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Need some help finding a hiking pant. I own TNF paramount peak convertible pant. I like the weight of the material, convert ability, and layout of the pant. However, they are a little too baggy for me. I also own the Columbia silver Ridge pant, and they fit well but the material is just a little too thin.

Anyone know of a pant similar to the silver Ridge pant that's more durable? It needs to be in either natural colors or camouflage would be great. Gonna be using them as an early season mountain hunting pant. Not really looking for traditional hunting brands because...
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Carhartt makes good durable pants.
They are cotton though. I forgot to mention I'm needing synthetic stuff.
What's your price range?

Why do you need synthetic?

Do you need them to be insulated?

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teddy roosevelt.jpg
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Good knives for around 50 dollars? pic unrelated
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Folder? Fixed blade? Size?

3 or 4 Moras should work.
Fixed blade, preferably.

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Does anyone else have an intense fear of being alone in the woods at night? I hunt whitetail deer in georgia, but even with my gun i feel panic the moment i cant tell the difference between animals and shadows at 200 yards. I cant stabd it, ive started to stop hinting half an hour before sunset because of it. Please tell me im not the only one. Pic unrelated
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Do NOT go into the woods at night!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I don't like fishing in the dark either. Hard to see your line and lures and shit.

And then sometimes I will be walking along the bank and some fuckhueg bird takes off from the tall grass like 2 feet away from me. Or the one time a big ass bird comes flying from across the lake in the pitch dark and lands 10' away from me.

Also gators.
Fucking shit, didnt even notice your thread

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I was bored and wanted to exercise a little to burn off Thanksgiving fatness so I grabbed my headlamp and went for a hike in the forest, when I got to the trail head it was almost dark. I walked for about 10 minutes and turned my headlamp on. There is so much creepy shit at night it's not even funny. Something huge was on the ground then flew up in the trees, we do have eagles where I live but what would it be doing on the ground at night. I shined my light where I thought it went and I didn't see anything. And you hear things like voices, I was on a trail that lead...
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You sound like a little bitch.
There was no sound on the webm

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Can anyone recommend trails to hike, mountain bike rentals, snowboarding etc? I have all day tomorrow and money isn't an option (preferably don't want to spend more than 200)
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What area code?
I'm at the border of Washington and Oregon, near the coast
Can't tell ya much about that area. Willamette valley here. Visit the Oregon vortex. Hw20 to east Oregon brings you to sisters and some great looking trails. Willamette nf is my favorite and my home away from home.

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Is a cheap bag ok? What is really the difference between this ans a $100 bag?

I don't like to live outside my means

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>Is a cheap bag ok?
Depends on what you're doing with it.
>What is really the difference between this ans a $100 bag?
That looks like a decent enough sleeping bag though that's probably more to do with it being on sale. Don't know if Amazon takes black friday as seriously as other retailers but it looks like it from your pic.

Generally speaking, the differences are in weight, size when packed and what temperatures are comfortable. That one claims to be good down to 20 degrees armpit but I'd take that with a grain of salt.
Why is there no recommended gear sticky?
Because differences in use, environments, preferences and so on. That sticky would end up being as long as the bump limit and nobody would agree on anything. You'd be better served by just reading the catalogue of a sports store.

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Hello hikers, I'm an artist who's fascinated by post-apocalyptic survivalism and bushcraft. I'm working on a graphic novel that deals with these themes. I want to keep this short, but it's going to be set around 80 years after society has officially collapsed. No zombies, no nukes, just a blend of complex factors that made widescale society and large populations unsustainable.

Being set that far after the end, the only survivors are experienced with bushcraft and basically live in small communities or Innawoods. I'm going to focus the story on...
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Leave it to a "writer".
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To give you a sense of the feel I'm going for, here are the first couple pages of the script.
>clothes and boots
anything leather, fabric, or rubber that has sat unmaintained for 80 years will be useless. either rotten or brittle.
if he's lived there for several years he'd have a comfortable, established, secure shelter (i.e. cabin). the only reason to stay with a tent is if he's nomadic.

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Amerifat? Not me.

I have been losing since July. Hiking mostly, caving (once), eating about 1/3 or less than what I used to. Last backpacking trip was 4days/3 nights and about 10 miles with ~4-5 mile day hikes. Took apitite suppressant pills, lighter than carrying food.

