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So /out/, give me all reasonably necessary 'prepping' items for a natural disaster you can think of. This isn't a "15 guns and 2000 rounds for each" thread, I live in Christchurch NZ and it's looking more and more likely the alpine fault is going to go in the nearish future. During the Christchurch earthquakes the city was a clusterfuck (lack of clean water, food, power, etc) for a solid month, and if the alpine fault goes it's going to do the same to most of the country for probably quite a bit longer. Already got a fair bit of applicable...
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Also whats the easiest way to get in/maintain contact with people in the event of no phonelines/grid/etc? I don't afraid of earthquakes but being unable to know if people I care about are ok terrifies me. Is there a simple sollution to this problem or would we all need HAM radios?
Yes getting your family to take HAM radio classes so that you can be walker Texas ranger when power goes out for a week or two tops is reasonable.
the HAM radios part was clearly a joke dude, that's why i'm asking if there's a cheap easy alternative. As for the two weeks tops... ahahahaha

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Why is that one stump so much bigger than the others?
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Here's another one. Why so gigantic?
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>ywn live AVATAR
Wake up


So i bought an onion from walmart and one day i noticed that an onion i had sitting in a basket in the kitchen started sprouting long green leaves. I decided to plant it in my backyard with no prior knowledge of gardening (i live in florida btw terrible sandy soil) after a few weeks its growing really well. Now im wondering how can i get more bulbs from just one onion. Will it sprout more bulbs? Seeds? Just cutting it in half and planting both halves? How do i produce more?
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Pic related. First planted
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Nice anon. The crowd in the homegrow thread should be able to offer equal parts quality information and vitriol if you try there.
>asking something that takes literally 2 min to google

Someone does not seem to understand the internet yet.

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Hi /out/
i tried this on /wsr/ first, but they sent me here.
Not sure if there are any scouts on here, but ive had this patch for almost 7 years now, and ive been saving in the package to sell, but cant bring myself to. I want to put it on my uniform for my eagle ceremony, but im not sure where its proper placement is. Anyone know?
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Whoops, I meant to post this one:

cant find it on there anywhere, im not sure if it qualifies as a jamboree patch or not

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currently hotboxing a tent, does this count?
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Not if your not inawoods
why would you waste your /out/ time like that?
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Do you actually get higer by doing that?

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>Last week, Patagonia pledged to donate every dollar from Black Friday sales to environmental charities. It hoped to raise $2 million for grassroots organizations to protect air, water and soil.

>Customers began calling it a “fundraiser for the earth,” the brand noted. Apparently, a lot of people love Mother Earth.

$10 Million for the Environment
>The campaign raised $10 million on Black Friday, a record for the brand. Every dollar will support 1,300 groups like the Sierra...
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You mean they fund groups that want the Federal government to take our money to mismanage land they shouldn't own in the first place?

Hell with supporting that, I'll never buy another piece of Patagonia gear again.
based comment is based

gtfo millennial corporate shill
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How, specifically, is the federal government mismanaging land, and, if not the federal government, who should that land belong to?

Any Gatlingburg/Pigeon Forge /out/ bros around?

It's looking pretty bad there. Sucks too. It's one of the most comfy /out/ places in the country. Definitely on the east coast.

Hope you guys are safe. Can someone give us an update?
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I was just there two weekends ago on my honeymoon. Heard on the radio today that about 30 businesses have burned down. Was pretty upset, i loved it there. Last I heard about it, fire was surrounding the Ripley aquarium. I hope it'll be alright, that was my favorite part of the city. I hope y'all will be alright friend if be worried to death if I lived up there(I call Alabama home).
Fire on the mountain. Run, boys, run.

Hey, /out/. I have dealt with anxiety for most of my life (at least since I was 8 or so). Recently, I've gained a lot of anxiety management skills, but it also occurred to me that much of my fear of others abandoning me (which is a major component of my anxiety) comes from a lack of confidence in my own competence in difficult situations.

I believe that by learning to handle worst-case scenarios, I may be able to develop more confidence in general.

I plan to do the following:

>continue working on distance running (doing couch...
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Watch bear grills and that bear grills urban survival show. Then go in the woods, or get mugged, and see if it worked.
OP here. Thanks for the bump.
I hear playing Day Z is a great way to learn True Real Life Skills.

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Looking at getting this rifle for out door use...
(I am new to this part of 4Chan and if this post does not belong here just tell me)
I was going to get this rifle for hunting and pest control anyone have any experience with this certain rifle? Wanting to know any suggestions for a cheap, well made rifle. Thanks my dudes!
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Heck yeah, we love gun threads.

