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What do you all think of this?
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more here
>What do you all think
...I think you should go back from whence you came, lest your mind be fractured by something you find here.

I also think you should lurk moar; if you had, you'd have known how bad an idea it was to provide a leddit link. You'd have also known it's poor form to shitpost like you did in >>649767...
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So walking along the trail today something blue caught my eye. See it's a little box. Didn't read it first as assume it's some geocaching thing. Open it up and rotten hamster falls out and onto my leg.

God damn it, who the fuck...
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Once I was on a trail very near populated areas, but on a portion hard enough and a few miles out so not all that many people traverse it.

I was exploring off trail a bit near a viewing spot when I spotted a well made wooden cross driven deeply into the ground. There was some kind of floral arrangement tied around it, along with a zip lock bag full of papers.

The papers ended up being pictures of a man and his family, he had killed himself at that spot. One of the paper was a letter written to him after his death from his sister. Apparently none of his family...
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think i stumbled across a cabin that had been used as a grow house for weed. power outlets all around and rotted bags of gardening soil outside. newspapers there were from '96. also a trailer with shelves and a bottle of fertilizer
I was back in the middle of the woods and there was just a truck in the thick of it. Like a truck, with no wheels miles away from the road. I mean I have no clue how it got there, because it was rough terrain, cliffs and hills.

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Hey /out/ I purchased these on an impulse buy without looking into the product as well as its effectiveness. Has anyone used Oasis water purification tablets?
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I've never used them. They probably don't work very well on oocysts, but you should be fine. I'd bet that they work as well as anything else you'd buy but were probably a bit more expensive.
Well like I said they were an impulse buy and I'm more used to the tablets from Aqua Miria, and I know those work. From the packaging I'm assuming these were made in the UK, and I'm hoping someone from the UK has some feedback on these.
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It's going to work the same as any other tablet using NaDCC. I don't know what kind of feedback you're expecting.

Taking my fist trip to padre island national seashore to camp and fish.

Any suggestions from those that have been?

Pic unrelated
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Used to work there.

Do you have 4 wheel drive? The best spots are down island past at least the 20 mile marker. The channel at the 60 is really pretty too.
2000 jeep Cherokee 4x4 with goodyear mt/r tires and a 7 inch lift
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Don't drive in the surf or on seaweed mats. You could get stuck and the tide changes rapidly, before someone could get there to tow you out (which costs thousands of dollars) your car could get flooded by sea water and ruined. The salt water will also completely eat your undercarriage.

Don't drive in the dunes or on the salt flats. It takes centuries for them to go back to normal and kills the organisms that call those places home.

If you've got a dog, keep an eye on him. We have...
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I made this one a few days ago out of a single, 12 foot piece of paracord. Slowly getting the hang of it - It was a fun way to pass time /out/ in the woods. Hard to believe people used to hunt with these.
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Made one a few months ago, lots of fun but I still haven't got gud. I've found I have more accuracy with overhand throw for close targets and underhand for farther targets. Sidearm throw a shit.
To clarify, overhand releases at top of swing and underhand releases as the sling passes the knee. I give one full circle for the windup.
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I made 2 kinds once. You put the rock in the swing it maybe a half turn then the rock flies out and you run like hell with your hands covering your head. To master one of these would take years.

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I want to start a thread about sharpening.

I have an old sharpening kit from my grandfather which contains several stones and a metal clamp which locks the blade in place and also acts as a guide for the stone, maintaining the correct angle.

But I cant shake the feeling that the blades feel somewhat duller after I try to sharpen them.
I followed the instructions for the kit but Im still arent confident its working correctly. there are certain points in the stones movement which it isn't even really in contact with the blade edge.

I was a butcher...
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Just freehand it bruh, sounds like you have the experience. Do a test before and after sharpening by cutting a piece of paper or even your arm hair.
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You mean just use a steel or free hand sharpen with the stones?
AFAIK the steel isn't for sharpening, it's for straightening the edge
also this >>649529

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A friend of mine is planning to buy some land and offered to build a cabin for me.

Looking for ideas/suggestion for making an efficent and pleasant 1man cabin.
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well insulated, good roof, windows you can open, if you install plumbing, install a drain at the lowest point, and a wood stove.

everything else is personal choice
Where at?
Near the Canadian border, don't remember the state but it should be near the east coast.

Yeah, my idea is to make a single environment out of it with a raised sleeping area,
the only contrast that I've encountered is that I want a lot of light but big windows take away from the insulation.