Don't even know how much weight I've lost, but my legs are made of wood now!
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>Took apitite suppressant pills

Sustained vigorous exercise suppresses appetite fatass so drop the pills you filthy degenerate, but otherwise good job faggot. Nice blog too
Who cares? Go to /fit/ with this shit. And start eating like a man, dummy.
Im 5 10 230 lbs kek

A much easier and convenient solution for outdoors peeing! Much better alternative over squatting.
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Your last shill thread was deleted, what makes you think this one will be any different? I guess at least this one doesn't read like an actual advert so you might get away with it.
I've never understood these. What do you do with the piss coated device after using it?
Rinse it with half a cup of water from your canteen? What do you think?

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Return of this thread edition.

Post, shit post, as usual
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What do you plan to do now that the god emperor is potus?
Vagrancy is illegal.
I cant see anything changing for me.

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The average life span is 78.7 years (28,744.6 days or 41.3 million minutes) in the United States.
Don’t spend your life at a job you hate, earning money to buy things you barely have time to enjoy, filling up a house that you mostly just use to sleep in.
Kill your debt & kill your television (they are equally toxic).
Stop putting your dreams off until someday.
Rich or poor, all of us only have 24 hours in the a day. Make them count.
You are the author of your own story: Make it a story worth telling.
Downsize and simplify, because less truly is more,...
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Critique my plan.

I'll work 1 year and then 1 year off.

I can make quite a bit of money as a programmer, live the year saving up all my money, and then spend the next year doing /out/ stuff.

I mainly just want to climb mountains so this should be good. Better than working as a dishwasher or deckhand.
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Enjoy your life the way you want. Don't settle for anything less.

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Hey /out/! I'm looking to pick up a monocular to give as a christmas gift. Nothing too high end, something that could be used for bird watching basically. Can anyone give me some recommendations? I have no idea what to look for.

Price range caps at around $50.

Any of these good?



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I'll be monitoring this thread
Go to the binocular thread, its a slow board and an unpopular topic, optics is kind of a niche here so the bino thread and certainly the even more specific monocular thread will die before people can actually learn something about it... Anyways make sure you wanna get a monocular, there's lots of disadvantages. If you want in depth info go to cloudynights or any other specific forum which is optic related (birds, hunting,...) or ask your question in the other thread, i'll answer it
I just got a $100 gift card for signing up for the REI credit card and picked up this.

..... and as I sit here drunkenly looking for the link to post, they apparently do not sell it anymore. Weird as fuck, I just got it 2 days ago and its already discontinued.

Sorry OP. Came in here to make a recommendation and the one I wanted to recommend doesn't exist anymore.

what makes a three season tent unsuitable for camping in the winter or general freezing temps? if i have a near zero degree bag shouldn't i be fine anyway? my sleeping pad isn't insulated though i plan on correcting that with just a mylar blanket under it..

apologize for dumb question but i haven't been innawoods in a while, and never in teh winter.

pic related is my tent, it was on sale for nigger friday.
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4 seasons tents have proper support for the weight of snow and wind.
i don't plan on using it in the snow and can't i just block any wind drafts with blankets?
A mylar blanket will not insulate your sleeping pad. You better get you a closed foam pad. Best R value for the buck.

do i really need to avoid wearing it that badly?
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Are you going to get wet? Scale 1-10
Is it cold? Scale 1-10

Add them together and anything 11 or over means no cotton.

This is scientific fact
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Wet and Cold: AVOID

Also it depends on the clothing, jeans and socks are turrible in any weather if they get wet. T-shirts not so bad, if it's not cold out.
I'm >>904438 and your formula is brilliant genius. I'm gonna use that.

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So I know the saying... carbon steel holds an edge longer. But why? When would I actually notice? Does it really make a difference? Is it that much of a difference that the extra risks of rust and pitting and all that are worth it?

