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Hey /out/, I have most of the gear I need but I want to expand the skills aspect of my toolbox, does anyone have advice for taking a wilderness 1st aid or medic class? It looks like there are lots of options. I am already cpr and 1st aid certified through my job, which basically means I know how to stop bleeding and crush ribs. What is the best way to acquire life saving skills, and if you have specific certs to recommend I would appreciate it. I'll post some misc. pictures in the meantime.
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You should go the opposite route, take up a martial art and learn to hurt people, you are more likely to have to hurt someone then you are to help them
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Fair point, I'm already fairly competent in that regard though. A few years of kickboxing plus guns knives and axes leave me feeling plenty safe. But if someone cut themselves badly or hit their head on a rock bullets won't make them better.

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thought this'd be an interesting read for this board. Norwegian goes to Canada and lives in remote wilderness for 6 months.

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Building the cabin would be fun. But after that, just alone with your thoughts, nothing new ever coming, it would be painfully boring.

People forget this when they romanticize the wilderness. Once the sun goes down and its 6pm alone in a tent, I think about the people I love and things I would be doing if I was home.
>tfw the sun set 2.45pm today

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Well I've decided to do it. The only problem is I have zero climbing experience. I'm 24 and in very good shape and my job will allow me to fit expeditions in every 3 months or so. Will /out/ give me some advice so I can get an idea of what to expect? I'm headed to Colorado soon to start tackling 14ers.
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How much money do you have? Because your ego wont get you up alone.

You are overdue for a humbling experience.
I'm making around 130,000.
>no house
>no bills
>tfw no gf
So it's all expendable income. It seems noone has done it in 10 years. Can any climbers say why? I know no one has summited Everest since the recent disaster, but the last person to complete the 7 was in 06.
When i was young my dad went on an expedition to Aconcagua and had to turn back before reaching the summit at a place where they could have done it within the day. That decision probably ended up saving one of his teammate's lives. If you try to go for it be careful and smart, its not hat important to reach the summit.

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Share photos, stories, anything /urbex/ related.
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Care to give some general info about urbex? Things you might need, how to find good places, etc? I've been interested in it for a while now, but I'm not sure how to really get into it without driving 3-4 hours just to find some well-known abandoned building I probably won't be able to get into.

Also, what to do if you get caught? What's the general protocol there?

Urbex sounds fun as fuck, I just don't know how to get into it.
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This is inside the "Tome School for Boys" in the middle of nowhere, Maryland.
File: 7.jpg (88 KB, 960x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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It's a pretty neat place.
I was going on a roadtrip with my girlfriend at the time. We just looked up a bunch of places beforehand that weren't too far out of the way.
Where are you located?
Some items that are generally good to take:
>Climbing gear (if you have some)
>Respirator (for asbestos)

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Should public land be given back to the people like Cliven Bundy recommends.
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>given back
>implying it was ever his to begin with
it is for the people. if you dont like how theyre managed, you work with other people who agree to advocate for a management change until you have a sizable interest group.

while resorting to Ad Hominem is a lame approach to an argument, Cliven Bundy himself is not one to talk about public land. id like to flood that fuckers mailbox with copies of A Sand County Almanac in the off chance the last few chapters hit home.
Yes, please give half dome to some rich guy for his 10th vacation home

I don't usually come to this board, but I need my stupid question answered.
Aunt was giving away shit and I saw this knife. Is it okay to use for outdoors? The blade doesn't seem too sharp.

t. knows nothing about knives
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As long as it's sharp and comfortable to hold, it should be fine. You don't have to worry about rust that much, since it's stainless, but don't let it stay wet. Make sure to always keep the blade clean and sharp.
Just sharpen it and don't push the blade too hard, it's not a hatchet

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Does anyone have pros or cons against Teton Sports packs? I ended up buying an Explorer 4000, pic related. I just don't have the cash to get the Gregory I liked a lot. So i got on of these. I hear a lot about other brands, but not much about Teton. This will be a major upgrade to babbys first backpack in my next post.
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This is the piece of crap we bought last year. It was good to start and do some hikes with, and did a short bit of the AT in the GSMNP in October using them. But now that I have more gear, and that Coleman ripped on me, it was time to upgrade. Maybe in a year or two I will spend a few hundred if I keep with backpacking. That Coleman was 45L compared to the 60L on the Teton. The hip strap is garbage, no padding at all. Maybe its good for a day pack, but was horrible for 4 days in the GSM.
I'm excited to have a rain fly for the bag. A couple of outside pouches with water resistant zippers, actual hip belt with padding, actual foam padding on the back. Some say that the bottom pouch on the Explorer is small for some sleeping bags, but I know a lot of people dont stuff right, and i will be purchasing a bag that isn't a synthetic blend that is rated for 20F all year round. That's what we did all last year. So im not worried about that aspect.
I have a teton and I dont really like it. I've also heard stories of people with this bag and it fails on them. A good brand to look at is Kelty. They are quality bags that are more affordable than Gregory.

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Anyone trying out Van Life?
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Yep, I even have an open thread on the subject.
I have thought about living in a vehicle but I don't think it would work for me.
I have just bought an Isuzu Trooper and I wanna try sleeping in that just to see if it's viable
Just not my style

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ITT: We post bait.

