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Planning on doing some stealthy camping in the south west for the next week or so. Any tips or similar experiences welcome.
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>camping in Scotland
>forestry commision rangers, one dude with dredds and one landwhale in a shitty old 4x4 meet us on the hike down
>we all reek of smoke and two of us are have axes visable about our person
>Exchange small talk
>"They're perfectly fine to wild camp here as long as there are no fires or vehicles right landwhale?"
>"Right hippy guy... Have you lads been...
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immigrant detected
Nice tent.
Which Brand and model?

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General qtddtot
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Is this a sound 3seasons /out/fit for multiday hiking/camping trips (New Zealand)?
-thermal top and pants
-cargo pants
-merino flannel shirt
-hiking boots, wool socks
-pocketable waterproof jacket
-shemagh, beanie, gloves
Throw in a jacket and/or extra layers for colder times
How warm or cold does it get in New Zealand? Is it mountainous, hilly, or generally flat?
Terrain varies widely but all of the above essentially. Outside winter 0celcius might be the coldest and up to 35ish in summer if you're lucky. Fair amount of rain can occur anytime outside summer really

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What are some healthy, onnabudget camping foods and how do I cook them?
Doesn't need to be gourmet cuisine. Just something I can live 3 days on that doesn't require an ice chest.
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PB and Tortillas
Vermicelli & a tube of tomato paste (not a can) - Vermicelli cooks in 4-5 minutes, and a tube of paste will be thicker and more concentrated than a can, and has less trash to haul out. Make sure you also have a little plastic bottle of olive oil (easy to find a small plastic bottle at a dollar store). You can also bring a baggie of dry parmesan and spices.

Kraft Mac & Cheese - Ditch the box and put the noodles in a ziplock. Put the sauce in another ziplock with a teaspoon of skim milk powder. Use olive oil instead of butter. Plenty of other pasta side options as well.

Uncle Ben's Ready Rice - It's already cooked so all you have to do is boil the entire pouch for a bit. Make sure to tear a corner first. Don't use this as a staple because it's not particularly calorie dense. Chicken flavor with Tabasco is great.

Instant oatmeal. Brown sugar flavor is best because it's got more calories. Takes 2-3 packets to make a meal. You can also switch it up by using instant steel cut oats with brown sugar, cinnamon, and raisins. Very filling, very calorie dense.

Idahoan Instant Mashed Potatoes. Really filling, and warms you right up. Kinda salty though, and you might want to break one package down into two meals using snack-sized ziplocks. You can also consider adding skim milk powder.

Individual foil packets of tuna, chicken salad, or chicken breast chunks if you can get it. There's also "Libby's Seasoned Beef Crumbles" which is an alleged ground beef packet that requires no refrigeration. All kinds of stuff you can do with these, like hamburger helper or trail tacos. Just open a corner of the packet and stick it in boiling water to warm it up. Might want to try it at home first because it might not agree with you.

Other things to experiment with would be smoked cheeses like gouda, and dry salami. Both should be stable enough to bring with you on the trail without refrigeration, but I personally haven't tried it.

If you don't want to cook, make nutella sandwiches with white flour tortillas. Nutella keeps for a month or so after opening with no refrigeration, and tortillas will keep for a week or more. Also GORP. GORP GORP GORP. If there's a bulk store nearby you can make your own for reasonably cheap.
>~150g spaghetti of choice
>one bag of powdered """"carbonara"""" sauce
>powdered milk for ~2.5dl water
>some coriander or whatever you want

1. Boil the spaghetti for it's required duration minus 2 minutes
2. Pour out all but ~2.5dl of water
3. Add both powders and coriander
4. Stir until it thickens
5. ????????

One meal will set you back about a dollar fifty. Alternatively...
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I'm on my second set of replacement waist buckles for my 70L hike pack. The last one I ordered from Sea to Summit. Being that the waist of your pack is so important to weight distribution you'd think that they could construct one out of say aluminum instead of nylon. Anyone have any advice for a better quality replacement buckle? Getting tired of replacing these nylon ones.
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You could go full meme tacticool and get one of the large Cobra buckles.
Could you please post a pic of the buckle and how its connected to your ruck?

Because - perhaps - its possible for you to abandon plastic and go the metal way, puic related.
if the strap is 5mm, try Bergbuckle.

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rope saw.jpg
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Any advice on a rope saw/pocket saw? What are some reliable brands?
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They are all pretty shit.
Just take a silky or laplander folding saw
> advice
Get a chainsaw.
They work okay, especially if you're trying to cut something you don't have good access to.... like a stump or tree under a few feet of snow, that your snowmobile's hung up on.

