relevant. My boyfriend is taking me on a camping holiday and I'm scared. It's on the Isle of Wight. I've never had to pit my wits against nature or any of that stuff before. I've watched some Bear Grylls stuff to get me psyched but it makes me even more nervous.

How can I pursuade him that my life is in danger and I don't want to go camping. I want to go to Ibiza instead. I don't know why I'm with him he's not considering my feels. All my girlfriends say I should dump him and he is such a loser.
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Nice bait. Try on \b\
>Isle of Wight
Nothing to worry about:
museum handyman has been jailed for life for the murder of a 15-year-old Danish schoolgirl on the Isle of Wight

charged with the murder of Jean Marie Smith

50-year-old man is being questioned on suspicion of murder after the man's body was found on a quiet road

Police opened a murder investigation yesterday after a 15-year-old student was killed during a holiday on the Isle of Wight.

A woman has been found murdered...
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Thank you anon. I will show him this and demand he takes me to Ibiza instead.

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So, how often do you go /out/ on average?
Im including everything from day hikes so month long journeys
Naturally its only a weekend every so often for me but obviously depends on weather.
Also activities during scOUT sessions?
myself just building on our tent structure, just chucking palm fronds on an thats about it..
then fishing or chilling an playing cards
just curious sc/out/s
heres a fucking awesome webm for the scene
(on a side note if anyone can give me some DSLR settings for night photography id be in your debt....i can fuck about and get some...
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I was on the snow riding 17 days of January... only at work for 9. Rest of the days were travel.

In the winter I'm out just about every weekend. Summer is when I take care of projects around the house, but still get out on the moto an evening or two a week and take a weekend or two a month to go ride.

From the looks of the webm, you know what you're doing. Maybe a little longer exposure/bigger aperture/higher ISO to up the exposure a bit.
A little bit of external light from a headlight/flashlight...
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almost never when im in school
a lot over summer/holidays
saved. that webm is really cool

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So...like how do I camp, do I just go out in the middle of a state park and set up a tent? Please help, iv'e wanted to go camping ever since I was a young boy, and the times I did camp it was with boy scouts.
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Do you have an REI in your area? Sign up for a weekend class. You'll meet like minded people. Before you know it your inna wodds.
>do I just go out in the middle of a state park and set up a tent?
Not at all! There is a very serious procedure one must take in order to not get in trouble. They have park rangers, drones, and thermal heat vision cameras on every tree, looking for campers that don't have their license. You'll need to sign up at the DC (Department of Camping) for your written test. Study guides are available online. Then you make an appointment for an instructor to take inna woods to test you...
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>all info is true anon. trust me

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Skin cancer.jpg
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Did I spend too much time in the sun guys?
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Skin cancer before.jpg
415 KB, 1000x665
This image is taken just five days prior. Did I overcook myself?
how are you still alive bro get to a hospital quick, you will OD on vitamin d
It's funny, because not once did I get burnt. I'm usually pretty pale, but I hardly ever burn. I'm hoping since I never burnt, I should be fine.

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is a 30L backpack enough for a 2 days camp?
tent and sleeping bag will be outside
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also we should bring back QTDDTOT threads. there have been a few in the last coupla days
why is that dude shirtless in vietnam?
File: 1450732545773.png (381 KB, 800x569) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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that is mark whalberg in the set of ted 3

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