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Jetboil....it seems there are a lot of rival competitors coming out with this tech now- AlpKit make one for £35, Highlander also do one for a similar price. MSR Does the Windboiler, which is JetBoil money...

I've had a Jetboil since May, and it's been good. The only thing I've found is that it's either full throttle, or off, there is very little in between, hence buying this today. Despite having a 'better' more controllable vale, it feels a hell of lot cheaper, and less well made than my Flash. Do any other sc/out/s have REAL feedback on...
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Pretty much what the youtube ppl will say, will pretty much be said here too. What they say is really input, cause a lot of them will test the crap out of them before giving said input. So stop being an autistic faggot. This thread has been done plenty of times, go look at the archives.
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Fuck off.

90% of the 'reviews' on youtube is on stuff that has been out of the packing less than an hour, 7% used a handfull of times an there is maybe 3% of non-shill, genuine content

Don't forget to pick your fedora up on the way out...
I have had 4 of them. The first three broke and I returned them to rei. I love them for convenience and utility but the quality is poor and is really going downhill.

The oldest one i had was the best i thing it was the flash, it broke when I dropped it. the second one was supposedly ultralight but the plastic broke right away and the membrane disintegrated. Third one the plastic cup broke right away and the metal fittings didnt join right.

I would love to know if any competitors have a good alternative.

Btw im a middle aged backpacker so fuck you you little pipsqueak

Sup /out/, UK outgoer here.

I've read several guides on wild camping in Northern England, and thought I'd give it a go. I have been planning to walk along sections of the Pennine Way while camping off the path at night (obviously not too close to the path). It will probably be towards the northern area of the trail as water sources are more common. However I will still need to take food etc. and was wondering which foodstuffs are recommended as I will have limited space, but will probably be able to stock up at a local shop somewhere.

I also need a few...
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northern england is beautiful.

Advice for wild camping; if you don't disturb people or animals and you keep yourself well hidden then you'll be fine. if you want to make a fire make it preferably after nightfall, but most places are well secluded and the farmers don't care.

A tarpaulin will be fine.
self bumping
Mainly keep to the Lake District fells myself, but in my experience as long as you don't ruin the place with rubbish or firepits, don't camp on paths you'll be fine.

I've camped within 50m of the path before but this was in deep winter with snow and blizzards abound so I guess there was no one really to hassle me anyway. Personally if I see a tent when I'm out hiking I don't get offended or anything, I don't really see the issue myself.

For food I normally just use the...
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Anyone here within the next two months? Wanna go backpacking? I have no /out/ friends :(

Alguien aca dentro de los proximos dos meses? Quieren ir a mochilear? No tengo amigos /out/ :(
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No seas cagón y mandate solo.

Viajé solo por el mundo y fue de las mejores experiencias que tuve en mi vida.
Can you land me a job there? If so I would gladly go to the white Argentina for a couple months
What province?

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I know there's a lot of crossover with /trv/ among our user base. What country have you been to that had the best outdoors? Did the local culture contribute to your enjoyment of the nature, or take away from it?
I'd argue Morocco is one of the best countries on earth for getting lost in the wilderness, if only the local villagers didn't shit in the rivers, overgraze the forests and throw garbage all over the place.
Spain, Scotland, New Zealand are also in my top tier.
Dump photos if you like; I'm more interested in discussion.
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Don't have any photos to share except from Morocco atm.
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i tend to go to cities when overseas and do more /out/ stuff closer to home (ca ftw). last place i went has too much concern about landmines to just venture out innawoods. pic related
That Cambodia? I'd love to go. Been to Vietnam; there's some badass nature there but it all really tied in to the surrounding culture. Ha Long Bay was somehow made better by the orange-sailed junks sailing through it. Some places the culture and cool history really is the highlight, no point hiding yourself in the woods.
Apparently Laos is the place to go for nature in SEA, pics of the place do look cool.

>catalog, search "edc, everyday carry" nothing found
So let's start an EDC thread.

Moleskin, and dual tip Sharpe.
Keys, paracord, p38.
Zippo, surgical mask nd bandaids in wallet.
Wallet (cash, cards, hunting fishing license, library card)
Knives (CRKT Folts Minimalist, Appalachian Trail folding knife)
Skullcandy earbuds
Phone not shown in pic.
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Semi-serrated tonto folder.
Leather belt.
BIC lighter.
GPS maps on phone.
Emergency Jackson ($20 bill).

I honestly don't think I would ever find myself in a situation where I couldn't make do as long as I had those five things.
This thread makes me glad I'm a NEET. I can't imagine gathering all that crap up just to go to work.
My edc is wallet, phone and keys.

I occationally bring a multitool if I'm doing stuff and a flashlight cause winter is dark.