I typically prefer a folding saw. The coghlans ones are cheap enough I don't care if I lose/break it.

>We did some serious sled-wrecking in the trees that day

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What would you do if the Zombie Apocalypse start?
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kill my girlfriend she doesn't need to live through that shit she is not a survivor she can't run can't fight. she would just die more horribly. so yeah.
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What zombie apocalypse? Did something happen on land?
Join zombies

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Where are some good places to go inna woods in the northwest tip of Illinois. I would like to get in to backpacking, but have no idea were I should go in my region.
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Shameless bump

>pic unrelated
Drive north into the UP in Michigan and hit Pictured Rocks. That's an awesome trail but pretty far. Where you're at, there are tons of shorter trail in southwest Michigan. I would bet there are things in Wisconsin too but I've never hiked there. How far are you willing to drive?
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>bumping after 17 minutes on /out/

don't fucking do that faggot. shit moves slow here and we're not retards who don't know how to use the catalog

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These are blooming all over a tree on my lawn. The small branches with blooms are fuzzy, the rest of the tree is not. In previous years, the entire tree was fuzzy and the blooms were less defined and looked more like mold. What sort of tree do I have here?
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you got a pic zoomed out a bit? is that sumac?
>is that sumac


What part of the world?
File: Sumac_bob_3568.jpg (538 KB, 1075x1434) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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That seems to be what it is, actually. This image is from Wikipedia's sumac page.

Picture was taken in Ohio.

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Does anyone know what these are called?
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Nutsedge or false nutsedge
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Here is another picture

That sounds about right
Nutsedge has edible corms on its roots you can harvest. The false one doesn't.

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Has /out/ ever tried whitewater rafting?
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Went down Nantahala once

Never done unguided tho
Hell yeah I've been rafting. If you find a good guide outfit, you'll have a blast. If not, it's still fun. But a good river guide well take you down the dangerous chutes, flip you when it's fun, then share beers and stories at the fire afterwards. I've done the New and Gauley rivers in WV, I highly recommend them both, but the Gauley is only open for rafting for about a month each year. The Gauley is supposedly the roughest river east of the Mississippi, and I can attest to that. Don't be...
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rafting is fun but you need to do it with fun people.
its one of those things that starts feeling less wild the more you do it. unless you take it upon yourself to make it fun and have a good time.

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Novice hikers talk about how outdoors gear looks

Average hikers talk about how outdoors gear works

Advanced hikers talk about the outdoors
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Autists argue about the outdoors on 4chan
>>834114 (OP)
>tilting a picture to make it look LESS steep

first time i've seen that.
Those fucking clouds

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Anyone here have any experience with a bivvy bag in the UK?

I'm looking at buying one so I can watch the Perseids this weekend.

I'll have some more questions if I get any replies.
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I'm looking at getting an OR Alpine bivvy, also curious about them
Is a tent really that much of a hassle?
You could at least go for a hammock
File: BagBagBagBag.jpg (46 KB, 584x410) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Own two. One's the USGI modular system bivy(pic related), one's the OR Alpine. Have more experience w/ the OR. AMA

For the record, I also have two tents but most frequently use a tarp.

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Hey /out/ I'm new here, I plan on going camping in the wilderness with one friend of mine, we will be gone for 2 weeks. What are some base foods I need to take that I can lean on, and enhance with game meats and berries and what not.
I have plain oats, flour, vegetable oil, vinager, and a bunch of spices and seasonings. Should I take anything like bread, or any food that doesn't need to be refrigerated? What are the cornerstone healthy energy filled foods I need to take
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Should I take protein powder to just put in everything?
If you're doing a lot of activity and need calorie dense food just get peanutbutter.
>I'm new here
Then lurk mora you asshole

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Ankle support general!

My take on it is simple, ankles are biomechanically designed to bend and move. If i use boots to stiffen my ankles my knees have to react to the ground, or my hipjoints. Neither is designed for it.
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I understand the idea that yes, ankles are designed to move, but at the same time, our legs are not going to be the number one best solution on every single type of terrain. So I feel like certain situations, like climbing or going over difficult terrain, ankle support can be a blessing if you take a wrong step and would otherwise injure your ankle. While my situation is not applicable to everyone, I personally need quite a bit of ankle support since I broke my left ankle as a kid and it never quite healed. It's...
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Shoes in the future will have bioreactive sensing modules that automatically stiffen when your ankle moves to quickly and would be injured. In normal function they would not be stiff at all.
They're also not designed to carry an extra 30% or more of your body weight

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okay so do sunglass lens colors actually do anything or is it all just marketing bullshit?
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That chart makes sense because they make ski goggles out of pink lens color
they do make a difference, everyone that goes skiing or snowboarding on a regular basis in winter knows how useful a lens for overcast and sunny days are. For other outdoor use idk, usually wouldn't bring sunglasses when it's cloudy, but some types of lenses can actually enhance the vision when it's darker. It's not just marketing.
shit, really? i've always bought grey lenses but maybe it would be worth getting a cheap pair of brown or green ones to test out
thanks, anon

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What is some essential and recommended gear for hiking/climbing a mountain in late fall to early winter?
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Comfy gloves that aren't TOO warm.