Brings out the best in people.
>tfw you're in college with no money and your dad never took you out hunting as a kid and all you want to do is save up for a couple of different guns to go on your first hunting trips with.
You should go to /k/, but you're not too out of place here. .243 is a good caliber, but it's I genuinely think that either .223 or .270 would be a better option, depending on your intentions.

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Outdoor/survival ration general. What do you prefer?

Anyone have access to an on-base commissary? What do they usually have in the surplus bins there?
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Prepare your own meals and dehydrate them. MREs, Mountain House, etc. are too expensive for what you get.
I don't know. I live near one of the largest military bases in the U.S., so local surplus shops are full of cheap MREs. I can grab one for about the price of a McDonald's combo meal.
You can make your own meals for less than that.

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#104-"Feeshin Buddies" Edition

Previous Thread:

Skid is going to attempt to write a guide for fly fishing. This will be fun,

Still waiting for (real) help with the beginner guides on the Pastebin. I put a little saltwater one in there, but I want to do a river one possibly and trout.

Thinking about picking up a new hobby? Want to get a memecaster? Haven't mastered the Palomar knot? Click here!

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That looks nasty...to me.

But if it's how you like it then good job and enjoy anon.

I gave in and started recording my fishing trips in central texas. Im still trying to think of a name for my channel though. ideas would be apeciated as well as tips on what content is best. Also general you tube fishing thread
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Nice dubs.

And he gave a bump to OP!

But there was actually a discussion on the YouTubers I think at the end of the last thread. Only one I remember is "Niggas on the River".
Hill country castaway.

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Should I take my sawzall to mexico for gathering firewood in Baja?
If so, what's the best blade?
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unsafe area.png
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>gathering wood

it's okay anon, you can be honest. you're going to use it to decapitate rival cartel members, aren't you?

this reminds me of when i worked at a hardware store and the stoners would come in to the garden section looking for advice on how to make their "tomatoes" grow best.
If you are car camping sure go for it just use it to process dead wood not green.

I'd say a wide tooth saw should work best.
Oh well if it's for bone then use a medium or fine tooth. Medium will clog less.

Why are they so creepy?
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I think it's on purpose
Because they wait for you to turn around and then jump on your back and bite into your neck, while scraping open your lower back with their hind legs.
They then try to reposition their jaw until they get a got choke on you.
You suffocate while feeling big and dull teeth digging into your neck; the warmth of the lions mouth and it's growl, so close that it seems like you hear it in your head.
You get that primal feeling, this merciless beast going through with it no matter what. It's stone hard body...
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They are cute.. Their attacks on humans are so rare too. Live stock is a different story though.

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Post legendary /out/-related figures and lesser gods.

>Started hiking in his 50's
>Hiked the ECT at age SIXTY in 1998
>Within 10 years he achieved the Triple Crown
>Goes on at least 1 major hike every year
>This year he hiked the Pony Express trail, over 1900 miles
>Wrote 3 books
>Is a badass in general
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>oldfuck walks around in forests out of boredom
>omg so badass
better than being a wage cuck and working your whole life.
stay homeless, you teenage faggot.

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I really need your help, /out/. I have made this thread several times on different boards in different ways because I just have no idea what to do.

I'm 18, a senior in HS, and I just don't know where to go from here. I don't even know what I want to do. I've wanted to be an artist (I made pic related a couple years ago), a soldier, a historian, an anthropologist, an archaeologist, a botanist, a zoologist, an entomologist, astronomer, etc. all equally as much. What do, /out/? What do you do that allows you to stay outdoors and how did you get there?...
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Ask your father or your Minister first as they know you and your abilities better, yes?
I do not know my father nor do I have a Minister.
> 18 y/o
> don't know where to go

> I don't know my father
> I don't have a Minister

I see your problem. You know "Minister" can be substituted for "insert spiritual advisor here".

Have you no connection to or awareness of your higher self?

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So, my camper-shack project has progressed enough bring me to the point where I want to figure out an on-site septic dump solution.

Currently, the property has a septic tank system installed, but there isn't a 'sewer clean out' anywhere. Yes, I know where the line is from the trailer home (that will possibly soon be gone, or possibly not, so we're assuming it's staying for now.), and there just ISN'T a sewer clean out port like there should be. I'll blame the redneck installers who originally set this up.

So, my question, how...
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Are there any storm drains nearby?

What about a river? That's what the rest of /out/ as well as Dave Matthews Band would do.
There are no storm drains, though I'm not sure that'd be a good idea anyways.