What uses is carbon preferable and what uses is stainless preferable?
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stainless steel has a number additives incorporated during the manufacturing process to make it stainless. These additives are geared towards that effect, and not towards making the steel stronger.
Additives to carbon steel are geared almost entirely to improving the edge retention.

there are hundreds of different types of carbon and stainless steels, so these are only general rules. You can still get great blade characteristics out of stainless, but you tend to pay more for it compared to a mid-ranged carbon. There are still plenty carbon steels, just as there are...
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As a follow up:

get whatever kind of steel you prefer, but just remember that low price always means shit steel. Doesn't matter if it's carbon or if it's stainless; it's usually garbage pot metal if you get it cheap.
Actual help on 4chan. Thanks /out/, keep being the most sane and awesome board on here.

What if I'm using it to slice my salami and extra sharp cheddar? Does food use ruin carbon steel without a bunch of maintenance?

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Who here remembers their first snipe hunt?

Grandpa had me clucking like a chicken and hollering like a banshee while I was banging a cooking pot.
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Well that must have been the most annoying fucking thing in the world. I feel bad for anyone trying to actually enjoy their lives anywhere near that. Anyway I've never been tricked into hunting snipe.

All good. Closest neighbor to pawpaw lives about 35 miles away. KotH is good stuff.
Mine was in scouts. Yelling the bullshit snipe calls they taught us walking through some field at night and then scout masters dressed in full camo came runining out of the trees or from behind and bagged us up in big ass burlap sacks.

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What are those called? No spikes, spikes are what is holding the tires.
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>What are those called?
these are desus
fender stays

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Serious question here:

How are you supposed to use the hood on something similar to photo? (i disguised the brand so you autists wouldn't get distracted by mid/high-tier water repellent equipment)

>put hood on head, ta-da!
now anything stronger than a light breeze blows it off of my head

>put hood on head and pull strings to tighten it
now I feel like a horse with blinders on. I can see my feet and that is about it.
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i have the same problem with my north face jacket. In contrast to more classic shaped hoods it overhangs over your forehead to stop rain dripping down your face, it does work but like you say it constricts vision a lot when the drawstrings need to be tightened if its windy. What helps for me is putting my wool beanie on under the hood, but of course in summer that's not the best solution either...
Some hoods are designed to fit over a helmet, if you do not have a helmet to use the said jacket for. I find that using a hat and cinching it over that works. Also better brands tend to have a "halo" cinch that really helps.
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I'd rather buy garbage then that shitty north face jacket. If you want a rain jacket, Arcteryx, TAD, and Fjallraven have good stuff. Don't fall into the poorfag northface meme.

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Hey /out/, I'm looking to get into kayaking but I'm not totally sure on what to buy, what's good and isn't good, etc. so I thought I'd make a thread and see if you guys could help me out.

Here's my tentative requirements:
>around $500
>can be used for fishing (rod holders are nice) and for camping (so needs decent amount of dry storage)
>preferably able to be used both in small creeks and in lakes
>prefer sit-on but...
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If fishing you'll most likely want flat bottom/open top.
You could also take a look at Walmart, they got some cheap inflatable pontoon chair rafts that have motor mounts for a little gas/electric.
My uncle just got one for fishing and he's been pretty impressed with it.

Personally I use a wilderness double just for the extra beer cooler space.
with kayaks if you are on a budget dont get your heart set on a single model/size. play the overstock/used rental game. (depending on what country/state you are in) right now a lot of places are getting rid of last years stock in tent sales.

also fishing rod holders are an aftermarket feature you can either just make yourself or buy cheep.
File: P1020179.jpg (250 KB, 640x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>with kayaks if you are on a budget dont get your heart set on a single model/size

this is good advice. i bought a expensive as fuck ocean kayak trident ultra (tm)(R) because of stupid web forum nerds talking about hull shapes and water resistance and whatnot. a year later i get exactly the one in op's pic for the kids. i end up selling the expensive one because they both basically did the same thing. as long as you're not racing it's all good. get something wide so...
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File: IMG_4577.jpg (2 MB, 3264x2448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB,
I was hiking along and noticed something flashing up on a hill. I was on a forest service trail and it looked like it was maybe 200 yards away. When I got up to it I started noticing more markers until I came across one that had writing on it. It's dated 7-4-80. So I started to wonder how much they had to pay this guy to work on the 4th of July. Couldn't it have waited until the holiday was over? The guy might still be alive and I want to find him and ask him why he did this.
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Depending on how isolated it was 36 years ago he might have been out there for weeks marking boundaries.