My OR Flurry gloves are extreme levels of comfy.
For that one you posted specifically? Probably your wallet?
I have always had a fondness for this one.

Imagine the day before she blew her top and follow the slopes up to the imaginary peak of the stratovolcano she was, like op pic related.

Currently @ 12.6K ft.

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On a whim, a friend and I decided that we are going to thru hike PCT in a few years. It seemed like a stupid decision at first, but the more I think of it, the more serious I become. However, neither of us have much hiking experience.

Since we don't plan on going for a few years, how should we prepare/train? Also, what are your opinions on the trail itself?
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Lurk here more
Lurk at places like Summit Post
Don't start threads like this
you should check out reddit
for trail advice
/r/ backpacking
tons of useful links for novice backpackers

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Are this Dog Tags for Faggots?
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File: 1470407512099.webm (1 MB, 1250x686) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1250x686
What the fuck is that? What the fuck is this thread?
File: 1470587192075.webm (3 MB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 1280x720
I don't really know how this is even /out/. Here have some Olympic ass.
Yes. Any dog tag that isn't earned by serving in the military are trash and worn by posers. This includes wearing someone else's like your dad's, etc.

Also referring to them as id tags is bitch tier and grounds for revoking of dog tag privelages and man card

I'm assuming this is a troll thread or generic shitposting as OP's grammar and posting non /out/ related stuff but there's my 2 cents in case OP is just retarded instead of only pretending

Im getting sick of managing profitable business for a fucking retard who pays me almost minimum salary for doing almost all on my own.
Since i have education in business management and my passion is fly fishing i plan on starting a small scale fly tying business. I have like no money to invest but i have some tools and materials already since im into fly tying for a while and ive ordered a bunch of new tying materials for autumn pike hunt.
The idea is to create like collections of flies with handmade wooden stands which to offer every shitty little fishing shop i can find but since in my country fly fishing is still not very popular i would offer those flies to stay in shop as my property thus the shop owner dont meed to pay for them until someone buys them and he needs to order new ones.... Basically he pays when he sells. In that way i think i could get my floes in every bum shithole there is. Yes and i have to mention that there is noone who ties and sells flies in here. Only chinese crap that falls apart insta.
Any suggestions or ideas that may help me?
What are your dream business plans?
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It's called consignment
And to answer your question my dream is to be a judge in a small mountain town
>What are your dream business plans?
making and selling knives of my design, however, that requires $$$ and equipment, plus there is ample competition

a much more realistic goal would be selling custom made scales...and or buying blades already done and just adding homemade scales to them

I'm also thinking about a sharpening business, but that too would require some more equipment and it would take a decent amount of regular clients to make it worth while

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

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So /out/, when purchasing gear, particularly clothing, how much does an items appearance affect your decision to buy? Are you going for a certain look (woodsman for example) or are you a highly efficient rainbow of technical gear?

>also general geargasm thread
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Comfort & Pockets every time; every time my friend!
Appearance has almost no bearing on my gear. Most of my clothes for /out/tings are bright and hideous.
File: JS_German.jpg (21 KB, 300x383) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'm an autist so i want to look like an Anglo Saxon woodsman :^)

File: image.jpg (17 KB, 290x174) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I've never been but I'm curious about what things i should bring for train hopping. Also share general expirences/ stories

Click all the trains
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your last will
I've always wanted to train hop as it sounds fun, but shit I'm too cautious about it.
be prepared to be beaten 3/4 to death then thrown out the side. train hopping is the most brutal hobo life. train companies are protected by the government.

also, why do so many hobos post here?

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I know the plant in this picture is a member of the papaver family. But is it papaver somniferum or another species?
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Those are big foot ball sacks

Bigfoot must not be packin down there, those ballsacks are tiny
He sheds them quit frequently. That's why you can find them so often. The sizes will vary depending on the time they were attached to said big foot

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Hey /out/

What kind of music do you listen to when you're /out/?