There IS supposedly an abandoned city-septic-system that was used back in like, the 80's when the old barn on the property was a poolhouse for some rich-ass people who used to live in the subdivision that used to occupy this area.
Considering heavily about seeing if I can still get stuff to drain down there. If I can... >.> I'm not that concerned about where it goes after that. :D
You can't just pop the cap.
For a few reasons.
Code is actually a separate chamber for inlet with a filter between main tank for most states.
And there's no way to properly seal a hose in the lid, its it like a pickle jar- you'll be smelling shit forever. The tank is buried for a reason.
Just dig up the pipe and cut in- I'm not familiar with any saddles but I wouldn't doubt they exist.

Look up code for run/drop.
Too much of an angle and water outruns paper/poop and it will...
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I'm crossposting here from /an/ in the hopes that I could get more respondents. Hello, /out/!

I'm an artist doing research for these seven plates I want to etch, I want to go through the seasons and draw the quintessential perennials for the season so to say.

For Spring (two plates) I'm thinking of including Cherry Blossoms, Dogwood Blossoms, Tulips, Daisies?

Summer (two plates) are those snowball plants, Hibiscus? And Sunflowers.

Fall (two plates) is Pumpkins and maple leaves

Winter (one plate) I'm going to do a plate...
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What exactly do you want to hear?

Your snowball bush is called a snowball bush, other than that, a simple google of "[season] theme" should give more than enough of an idea to branch out from.

>I'm an artist
>I'm basically an ignoramus

pretty much go hand in hand in my experience, but its not to hard to pick plants when you have the entire internet at your disposal.
In my case it's a matter of having too much to go through. I'm asking for more of a curated selection; I guess what you are more likely to envision when you think about a season compared to me being given a spread online and using my limited knowledge of gardening.

I can pick plants but I want to know what is quintessentially "fall" or "spring" to someone who knows more about gardening or plant life than I do, does that make sense to you?

Also apologies for the late reply,...
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Trilliums might be cute for spring

So what's the best compass that can be had for under $150?
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whoa whoa whoa... what
Are you implying that budget is too high or too low?
what kind of functions do you expect from a 150 dollar compass?

I have always known there were probably deer in my neighborhood but this is the first time I actually saw one in my yard.

I am not looking to actually feed them, like leaving out deer chow to attract more. But what kind of shrubs can I grow that will keep them from going hungry in the winter?
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Fuck you deer enabler. They are pests, shoot them for the good of all /out/
Google food plot.

It's easy.
Isn't there a cat thread on /an/ for you to shit up right now?

This is on sale in amazon.de. Should I get it or wait until the Fenix 4? F3 is not fully compatible with connectIQ2 apparently
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Who gives a fuck? If it works, it works, anon. Just buy the thing and stop overthinking it.
Can anyone explain why I would want a smart watch? I waffle between the value of no technology when going out and the value of having technology.
File: 13.02.16 - 1.jpg (86 KB, 630x473) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
13.02.16 - 1.jpg
86 KB, 630x473

With a smartwatch you can now have a smartwrist instead of just a smartpocket.

File: 20161127_104525.jpg (757 KB, 2560x1536) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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You're better.
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do these actually do anything? never really tried walking sticks, but they seem kinda unnecessary.
Am I wrong on this, should i give them a try?
They are good for places with uneven footing or at the end of a long day when you just have to push that extra mile.

Personally I only use them when I'm going to be using a tarp shelter and know that I won't have trees to tie off to of cut poles from.

File: 20161126_204104.jpg (3 MB, 4032x3024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB,
Common /out/ let me see your best finds at shops. Picked up this pack for 20 bucks at Goodwill.
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Fuck off to /k/ if you want to play soldier, manchild.
Fuck off to >>>/b/ if you want to play elitist cocksucking trapfapping keyboard warrior, you cancerous faggot. Anon got a decent thrift shop score, wants to see if anyone else around here has done similar.
File: IMG_4645.jpg (2 MB, 2448x1836) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 2448x1836

Good choice. Bretty guud packs.

Hey guys, I've been looking at land in Wyoming and I'm really surprised at some the cheap parcels you can find. Does anyone live there? What's the weather like each season typically? What are your favorite out activities?

Pic unrelated
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I have friends up in Casper who i visit. Wyoming is a great state imo, lots of natural shit to do. Also some great climbing if you're into that
FYI a lot of land in Wyoming is super cheap because there's no water available.

Also the weather is boiling in the summer and subarctic in the winter. And there's huge lightening storms and tornadoes, plus tracking is fucking up the aquifers.

Good skiing in Jackson, though.
Damn, I picked Wyoming because the average temp is lower in the summer than south Carolina. Shame about the water too.