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if you could camp anywhere in florida where would it be?
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pitiful self bump

pls help bros. I was disowned by my family a few months ago, and I'm going to take Amtrak south to Florida for the holidays. Rather not just sit alone and cry this christmas. better to do that in a pretty place at least
I'll get some hate from the hardcore /out/its but I have always wanted to take my airstream down to long key and "camp" at the beach.

Is long key your favorite island out of key west?

Looks like I could take a bus down their from Miami pretty cheap

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Ever run around in the woods naked?
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For some reason whenever I see a waterfall I have an urge to stand under it naked. I have done this on more than one occasion when I was either alone or just with my wife. Tried to get the misses to join me once but she was to scared some other hikers might come by and catch us fucking under the waterfall. One day I will convince her.
It's a pretty great experience. Supposedly makes your testosterone increase.

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In Baja there are many places along the coast that you go get to via dirt road and camp on the beach for free and no one cares.
Are there any places in America like this?
Anywhere in the gulf states?
Maybe Mississippi ?
Would like to have some /out/ beach time this winter.

Also , general beach camping.
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Cape lookout of the coast of NC. You can ferry your car out and camp right on the beach. Didnt camp but spent the day there last year. Beautiful undeveloped beaches. Most people just go to see the lighthouse so if you get away from the ferry pier dropoff (near the before mentioned lighthouse) there isnt many people. Im dying to go back and camp for at least a week. Lying around the beach and fishing. Would like to kayak out from harkers island. That way I can fish around the shackleford banks as well.
>no one cares

except the narcos who will decapitate you
This is exactly the kind of info I am after.

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Where does /out/ shop outdoors clothing?

I've recently become quite happy with a new brand called Northern Hunting. Also Fjällräven
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I have a few shirts from rei, a thing or two from Columbia, and then a pairs of offbrand synthetic pants and shirts. Does anybody have any recommendations for a jacket or coat for 30-40' F temperatures?
I think you should go with lots of layers. I was at a lecture with a guy from Sirius(see link) and he described his clothing as follows:

>Fine mesh underwear(to avoid
>Woolen underwear(in very cold weather, two layers)
>Thick winter pants
>Fleece jacket
>Wind breaker
>Thick cotton jacket
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>Fleece jacket
>Wind breaker
>Thick cotton jacket
>Down coat

4 coats for 30-40F weather. Yeah....no.

I actually get a lot of my /out/ clothing from Old Navy. Their active wear line of clothing is pretty good and its super cheap. I got some synthetic long sleeve shirts for $10 each.

Any other /out/ists have a hard on for external frame rucksacks? I think these have always had a strong foothold in northern Europe, both as military gear and civvie hiking packs.
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I've got a Kelty Trekker. Haven't used it, so not much to report.
That's not for any other reason than I simply haven't been /out/ with it yet.
No, I'd rather have a comfy internal frame backpack.
You've never tried a comfy external frame?
They aren't all 60 year old pieces of steel pipes with some cotton strapped to them for carrying.

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What are the most /out/ jobs?

I'm about to finish my AA and apply to universities, but I don't even know what I should study.

How to get paid to be in nature?
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Forestry, biology, ecology, environmental studies, parks & recreation management. There's probably a few more that I can't think of.

I minored in environmental studies, I should have majored in it. Very cool field. Lots of companies and governments pay big bucks to environmental survey and study firms to do land research prior to buying or building on the land.

I just watched the Obama episode of Running Wild with Bear Grylls. Did anyone else see this?

I thought it was kind of lame. They really only walked a few hundred meters then ate some pre-prepared salmon. It was basically one giant climate change ad.

I guess that's what you could probably expect but I was hoping they'd go a little further than a few hundred meters.
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kek somebody link this shit
Search for this torrent

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I've been there

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Question for all the flytyers on /out/ I'm not from this board so not sure how many that would be

My friend is opening a webshop for flytying materials
By looking at the brand samples collected from producers from every where around the world, compared to generics from ebay/aliexpress/alibaba, how big exactly is the difference?
brand vs generic wholesale flash/dubbing/thread/hooks etc.

Pic unrelated
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For hooks, use branded. Everything else can be El Generico. Reason being I've had cheap hooks bend / break / blunt. I only use Eagle Claw hooks now, haven't had a problem with them. That said, I'm merely a fisherman -- I don't tie many flies. I'm sure someone with more experience than I will be along shortly.

inb4 >>>/biz/
inb4 >>>/diy/ (is good board though)
Sorry, forgot to blank name field. I didn't actually sage you.
I pick all my shit up on the cheap at craft shops and stuff like that. Except for what >>649194 was saying, good hooks are whacha need.
So budget crap will do the trick.

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