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Question for British anons, I know you are supposed to bin that knife but are you still allowed to own an /out/knife? How do your basic camp craft, like say you have to cut some paracord do you use a sharp rock? Or take it into town to an approved cordage cutter?
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you're allowed a fucking knife, you only get in trouble if you're seen with it in the middle of a town like a retard

Here you go.

Or if it's in your glove compartment when the police pull you over for speeding.

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Anyone have any experiences camping in NJ during the off season?
My buddies and I want to hike the BATONA for a little bit during the beginning of January.

Now, it seems like this dude https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w0xEZ4oSMfQ is able to just kinda camp where ever he needs to, but we just went back there for a walk last night and ran into a ranger who wouldn't believe we weren't up to shenanigans.
Are we gonna be able to camp for free if we move each night?

It's not just a money thing, it's not all that expensive, but I don't want...
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Are you seriously asking if you will be arrested for camping at a campsite?

I've never hiked the batona before, but I used to camp and 4wheel out there a bit.

About 2 years ago most of the campsites went to reserveamerica, which is a horrible company and they charge a ton of money. Also, the campsites are really not located conveniently for a hike. I'd say pack light and plan to stealth it out, people do it and get away. There are plenty of rangers up there though, so just be aware of that. I wouldn't set up camp until dusk.

I've camped there in December at the paid sites, and it can get cold, but not too...
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Also, if you're willing to travel a little bit, Delaware Water Gap is top notch, but it gets much colder at night. You can camp on the AT there in the off season, it goes right through the national park or whatever.

Pic related, Delaware river 1 mile north of where the AT crosses over.

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Hello /out/, I am really new to weapons and specially hunting, but I'm still really interested, but I find it really hard to find good tutorials on hunting (anything from hares to deer). Most tutorials are on more advanced shit like what type of scent killer to use, whether you should smear yourself in Internet deer shit or not, or what kind of camera to buy. I just want to know the bare basics. Speak to me like I'm retarded. I just got off the truck, what's the first thing I should do?
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First step is to read and understand your State's/country's regulations regarding hunting
this. truly this.
First you need to pick what type of hunting you want to do. There is scrape hunting, stalk hunting, and stand hunting and many other varieties of techniques. Each has their own pro's and cons.

Hi /out/, can we get a thread about self sufficiency?

Basically, I hate my life. I hate that we live in a world where it is absolutely necessary that you work to make money for someone else, and collect a small percentage of that so that you can live.

I want to start learning about gardening, construction, general survival.

I mean, were all going to die. Might as well do something great, interesting, etc.

Is such a unique challenge even possible? Especially for someone like me, I'm completely submerged in the technological world. Would it be...
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>absolutely necessary that you work to make money for someone else, and collect a small percentage of that so that you can live

Do you even have a skill? If you are like most people you produce less at work than you get paid. You are a freeloader in life and you come here wanting us to do work for you, for free. You are a lowly parasite, your plan is unachievable because you can never scrape together $10,000 to get started on your failure. Your life is already over. Happy holidays faggot!
I work for a non-profit. We have a board of directors that are not paid. My boss makes about the same as I do. There's no one getting rich off me, and I help people for a living.

You don't have to work for a corporation that makes other people rich.
I do have a skill. I can scrap together 10,000 dollars.
Absolutely necessary was a stretch.
That's not really what I'm worried about; there are probably plenty of non profits and volunteering things I could do that would bring me fulfillment. I would like to try Americorp at some point in my life.

I just want to learn all that stuff and realize the dream at some point.

Who here lives in Georgia? What /out/ things are there to do in this state?
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Not much now with this weather unless you like that.

But any other time there's shitloads of places to go hiking up north. Anywhere on/near the AT. I'm going to the Suches area tomorrow to do a few hikes that I did all the time in college
White water rafting on the rivers is neat too
Where'd you go to school?

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ITT post sexy nature pics while /out/, only OC allowed
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File: IMG_20151223_160918.jpg (718 KB, 2048x1536) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Yesterday Sedona, AZ.
File: sadblue.png (8 KB, 300x169) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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thats relaxing

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Happy to announce I'll soon be spending the winter alone in the woods with just my backpack in the cascade range of Oregon. Going to have a great time living the easy life. Wake up, warm up, get food, warm up, get food, warm up get food, sleep, repeat.
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Good luck, anon. Make sure you bring books pertaining to what plants are edible or you'll fuck yourself like that one kid. Also, a small wildlife book with good details will point you in the right direction for where to look when hunting.
Am not inexperienced.
Lick me bum

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I want a pet raven. There are lots of ravens here but I've never seen a nest. Where do I find them
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Find a nest. Do some research on the birds mentality though. often times keeping them past a fledgling makes them demented. My suggestion is to let it go after adolescence and it will stay in your area and bring you cool shit.
This is a worthy goal.
The nests are huge , you just need to work harder at finding one.
They will use abandoned nests so if you find one , keep checking it.
You could also help repair one that is damaged and easy for you to get to.
It will not go unused for long.