Pic related, seems like pretty good bait to me.
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Fishing is a boring sport, prove me wrong.
>My shitty bait
Those are lures not bait...
Unless thats the bait... the fact that you posted something incorrect on purpose... who would do that?
Very nice lure lot

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What's the best material for a base layer to keep warm, but at the same time won't make me sweat buckets? Is wool/merino wool still king, or is bamboo (or some other alternative) better?
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i'm pretty loyal to synthetic/polypro
Best combo is these sexy net shirts. On its own it will keep you cool and wick moisture faster. Add a thicker layer and the net construction will help hold air = keep you warm.
This, no need to buy the expensive itchy woolen long john silvers.

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Hey pals,

So I'm think of doing a cycle tour through Chile/argentina in Jan/feb and wondering what king of cookign system to bring, i have a jetboil but not entirely sure how readily available pic related is in these countries. Can anyone shed some light? Am i better off taking a multi-fuel burning system regardless anyway?

Anyone visited that part of the world with any general experiences/suggestions/concerns?
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have you considered buying a stove there?
if you do the cans will be available too
well im starting in patagonia so im pretty sure therell be loads of outdoor shit available everywhere, but when it gets into the less touristy areas thats what im worried about
For weight concerns, and travel to your start... I would buy whatever they have there. If you aren't worried about weight, get something like am MSR Wisperlite or Dragonfly, whatever the international model is that allows for many types of light and heavy fuels. You just change the jet. And your choice of a 10/20/30oz fuel canister. With those you can run alcohol, diesel, gas, kerosene, and white gas. So you wouldn't worry about what type of fuel you have access to

My Husqvarna small forest axe.
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Having never owned one, I can see a bit of a sheen on yours, does the shaft have a varnish or lacquer on it?
cuts in five minutes. I better like the ones with the strap on the sheath though, they tend to keep better.
File: 20150912_093049.jpg (1 MB, 2048x1152) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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ive never owned a husqvarna axe myself i must say im pretty interested in it.

as far as i understand it it goes

Gransfors Bruks > Weterlings > hultafors >husqvarna

so husqvarna is at the bottom rung. dont get me wrong i love husqvarna i mean goddamn my husqvarna lawnmower has run without flaw almost 20 years now. but that doesnt mean the axes will be compareablr. especialy now that most of the factories are .... eeeeh what the heck this got waaay to confusing to write out, ive only owned gransfors(ignore Biltema) and hultafors (ignore Bahco) axes....
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I want to give a bear spray to my brother for Christmas and maybe you could give me some advices.
First: he is a nogun living in Commiefornia, so forget about it.

Google told me I should get one with more than 8 ounces of product and a spraying distance of more than 25 feet.

What is the difference between a deterrent and a repellent?
What is best to stop a bear that decided that you are a threat?
Are Counter assault, Alaska Guard, frontiersman and pepper spray the only trademarks that make them?
Which can most quickly be used? How many time does...
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>he is a nogun living in Commiefornia, so forget about it.

If he can't survive in the woods he has no business there. A firearm is the only safe way to stop a large predatory animal from killing you. Black bears, the most abundant bear species in america, only attack humans when they're really hungry, so safest way to stop them is to make sure it can't eat you.
And shooting a single bullet in the general direction of the bear with a bolt action hunting rifle while you shit yourself is not going to do that.
On the other hand, creating a wall that deactivate its eyes and lungs...

Now, I don't want to buy him a gun since he will probably not like it and it would be legally complicated, so can we get back to the topic?
all pepper sprays are basically the same
pepper spray is good to have if you don't want to kill bears
also always have a staff. staff is like the mark of a true wizard for bears man with a staff is not to be messed with. sometimes even a stick will do.

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Got an interview for the potential to be an axe throwing coach. It's over Skype where my solid handshake skills are useless. How do I break the ice?
Should I go suit and tie?
Plad and fur hat?
Do....do I shave my beard?
Halp, what do I do?
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how awkward are you?

after the basic introductions say something like like " for posterity's sake lets imagine i just gave you a fantastic hand shake with the ideal amount eye contact" to break the ice.

trim your beard. dress business casual and admit you were not sure how to dress for a Skype interview. maybe crack a joke about having a change of clothing handy.
jus b urself :^)

I'm never myself for a job interview...In fact half of my resume is a lie, other half is just the truth stretched out. All the questions they ask I lie through.

I now work at a hospital, making 19.34 an hour, with full benefits. Given I do work my ass off at the jobs I have.

So when asked a question, answer it right then and there. Don't fumble with your words. Think of yourself as hot shit, don't come off cocky about it.

Also this would be better suited for /adv/ not /out/

Cabin life

Post pictures

Also requesting that one anon who made his own tiny cabin and posted pics a year aho
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File: house!!!!!!.jpg (118 KB, 640x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Assuming I wanted to make a cabin that had wooden beams in every corner, would I need foundations? Did cabins or other historic wooden buildings have foundations? Wouldn't the posts just rot out in 100 years?

maybe the iron age farm guy who posts on here can answer.
Planning on a dirt floor?
If not I would pour cement posts. Then do wood. From 18 inches above the ground up to help with rotting
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My new project...Tiny camper home...

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