Still pretty cool find.
Whether you find that guy or not, I'm glad you posted this, op. Really interesting.
Now that I think about it I don't think the trail I was on was around then. I think I'm going to take a pencil and paper and see if I can do that thing where you put the paper against it then rub pencil lead on it and see if I can read it better.

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>people on 4chan actually go outside
>wait nvm this board is dead
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File: kick_the-Cairn.gif (2 MB, 400x225) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 400x225
And this is the busy/shiposting season too! In summer it's even less rambunctious.
90% of /out/ doesn't go outside. They just shit post about gear like consumerists and talk about how you need to carry a 50 cal sniper rifle or 500 S&W revolver with you to defeat any threats, proving they've never actually gone out.

Fishing and Homegrown threads are the only decent content on /out/. The hunting threads are okay but usually turn into autism.

If you want 40% of the catalog about how you need a $150 knife to feather a stick or cut some salami, then this is your board.
/out/ is the /r9k/ of outdoor life.

Hey /out/, I've been lurking here for a while and it seems like this is the right place to ask. I'm doing some shopping for Christmas today since it's cyber Monday, was interested in getting myself a new water bottle. The one I had before was Aluminum that I got for cheap, the sealant wore off quickly especially with regularly hot water use. There is also a major concern of aluminum leeching, so I was interested in finding a stainless steel replacement. Preferably that comes with a non-plastic or aluminum cap too. Any suggestions? Would appreciate replies that...
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It's not on sale but I was given one of these and they worked well.

Thanks for the recommendation!
I was hoping for something a little cheaper, like in the $20 range, I'll book mark this one to look into later though
Your paying for the Canterbury school meme mostly.

But it's one of the few in that size range that are not painted so if you want to boil water in it thats a plus.

File: 1443980475039.jpg (72 KB, 620x856) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
72 KB,
How do I get into /out/?

I'm a total newb when it comes to the first thing about being out for extended periods of time. Ii want to get into backpacking but I don't know the first thing about it.

Any advice?
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Start small with local nature trails and keep lurking /out/
Start with an overnight near home in good weather, and work up from there. If you fuck up on a one-night trip in summer, it'll most likely just be annoying and uncomfortable.
Start off with day hikes at first.
Pick a nice one nighter near you.
Rent/borrow some gear.
See if there's a trail or /out/ club in your area that organizes trips

File: 31qjVpDUTXL._SX300_.jpg (6 KB, 300x224) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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hello all, I'm usually on /k/ for the most part but action cameras aren't weapons related. Does anyone use an action camera for backpacking or skiing or anything? Any warnings or recommendations? Pic relatedis the Garmin virb xe, looks to be the best option that isn't wallet busting.
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I got myself an SJCAM SJ4000. Cheaper'n dicks and really nice. It's basically a Chinese GoPro, that comes-with a shitton of accessories and is compatible with all the GoPro mounts. Has a WiFi and non-WiFi version.
I had a Contour Roam for a while that I really liked. Doesn't do 4k but it does 1080 as well as time lapse.

Pros: Waterproof to 30ft without a case and it has a standard tripod screw built in so you don't have to buy a lot of accessories. On/Off switch is big and easy to use with gloves, too.

Cons: You can't change the settings on the camera without plugging it in to a computer or tablet.
I bought a go pro to record fishing clips. How do I record without getting static noise from wind? Any tips?

I just watched some show on NatGeo about the powergrid going out. Shit fucked me up yo, legit scurred that i'm woefully unprepped for such a thing.

How would out cope? I live in a rural farming community near a large river, so I feel my basic needs would be taken care of. But the other people scare the dogshit out of me. Can i reasonably go innadesert and just let my house and home burn?
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File: 41WFK5I.gif (163 KB, 669x472) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
163 KB, 669x472
Yeah if you lose electricity, the first thing to do is leave 95% of your possessions and play Rambo in the wilderness.

Drop of a hat "SHTF" is a morbid fetish among obese armchair survivalists who think they'd be king of the hill because they have a bugoutbag.
What is actually likely to happen in our lifetimes is gradual deterioration and division of society to the point of politicized paramilitary groups gaining prominence and perhaps civil war.
The lower the population density where you live the better. Knowing your neighbors and a nearby farmer is probably a good idea. And owning a firearm. The ability to produce and preserve some of your own food. Having a decent supply of non-perishable necessities. Especially potential bartergoods like medicine and ammo, should supplylines fail or prices skyrocket.