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Hey /out/, i am working on a survival guide for an Apocalypse.

so far i have consulted /pol/ and /k/. now i am here to get advise on these topics:

-survivng in rural areas
-rebuilding civlization in the aftermath

the other topics that i need information on is in the guide itself: http://pastebin.com/nKpnPf9K

if you can give me information about any of these topics too, that would be awesome too.
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also general bugout bag advise would be appreciated

You should ask /k/ they day dream about this shit all the time. /out/ version of bugging out, is more or less our normal /out/ gear, with just more food, water, some documents, some other crap.
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Timelapses from a Trip

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>80% in cities


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>half of my local forest just got cut down to make a golf course
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it's time, anon.
Molotovs, my friend.
frogposters pls go

What's the best /out/ country?

I would have to say either Canada or Russia due to the massive amounts of wilderness.

What do you guys think?
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US because permafrost and peatlands aren't the nicest /out/tings.
Canada and Russia are the best I'd you REALLY want to leave civilization, but I wouldn't say that's the only definition of being /out/.

If I had to pick a country, it would be one that's most diverse. The USA is probably the most diverse country geographically on the planet.

USA has arid desert, high snow covered peaks, vast plains of grasslands, temperate forests, rocky cold coastline, tropical islands, warm Sandy beaches, artic tundra.... a huge selection of stuff to go /out/ in.

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Confirmed for not being the most diverse, google will tell you this.

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Hey /out/, /v/ told me you guys like weeaboo trash, is this true?
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yes, and.png
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If you keep on dumping those fine Japanese nature pics you are my best friend ever. Keep em coming.
Would you guys ever camp out in the suicide forest?

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First of all I hope my thread isn't breaking any rules but here for some honest advice.

As many may know the economy is tanking hard in Canada. I find myself in a position where for the first time in my life I'm going to be homeless just after the first of the year. We never think these things will ever happen to us but it definitely can.

I own a solo tent, winter sleeping bag warm clothes and a hike pack. My main concerns are obviously surviving the temps, not being hassled by cops, and wildlife dangers. I am all about leaving no garbage/damage from...
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i allways find homeless camps via towels put up to dry. so if ur trying to stay hidden dont do that
K good advice actually, Thanks.
make sure to look up the knife laws in your area and what excuses you can have for carrying weapons and shit as to avoid trouble with police just in case

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>Going /out/ to a place without trees
It's like you want it to be shit. Smh tbqh family
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huts madison1.jpg
342 KB, 555x369

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Apache Pier.jpg
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My wife and I took a vacation to Myrtle Beach and stayed at Apache Pier campground a while ago. We were set up in a small camper/trailer that was minutes from the beach. I liked it so much, and the idea of a small community that was still semi-/out/, that I started looking into it for retirement. I'm 31, so it'll be a while, but I'm looking for ideas for places that are similar. I found that lots in the campground we stayed at go for about $15K+, then I would have to buy the actual camper/trailer home. But I loved being close to the beach and I thought that it...
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>trailer park type area

Have fun paying a few hundred I fees each month in fees

This is how they make their money

My plan is to build a small cabin on cheap land, then build bigger as I get money

That or aproach someone I know about purchasing a trailer on his property and staying there, possibly replacing the trailer with a camper
> no clubhouse
> no pool
> no hot tub
> no lapidary club
> no gilfs
> no 3pm bingo
> no 4pm earlybird specials
> no 5pm square dance lessons
> no 6pm lightsout, park quiet time curfue

How can you live without that structure?
Actually am planning on building 5+ small cabins for my mates and one big cabin as a "clubhouse" and place to chill

Hot tub is possibility but would be wood stove hottub
No bingo but cards
>early bird special

I do lose out on that but will always have good food
Il pass
>lights out
There will be an curfiew (no being loud as fuck unless...
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Hey /out/ I am in the millitary and need a good pair of boots for rucking with like 130ish lbs on my back.The boots have to be black and have a polishable surface.And well look like a millitary boot.What do you recomend?pic is the boots i was issued.
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Use the gear you're issued and don't be a pussy.

Nike makes some very comfortable boots.

Comfy as fuck. Ankle support isn't the best I've seen. So if you are a clumsy mother fucker, get a heavier boot. If you can walk properly, these are damn fine.
Take your issues to a cobbler. He'll stretch, pad and resole them to best fit you.

Take your issues to a psychologist. He'll pad and comfort them so you'll feel better, too.

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I'm kind of a beginner when it comes to the outdoors, and i cant for the life of me get a fire started. I've done a ton of research and know all the steps, but i never get anything going and it always dies off before i reach pencil sized sticks. Could you guys provide some tips for an inexperienced outdoorser?
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If your fire is dying before pencil sized sticks use more small stuff and keep feeding it. Hey larger sticks and material positioned above and to the side of the pile that's on fire. You need conductive and radiant heat being absorbed into larger sticks. A good fire is all in prep. You need either tinder/kindling with a high heat and fire load (pine, birch bark) or a ton of it and to keep feeding. Practice how you build the fire.
I like to use some med sized sticks to build 3 sided square, with pencil szedw...
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Practice, practice, practice. Also, a favorite of mine is to take a stick, and rub it in tacky sap, adding strands of dried tree moss and more sap until it's about the size of your thumb. Its a decent amount of work to build up, but it's an amazing wet/dry firestarter that will burn for a long time.

>3 sided square

Solid stuff tho.

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