Personally, I listen to the music my father listened to when we'd go camping in our pop out when I was growing up. John Denver, Stan Rogers, George Jones are probably the most prominent.
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willie nelson
doc watson
the pickin on series.
Since I'm not a shallow millennial with a short attention span, nature is entertainment enough

Besides, headphones make you stupid
Piggybacking, I don't listen to music. Especially when going /out/.

There are enough sounds to listen to already.

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1020 KB,
You have ever had problems with farmers ?
19 replies and 4 images submitted. Click here to view.
Only if I was on their land without permission. An apology followed by directly getting off their land usually solves that.
Nope. Then again I'm not a dick and I don't' go on their land as an adult. You can get away with that as a kid, but not as an adult.

Grow up.
File: sarmientos g.jpg (40 KB, 448x322) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
sarmientos g.jpg
40 KB, 448x322

File: energytitle.jpg (153 KB, 700x467) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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What's /out/'s opinion on energy gel?
I thought they were just a really niche thing but apparently they're more popular than I though.
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I eat them when I get them free. I am too cheap to buy them.
not really needed, they're made for athletes to eat when they have like maybe a minute

Just pack a protein bar or whatev

Anyone know fuck all about yellowstone? Going to Heart Lake. 23 hour drive, 5 to get my mate, 18 to get there. 5 days trip around the lake entailing bear country 14 miles out from anyone else 2 weeks after it opens to the public.

Anyway, at the end we have a day to visit fucking whatever tourist shit there is. Anything we should do?

>Just got an email an hour ago saying that Yellowstone has entered a Class 1 fire ban, which only bans fires in back country camping.


What do ya do without a fire?
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Yellowstone is badass, make sure to check out the lodge by old faithful and the hot springs near there
That's the only thing we have planned on our last day; go to old faithful.
> bear country
> mate on period
> leave behind as bear bait
> run

You may not dead.

I'd love to try skeet surfing
18 replies and 5 images submitted. Click here to view.
Is that from Top Secret?

Also, >>>/asp/
/asp/ is a wrestling board now.

If anything skeet surfing is /k/

But im fine with it here
it is...currently watching

>wrestling is as much a sport as trampoline

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10 KB,
Hello /out/ I have been an advid roadrunner my entire life, but always loved the trails over everything. I want to get into true mountain running/ fast lightweight mountaineering, primarily focussing on lots of elevation as opposed to milage. Does anyone have experience with this area? What are good beginner tips? Do you wear trail running shoes? Or fast hiking shoes? Also I live in the NE so not much elevation but thats what im working with.
10 replies and 5 images submitted. Click here to view.
I can give you some tips
- Make your shoes fit your needs, if you think about doing a lot of elevation, I'd suggest a pair that have a thicker sole as this will keep some of the shocks of downhill running from your knees.
> Buy shoes with regular laces and not like Salomon does it, theirs break easily and are not easy to replace, you also can't tie your shoes in zones if you know what I mean.
- Think about if you need a waterproof shoe or not. (I personally don't,...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
nice points.
gotta say, I love my Salomons and their speed laces, but everyone's different.

For me, when woods running it helps to keep my arms wider apart and lower than road running. Helps with balance.

Also, if you are out on a road run, try doing a little fancy footwork, drills or something (anything). I find one of the biggest problems you can have starting out is not being able to handle the constant irregularities that come with...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: imgres-1.jpg (6 KB, 237x213) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
6 KB, 237x213
>fast hiking shoes

something like the sythesis mid GTX with gator

>mountain running shoes
the bushido (green) more running inspired

I'm leaning towards something with goretex.

Also for a backpack im considering the black diamond bbee 11L backpack. It doesnt have a bladder reservoir but i have a sawyer straw which can filter water on the go.

File: image.jpg (39 KB, 406x362) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
39 KB,
Do you guys ever try to make a Nelson Trapper backpack by yourself?

I'm trying to make one. If you guys can share some tips that would be great.
8 replies and 2 images submitted. Click here to view.
Why this style? I've contemplated this, but thought a A frame or a basket pack would be simpler and lighter. Not tryin' to say you're wrong just wanna debate.
I make shit in the toilet, why make that too?
Like for fun I could see it. But theres so many options with durable fabric/sewn by industrial machines /lightweight frames that I wouldn't use one after that initial trip to see if it worked.

But I do custom auto upholstery so if you're having issues I'll help where I can.

File: quest-for-fire-caveman.jpg (31 KB, 460x276) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
31 KB,
What fire starters does out use.
44 replies and 14 images submitted. Click here to view.
bic lighter desu senpai
you spit on it and there is fire
Nothing beats a good ol' magnifying glass.

Great movie btw

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