Why do women pretend to like the outdoors?
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>obligatory 4chan misogyny thread

all things aside, i usually run into girls who claim to like the "outdoors" and "adventure" but when I ask what they've actually done, it's always something really mundane like going to a coffee shop in the AM hours
Probably the clothes and the whole 'woman are stronk' thing. But this is a huge generalisation since I know many women who are very athletic and fitter than me who know their shit and hate normie hikers as well.
Looks like a good way to attention whore and get fucked hard in the woods by hot smelly dudes

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What bow is good for survival. Its gonna be my first bow aswell. i was thinking about the sas tactical survival bow. Any good? Pic related.

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If it says "tactical" or "survival" in the item description there's usually a better alternative that costs less.

If you're buying a first bow and are just getting into archery, you need to find out if you're patient enough to learn traditional archery over a few years or want to get something with sights. I have a Fred Bear Montana Longbow and love it, but you can buy a decent rifle/scope combination for less money.

The bow in your post has some weak links where it hinges....
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Just no

>What bow is good for survival.
Also no.

You guys are right. There seems to be no need for the tactical one if i could just pack down a recurve. Can you recomend me a nice one? Found a RAGIM impala. How many pounds should i start with?

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Okay /out/ I'm looking to go to Guadalupe peak today and I'm in need of a hiking buddy since all my friends are basement dwellers. I'm a fairly skilled outdoorsman with quite a bit of hiking/climbing expirience. Who's up for it?
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The hike from summit takes about 7 hours round trip. Weather is looking only a bit chilly. 7 hour drive from Fort Worth.
>Guadalupe peak

Brace yourself for the wind--windiest place I've ever been.
Mother-in-law is in the hospital or I'd join you. I'm planning on doing it for my 50th birthday in 2018, but wouldn't mind going up early. Love that part of the country.

>don't skip McKittrick Canyon, it's beautiful

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>have crazy mother from Brazil
>my whole life I've been brought up uncivilized and crazy
>talks around her house by herself
>always tries to command and yell
>live at home because there are a lack of jobs in the area I liva ATM (us)
>mfw today I saw my crazy mother pour cream on the carpet for the dog to eat off
>lost my shit at her and started screaming...
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Post pics

You will get more help at /adv/

Also, post pics
pics plz

File: 51f7X0yfqzL.jpg (47 KB, 500x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Hey, /out/. I am building a camping/survival kit in a waterproof crate in the bed of my truck, and I am almost finished, I just need advice for what is the best multi-purpose rope I can purchase.

Multi-purpose as in hanging a tarp/hammock, and hoisting sacks of food or equipment off of the ground, etc. What do you think?

Also rope thread
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photo 1.jpg
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3/4 inch 2500 lb mule tape.
I found some on eBay for pretty cheap, would this be advisable to buy it from there or should I get it from a Gander Mountain/Academy instead? I don't believe it would matter, but I am relatively new to equipment knowledge.
Mule tape comes in different widths and strength ratings. As long as it's the size and strength you need and is labeled on the tape then I don't think it matters where you get it.

I'm going /out/ on a week long camping trip again for new years.

And I've always struggled to know what food to even take every time. Sometimes its been easy with cold meats for the first day or two, but then its tinned tomatoes and carrots for the rest.

This year its a pretty stationary camping trip.

My problem is that because of the extreme heats for most of it, there will likely be state-wide fire bans, so cooking shit is going to be totally out of the question, which sucks because I'd just gotten a new camp stove for christmas.

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For a week hike I once packed:

1 stick of pepperoni
4 bagels
4 snack sized peanut butter packs
4 bananas

8 pouches of flavored tuna
5 cups of brown rice

12 packets assorted flavored oatmeal
6 scoops of protein powder to be added to oatmeal

2 large ziploc bags of trail mix consisting of: peanuts, almonds, soy nuts, banana chips, yogurt covered raisins, cherries.

3, two serving mountain house dehydrated meals assorted flavors/meals

6 cliff bars

The bananas got a little squished but I ate them quickly.

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Even with a fire ban, can't you just use a propane stove?

I mean a little isobutune stove to boil water isn't the same thing as having a fire. Even with a fire ban you should still be able to cook. Even just a charcoal stove should be fine.

Load up a cooler with beef, chicken, anything really and cook like you normally would grill at home.

Forgot to mention some of my items require a small MSR pocket rocket stove and pot for boiling water but that's it.

Anyone offroad here? I have a Jeep Wrangler that I want to take off the pavement but I need tips on how not to total it once I do
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Generally prefer the 1WD if i'm going offroad, but the truck does a fairly good job when I need the space.

Having the right tires makes a huge difference.
Get a winch in case you get stuck.
Do the easy stuff. Don't try to go out and run the Rubicon or something.

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