I'm looking at getting a rifle, a house with a garden + chickens and the option to heat by firewood, a couple of sacks of rice in the basement and the tools and skills required to live as comfortably as possible in a less stable, less affluent future.

I think everyone should strive for a frugal, wholesome, down to earth, somewhat selfsufficient/resilient lifestyle even in the best of times anyway.


I just lost power a few days ago and that shit was scary!

Thought I had forgotten to pay my bill and started getting ready to bug out to my spot.

Trouble is my spot has no running water or fertile soil and I can't carry enough to remain self-sufficient for more than a few days before seeking water.

And I don't have a seed bank anyway.

But it is inna woods!
So th.. theres, um, wood.

So i may be a lil bit drunk, and also on painkillers from surgery, but are we holding a sc/outsmas this year?

I myself just enjoy gifting a few anons, but mainly just browsing all your wish lists for ideas for myself.

Anyhoo just wondering
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Where was that taken?
Antarctica, or on the way there from Tasmania. went there for work in 2013/14
>are we holding a sc/outsmas this year?


File: CO-000.jpg (79 KB, 800x323) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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'elo /out/

recently inherited some land and an old decrepit house and i'm looking into stopping being a citycuck and moving there and building a new house and growing food.

problem is, there used to be a copper mine in the area that supposedely contaminated the water that's in the sewer system. there is a fresh water well there, but due to some fuckery from the ex commie government, it's 30 meters outside of the land, across a road, so it's not very practical to use it.

my question is, is it possible to purify the water from the...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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1. Fresh water doesn't come from a sewer system. A sewer system carries waste water away.

2. The ground water (and srrounding soil) probably isn't contaminated with copper, it's probably contaminated with all the nasty ass solvents and acids used to extract the copper.

3. The well is probably contaminated, too.

4. You don't know enough about natural sciences or even basic plumbing to be a farmer.
chalk the "sewer" thing to english being my second language. i don't know what the actual word for the pipe system transporting water is in english.

anyway, yeah, obviously i don't know shit at this point. i'm just looking into some preliminary things right now and this was one of them.

my grandfather used to grow stuff there, during and after the mine's active period, i know that much.

anyway, i'm pretty sure you didn't answer a single question i had. if...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
OK, fine. Your first and only option should be to get the soil and water tested to see what it's contaminated with because the you can determine if farming or living on this land is even financially viable.

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What does /out/ carries daily during the colder, rainier and darker months?

pic related is not mine, I will post mine tomorrow I just wanted to have the thread started.
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File: IMG_0216.jpg (1 MB, 3036x1843) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 3036x1843
>4 knives
Completely neccessary

I would say some thing about the Co2 gun...noticed you carry a G2...I'll let it pass.


Not surprised desu




In the interest of consolidation, please post your ID requests here instead of starting a new thread. I'll be checking this thread every other day or so and IDing what I can.
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id pls
File: 20150110_114834.jpg (2 MB, 3264x1836) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 3264x1836
Agaracus bisporus
>Shroom season

I wish...
It's too cold here. Absolutely SHIT season for mushrooms this year.

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In Germany Camping and making fire without permission is forbidden. Just heard it's legal in Sweden, is that true?

Does anyone know of a Country in Europe you can actually be innawoods legaly?
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>Just heard it's legal in Sweden, is that true?
It's a right. Same in Norway and I think Denmark too. You know, that'd explain why I always meet Germans every time I go /out/. Just a side note for all Germans that want to come here, if you don't bring coffee with you to the mountains, don't complain when I give you instant coffee from my backpack. I know it tastes like ass but I'm not packing coffee filters and shit with me and neither did you.
Eastern Europe? Russia?

I don't think any EU country is like that. So many fucking regulations, tourists, clear cut forests etc. Pretty shit if you ask me.
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Swede here. We have what's called the All Mans Right which allows you to camp anywhere for one night, even private property as long as its not literaly someones Backyard or too close to someones house

not sure about the legality of firemaking but it's so engrained in outdoors culture that noone will think twice as long as you dont go full retard with it

Norway has much the same law, I think Finland too. not sure about Denmark but they dont really have anywhere to go

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