File: IMG_0980.gif (32 KB, 601x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'd like to go to NWT for /out/. What should I expect?
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When, what time of year? Conditions vary.
Develop your hypothesis. Conditions can't vary more than New York and other Appalachian trail states
File: longdark.jpg (233 KB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
233 KB, 1920x1080
My research tells me it should resemble pic related, op.

> boreal forest and high arctic
> Conditions can't vary more than New York and other Appalachian trail states

Bahahaha, oh my sweet summer child.
Have you even glanced at the monthly weather averages for a location in the NWT? Seriously, faggot. This is one of the most seasonally varied climates in North America.

File: RLF2015.jpg (2 MB, 3225x2417) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB,
I just finished putting together my winter commute bike. I have a short trip between my apt and my office but I wanted something that could do it in most weather while keeping me dry. I think the BMX Cruiser was the right choice over a MTB or Fat bike.

>>Stock 2015 Redline Flight Pro 24"
>>Downsized rear cog to a 17t.
>>Upsized front cog to FSA 42t.
>>Changed tires from staggered Tioga Powerblocks to matched 1.75" Tioga Comp IIIs.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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make sure you get a sticker that says "I'm not as autistic as my bike."
Those fenders won't keep you all that dry and if you're past middle school I can't imagine a BMX ever being the right choice for anything. For winter just get an old rigid mountain bike for cheap, some Planet Bike Cascadia, fenders and ride it until it rusts.
2015 Giant Defy AP 1. My first real road bike. It makes me feel like a champion.

File: 1353690293126.gif (870 KB, 320x240) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
870 KB,
>Walk a lot
>Chafe a lot
>Make sure I'm wearing loose fitting underwear
>Use antiperspirant on arse
>Use talcum powder after washing
>Lube up with vaseline
>Chafe and now my fingers smell
>Try all of the...
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That sounds like quite a pain in the arse.

Joking aside, I've heard that lady's tights can help but I've never needed to try it myself. You could try asking a physician.
Tried Chamois cream?
2nd on the tights, I've heard from several people that some panty hose will keep you from chafing.

File: 41ArW4iUY9L.jpg (26 KB, 500x338) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
26 KB,
Hey /out/,

I'm planning a trip where I'll be staying on the road for a long, long time, camping and fishing and whatnot.

I've come up with a rather extensive packing list, but I keep noticing more gear that would be essential for a long trip. Like a fold-able wash basin.

So what's some gear I might still have missed? What's some stuff that you've come to realize that you need, only after being /out/ without it?
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Depending where you're going, you can probably do away with the wash basin if there's adequate water. But a small sponge and a small squeeze bottle for concentrate detergent makes life easy. Most are biodegradable/grey water safe as a bonus. Same for washing clothes - a small amount of concentrate, because nobody wants to wear stinking rags.

Do you plan to take electronics? Small folding panels are piss cheap these days, and you can get small battery chargers that run off USB - Xtar VC2/VC4 are good...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Also always have ways to get drinking water handy, dammit.

You sound like you're sorted for food, but consider learning to make pemmican if you're hiking between spots and don't get anything, or don't want to pay for food.

Really, there's a lot you can get, but there's a difference between a full bag and an overloaded mess of a bag. Are you going solo or with others?
Oh, and a mylar blanket. Piss cheap, lightweight and can save your ass if it gets freezing. Useful as signalling or tent/hammock insulation, too.

I ordered pic related from Altitude sports 20% off. I already have the Atom LT and love it, so excited for this one too...

Also got some more merino socks
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File: images (56).jpg (13 KB, 384x384) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
images (56).jpg
13 KB, 384x384
Burn all your clothing then stab yourself in the tenple with that tacky Gerber knife stored in your side belt
fucking pleb
give me your tears gypsy
File: 1435421916002.jpg (83 KB, 595x599) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
83 KB, 595x599
I got a Smartwool base layer about 40% off.

File: ncr18650ga.jpg (56 KB, 950x950) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
56 KB,
Why your flashlight and headlamp don't run on these bad boys right here
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File: i-vMkLmrj-L.jpg (157 KB, 800x533) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
157 KB, 800x533
Because my flashlight runs on 2xAA's, just like my GPS and camera.
And I've had my flashlight for years; no reason to upgrade. Works fine for me.
>Fenix LD20
I'm already carrying extra AA's, and if shit really goes south I can use batteries from one in another.

18650s are great, don't get me wrong. I use them in a lot of my designs.

The ones in your picture are no longer top shelf, however. They have been superceded.
File: i-ZRVKXKG-L.jpg (97 KB, 800x534) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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In the 3 years it's been since I did that project, I would certainly hope there's been some progress in the battery world.

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